Author's Notes: I will try and do a longer one next time. For now enjoy a bit of fun and an ending that teases a possible future chapter...

Amy was in a purple vest with pink shorts, and was reclining on the couch, when Clara sat down next to her in her own pyjamas: a light blue top with blue striped shorts. The TV was on with the pretext of them watching it but neither of them were paying it much attention. Both of their minds were on each other.

Without really thinking about it, Clara snuggled up against Amy and Amy, equally absent-mindedly, put her arm around her. For a moment they just lay there on the couch, snuggled together. Then Clara looked up at Amy. "You're so cool..." she whispered. "You're not so bad yourself," the redhead whispered back. Then silently, they leant towards each other and their eyes fell shut. They kissed.

Amy's arm around Clara held her a little tighter and her hand went to the back of her head, getting lost in her brunette hair. Her other hand reached out to the remote, switching the TV off. Clara's hands simply rested on Amy's stomach as they made out. "I knew you were going to be the best guest ever..." Amy whispered to Clara.

Amy lay on her back with Clara lying on top of her. Together, they rolled up Clara's shirt and discarded it to the ground. Amy ran her hands over Clara's young chest with a smile. Then they lifted off Amy's vest and let it fall to the floor with Clara's shirt.

Clara's hands were now resting on Amy's luscious legs, stroking the perfect skin. Penny smiled, a slight moan escaping her. Clara's fingers were, perhaps without even realising, rubbing against her flesh. Amy chose to retaliate, slipping her hands into Clara's shorts and squeezing her butt cheeks. Clara gasped as Amy worked her ass-cheeks and the two of them ended up rolling onto the floor with Amy on top.

Clara moaned out gently as her shorts were tugged down from her leaving her naked. Amy spread the younger girl's legs apart with a smirk and Clara was left vulnerable to the redhead whims. With a controlling smile, Amy pressed a finger into Clara's vagina.

Amy had taken one of Clara's ankles in each hand to spread her legs and lifted those legs into the air. But now one of her hands was need to finger Clara Oswald, so it was Clara's responsibility to control one of her legs. She let it come down to the ground again but tried to keep it still. Easier said than done when a hot redhead is fingering the hell out of you.

Clara was reduced to series of gasps and moans as another of Amy's fingers joined the first in her pussy. They pumped up and down with glee, penetrating her forcefully. Amy finally pulled her fingers out of Clara and Clara immediately yanked away Amy's shorts.

Amy grabbed Clara's ass and pressed their nude bodies together. Clara grinned, pressing her hands to Amy's boobs. Amy moaned as Clara worked her tits. Clara's more tanned legs wrapped around one of Amy's pale smooth thighs and she lightly rocked her hips forwards against it. Amu groped Clara's ass ferociously as Clara pounded her breasts up and down.

It was at this exact moment that Rory walked in to check on his wife and their houseguest. "Ah..." He muttered noticing the two naked girls going at it like animals. "This feels like the wrong moment to interrupt." Clara turned bright red as she noticed him and went to make an excuse but Amy's hand clamped over the brunette's mouth. "You'll get your turn later, Mr Pond," Amy assured him as she spanked Clara, making her yelp in surprise.

Rory smirked as he made himself a mug of tea back in the kitchen, able to hear the two women's moans and gasps quite clearly through the open door. He grinned to himself: "My turn: that doesn't sound so bad..."