Hey! So I decided to write a FREE! story for Rei and Nagisa. It takes place the night after the end of episode 6. Enjoy.

Rei was trying to go to sleep. It was hard when he had Nagisa's elbow in his cheek, but that wasn't the full issue. He was to busy thinking.

"Why didn't he get mad? Why did anyone bother to save me? Why did Nagisa suddenly want to be in a tent with me? Were the others to mad?"

All those questions and more ran through his head until finally he couldn't take anymore. He slowly, as to not wake Nagisa, got up and got out of the tent. He looked at the ocean and thought about what an idiot he had been.

Back in the tent Nagisa stirred out of his sleep. he sat up and looked around.

"Rei-chan?" He looked again and then a thought struck him. "Oh no." The blonde got up and out of the tent. that's when he saw the magane he had been looking for and let out a sigh of relief before walking over to him.]

"Rei-chan, what are you doing?" The teen in question looked up at the pink eyed boy, only to look away a second later.

"I couldn't sleep" he answered.

"Did you have bad dreams about what happened? Because if you did then it's okay. I'll comfort you", Nagisa said sitting down beside his friend.

Rei shook his head. "I've just been thinking."

"`bout what?" Rei couldn't bring himself to answer. How could he? "Rei-chan", Nagisa said as he poked his face.

"How-how come you weren't mad?"

Nagisa gave him a confused look. Rei sighed.

"How come when we got to land, all you did was smile and say it was okay? Haruka was mad. I'm sure Makoto was and just didn't let it show, but you-".

"Because I understood why you did it. you were willing to do anything to catch up with us. I don't see a reason to mad at you for that."

Rei was shocked that Nagisa felt that way. He was more mature than he had originally thought.

"Well, if that's what you think. I guess that also answers my question of why you saved me in the first place too."

"WHAT?! THAT'S NOT WHY I SAVED YOU! I saved you because you are my friend, teammate, and...", he stopped talking after that.

"Nagisa, was there a 3rd reason?"

"Uh...No no why would there be a third reason? hehe." Nagisa rubbed the back of his neck nervously. Rei just stared at him and he stared back.

"Alright fine. Well, uh, when I saw you drowning, I kinda of, uh...". Nagisa took and breathe before continuing. "IRealizedThatIReallyDoNotWantToEverEverLoseYou!"

Rei blinked. "You realized what?"

Nagisa put his head down and quietly said, "I don't want to lose you."

Rei blushed. "Oh, is that so."



"I think, I think I love you."

Rei was shocked. He just sat there, frozen.

"Rei-chan, I'm sorry I shouldn't have said that. I know you wouldn't feel the same for me, but I just needed you to know that tat's the real reason I saved you."

"Nagisa." The blonde looked up and Rei leaned down and their lips met briefly before Rei pulled away blushing.

"What made you think i wouldn't feel the same way?"

Nagisa sat there for a second before he smiled bright and tackled Rei down.

"Yay! Rei-chan loves me too!"

Rei blushed but hugged him back anyway.

"Let's go back to bed now Rei-chan." Rei only nodded.

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