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He woke up, completely confused and disoriented. Also very much naked with an equally naked Sanji by his side. The latter was far from bad, considering how they both got there in the first place. Just remembering made Zoro smile and pop a boner at the same time; the cook really had a way of surprising him time and time again. Said cook was still sleeping, though, and Zoro decided to let him be for once. He actually had no idea what time it was, with the curtains drawn and the room completely dark.

That was all great, but he was getting bored and still slightly aroused if his thoughts accidentally went back to the previous night. The cook was completely out and Zoro really wasn't above waking the other for another round, but that could also be the worst idea ever. Sanji would probably be embarrassed to some extent about what exactly he did the night before; of course, not the part where he locked Zoro into a freezer because that was completely deserved. Zoro was considering making the cook pay until the blond surprised him the way he did.

So with waking the cook out of the question, Zoro tried finding a phone to check the time without disturbing the peaceful cook. He was like an angel while he slept and Zoro could use a bit more of that from time to time. His hand was patting around on the night stand and after finding nothing, switched to searching on the floor. The hand went through several piles of clothes until his fingers finally brushed across smooth plastic and he grinned in triumph.

"Stop fidgeting, marimo, I'm trying to sleep," Sanji said, still half asleep if the lack of hostility in his voice was any indication. Zoro simply grumbled in response before turning on the screen on the phone he found. The light blinded him for a moment, making him groan and blink the unintentional tears away until he could see properly again. Only a moment later, he had wished he hadn't seen the time. One way or another, they had managed to sleep through the entire day. It was almost evening and Zoro knew Sanji would be really pissed about that. As much as he didn't want to be the bearer of bad news, no one else would wake the cook.

Surprisingly gently, Zoro shook Sanji's shoulder and snickered when Sanji whined in response.

"Cook, wake up," Zoro said in a hushed tone. "It's past six PM."

The effect was immediate. Sanji snapped up and stared in shock.

"It's what?!" he screeched, making Zoro wince at the high pitched noise. "Dammit, marimo, why didn't you wake me up?!" Sanji was already out of bed, picking his own clothes by the limited light of the phone screen. It was unusual to watch Sanji get dressed in such a hurry; usually he took so long to get ready, he'd put Nami to shame. Still, the cook didn't intend to let Zoro speak, it seemed.

"What are you waiting for, get your mossy ass out of bed and get dressed!" he screamed and Zoro decided it would be advisable to actually listen for once. "Shit, the dinner rush is gonna start soon, the old man's gonna kill me," Sanji was rambling, his pants half way up his legs when he stopped abruptly. "I need to shower!" he exclaimed and rushed out of the room so fast, Zoro might have thought the other wasn't even there moments before. Well, whatever, Zoro took his chance and climbed into bed again since the only reason he even bothered getting up was gone.

Said reason was back in record time, however, screeching at him once again until he got out of bed for real. As soon as he stood, though, a pile of fabric hit his face before falling to the floor; his clothes, no doubt. He didn't bother with a shower, he was going to the dojo and would get sweaty anyway. Zoro managed to located his own clothes where they fell in the semi-darkness, not even bothering with turning on the light with a nervous Sanji somewhere close by. He also hadn't bothered with looking for his boxers, opting for going commando and just dealing with it later. It helped that Sanji couldn't see him, nor did he care at the moment, so he wouldn't be calling him a brute for once. The shirt he wore was also close by and he wasted no time in pulling it on as Sanji already waiting for him with a nervous tapping of his foot. Such a drama queen.

It was really amazing, truly a record, that they had managed to leave the room in such short time; even if it felt like at least half an hour, checking the phone once again revealed it had only been fifteen minutes since Zoro had informed Sanji of the time. Sanji lead the way down the hall, mumbling about hungry moss and making food before kicking him out, but Zoro paid no heed to it. He watched Sanji fix his hair as they walked down the stairs, rounding the corner before the regular noise from the restaurant kitchen reached them. It was still at a fairly normal level, announcing that the dinner rush was yet to start and Sanji didn't waste a whole work day. Only half of it, the most.

Sanji stepped on the tiled kitchen floor, his fancy dress shoes making their usual sound. Though, the sound seemed to be louder than all the noise of the kitchen and as soon as he was on the tiles, all the noise stopped and every single chef present turned to look at them. Zoro notice Sanji freeze in place just in front of him, blocking his own descent into the room. The chefs of the Baratie were always weird, but this was a whole new level of crazy. Zoro froze as he caught sight of a tall chef's hat of the old man that let him out of the freeze a couple of hours earlier. Yeah, that. He'd probably have to explain that. The old man hadn't told his staff, had he?

Though, every single pair of eyes rested on the two of them; or rather, on him. Why would they stare at him? It's not like he had never stayed over. Even if the cook was adamant about telling people they were dating, all the chefs present knew about them, so the whole staring thing was just too much. It didn't help that Zeff was staring at him too. He could understand that one, thought.

Still, Zoro could see Sanji's shoulders tense even more, if that was at all possible, before the blond turned towards him with a look that could only be described as utterly horrified. The blond was pale and his mouth was slightly agape as he stared right at the front of Zoro's shirt.

"What?!" Zoro snapped, scowling at the blond before he looked down to see what exactly had them all staring like that. He could imagine the look on his face turn to pure horror, mirroring the one on Sanji's face as his eyes took in the generous stain of a highly suspicious substance smeared all over the front of his shirt. He lifted his gaze to Sanji just in time to see the cook's face turn beyond a simple shade of red as it dawned on him; the bastard used his shirt to clean up!

As if on autopilot, Zoro's gaze travelled over the other stunned faces in the kitchen only to land on Zeff's face. He looked calm, almost like stone and that was in no way a good sign. Zoro knew from firsthand experience that such a face meant absolutely nothing good in his near future; Sanji had the same look when he was beyond mad. If the will to commit murder could be displayed on a face, it would look like the expression the old chef was wearing.

All the other employees in the kitchen seemed to sense the killing intent dripping from their boss and they were subtly moving away, leaving a clear circle around the old man. He was glaring daggers in their direction; even if Sanji's back was turned to the chef, the younger blond could no doubt feel them.

Zoro turned back to Sanji's no crimson face and the shock still displayed there. He could do nothing, he couldn't even move and neither could Sanji from the looks of it, but Zeff didn't have that dilemma. Zoro could see him approaching slowly from the corner of his eye, but he could not react nor warn Sanji. He probably knew already, anyway.

It felt like an eternity by the time Zeff was close enough to plant his peg leg into Sanji's side, slamming him into the wall by the stairs.

"In MY kitchen, you punks?!" the old man screamed and Zoro could swear the walls shook. Sanji was still completely stunned, but the old man turned to Zoro and he would never admit it out loud, but he was freaking scared. The old man was a monster! A monster that took a step closer to him. Shit shit shit shit shit shit! Zoro could think of nothing else, he was never in a situation like that before.

Out of instinct, he glanced around looking for an exit strategy; the back door leading to the alleyway with the dumpsters was close enough to make a quick escape. But he couldn't leave Sanji to take all the scolding. Scolding was probably an understatement for the old man, anyway.

Luckily, Sanji seemed to snapped out of his daze, his expression of shock changing into a look of pure rage; something Zoro was far more used to seeing on his blond's face. He was up in no time, all in Zeff's face screaming like only he knew how?. His face was still as red, but there was anger mixed in with the embarrassment as he yelled profanities at his father. It was actually a majestic sight and the rest of the kitchen staff could probably agree seeing as they continued their staring, more than one mouth hanging open.

Zoro just stood there with his stained shirt, cursing himself for wearing black most as it was almost fatal this time. The shouting match continued, no one other than the two blonds making a move. It felt like hours before they simultaneously shut up, glaring at each other. Sanji was breathing hard like he had just run a marathon, trying to catch his breath while maintaining a menacing face.

"If I ever find a butt print on my counter again, no one will ever find your bodies," Zeff said in a low menacing voice and the room seemed to turn as cold as ice. "Understood?"

Sanji's face was once again stuck in a red mess of embarrassment, his jaw slack to the point Zoro could see his tonsils; something the others in the room shared with him, including Zoro. The blond seemed to snap out of it first, though, grabbing Zoro's arm and dragging him towards the back door without a single word. They may have escaped, at least to some extent considering the whole staff of the Baratie now thought they'd done it in the kitchen, but Zoro knew it wasn't the end of it.