Hey everybody I am KingRock980 and I am writing a crossover between Kingdom Hearts and Naruto. I'm having Sasuke as another Keyblade wielder instead of Naruto because I can and if you don't like then don't read it. Anyway now for the disclaimers as you know I do NOT own Kingdom Hearts and Naruto they belong to their own company. Anyway enjoy. :)

Chapter 1

A boy with raven black hair, onyx eyes, wearing a grey sleeveless hooded top with a small red and white fan symbol on the back, dark blue cloth, black jeans, and white bandages on both his arms is in a very strange place with nothing but a glass floor with a woman with short black hair, rosy red lips, fair skin, a blue and yellow gown with a black cape at the back and around her are some animals and seven small people. The boy starts to look around wondering where he is but he heard a voice.

"So very much to do so little time." The voice said.

"Who's there?!" The boy asked even though he wasn't physically talking but mentally.

"Take your time don't be afraid." The voice said again.

"What are you talking about?" The boy asked irritated.

"The door is still shut." The voice said not answering the boy's question.

"What door?!" The boy asked more irritated.

"Now, step forward. Can you do it?" The voice asked.

"Watch me." The boy answered and he began to walk forward but then stopped.

After stopping he sees three pillars raising from the ground and the voice comes back.

"Power sleeps within you. If you give it form it will give you strength." The voice said.

Three weapons come out of nowhere one was a sword with a black hilt and yellow handles with the fan symbol in the middle of the hilt, the other is a staff with a blue top that the fan shape and a green handle and yellow end, and the last weapon is a shield with red trims, black front cover and the red fan symbol in the front.

"Chose well." The voice told the boy as he walked to the sword pillar and picked it up.

"The power of the warrior. Invincible courage. A sword of terrible destruction." The voice explained as the boy was examining the sword. "Is this the power you seek?" The voice asked and since the boy is familiar with swords he nodded.

"Yeah." The boy said and the sword vanished.

"Your path is now set. Now what will you give up in exchange?" The voice asked and the boy sees the other two weapons.

The got off the sword pillar and went for the staff pillar to pick it up and examined it.

"The power of the mystic. Inner strength. A staff of wonder and ruin." The voice explained. "Do you give up this power?" The voice asked and since the boy isn't familiar with magic he nodded.

"Yes." The boy said and the staff disappeared as well.

"You've chosen the power of the warrior. You've given up the power of the mystic." The voice told the boy. "Is this the form you choose?" The voice asked.

"Yes it is." The boy answered.

After answering though the pillars began to go down and the boy had to get off the pillar he's on so he wouldn't get hurt but when looking around again he sees the glass floor shattering underneath him and he began to fall with glass shards following. As he continues to fall, he sees another floor but it has another woman with brunette hair and wearing a white dress and around her are two people dancing, a crescent moon, a castle, a horse, and a carriage. Knowing he'd land on the floor he landed gently feet first and looks around again but as he was the sword he chose before appears in his right hand.

"You've gained the power to fight." The voice said.

"So you've come back huh?" The boy asked still irritated.

"Try taking a swing at it." The voice told the boy.

"No problem." The boy replied and he swung his sword.

"All right you got it." The voice said. "Use it to protect yourself and others." The voice added.

"What now?" The boy asked and then he sees a shadow creature with claws, antennas, and bright yellow eyes emerging from the ground.

"There will be times when you have to fight." The voice warned. Keep your burning light strong." It added.

Two more shadow creatures emerged from the ground and stood next to the first one and began to attack the boy but the boy swings his word to kill two shadows and the remaining shadows are forced to sink back to the ground and leave.

"Is that all?" The boy asked unimpressed but another shadow creature crawled behind to try and attack.

"Behind you!" The voice warned.

The boy turned and attacked the shadow while other ones appeared to help but the boy slashed and killed the shadows despite them being cunning and sinking to the ground constantly. After defeating the shadows the boy sees another one and tries to attack but the shadow sank turning itself into a pool of shadow covering the entire floor and the boy looks around to try and escape but gets caught and gets sunk while struggling to get free. After the sinking the boy gets transported to another floor while still struggling thinking he's still sinking but realizes that it ended.

"Now where am I?" The boy asked looking around the floor he's on and the floor doesn't have any woman but still has some design that he's not familiar with.

When he got up he sees a faded door and starts walking up to it and begins examining it even trying to touch it but nothing.

"It won't open." The boy said but then turns around to a chest appearing so he walks up to it.

While curious he uses his sword to open the chest and when it opened a crate appears so he walks to the crate and starts pushing it and then destroying it and the rim of the door begins to be revealed. After the rim of the door was revealed and barrel appears and the boy picks up the barrel and throws it destroying it and the front of the door is revealed indicating that the door it whole so the boy walks up to the door and opens it showing light shining in the boy's face but enters through it. The boy find himself in the training ground and sees three people one is a male with white hair, purple eyes, razor sharp teeth, wearing a purple sleeveless top, and grey jeans the second is another male who's taller, has orange spiky hair, brown eyes, wearing a white short sleeve shirt, and grey shorts and the last person is a female with red long hair with left side of it hanging on her left shoulder, red eyes, wearing brown glasses, a lavender long sleeve top, black shorts, and black long sandals.

"Hold on the door won't open just yet." The voice said.

"Why do you keep coming?" The boy asked even more irritated.

"First tell me more about yourself." The voice said again still ignoring the boy's comments.

The boy shrugged and walks to talk the girl first the girl is sitting on a log swinging her legs and the girl sees the boy.

"What's most important to you?" The girl asked.

"Friendship I guess." The boy answered and the girl just pushed her glasses to her face.

"Is friendship really such a big deal?" The girl asked and the boy just shrugged and went to talk to the white haired boy.

"What're you afraid of?" The white haired boy asked.

"Losing." The boy asked.

"Is losing that scary?" The white haired boy asked and the boy shrugged again and went for the taller boy.

"What do you want to do out of life?" The tall boy asked.

"To be strong." The boy answered.

"To be strong?" The tall boy asked.

"You want friendship, you're afraid of losing, and you want to be strong. Your journey begins at midday keep a steady pace and you'll do fine." The voice said.

"Sounds fine to me." The boy replied.

"The day you will open the door is both far off and very near." The voice said and the boy gets transported to another location.

The boy is now at another floor and it has another woman with gold long hair, wearing a purple dress, holding a rose, and appears like she's sleeping and around her are thorns and three fairies. The boy starts to look around again to see what's next when more shadows appear and the boy gets ready to fight again. The shadows try to attack the boy but he slashes three shadows making them disappear and attacks the shadows killing them and after the shadows were defeated a light comes and reveals a glowing spot and the boy walks up to it to see what it does and it records what the boy has been through so far and then the spot makes a another one but it moves and creates stairs for the boy to walk on so the boy goes to the stairs and starts walking upward to the top and sees another floor. The next floor has another woman with short brunette hair, wearing a yellow dress and around her are what look like house items and the boy starts looking at the light he saw.

"The closer you get to the light, the greater your shadow becomes." The voice said.

"Don't you ever leave me alone?!" The boy asked now extremely irritated but then turns around to see his shadow coming to life coming from the ground. "What?!" The boy asked.

The shadow then grows itself into a giant shadow beast with an open heart shape in the middle and tiny wings the boy who is not afraid of the monster walks to it.

"Yes don't be afraid." The voice said. "And don't forget."

The boy unleashed his weapon and begins to charge at the creature swinging his sword at its arm but it raised it and used it to hit the ground unleashing what looks like a pool and the shadows the boy fought before comes out and attacks but the boy destroyed them and went for the monster's arm again slashing it multiple times but noticed that the creature using its open hole and starts firing beams at the boy but he keeps going for the arm and finally the final slash defeated the creature but the creature was unwilling to give in and when the boy jumped back his sword disappeared from his hand and jumped back again from the creature's attack and it tried to attack again and it summoned a shadow pool around the boy and while the boy is being swallowed the voice repeats itself telling the boy not to be afraid.

"You hold the mightiest weapon of all." The voice finally said while the boy still struggles and finally the darkness covers him and everything went black. "So don't forget. You and someone else are the ones who will open the door." The voice finally said.

Chapter 1 done so now Chapter 2 will be made soon and we'll get to Sora in that chapter I hope you guys liked it and leave some reviews and I'll see you next chapter.