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Wanted: Love

Epilogue: A New Beginning

Harry, Ron, and Remus groaned as Sirius walked back into the changing room for the fifteenth million time in the past three minutes.

"Padfoot, you look fine! Merlin, you'd think we were dealing with a girl the way you're carrying on!" Remus exclaimed, exasperated.

"Give me a break, Moony. It's not everyday something of this magnitude happens!" Sirius called from within the changing room.

"Just hurry up, at this rate the girls will be out there before us," Remus said, leaning back in his chair.

"At least we don't have to wear tights with these things," Ron said optimistically, fingering the edge of his navy blue dress robe that was identical to the ones Harry and Remus were wearing.

Harry snorted at this as Sirius came back out from the changing room wearing a fancy black dress robe.

"Well?" he asked, spinning around.

"What'd you do?" Harry asked.

Sirius sighed and pointed down, "I changed my shoes."

The three looked at each other then back at Sirius, "They're the same as they were before."

Sirius sighed impatiently again, "*No,* *those* were midnight black, *these* are raven black."

"Are you *sure* you weren't a girl in your previous life?" Remus asked, eyebrow cocked.

"*Yes,* Remus. Now, what do you think?" he asked, spinning around again.

"They're the same as before," Ron said plainly.

Sirius groaned and smacked his hand to his forehead, "You three are hopeless."

"We're hopeless? We're not the ones worrying about the color of our shoes," Harry pointed out.

"Fine! I'll wear the midnight shoes. I'll be right back," Sirius said, walking back into the changing room.

"He was a girl in his previous life," Harry said, shaking his head.

A knock came to the door and Ron lazily shouted for whoever it was to come in; Snape strode in. He, too, had abandoned his normal black robes for ones of navy blue.

"Five minutes, you best get out there," he said in a low growl, apparently not too happy at participating in the day's services.

"Five! Oh god, Moony! Let's hurry!" Sirius said, running out of the room, grabbing Remus by the arm, and dashing out of the room.

"We better get going, too, Ron," Harry said, standing up.

Ron nodded and the two headed towards the door. As they passed by Snape, however, the potions master stopped Harry with a hand.

"Yes?" Harry asked.

"Potter. . .I must speak with you," Snape said, eyeing Ron.

Ron glared at him in response, but Harry waved him off, "I'll be there in a minute, Ron."

He didn't look too happy about being shoved off, but Ron left all the same, shutting the door behind him. Once he was gone, Snape let out a sigh and sat down.

"What do you want, Professor?" Harry asked after a moment of silence.

"Potter," Snape started roughly but shook his head and calmed himself down, ". . .Potter. . .I want. . .I would like. . .I would like to thank you. There! I said it!"

Harry stared at him curiously, "Thank me? For what?"

Snape reached into his robe and pulled out what Harry recognized to be the letter he brought back from the afterlife.

"Well, are you going to take it or not?" Snape asked a bit angrily, shaking it at him.

Harry carefully reached out and took the letter in his hand, but didn't read it, unsure of Snape's intentions. Instead, he looked up into his Professor's eyes.

Snape sighed irritably, "Read it before I change my mind!"

Harry was shocked, that certainly hadn't been what he was expecting. Sure, he had been interested in what it said, but he never thought he would be given the chance to read it. Shaking off the surprise, Harry unfolded the letter.


Bet you're wondering why I'm bothering to write to you, aren't you, you greasy git? Well, normally I wouldn't waste my time, but Lily and I guess we owe you a thank you. I know. You never thought you'd hear those words from me, would you? Well, don't get used to it. I know you protected Harry during his first year, and I wanted to thank you for that. Now don't think that this makes us friends. I still think you're a sneaky, conniving, manipulative little grease ball, don't think that I don't also know how you treat Harry and his friends the rest of the time. You best watch your step or I'll be back to haunt you! And trust me, you don't want that. . .Yeah, okay, Lils is telling me to hurry up. Goodbye, Snape.

James Potter

PS: I hope you step in a dung bomb.

Harry looked up after he finished reading and handed the letter back to Snape who took it and shoved it in his robe's pocket. Snape stood up and looked at Harry before hurrying out of the room. Harry stared after him a moment before calmly making his way out of the room also.

As he made his way through church's many beautifully decorated hallways, he thought about the letter. So his dad knew about Snape's protecting him in his first year. Did that mean that they could see everything that he did? True, he had been in the afterlife, but he had been far too busy to notice whether or not he could watch the real world.

Harry smiled slightly as he thought he felt a wave of warmth wash over him. So they were watching him.

'Thank you,' he thought, hoping they heard him, 'For---'

His thoughts were interrupted by Ron running up to him, "Harry! Where have you been? We start in less than a minute!"

"What!?" Harry shouted. Had it really been that long?

"Yeah! Hurry!" Ron said, pulling him down the hall.

They made it just in time. Hermione, Lavender, Colin, Angelina, Katie, Penelope, and the rest of the Weasley family were waiting for them. All the males were wearing navy blue dress robes identical to the ones Harry and Ron were wearing, where as all the females wore soft lavender dress robes.

"It's about time!" Percy said, extending his arm to Penelope.

Penelope laid her arm on Percy's and they lined up. The others soon followed their example. Ginny and Colin, Fred and Angelina, George and Katie, Molly and Arthur, Ron and Lavender, Harry and Hermione, they all lined up in front of the door leading into the church's main room.

Music started up and the door opened. Slowly, they all made their way into the room, from oldest pair to youngest. Hundreds of faces stared at them as they passed by. At the front of the room were Sirius, Remus, and a Reverend.

When they reached the front of the room, Harry and Hermione parted ways and stood on opposite sides of the altar. Harry smiled at Sirius and Remus who beamed back at him. Suddenly, the music stopped. Everyone turned to see Tali standing in the doorway with Dumbledore. She was wearing an elegantly beaded white strapless dress with a pure white cloak draped over her shoulders. Her hair flowed freely down her back with curls framing her face. In her hands was a bouquet of white lilies and roses.

The wedding march started up and the two silently made their way down the isle. When they reached the altar, Harry could see Tali fighting desperately to hold back her tears of happiness. Dumbledore gave Sirius her hand and whispered something only they could hear before stepping back with the rest of the groom's men.

The service passed by in a blur, it seemed only to last a few minutes, though Harry knew it was much longer. Never the less, before anyone knew it, they were all outside at the reception.

"Sirius, Tali," Harry said, walking up to them.

They turned around and smiled, "Hello, Harry. Having a good time?"

Harry smiled deviously, "Not nearly as good a time as you two are sure to have tonight."

They both blushed crimson as everyone who had heard laughed. Sirius muttered for Harry to get on with it and Harry laughed.

"Remember the day after I came back? How I left the room with Fawkes?"

Everyone who had been there nodded and Harry continued, "Hedwig and Fawkes seemed to have taken a liking to each other and. . .well. . . They wanted to give you a wedding gift, so, here."

Harry whistled and a beautiful orange phoenix soared over to him out of no where. When it landed on his shoulder, Harry smiled at his godparents' shocked faces.

"This is Adish. He's Hedwig's and Fawkes' son. . .and now he's yours."

The phoenix looked at the couple and then at Harry who nodded. Adish flew over to his new masters and landed on Sirius' head.

"Hey, Tals, I think he likes me," Sirius said turning his eyes upward, trying to see the phoenix.

Later that night, everyone had broken down into their individual groups. Hermione and Lavender had gone off with the other girls to see who would catch the bouquet, while the men remained at a table, talking and, in Ron's case, eating.

"So you're going to the Saga Resort for the honeymoon?" Remus asked with a wicked smile.

Sirius smiled, "Couldn't let Harry's gift go to waste, could we?"

"So can we expect any baby Blacks anytime soon?" George asked, elbowing him.

Sirius blushed and pretended to be interested in the girls who were gathered a few feet away, preparing for the bouquet toss.

"Leave the man alone, George," Arthur said and Sirius looked relieved, "Do you think it'll be a boy or a girl?"

Everyone laughed as Sirius hit his head to the table.

"Oh, relax, Padfoot. You know we love you!" Remus said, playfully punching his friend's shoulder.

All of a sudden, Harry was hit in the head with a bushel of flowers. He shook his head as the flowers fell into his hands. He looked around and noticed that everyone was staring at him.

"What?" he asked.

Ron grinned wickedly at him, "Nothing, mate. Nothing at all. Just promise me that I get to be the best man at your wedding."

Harry looked at Hermione who was apparently being joked at by the girls. He caught her eye and they broke away, blushing profusely. Harry shoved the bouquet into Ron's hands, but he just laughed and handed them back him. Harry groaned and tilted his head up to the sky; it would be a while before they let this one go.

All of a sudden, Harry felt a wave of warmth wash over him. He opened his eyes and smiled. The girls had dragged Hermione over and she was standing in front of him. Harry stood up and kissed her, getting catcalls from those nearby.

They broke apart and looked back up into the sky. Harry smiled broader and glanced around him at all his friends.

'Thank you,' he started again in his head, 'For love.'

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