My first attempt at FF so be gentle...I've never read Mrs. Jones POV...I love FSOG and Christian and Ana and Taylor and Gail more than here goes.

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It's always stressful to find a new job but this has taken me to an all new anxiety level. The agency I have always worked through has contacted me after I notified them I need a new full time preferably live in assignment.

I have worked for high profile employers before but this has to be someone really special. The first thing I have to do is sign a nondisclosure agreement...really? Who would I talk to about cleaning and cooking? I am pretty much a loner having only one sister that I see every few months or so when I have the occasional weekend off. Having just spent time with her between jobs I know I won't see her again soon, we will probably talk every week or so but just to check in and see how each other are doing, not to discuss our jobs.

The paperwork is signed and apparently I meet all the prerequisites and requirements and this mystery employer wants to meet with me. I have never really been nervous to meet for an interview, this is what I's all I've ever done. My precious mother taught me at an early age that cleanliness is next to godliness and that everything has a place and once you are done with that thing, no matter what it was, it goes back to it's place. I started working for pay on my 16th birthday; cleaning and cooking for people and then worked every weekend and holiday or break all they way through 4 years of college. Yes, I am a housekeeper with a college education in Hotel and Restaurant Management. Another thing my mother insisted on, get an education and then I could do whatever my heart desired. I found that I love taking care of people and their homes and I am really organized and good at it...what can I say, I love my job.

I have always, at least since college had live in assignments that usually last years. My previous job was with a retired couple; I cared for them and their home, actually for more of their physical needs as time went on than I'd ever imagined I'd have to or really would ever want to do again. After her husband died, the lady of the house deteriorated until it was no longer safe for her to be at home; she is now in a wonderful total care facility. Her lovely home will eventually be sold as her children and their families are scattered all over the country and have no intention of returning to Seattle to the childhood home.

My mind has wondered until it is time to meet Mr. Mystery. I am dressed in a business suit, not far from what I wear to work as I believe in being very professional...minus the jacket and with flat shoes instead of heels for work of course.

In order to give nothing away, we are meeting at the employment agency...and it's show time.

I am greeted by a senior account executive and escorted into a large conference room. Good Lord am I meeting one man or a board room full? Finally, here come some details.

"Mrs. Jones", the account executive begins, "you are chosen and have met a very stringent and strict set of criteria for a most exclusive job for one of the most private clients we have ever serviced. May I remind you again, you have signed a strict nondisclosure agreement and nothing discussed here this afternoon, really that you have even had this interview, should be discussed with anyone; it is all strictly confidential. This client guards his privacy at all cost Mrs. Jones, do you understand? "

I really am rendered speechless for a brief moment just staring at her until my mouth and my mind work together and I say with all confidence, "Yes, I completely understand, strictly confidential".

She begins again and states. "This client is one of Washington's most well know and wealthiest businessmen; his house is an approximate 4000 square foot penthouse at an exclusive building downtown where you will have your own quarters including a living area, kitchen and bedroom. During the week he requires breakfast and dinner as meals unless traveling or you are otherwise notified as he does attend occasional functions outside the home. He will discuss weekend requirements and the benefit package privately with you. If you decide after meeting tonight that you both wish to proceed, he would like a trial period of one week after which you both have the option to end the agreement with no questions asked should you not be compatible. You will receive one months compensation should either of you decide to end the agreement after the one week trial paid immediately upon termination of the agreement. If you both agree to continue, you will be hired full time and a full time contract will be signed that the client will go over with you.

To be honest Mrs. Jones, we are simply making sure you are the right person and are 'clean' shall we say for the client. The client will be doing all the contracts and hiring directly with you, we will not be involved.

Do you have any questions?"

My head is spinning but there is only one question and as much as I hate to ask it it comes tumbling out..."Who is the guy?"

No sooner do I get the words out of my mouth than the door behind me opens and the entire room seems to change. The account executive immediately stands and turns about 5 shades of red, she appears flustered as I hear someone walking up behind us and I begin to stand as well.

I turn and there before me stands...