Grisha Jaeger was a local doctor in town and he has known the Rivaille family for they were his regular patient. They were a small family of three, the father, was a business man of some sort and was frequently on a trip. The mother, however, a woman around her early thirties was ill and was almost bedridden.

They have a son the same age as his own.

The thought of the young boy that was always alone by himself because of inevitable circumstances made Grisha feel a little hollow inside. Children of his age needed the utmost care and guidance they can get from a family, yet it seemed that the boy needed to get by on his own. His father prioritized his profession more than anything, and his mother needed to be taken care of. His little Eren was luckier for his wife was a solid ground that supports his family, and she was always there for him and his son no matter what.

With her, he felt he can do everything.



Eren has known Levi since he was nine. His father always tagged him along every week end to visit Levi's mother for her check-ups and medications. He knows that his father was a great doctor, but the woman's illness was something that he hasn't had a name for.

He still remembers the first time he met the boy. It was three years ago, and his father suddenly decided to take him along one day to work saying that he could use an assistant since he was a big boy already. Eren has never been that excited before in his life. He was finally allowed to see how his father worked, and he can finally go out of town. He heard that the Rivaille family has such a big house that was situated amongst the cliffy hillsides of Trost, overlooking the whole district.


It was around eight in the morning when they arrived at the place, and much to Eren's amazement, the house wasn't actually a big house, but a huge-ass, gorgeous-looking mansion complete with a courtyard. It stood alone amongst the dense forestry around, so much farther away from the other houses that are also erected along the hills.

Eren felt quite awkward inside the mansion, feeling like a misplaced item. The place was so big for him and it felt like he was being swallowed whole. His father went to the master's room already and he was now left waiting in a spacious room that has this massive glass wall that separates everything from the courtyard outside. His father told him that he was sorry because he really cannot allow him inside the room for Mrs. Rivaille was really not so good today. Her caregiver said the medicines from last week seemed to affect her in a different kind of way than it supposed to be. And with that, his father took off by himself and asked Eren to stay at the waiting room until he's finished.

Today, his father also told him earlier, was the day he would also likely meet Mr. and Mrs. Rivalille's son, Levi. It is a Sunday and he had no classes, and he mostly just stays at home. The day seemed to be a failure already as far as everything went, but maybe his fate for today will still change.


Man, looks like I'm gonna sit here all day, Eren thought glumly. There was no sign of Levi, and not even a single human can be spotted anywhere. It was really quiet except from the occasional sound of birds outside, though he doesn't know how, but he still hears them nonetheless. He had been ogling at everything in sight, the furniture, the paintings, the decorative pots and the pristine wallpapers that adorned the walls. He wanted to take a closer look with everything, but he was too afraid that he might break something if he did so. The courtyard looks like something to explore too, but he needs to stay put and wait for his father.

The minutes had stretched slowly and the brunet was really getting bored out of his wits. He thought of actually sleeping it off (he didn't care anymore, really) when he suddenly heard something. It was faint and short at first, but it was undeniably the sound of a piano being played somewhere. Someone was playing a piece that he really did not know of, or heard of. Though it sounded really good, it somewhat has a sad tone to it. He doesn't know why, but he just feels it, that sound that pulled not only the strings of the piano, but the strings of his heart as well. He instinctively stood up and walked towards the direction it came from.

He was eventually led to an open room past the great hall to his left. The room is just as big as the waiting room and has the same glass wall that allows viewing of the garden outside. It held no doors like the other rooms (most of it), giving off an inviting feel. Here, the sun's light was pouring through, bringing the room into a soft glow. His green eyes trailed farther across its expanse, and saw what he was looking for.

His back was turned to him as he sat behind the grand piano, playing a soft melody. It was a boy surely, and he was about his age or maybe younger than him. His hair was the color of a raven, and his skin looked pale. He watched him carefully as his little hands flew over the keys with seemingly no effort at all. He looked so small against the intimidating instrument, yet there was something about him that told Eren that he wasn't the type to be deterred. Maybe it was the way he stroked the keys, or the way his straightened back swayed lightly, precisely, along the melody or maybe it was the look of his total submersion in the bittersweet euphony. Maybe, it was everything.

And as if the boy sensed somebody watching him, the playing suddenly stopped and he looked around. There. Eren froze from the spot he's standing on, feeling suddenly conscious in invading someone else's privacy. As he can't seem to talk at the moment, the other boy opened his mouth to say something. The question was direct but his tone was curious.

"Who are you?"

Eren gulped audibly.

"I'm Eren."

"I've never seen you before. What are you doing here?"


"Uhh.. I'm Dr. Jeager's son. He wanted me to come along with him today. I was just.. I heard someone playing and I just wanted to take a look. I didn't mean to interrupt you, really.." Eren immediately replied as he unconsciously scratch the back of his head.

After giving the green-eyed boy a scrutinizing look, the other boy replied in what seemed to be a resigned tone.

"It's alright, I was just practicing anyway." he said, as he tore his gaze away from him to look to the far off wall.

"What's your name?"

It was a stupid question, really, the green-eyed boy thought. Of course he surely was Levi that his dad has been talking about since there are just like five people in entire mansion. Who else would it be? The maid's son? He surely dresses neatly to be one, though. Eren mentally smacked himself but he asked anyway to save the conversation. After what seemed like a lifetime in his head, the other boy answered again.

"I'm Levi."

The opportunity presented itself. More stupid questions, Eren thought. He'll just say anything that comes to his mind right now.

"How old are you?"

"Nine." was the short answer he got.

Well, he doesn't seem to be the conversational type, alright. The green-eyed boy mused. Not the one to give up, he tried again.

"It's really nice to meet you Levi!" he enthusiastically chirped.

"I just have to say that you are really good at playing the piano!"

Eren gave him a smile that was wide and genuine. The raven-haired boy must have thought the same as he said a quick "thank you", and nothing more. An awkward silence followed, but Eren was determined to break it.

"Will you play it again?"

Eren is really hoping that the other boy will stop being so uptight. He's father is busy, he can't do anything to pass time, he was totally bored and he can't even talk with Levi in complete sentences. He is going to grow roots in the waiting room if he'll stay there any longer. His train of thought was cut off when he heard the other boy's response.

"I've never played for anyone before, Eren."

The green-eyed boy blinked.

"Um.. Not even to your parents?", he asked, cocking his head lightly to a side.

Levi shook his head.

"Why not?"

The confused boy unconsciously walked towards Levi's direction, and upon realizing it, he asked, "Can I sit beside you?" and gave the other boy his biggest, warmest smile ever.

Levi automatically scooted to his left to give Eren a space so sit. His eyes never left his face the whole time, transfixed in his smile. And once again the green-eyed boy tried.

"So why not?" he asked. He was sitting beside the other boy now, and he can clearly see his eyes. His intense blue eyes. Levi whipped his head the other way though, with a blank look on his face. He seemed to hesitate at answering but a reply came nonetheless.

"Well, my dad was away for work and my mom is always sick. She does not leave that bedroom. I'm.. just mostly alone with Irvin Smith. He's my piano teacher."

Eren seemed to almost regret that he asked that question. He made Levi felt bad, and he felt bad for him too. If his half-sister could see him now, he could've sworn that she'd smack him at the back of his head in full force for being such an insensitive idiot. He guessed Levi was probably alone most of the time. His brows furrowed against the thought, and he wondered what to say next.

Levi watched as the boy with green eyes seemed to berate himself over something he had said. He wanted to tell him that it's okay and it's nothing, just to erase the frown that now adorned the boy's face. It does not suit him, for his smiles earlier were better.

"Do you know how to play the piano, Eren?" he suddenly asked. The other boy seemed to snap out of his mental kicking and looked at him.

"Uhh. I really don't know how". The green-eyed boy said almost shyly.

"I really don't have any talent with those kind of.. stuff."

Surely he was just an average, talentless kid but her mom said that even if he lacked mostly in those departments he's got a huge heart and a much larger sense of will and determination. Eren's face suddenly lit up again and Levi almost got blinded from the bright smile the he gave him.

"I'm sure I will enjoy it more watching you play it though."


"Will you play for me Levi? There's always a first time for everything, right?"

The raven haired boy looked at the other in face. He was again all smiles and beaming at him enthusiastically, silently encouraging him. His oh-so-green eyes looked so large, bright and alive. It gave him that strange, fuzzy feeling inside that he can't quite understand. He can't almost fight the small smile that grew in his face as he said, "okay."



Since then the two boys became friends, and every time Eren and his father went to visit at Levi's, they always end up there behind the piano, with Levi playing and Eren silently watching in him in awe. The raven haired boy seemed to get better and better in playing the piano every time they meet. Since that day, they both look forward to seeing each other every weekend, the two of them slowly building their own little world together.


Levi does not feel so lonely anymore. His little bundle of sunshine was always there to make him smile even when he feels like crying. His smiles, his warmth, his laughter, enthusiasm and wonder captivates the boy to no end. The way that Eren almost pouts when he's upset or feeling a little sad, or the look of deep concentration in his face when he actually tries to think, endears him. His bright emerald eyes shines in determination when he wants something so bad. He can clearly see his swirling emotions behind those two orbs, and he always gets lost in them every damned time. Even his stubbornness makes him way too adorable. He knew that he liked the boy very much but he is not the type to show affection with people. The green-eyed boy does not seem to mind though, and he knew that he can probably read him like a book for he knows when he's sad, angry, happy, and excited. He never felt so much before, but he was feeling all of those now, along with the other things that he thought he shouldn't feel. Eren had become his sun, his warmth, and innocent joy.

He wants the boy to stay, and he wanted to stay at his side for as long as he can.



Three years later, Eren still cannot believe that Levi was his friend. Time sure is fast and he did not expect (but honestly hoped) them to be such good friends. Just one look at the young boy and you can already tell that he was from a fine family. His neat, nice clothes, the way he talks, and the way he walks. He has never seen such a graceful boy before. Not only that he really is wealthy kid, but he also has the brains and the looks to back it all up. Not to mention his mad skills with the piano. No wonder that his locker at school is flooded with love letters every day from his.. well.. admirers. All of them expressing their admiration for him, hoping they would be given a chance. Who would not like him anyway? Even the slightest of his actions makes him look more adorable. Like the way his cheeks turn pink when he receives unexpected compliments from him, or how he averts his blue gaze and pretends to do something when he stares at him, smiling. They have been friends for three years and he's still being shy around him sometimes. He can really be cute like that. He also takes note of how clean he always was with his stuff, making sure that everything is neat and sparkly. Even he himself smelled good (not that he tries to smell him or does he?). And even though he is not much of a talker, he is always straightforward about everything. But he wasn't being rude, but far from it, actually, for he is rather really a gentle person.

It made his guts feel fuzzy just thinking about those things about Levi. His gentle Levi. It's like he wanted to put him inside a box, or his pocket, or something else so he could keep him.

He wanted him to stay, and he wanted to stay at his side forever, if he could.



He was almost falling asleep because of the cool wind that brushes past him, because of the inviting warmth of the raven-haired boy that he was leaning into, and because of the hand that gently tucks and brushes his hair ever so lightly to keep it away from his face. Everything else faded, from the trees, to the grass, to the falling leaves. He feels that he could just fall right now to sleep or into his arms, –he doesn't even know anymore. His eyes fluttered and opened slowly as he heard his name, blinking the sleep slowly away.


He was still brushing his hair gently and the green-eyed boy can't seem to stay fully awake. He just managed a soft "Hm..?" as a reply.

"If you're going die tomorrow, what will you do today?"

The sleepy boy stirred a little, smiling to the somewhat weird and unexpected question. Eyes now closed, Eren let his head drift completely to the other boy's shoulder, resting in his warmth comfortably. He's really going to fall asleep any moment now, but still managed to whisper away a truthful answer.



"Spend the day with you."