This will be a 14 episode series of Doctor Who, with 2 four parters and 2 three parters, like the McCoy years. It doesn't feature a particular Doctor, but fill in the blanks if you wish with any Doctor, but mine is based on Capaldi IN APPEARANCE ONLY. Faith is played by Lucy Griffiths in my head btw. There won't be another Author's Note this series. There is a UNIT story in a holiday camp, a futuristic theatre gone wrong, a cruise ship taken to Meh-Teh-Bee-Liss (Metebelis) 5 and a trip to Skaro. The next season will be the same number-wise, but the clay is still wet for the third, so review or PM any ideas, monsters, returns, etc you have. Please review, favourite and follow! I don't own Doctor Who, that is the BBC :)

Part 1: Fresh Start

As the last of the fiery hue faded from the Doctor's face, he gasped for breath and scanned the TARDIS. Most of his beloved ship had emerged unscathed, but a section of the wall had been burnt to cinder, sparks flying off of the annihilated circuits.

He muttered a quiet 'oops' and ran over to the main console, flicking switches and pulling levers manically. The time rotor began to churn slowly, allowing him to fall back into the chair in relaxation.

Meanwhile, the recently promoted Brigadier Kate Stewart was sitting in the backseat of a jeep, en route to the Dancing Elk holiday camp. There had been multiple reports of disappearances on the site, which had of course attracted the attention of the local police. Just as they were about to give up, a series of apparitions began around the camp. That was when UNIT got involved.

As the jeep slowly trundled into the camp, Kate couldn't help but wonder if this would finally the day the Doctor returned to the scene. However, it had been years since the business with the Zygons and she was beginning to lose faith.

"No, no, no, no, no, no!" shouted the Doctor as he tried to control the TARDIS. The machine heaved and groaned, but it wouldn't work. "Insufficient Artron Supplies," the Doctor read aloud from the screen. "Oh, that is every shade of not very good," he said in a panic.

He ran over to the wall controls and began tapping furiously at the keyboard. Sparks began to fly around the TARDIS, but he ignored them nonetheless. Suddenly, a series of sparks began flying down the TARDIS towards him. Hitting the 'enter' key, he dived out of the way, missing it by milliseconds. The time rotor stopped mid sequence and the machine fell eerily silent. Suddenly, there was a sharp tapping at the door. Coughing and wheezing, he hauled himself to his feet.

UNIT had set up a radar, multi-dimensional radiation detector and a Geiger counter, amongst other hi-tech gadgets in the café of the holiday site, which they had made their temporary HQ. This, of course, made it child's play to detect the large blue box that appeared next to the pool.

Faith was in her first week at UNIT, which she had spent doing mostly tea and filing. Not that that bothered her; a low danger job at UNIT was a blessing. Needless to say, she was understandably confused when the Brigadier, Corporal McNeice and half the privates ran over to the pool. Following them, she was easily confused to see a police box standing where there was a clear space earlier.

"Who put the box there?" she asked to a nearby private.

"With any luck," he replied "the Doctor,".

Kate quickly shushed all of the troops and walked gingerly up to the box. Slowly, she knocked on the door. After a few seconds, she went to knock again when the door swung open, out fell a tall, lithe man with greying hair and deep blue eyes.

"Get me a doctor!" he rasped, before collapsing to the ground.

"He's quite alright," Dr Harrison told a worried Faith.

"Well there must be a reason for this! He can't just collapse!" Faith replied angrily, annoyed at the patronising doctor. This earned a look of exasperation from Doctor Harrison.

"Look, I'm rather busy at the moment, but he'll be fine in about...14 hours," he said pausing to check his watch. Sighing in exasperation, she walked off, deciding to check out the pool.

Private Danny O'Hara had been assigned the job of guarding the TARDIS. It was deliberately an easy task - he had only been at UNIT for about a month, and in that time he had faced things he scarcely believed himself. But this was definitely the weirdest so far.

The pool was talking to him.

He could hear it, only like a whisper, carried by a gale, but it was there. The closer he got, he could hear almost words and sentences being formed. Curious to hear what it had to say, he lay down on the ground and put his right ear above the water. When he tried to get up again, berating himself for his foolishness, he slipped and fell head first into the pool.

First, his mind registered the freezing cold of the water, consuming his head. Secondly, he realised that he had knocked his knees and was still smarting from the pain. Finally, he realised that he couldn't breathe. He struggled to pull his head up, but he couldn't. Suddenly, he toppled over in a somersault, sending his legs cascading into the water along with the rest of him. As the last of the oxygen left his body, his vision faded to black...

Doctor Harrison was about to ask Faith for a cup of tea when it happened. The Doctor, previously comatose, suddenly began jerking in his bed, coughing simultaneously. Picking up his stethoscope, Doctor Harrison examined the Doctor's hearts.

"His hearts have stopped!".