Part 2: Escape Plan

The Doctor winced as he heard the shots, but felt no pain. Should he have done? When he opened his eyes, he looked down and saw the bloodied body of Cormac, shaking slightly in pain.

Ross reacted by pulling out his gun and firing at the British. One-by-one, the troops fell. As they perished, they disintegrated into nothingness. All that remained were ths spent bullets. Finally, they were alone in an empty room.

"Right. That got bad fast," said Faith, still jarred from the events. Ross reloaded his weapon quickly, well trained for these events.

"Yeah. We need a plan," the Doctor replied. "Also an escape route. Any ideas?" he hastily added.

"We're about 300 metres from the door in and out of the Pseptive. It's a start," Dougal said absentmindedly.

"It's 300 metres of battlefield!" Ross said angrily.

"The Russians will be firmly against the British. If we can presume that the British are all against us, then the Russians will help by giving us passage!" said Arkady, who was calculating their plan.

"It's a sound theory," the Doctor agreed. "Faith, you take Ross and Arkady and make contact with the Russians - I need someone they will trust. Dougal, come with me to the exit - I need a guide," the Doctor said, pointing to the relevant people.

"Captain, Ross and Latimer, take care of Vlad and defend the room. It could do as a base,".

The Doctor and Dougal were walking amongst the battlefield, crouching behind the walls.

"It's about 100 metres from here," whispered Dougal. "There don't seem to be any more sentries. We should be able to make it,". They stepped out into the street when a collection of lasers hit the wall behind them.

"Sontarans!" muttered the Doctor. Looking at Dougal, he shouted "RUN!". As the pair scarpered out of distance, the sontaran ceased fire and promptly vanished.

"This battlefield is no place for a child, Mr Romanova," chided the colonel.

"This isn't a battlefield! It's all a fake! And so are you!" Faith exclaimed. They had reached the Russian camp easily, but Colonel Grisenko needed some persuasion. He dismissed them with a wave of his hand and he entered the next room.

"Is it true?" a young Russian private asked Faith. "Am I just...a picture? A film?". Faith sighed quietly and turned to face him.

"What's your name?" she asked gently.

"Ernst Chekov," he replied.

"How old are you?"

"I'm 29 in a month,".

"Do you have a girlfriend?"

He smiled to himself before he answered.

"Yes. Back home in Moscow. She's called Xenia. Xenia Madtela,".

Captain Reynolds had no difficulty in taking command in the group he had found himself in. He easily adjusted to barking orders at Ross and Latimer. They had barricaded the door and gathered rations they had found in the supply cupboard. Nothing was getting in the room. Or out.

"It was quick, you getting to the TARDIS like that. Almost like you planned it," the Doctor said, stopping to face Dougal. "Why did you do it?"

Dougals face turned from a tired, exhausted face to a thin wry smile.

"Why does anyone do it? Compensation. The company gives me money for my troubles, any...witnesses pop their clogs. But you would blamed for sabotage - you see, the virus has been shown as originating from the same GPS spot as your TARDIS,". The Doctor started to walk towards Dougal, but his friend pulled a revolver on him.

"This time, it's real..."

Meanwhile, in the base, the trio had started on their rations when it appeared. Without warning, a mighty, large black dragon materialised. It breathed a single fiery breath, consuming Reynolds.

It had cost Grisenko a quarter of an hour of his time to decide the fate of the visitors. He had decided to help them. They were aliens, but his platoon was running low on men, so any help was welcomed. This was when the bomb dropped.

"Enemy flagship, upper atmosphere...BOMB DROPPED!...reach us in 30 seconds..." came a scream from the radio operator.

"Bomb?" asked Faith nervously. It would just as real; just as deadly. The radar operator gulped and nodded nervously. In 30 seconds, they were dead.