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Only Your Housekeeper Knows For Sure

Chapter 51

The wedding celebration is in full swing. Pictures made; everyone introduced; toasts are given; dinner served, cake is cut; and now it's time to dance. I've found a quiet spot on the side to watch everyone. Jason is not working, well, not officially; but now that the party has started he'll be making departure preparations. He promised he'd find me before he has to leave.

I think the bride and groom are passed around to everyone and it seems as if each guest dances with them. Ana is dancing, much to Mr. Grey's regret, with her friend Jose Rodriguez, as her husband stands across from me near one of the tent entrances to watch. Jason and I won't get the chance to dance; I'm just hoping for a kiss good-bye.

As I watch Ana and Jose bouncing to an upbeat song, thank goodness they don't have to touch, I see Jason approach Mr. Grey. They share just a few words; Mr. Grey appears to give instructions and it seems he has said something to make Jason the least bit uncomfortable. Jason glances over to me, aware of my place in this massive party room, and Mr. Grey gives him a smirk and slap on the arm. Jason shakes his head and turns to walk away.

In less that a minute, the phone in my clutch is vibrating.

It's an incoming message that says, "Meet me. Main entrance." JT

Few words I hope are full of promise.

Finding Jason is easy; there are people milling around, coming and going to the restrooms and some actually leaving; calling it an early night.

"Mrs. Jones, would you help me in retrieving Mr. and Mrs. Grey's bags and Mrs. Grey's travel clothes; she is not changing before they leave the reception." For anyone who hears, we are functioning as Mr. Grey's staff, most people here know exactly who we are.

"Yes sir, I'll be glad to help." Jason turns on his heel and leads me up a path to the main house where it seems every light in the mansion is on.

We walk up the steps to a raised patio and enter through a back entrance to the main house.

"Taylor, sir." The security guard posted at the door obviously knows my man and his role here tonight as well. He opens the door for us to enter and we hear him close it tightly behind us.

Everyone is at the party; no one is in the main house; it is quiet except for very soft music playing that is barely audible. I vaguely remember this being on when we were here dressing.

Reaching the bottom of the stairs I descended just over two hours ago, Jason looks at me as he stops to allow me to go ahead of him. I am standing beside him; easily, I could reach out and touch him, hug him, kiss him he is so close.

"Third floor, guest bedroom, now." He leans down and his voice is so heavy with lust and need he is barely able to speak. Warm lips brush the side of my neck just below my ear and it's like electricity sparking through my body, straight to my core. Reflexively, I clench my thighs together anticipating what my man needs, what I need, what we have to go without for the next three weeks.

He does not have to tell me twice.

Lifting the hem of my dress so I can take the three flights of stairs as quickly as possible, I arrive on the floor I left just hours ago. The guest room door opens; Jason follows me and we enter the room without hesitation. Jason closes the door behind us and the click of the lock fills the quietness.

"Who knows?" I have to ask, if not, I'll be afraid the door will open any minute.

"Mr. Grey instructed me to come and get his and Mrs. Grey's bags and travel clothes stating she won't be changing until she is on the plane. He told me to ask you to help me and to take as much time as we need to say good-bye. Sawyer knows so he won't be looking for me and Smithfield, the guard at the door knows no one is to enter this house unless they are immediate family and he is to tell me and Sawyer if anyone comes in. Everyone is dancing, they won't be leaving the party, so relax for a few minutes. This is the last time we will be alone for the next three weeks."

Jason takes me into his arms as if we have all night, he is not hurried, we need to make this moment last. It feels so good being held. In his arms is where I belong; it's my safe place, it's home. This will be the longest time and the farthest distance we have been apart since we met. To say I'm anxious is putting it lightly. Ryan will be with me, but still, Ryan does not love me more than his own life. It does bring a smile to my lips thinking Ryan should love me more than his own life; if something happens to me on his watch; Jason will kill him!

Looking up into the clear blue eyes that I will miss so much, I read hundreds of thoughts at once. Love beyond anything I have ever known, even with Tim, my first husband. The love I share with Jason is so much more mature and seasoned with life experiences than the love in my first marriage. Even though our marriage was only five years, our love was young and now I can see, a bit immature. There is something to be said for growing up. That is not to minimize my relationship with my husband at all; had he lived, I'm sure our love would have grown deeper and deeper over the years. Somehow, somewhere, I think Tim is happy for me.

Besides the love in those clear blue eyes, I see the pain of having to leave me for the next three weeks. We have grown accustomed to seeing each other daily, sleeping together at night, just being in each others presence is such a comfort.

Reaching up, I feel the smooth, clean-shaven skin of his face on my palm and I try to memorize the site and feel of his skin. Leaning into my touch, the overflowing emotion now is his need to be next to me. Snuggling into his chest he takes me in his arms and holds on for his life.

Knowing he will never do anything without permission, especially not here, I make the first move.

Pushing away from him, I take his jacket and slide it off his shoulders.

"Please don't waste another minute, Jason; we don't have much time."

That is all the encouragement he needs to shed his clothes down to his boxer briefs and then turn me around to unzip my dress.

I step out of my beautiful navy lace dress to reveal my navy lace bra and matching thong. My shoes are still on as well.

"Don't take your heels off, Mrs. Jones." His command is firm and followed by a kiss then bite at my earlobe.

As he traces the outline of lace over my breasts, my breath hitches. I am far from petite like Ana. Jason seems to love my curves and I don't feel self-conscious because I am fit, just not pencil thin.

The fabric of my bra is thin; Jason can see and easily feel my nipples peak as he kisses over the mounds that peak above the navy lace. He fingers trace down my sides with his lips never leaving my chest, until his hands reach my hips, where the thin strip of navy lace arches from the small triangle in the front to the thin strip of lace in the back.

Feeling his way along the lacy trail, he first traces forward with his thumbs, until they meet in the middle of the lowest part of my belly, where the triangle covers my smooth skin. My breathing has accelerated and I ache for his touch, but he goes no lower, not yet.

Following the path back up my belly with his thumbs; once he reaches the crest of my hip where the lace arches over, he opens his fingers and places his hand over my exposed bottom. He easily covers my entire back side and when he does, he pulls me to him and I feel his firmness between us. Having not touched him yet, this was his exploration, I simply gasp and push my belly willingly into him; he has to know how much I want him now.

We've stood in the middle of the floor near the end of the bed; once I grind into him, he is lifting me and swiftly has me pinned against the wall beside what must be the en suite bathroom door.

"I don't want you to quickly forget where I've been," his voice is husky and deep. He grabs one leg behind my knee and with my heels on, he presses into me just where I want to be touched the most.

"Jason, please." It's all I can get out, my desire for him is consuming me.

His other hand slides between us and he easily moves the small triangle of lace to the side.

Finally, the touch I've been craving.

"Gail," he kisses down my neck; "I love that you are ready for me."

Gasping when his touch is suddenly gone, he reaches for the lace and slides it down my legs and I step out, still wearing my shoes.

Reaching for his waistline, I hook the elastic band and slide the last piece of clothing that hinders down over his hips and he easily steps out of his boxers, kicking them over to our other clothes.

Taking my leg again and pulling it up around his hip; we join ever so slowly at first, and then with the need to make it last three weeks, we release all the passion we have showing each other how much we love and will miss each other.

Once we are able to catch our breath and I am able to move my legs again, we go into the bathroom to clean up before gathering the luggage to head back downstairs.

The bathroom is not huge but certainly adequate and it has our favorite thing, a wide mirror over the sink from the countertop to just below the ceiling.

Jason walks up behind me and wraps his arms around me pressing my back to his front, watching my reflection and reaction in the mirror. I am going to miss him so much the next three weeks and I know we have to get back downstairs; I also know nothing excites him more than watching our reflection; and taking me in front of the bathroom mirror.

I relax against his body and lay my head back on his shoulder. Knowing it will be his undoing, I slide my hands over his that rest across my belly, lingering only for a moment before I begin to slide my own hands up my sides to cup my breasts. Feeling his reaction behind me, hearing him gasp, it spurs me on to do things I'd never considered doing when I was younger. Confident in his love for me, I am comfortable to explore with him and we have found ways to make each other happy and satisfied in ways I'd never known or dreamed possible.

He pulls me tighter and his heavy breathing and darkened, dilated pupils reflecting in the mirror urge me to continue. Taking my nipples, I roll them between my fingers, and as they harden, my excitement level grows to match Jason's. Pressing my bottom back into his hardness and squeezing my thighs together, I am aching for relief.

Boldly, I slide one hand down past his arms that hold me, then spreading me legs slightly, my fingers slide through the wet folds giving relief and building the deep ache in my belly all at once.

Jason can barely contain himself and while I feel I am on the edge, I want to watch him watching me. He releases one hand from his hold on me to take himself and provide his own needed relief.

"Make yourself come, baby." He whispers into my ear and that's all it takes for my body to convulse. Once the waves hit, I feel one hand on my back leaning me slightly forward and one foot pushing my legs open. He is inside me in one easy motion and then his hands replaces mine. One on my breast taking my hardened nipple in hand and one pressing into the swollen glistening folds; and the waves of pleasure feel as if they will never end.

After three intense orgasms I don't think I can take any more, when Jason commands by body one more time.

"Jason, I'm worn out."

"Come for me one more time, one last time then I'm gone for three weeks." I don't know if it's the wedding, the mind-blowing intensity of sex with this man I love or the fact he is about to leave me; it's probably all three; but again, that's all it takes for my belly to quiver with excitement. Although the folds are wet, I am sensitive and swollen. Jason continues to enter me from behind; it is so deep and filling and I can't get enough of him like this. Careful with the most sensitive areas, he reaches and coats several fingers with the evidence of my multiple climaxes.

I feel like I am wet from my waist to my knees, but I know where he is going and what he is about to do. Pulling my hips back, pushing my legs a little farther apart, he spreads the firm round mounds of my bottom as he drags the moisture up to the tight ring.

"Relax baby, I've got you." He whispers into my ear and my body is under his spell.

I lean forward on my hands and take a deep breath; my breasts rise and fall as they hang from my chest as I bend over. My eyes are watching his face; he is still inside me, still filling me, and now he gently massages the tight rosebud. Knowing he can feel me relax, I am putty in his hands. At this point I'm not sure which one it is, but I feel a finger breeching the tight barrier. Instinct says to tighten, but my mind is telling my body to relax; thankfully, my mind wins. Once I am comfortable, I feel another finger slide in and I can't help the moan that escapes.

"You like baby? I'm going to fill you so you don't forget me."

"Jason, please." I feel like I am going to explode again. He begins to move inside me, there is sensation overload and before I know it, I'm falling. He takes me places sexually that literally leave me breathless. Only slightly aware of his fingers digging into my hips as he holds me to him as tightly as possible, he finds his own release. We have certainly made a memory to get us through the next three weeks.

After resting a few moments, we clean up and dress and apart from both being a little flushed, hopefully no one will know where we have been or what we have done.

Jason gathers Mr. Grey's bags while I go pack Ana's travel clothes. We have everything out in the hallway and Jason calls for Smithfield, the guard from downstairs to come up and help. Smithfield places everything in the Audi SUV that they will travel in to SeaTac.

Before going back out to the party, Jason gives me one last kiss.

"I'll call and Skype and text you as much as possible. We'll both be on boats, unfortunately you at beginning and me at the end of our trips so hopefully we'll be able to connect." Jason reassures me.

"I promise even if we don't get to speak, you will be in my thoughts every minute of every day and in my heart forever. It will go by quickly and be over before we know it." I try to convince myself as well as Jason.

Standing at the door of the tent, the guests have lined up to form a human archway for the Grey's to walk through from the tent to the car as they leave.

Ana see's me and walks over to say goodbye.

"Gail, thank you for being with me today; I'm sorry I couldn't have you stand with me. I'll miss you these next three weeks. Take care of yourself while we are away." She gives me a tight hug and a kiss on the cheek.

"Ready, Mrs. Grey?" Mr. Grey approaches to gather his wife.

"Mrs. Jones, hold down the fort; I'll have everyone back home safe and sound in three weeks." He looks at me smiling.

"Yes, sir. Have a wonderful honeymoon." Locking arms, they start under the archway and the guests are cheering and yelling well wishes all the while throwing rice.

Purposefully, I can't see the car from where I stand; there are too many people between the tent and the driveway. I don't think I could bear to watch them actually drive way. The sun has set over the water and this has been a fairytale wedding. It could not have been more perfect, at least as far as I could tell. Knowing we would have nothing of this scale or grandeur, I still dream of the day soon when I say I Do again.

I imagine an intimate setting; just a few close friends. My sister and her family; Sophie of course; the Grey's. Drawn back to reality, I see the people disperse and head to their cars; the newlyweds must have left for the airport.

Ryan will be driving me back to Escala, Reynolds will take the Adams back to The Heathman as well as Ana's father Ray will stay there tonight and leave tomorrow morning.

It's another 30 minutes before Ryan lets me know he is ready to go; satisfied with Sawyer that the paps have been kept away. Sawyer is staying with all the hired security until the last guest is gone, but Ryan as my driver is released.

The ride back to Escala is quiet, we exchange a few pleasantries about the wedding. He is about to turn in to the underground garage when a white van comes rushing out; it almost hits us head-on.

"Good Lord", Ryan says, as he turns sharply to barely miss the errant driver who comes screeching out from the underground garage. "Who in the world needs a maintenance guy this time of night."

Nausea ripples though me to the point I feel sick. Why was that white van in the private underground garage? It takes me by surprise, we don't do surprises here in Christian Grey land; something is not right.