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"I fucking love this song," Katniss sighs as her fingers comb through Peeta's hair. His head is heavy in her lap as she looks down at him. His eyes are closed, and his face is relaxed. The sound of Godhead's Penetrate floats through the air.

I've got nothing to penetrate

And I've got nothing to elevate

I can't seem to concentrate

Cause I've got nothing to consecrate.

Peeta's hair between her fingers feels so good, that she stops and begins to count the individual strands against her skin.

'1, 2...78...89...'

"Yeah this soundtrack is awesome."

"Shit, you made me lose count."

"What? What are you doing back there?" Peeta slowly lifts his hands up to the back of his head and he feels for her activity.

"Counting. Let me finish."

Peeta smiles. "Okay..."

A few minutes pass.

'I give up.' "You have a lot of hair."

"I do?"

"Yeah." She yanks one out. Peeta doesn't seem to notice. She pulls one of hers out of her own head and holds them side by side between her thumb and forefinger. "See? Your hair is thinner than mine. But you have a lot more ...follicles."

Peeta laughs. "I have more follicles?"

"Yeah. Is that a thing? Do blondes have more hair than brunettes?"

"I don't know."

"Me neither. But I bet it's a thing."

A few more minutes pass as Katniss runs her fingers through his hair.

"Why do you speak Greek?" Peeta asks.

"You mean why do I butcher Greek?" Peeta smiles. "My father's half Greek."

"Oh. So Prim speaks it too?"

"No. Daddy passed away when she was still a baby."

"Oh. Sorry."

"It was a long time ago ...Wanna make out again?"

"Uh-huh," Peeta nods as he sits up.

"Why did we stop before?" Katniss wonders aloud.

"The night manager kicked us out of the lobby," Peeta reminds her.

"Oh yeah. 'Af̱tó den eínai éna ypnodo̱mátio'," she repeats.

"What'd that mean anyway?"

"He was basically telling us to get a room. Which we did. So why aren't we kissing?" she asks as she leans in.

"I don't know," Peeta smiles. Their lips touch and Katniss sighs into the kiss. It's slow and sloppy.

"Guess you forgot you didn't want to make out in front of me," Rye says. He's lying on his bed with his laptop in front of him.

Katniss and Peeta break away with smiles. Peeta drapes his hand over her shoulder.

"Oh yeah, I forgot about you," Katniss remembers.

"Obviously. How stoned are you two?"

"High as a fucking kite. And we could totally be having sex right now if it weren't for you."

"We could?" Peeta asks. He seems to like the idea.

"Mmhmmm. I'm like really really wet." Peeta blinks once... twice... "I said that out loud didn't I?" Peeta nods. "Fuck." Katniss brings her hands to her face.

Rye closes his computer. "Yeah, you did." He stands and walks towards the door.

"Where are you going?" Peeta asks. "It's 2 o clock in the morning."

"Even I'm not this much of a cockblocker. Enjoy getting your dick wet, Peet. I'll be back in half an hour." He closes the door behind him.

Peeta turns to Katniss. Her hands are still covering her face. His arm is still wrapped around her shoulder.

"Is that true?" He asks. "Are you wet?" Katniss nods, still hiding her face. Peeta pulls her hands away by her wrists. "For me?"

"Yeah," she answers quietly.

His hold on her tightens as he pulls her close and kisses her. She melts against him but too soon, he pulls away. He enjoys the sound of her moaning in protest.

"Can I see?"

"See what?" She asks, exasperated.

Peeta places his free hand onto her exposed knee. His hands slide up to the hem of her shorts.

"How wet you are?"

Katniss smiles at him. "Just see?"

"No..." He pushes her down and she falls onto her back on the bed. He settles between her legs and she props up her knees. "I want to touch you." His hand moves to rub her through the thin fabric of her shorts.

"Fuck, Peeta."

"I want to taste you too." He rubs her harder. "Will you let me?"

"Yes," she sighs as she drops her head back. Peeta's fingers are driving her wild. If feels so good - probably because she's high, but she doesn't care. She reaches for the button of her shorts and Peeta helps her tug them down. That's only the beginning. It's a frenzy of open mouths and hands tearing at clothes and seconds later they're fully undressed. Peeta lies on his back and Katniss straddles him. She leans forward and kisses him again. He can feel the heat of her sex as he lifts his hips.

"Wanna play slip n slide?"

Peeta pulls back and brings his hands behind his head. "What's slip n slide?"

"This," she grinds against him, dragging her spread folds across the length of his hard cock.

Peeta flinches in pleasure. "Shit!" His face twists into a grimace. "God that felt good."


"You are really wet," he pants. He reaches down and drags a finger through her moistened folds. He brings that finger to his lips and groans as he tastes her.

"I know," she moans as she grinds against him again.

"That's gonna make me want to fuck you."

Katniss smiles. "Maybe we can play 'just the tip' too." Realization dawns on her. "You're clean, right?"

"Now you ask me?"

His cock is throbbing hard against her entrance. He's got a point.

'Well, shit.' "Yeah, I'm in idiot." She rolls off of him.

"Hey, wait. I'm clean."

She finds her shirt at the end of the bed and pulls it over her head.

"Did you hear me?" he asks.

"I heard you. I believe you." She pulls on her underwear and Peeta frowns. "I'm clean too."

"Then what are you doing?"

"Stopping us from making a mistake."

"That didn't feel like a mistake." He looks down between his legs. He's hard, throbbing, dripping. His hand wraps around his length. "Still doesn't." Katniss squeezes her thighs together at the sight of Peeta slowly stroking himself. "Come back here, baby. I'm so hard for you."

She walks back over to him, and stands between his legs. She leans down and touches the tip of him with her index finger, collecting some of his precum and sucking it off her finger. Peeta strokes himself faster.

"You taste good," she sighs.

"So do you."

She stands straight up and shakes her head. "I'm really stoned."

"Me too," he says. He's still stroking himself.

Katniss bites her bottom lip. She stands silent, for what seems be forever. "Okay...We can mess around. You know, to ease the tension," she suggests.

Peeta chuckles. "There's tension?"

"Isn't there?

Peeta shrugs his shoulders. "I was enjoying that slip n slide game." He reaches out for her, pulling her forward by her hips. She straddles his lap, parting her pussy lips as she sits on him. His hands move up, and he gently pinches her nipples over her camisole, smiling as she whimpers quietly. "It felt so good. It's all I'll be able to think about." His hands drift back down. "...Is this okay?" He asks as his fingers begin to rub her through the wet fabric of her underwear.

"Yes," she breathes. She drops her head onto his shoulder as "Slept So Long" plays in the background. "Faster. In circles." Peeta's happy to oblige. Her breath quickens and her fingers dig into his back. She rocks against his hand. The friction feels so good. She feels the pressure build inside of her.

"Peeta," she moans.

"Fuck. Say my name again."


In one quick move, he holds her close and rolls them, so that Katniss is on her back. He hovers over her as he pushes her underwear aside and slides two of his thick, skilled fingers into her center.

"Oh!" She moans as she bucks her hips.

"You like that?" He pumps his fingers into her.

"Mmhmmm," she nods. Of course she likes it. She loves it. But then his fingers are gone. She opens her mouth to protest, but soon she feels his thumbs hook on her underwear.

"I have to just..." Peeta half explains as he tosses the garment over his shoulder. His head dips.

"Oh my god!" Katniss cries as the feeling of Peeta's lips and tongue against her center consumes her. He eagerly rubs the pads of his fingers against her throbbing clit, making her even wetter, and he uses the flat of his tongue lick her dry, lapping up every drop of her juices. She quickly gets used to the pattern. Hard, intense rubbing of her clit, followed by the hot and soft massage of his tongue. She won't cum like this - Peeta must know that. But, he seems to be simply enjoying himself down there, so she figures she might as well go with it. She moves her hips against him, finding that her undulations encourage Peeta to touch himself.

They hear the creek of the door opening. It's been half an hour. Rye's back.

Peeta lifts his head. "Get the fuck out," he says calmly and then he leans back down to resume his task of eating Katniss out. Katniss moans loudly as the door clicks shut again. She thinks she heard Rye chuckle, but she can't be certain.

Peeta slides his strong hands underneath her, cupping her ass. He lifts her slightly off the bed, sliding his tongue into her center, fucking her shallowly. Katniss grabs her legs at the back of her knees, opening herself more to him. He smiles at her flexibility, imagining the possibilities.

She's so wet and worked up, and the sound of his pulling away and licking his lips pushes her to the edge. Her walls contract as he pushes his tongue into her again. He quickly replaces it with two fingers, feeling the intensity of her orgasm. She cums moaning his name, and Peeta curls his fingers into her as she rides the wave of pleasure he provided.

She still breathing heavy as she sets her feet back down onto the bed. Peeta slides up her body, dragging his hardened flesh against her sensitive clit causing her body to shake again in rapture. Slip n slide. He's got the hang of it.

"Oh God. Get a condom," she moans.

"Are you sure?" he asks.

"Yes," she pants. "I need you to fuck me." She's serious. She's knows you can't say that to a man and go unfucked.

The warmth of his body is gone and she sits up, yanking her tank top over her head. Peeta's sitting up straight at the edge of the bed with his feet on the floor as Katniss watches him roll a condom down his length. She moves to straddle his lap again and she lowers herself onto him, slowly. She sighs with every inch, adjusting to his impressive girth. His hands are on her ass as she uses his body to fill herself completely.

The door opens again. Peeta rolls his eyes. His back is to the door, and his chest is pressed against Katniss's mounds, but he doesn't even bother to look over his shoulder. "Get the fuck out!" Katniss cries. She definitely hears laughter this time, coming from both Rye and Peeta. She silences Peeta with a kiss.

"It's 3:30," Rye grumbles as he shuts then door behind him again.

Katniss rocks her hips as she enjoys the full feeling of being connected to Peeta and the softness of his tongue moving against hers. But, she heard Rye. She knows what time it is. She pulls her lips from Peeta's. She can still taste herself on him. She likes it.

"You went down on me for an hour?"

Peeta shrugs his shoulders. It didn't seem that long to him. "I guess," he says as he pulls down on her hips, reaching deeper inside of her. She sinks down onto him as he lifts his hips to meet her again. "Oh!" She shouts as he hits a spot that's particularly deep.

"You feel so good," he pants. "How do you feel so good?"

Katniss nods in agreement. She opens her mouth to speak, to articulate how she's feeling.

'Your cock is perfect. I've never had it like this. You're so deep inside of me. Don't stop! Peeta!' "I...You...deep... don't..."

"Don't what, baby?"

"Don't stop!"

"I won't. Not until you cum."

'Oh God!' "I'm close!"

"Me too."

The words are barley out of his mouth before he feels her contracting on his cock. She's tight, and she only feels tighter as her walls flutter around him, pulling him over the same fantastic edge. He groans as he spills himself into the condom inside of her.

Katniss slumps against him. She's laughing.

"What?" He pants, still catching his breath.

"I just let you fuck me."

Peeta leans back, propping himself up with his elbows. "You're the one on top," he points out. But he smiles. Cus yeah, he fucked her.

A moment later, he sits up and carefully removes the condom from his softening cock. He stands and tosses it into the bathroom garbage.

'Room service will love that.'

Katniss's shoulders sink as her mind fills with doubt. Peeta sits back down beside her. "What is it?"

"I don't know you... I've never slept with anyone on the first date like that before." 'Do I leave now? What's the proper protocol? Prim's done this before. I'll have to ask her about it.'

"I haven't taken you out on a date yet."

She moves away. "That's worse... I should go." She's stopped by his arm wrapped around her middle. He pulls her down to lay beside him.

"I'm sorry." He kisses her shoulder. "Don't go."

"I should."


"I have to get back to my room."

"You're right next door. Your sister knows where you are, right?"

She nods her head as she relaxes.

"Don't leave."

"What if you regret this in the morning?"

He pulls the thin blanket up to cover their bodies. "I could never regret you. you regret me?"

"No! I really like you. I don't want to ruin it by acting slutty."

He chuckles behind her as he spoons her, tucking his knees behind hers and holding her close.

"You're acting perfect." He strokes her hair. "Perfect," he repeats as she drifts away. Peeta nearly drifts off himself, lulled by the rhythmic sound of her breathing and the warmth of her body.

The door opens, and Peeta's eyes fly open. He looks towards the door as an annoyed Rye walks in.

"Fucked her til she passed out, huh?"

"Something like that," Peeta whispers as he sits up. He notices Rye trying to sneak a peek at her and he quickly pulls the blanket back up over her. "What the fuck, dude?"


"Don't do that, okay? Not with this one." Peeta looks back at Katniss and smiles.




Peeta rolls his eyes.

"I'm happy for you, Peet. Even if it means I have to spend time with her bitch of a sister." He sits down on his bed.

"Prim's not a bitch. She's sweet."

"She's a total bitch, dude. I asked her if I could wait out you two fucking in their room and she grabbed my junk and said it wasn't good enough. Then she told me to fuck off and slammed the door in my face."



"You rub her the wrong way, dude."

"I'd rub her the right way, if she gave me the chance." Rye picks up something small blue and wet from his bed. "Just like you rubbed her sister." He holds up Katniss's underwear.

"Give me those," Peeta demands.

"She really was wet for you, huh?" Rye says as he turns them back and forth, inspecting them. When he brings them to his nose and inhales deeply, Peeta leaps out of bed and snatches them away. He pushes Rye back on the bed.

"I told you. Not her." He leans over and points a finger at him. His raised voice causes Katniss to stir and Peeta looks over his shoulder. He doesn't exhale until her breath evens out again.

"You falling in love with her or something?"

He turns back to Rye. "What?"

"Venus. You love her?"

"I just met her."

"Yeah, well. You've never tackled me over your conquests' leftover underwear before. At least put some clothes on, dude. Your dick is touching me."

Peeta pushes himself off of the bed. He looks down at the underwear in his hands, "These aren't leftover." He shakes his head at himself. He doesn't usually ask girls to stay the night.

"Whatever, you asshole. Next time I get lucky, you disappear. No questions asked. You fucked this chick for two hours."

"And you interrupted twice." Peeta says as he crawls back into bed with Katniss.

"I underestimated my teachings."

Peeta yawns. "You didn't teach me shit. Good night."



"The walk of shame! She's not to blame! Who could resist the cock!?"

"Shut the hell up, Prim."

Bristle and Rue join in. "The walk of shame! She found her fame. And now she takes the walk!"

"Whatever, bitches."

"You totally fucked Peeta last night. Don't even try to deny it. Rye said he saw Peeta going down on you," Prim teases. She brings her index and middle fingers to her mouth and flicks her tongue in between them. Bristel and Rue giggle.

"Classy." Katniss sits down on her bed. It's messy. Someone slept here. "Yeah I did, okay? And he ate my pussy for an hour."

"An hour?" Rue scoffs. "Like, a whole hour?"

"Mmhmmm. Did you sleep here?"

"Yeah. We were high as shit," Rue explains.

"Gotcha. Anyway, sex on mushrooms is something else. It takes forever to cum. But when you do, that shit is like magical," Katniss says, squeezing her thighs together.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah," Prim says as she stuffs another spoonful of mushrooms and peanut butter into her mouth. "We need to find some weed."

"You're a lush, it's 9am."

"I'm on vacation. Loosen up. Oh wait, you're plenty loose already, aren't you?"

"Fuck off. Go get ready."

"What are we doing today?" Prim licks the peanut butter off her fingers.

"Peeta and Rye are taking us kayaking," Katniss smiles.

Prim shoots herself, with an imaginary gun, making a show of the mess of brains she would leave on the wall. 'Whatever. You want to fuck him.' Katniss rolls her eyes.

"What about us?" Bristel asks.

"I'll see about getting a cab," Katniss explains.

"You won't ride with us? That's messed up," Rue complains.

"Oh yeah? What would you do?" Katniss challenges. "Answer honestly."

Rue takes a long swig of water and slowly nods her head. "You're not ditching us, right?"

"Nope," Prim explains. "And if it's that big of a deal, one of you can take my spot in the car and I'll cab it."

"I will. That Rye dude is hot," Bristel says.

"He's all yours," Prim says. She digs around the open suitcases for clothes. "Kat, what suit are you wearing?"

"Uh...The dark blue bikini and the blue rash guard...and the khaki shorts."

"Ok I'm gonna wear the green halter...and black shorts."

"You should wear a rash guard. Or at least bring one. You too," she says to Rue and Bristel who are both enjoying spoonfuls of mushrooms and peanut butter. "And you all need to brush your teeth."

"And you need to wash the cum out of your hair," Prim teases.

'I'd rather smell like cum than shit.' Katniss rolls her eyes as she makes her way to the shower.

She washes the sweat and desire from last night off of her body. She misses Peeta already. She looks at the wall, and smiles to herself, knowing he's just on the other side. Stepping out of the bathroom clean and ready to attack the day, she finds Prim helping herself to more mushrooms. Bristel and Rue are gone, hopefully they're in their room getting ready.

"You're gonna turn your memory to shit if you keep eating those."

"Don't be such a downer," Prim complains. She turns to face Katniss. " really slept with Peeta?"

Katniss sighs. "Yeah... Should I not have? I really like him."

"Well, you spent the night with him...and we have plans in a few minutes. So, that eliminates the whole one night stand question."

"That wasn't a question." 'I'm definitely going back for more.' "Should I have stayed the night?"


"It's that simple?" She asks with a laugh.

"It is considering the way you two look at each other."

"How's that?"

"Like you're long lost lovers."

"Long lost lovers? Is there even such a thing anymore?"

"I don't know. I'm fucking high. Don't listen to me. I just think you look happy. I like seeing you happy. So enjoy yourself. Even if it means I have to spend time with that asshole brother of his."

"Rye likes you."

"Rye likes pussy."

"You've got one of those," Katniss laughs.

The phone to the room rings. Katniss picks up the old school phone - there's even a cord attached - and brings the receiver to her ear.


"Hi," Peeta says. Katniss smiles. "We're downstairs, so whenever you're ready."

"Okay. Oh, I need to call a cab for our friends Rue and Bristel. You don't mind two more, do you?" Prim hands Katniss a pair of sunglasses with a black trim.

"Not at all. I'll take care of that. I'll meet you in the lobby, okay?"


She hangs up the phone.

"Why do you have dresses packed?" Prim asks as they make their way to the door.

"In case we go someplace nice."

Prim rolls her eyes.

Bristel, Rue, Peeta, and Rye are standing together, chatting in the lobby. As they approach, Peeta catches Katniss's eye and smiles widely. She's almost there, anticipating the smell of him, the heat of his body. When he leans in and kisses her cheek, she tries not to shudder. The rest of the world disappears as he leans in again and kisses her lips.

"You all found each other," Katniss observes in between kisses.

"Yeah. They met Rye last night." Peeta says. Peeta brings a hand to cup Katniss's jaw as he stares down at her smiling widely. They hear the whir of the shutter and see the flash of Rye's camera taking another picture.

She turns away from Peeta. His hand slides down her back and wraps around her waist, resting on her hip. "Don't take my picture! I wasn't ready." Katniss scolds Rye.

"Came out pretty good, Venus."

She rolls her eyes and turns back to Peeta. "Where are we going?"

"Bali," Peeta answers.

"Like, Southeast Asia Bali?"

"Like Bali, Crete."

"Oh," Katniss smiles. "Never heard of it."

"Yeah, they have some spiel explaining it...something about a prince. And honey. I don't really remember. The mushrooms started kicking in."

"A prince and honey? Sounds sexy," Prim purrs. Katniss rolls her eyes.

"Hiiiii!" Glimmer squeals as she runs up to Peeta, approaching him from the side. She's about to throw her arms around him again, but she stills when she sees Peeta's arm wrapped around Katniss's waist.

"What's up, Glimmer?" Peeta asks.

"Oh... Well..."

"Glad you could make it," Bristel says.

"We invited her," Rue admits sheepishly. She seems to have picked up on the awkwardness. "We met her this morning, told her we were going kayaking."

"She said she had to check with her friends," Bristel continues.

"Yeah. Actually, these are my friends." Glimmer gestures to Peeta and Rye. "My cousin Marvel doesn't want to come. He's still jet lagged. I was going to see if you wanted to go, Peeta?"

"Yeah, of course I'm going. It was my idea."

"No, it was my idea," Katniss corrects.

Peeta squeezes her hip. "Our idea."

"Our?" Glimmer repeats.

"Cabs outside," Rye announces. He turns to Prim. "You riding with us?"


"I'll ride with you," Glimmer smiles. Bristel and Prim share a look.

Peeta's hand unwraps from Katniss's waist and he takes her hand in his, leading them away from the group. They're all so busy arguing over who's going to ride where, no one notices them leave.

He leads her out of the lobby and into the garage. He hops onto the trunk of their rental and with his hands on her hips pulls her to stand between his legs. He kisses her. Her arms reach up and wrap around him and when he feels her tug gently on the hairs at the nape of his neck, he slides his tongue along the seam of her lips. She opens for him with an inhale.

Peeta leans forward, letting their foreheads touch. "Good morning," he smiles.

"We already said good morning."

"Not properly." He pecks her lips. "You left so quickly."

"Did I?" He nods. She did. As soon as she woke up, she scrambled out of his room, wanting to make her escape before Rye could see her. "Sorry. I wasn't wearing any underwear." She rolls her eyes at herself. 'Great explanation, Katniss.'

Peeta raises an eyebrow. "Are you wearing any now?"


"Too bad," he chuckles. "I like you without."

"I know you do," she smiles. She shakes her head once. "Woah. Mushrooms for breakfast."

"Yeah, me too. We should try to find some weed or something."

"Yeah... I should probably eat a real meal today too."

"We packed lunch. And later I'll take you out to dinner."

"Let's see how kayaking goes first," she smiles.

Peeta bites his lower lip as he takes a deep breath. "Can I get your number?"

"You're asking now? Isn't that sort of backwards?"

He shrugs his shoulders. "Can I?"

"My cell doesn't work here."

"Mine either."

"Then what good is it to you now? Besides you can call my room. It's like a time warp. How did people find each other before cell phones?"

"Okay how about your email address?"

"I didn't bring a laptop."

"Me neither."

"Then why-" she cuts herself off as she looks into his big beautiful eyes. She sighs. "KDE926 at NYU dot edu." 'I never check that one anyway.'

"Got it," he taps his temple and smiles.

"Well," Rye begins. "This looks cozy."

"It was," Peeta bites.

Katniss looks over her shoulder. She smiles when she sees Rye with an annoyed looking Prim.

'Hm. I wonder how they settled that.' Prim gives her a look that says "you owe me."


"This is bullshit!" Glimmer groans as she tosses her paddle down and turns away from the group. She mutters to herself as she unsnaps her life jacket and tosses it over her shoulder as she walks away.

"I wonder how she really feels," Katniss says as she turns her attention back to the guide, Caesar. They got the only guide whose native language is English. He's older and his hair is blue. Katniss tries to ignore his eccentric dress as he goes over the rules and safety precautions before they go out on the water. She sits next to Peeta, their fingers intertwined and in his lap. Prim, Rue and Bristel are to her left, and Rye is on Peeta's right.

"Since you are six now, do you want to take double kayaks?" Caesar asks.

"Sure," Peeta says. Rue and Bristel nod in agreement.

"A singles fine for me," Prim says. Rye gives her the middle finger. "Asshole," she mutters.

Peeta and Katniss share a look. Those two protest too much.

"If you're ready then, let's get out on the water." Caesar points to the large wooden structure holding the kayaks. Peeta and Katniss select a bright orange one built for two.

"So," Peeta begins as he drags their boat toward the water. "Is this our first date?"


"I know we're doing things backwards here. But I want to make sure you get that date."

She smiles. He's adorable. "This counts," she tells him. He winks at her before dragging the boat forward.

The water is cold, it's only March after all, and so they all hop into their boats as quickly as possible. Even out on the water, the tension is clear. Rye is staring at Prim. Bristel is staring at Rye. Katniss stares at the back of Peeta's head.

Katniss and Peeta pay little mind to the rest of the group. They focus on getting the rhythm of paddling together right. Turns out, they work very well together. Peeta sits in front, propelling them forward, and Katniss is behind him, mostly steering as they make their way around the bays. They're soon ahead of everyone else.

"Katniss!" Prim calls.

Katniss turns her head, and finds the group is going ashore. It's time for a break.

"Peeta, turn back," she says.


They work together to spin the boat around and make their way to the beach, where their friends are already waiting for them.

"Smile, lovebirds," Rye says as they approach the shore. Katniss leans to the side, allowing Rye to snap a photo of them. "Nice."

They tie up their boats and rest on the sand in a circle. Rye dumps the cooler in the middle.

"Good call bringing snacks," Rue says as she digs in. She happily retrieves an orange.

"Yeah, I was tempted to bring beer, but we only have a few of them," Rye explains. "We gave half our supplies to theses lovely ladies." He offers Prim a small smile. She doesn't call him an asshole.

"I suppose you could've enjoyed a beer with us last night," Prim admits. Rye raises his eyebrows. "But the way you came in was fucked up."

"Rye says you grabbed his junk then threw him out," Peeta says.

"What?" Katniss laughs.

"Oh, is that his story?" Prim says.

"I may have exaggerated that a little," Rye admits.

"Yeah. He may have," Prim says staring daggers at him again.

"So...what do you think Glimmers up to?" Bristel asks.

"Who cares?" Katniss says.

"Yeah, she seems like she'd be happier doing something that won't chip her nails," Rye asserts.

"I like my women more adventurous than that," Peeta says as he squeezes Katniss knee.

"Me too," Rye agrees.

"Really?" Bristel asks.

"Sure. It's no fun just sitting around. I like it out here. Look how gorgeous it is."

Bristel nods her head. "Good to know."

Rye's gaze drifts from Bristel to Prim.

Prim looks away and grabs a handful of sand. She tosses it over her toes. "So, is anyone gonna see Ratatouille?" Prim asks. "I just saw the preview. It looks good."

"Isn't that a cartoon?" Rue teases.

"So? I like animated movies," Katniss says.

"Me too, Peeta agrees. "Kung Fu Panda is gonna be awesome." Katniss and Rye nod in agreement.

"I have such attitude about that movie," Prim says.

"What? Why?" Rye asks.

"That movie is everything that's wrong with casting for animated flicks. I heard they're casting Jackie Chan. Really, in what dimension is Jackie Chan a voice actor for a movie that's in English?"

"It does take place in China," Peeta reasons.

"Whatever. Jack Black isn't Chinese," Prim says. Her feet are buried now so she turns her gaze up to the group.

"Lucy Liou is. She's gonna be in it, right?" Katniss says with a nod of her head.

Prim rolls her eyes. "That bitch is from Queens."

Rye furrows his brow. "What's your problem? Not Chinese? Not English speaking?"

"Not a voice actor actually."

"What about Ratatouille?" Rye challenges. "It's Pixar, right? They're gonna have big names too."

"Yeah but their big names are voice actors. Like Patton Oswalt."

"The comedian?"


"Wasn't he in that Blade movie?" Peeta asks.

"Yeah, but he was also on Kim Possible, Spongebob..." Prim says.

"Squid billies, Aqua Teen," Rye adds.

"Exactly," Prim continues. "He has voice experience."

"Okay. I see your point," Rye says. "The voice actor is a dying breed though."

"Maybe they wouldn't be if on screen actors would stay on screen. Angelina Jolie should stick to raiding tombs. And stealing husbands."

"Whatever, Prim," Katniss laughs. She rests her head on Peeta shoulder. She smiles as he as her wraps an arm around her and rubs her shoulder.

"I totally read between those lines. You're just mad cus you like Jen." Katniss rolls her eyes.

The group falls silent.

"I love the video for "I love my chick," Rue says. "You seen it?"

"How'd your brain make that jump?" Bristel asks.

"Well, Prim was talking about Angelina Jolie. And stealing husbands, and she stole Brad Pitt. And they met on the set of Mr. and Mrs. Smith. And the Busta Rhymes video-"

"Never mind!" Bristel nearly shouts, throwing her hands up into the air. "Christ you're scatterbrained when you're stoned." Rue shrugs.

"You like adult swim?" Prim asks Rye.

He smiles at her and nods. "Yeah. I do."

"What's Adult Swim?" Bristel asks.

"Oh... It's Cartoon Network's adult programming," Prim explains. She turns back to Rye. "I like Sealab."

"Yeah...I like that one too."

Silence falls over the group again. They're tired, stoned, and their hunger is now satiated. Peeta and Katniss are in their own world. Rye and Prim seem to have retreated too. Rue stares out at the beautiful view and Bristel sighs heavily, defeated. It's pretty clear where Rye's interests lie.

"We should get going," Caesar announces. He furrows his brow as all of his clients seem to glare at him. "This is only a day trip," he explains. "It's my job to get you through it in one piece."

"Right of course," Peeta says. He turns to the group. "Let's go."

It's 12km later when they arrive back where they started exhausted and with dead arms and tired abs.

Glimmer is nowhere to be found.

"Maybe she caught a cab back?" Rue suggests.

"None of the guides saw her. And that was hours ago anyway." Rye asserts.

"Whatever. Let's go back to the hotel, Katniss suggests. "That's probably where she is."

Katniss slips her hand into Peeta's. As much as she hopes Glimmer's back at the hotel, at the same time she doesn't.

"We'll see her later," Peeta agrees with a nod and then a shrug of his shoulders. "Maybe."

"Or maybe not," Rye says as he opens the door to the cab, helping Rue and then Bristel inside. "See you ladies soon."

"Bye girls."



They're halfway back to the hotel. Prim sits in the front seat next to Rye, while Katniss and Peeta curl up in the back.

"Hey guys," Katniss says.

"Yeah?" Rye answers. Peeta and Prim look her way.

"Let's do something fun."

Ah 2007. Back before Ratatouille and Kung Fu Panda. Back when I'd order dominos and watch squidbillies with my roommates. I'd miss it if it didn't feel so archaic. Can you imagine traveling without a laptop these days? Crazy!

Anyway, hope you enjoyed. Happy holidays!