One Winged Angel

Ch. 0 Rewind

So you want to know who I am. Where I'm from? My family, and all that crap. Well I tell you the only family I've ever known is the New Noah's Arc Circus. My friends and my brothers were Sword, Jester, and Anaconda. Sword is sword eater, and is a young man of 17 years. He is five foot six in height. He has short red hair and lovely green eyes. Jester is a clown of sorts. He is 17 like Sword and is five foot three in height. He has short spiky black hair and dark blue eyes. Anaconda is a snake charmer and is the oldest of us at 19 years. He is also the tallest at six foot three in height. He has short white hair and bright green eyes. I am five foot two. I have navy blue hair and deep blue eyes to match. I am an acrobat and a tree walker. I am Jamie and Smile to my circus brothers.

For the longest time I had peace in my life. The New Noah's Arc Circus traveled round the world. The year is now 2013, I am eighteen, Sword and Jester are Seventeen and Anaconda is Nineteen. We have just arrived to London England…and my life just got turned up side down. For I would learn that I am one of the most powerful to exist. I would learn that I am Jamie Ellea Phantomhive, the solo heir to Ciel Phantomhive's vast fortune.

And it all started when we meet Suit…