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Kori Anders entered her female teammate's room.

Normally darkened and rather gloomy, Rachel had transformed her room into a perfect place for a "couture party", which she decided to call a "sleepover" instead, because it would most likely turn into one. The sorceress had opened both of the glass windows on the right side of her room, completely eliminating the relaxing aromas of lily and honeysuckle, which usually issued from the rows of incense on her bookshelf. Her Gothic armoire remained in its place, but had an assortment of hats and popular magazines sitting on its surface, the topmost one reading "Former Titans Beast Boy And Raven: Their Forbidden Baby!" in huge, blaring letters. The colors of the girly objects surrounding her room almost hurt Rachel's eyes, but she knew they would delight Star and Bee. An army of meticulously arranged glass nail polish bottles reflected a prism of colors, onto a set of fluffy bathrobes in pastel shades, which hung from silver hooks attached to the nearby wall. The trunk containing all of the vintage clothing had been emptied of its contents, and piles of neatly-folded clothes had been placed throughout the room, ready to try on.

"Oh! How wonderful!" Kori nearly shoved the half-demon over as she pushed through the doorway and deposited herself on the bed, basking in the bright pinks and purples around her. Giggling, she bounced up and showed her already-manicured nails to Rachel. "Look, look! I have removed the previous paint on my nails using the 'all-caw-hall of rubbing' from the cabinet in the 'room of relief', now I am ready to decorate them using the several beautiful polishes available," the alien squealed eagerly.

Rachel gave a small but genuine smile. "Perfect. Which color do you want?" asked the Azarathian, holding out a handful of nail polishes. "Look, these are scented."

Kori grabbed a bright green bottle and unscrewed the black cap enthusiastically. "Glorious! It smells of Flanknors!" she exclaimed, taking a huge whiff of the polish. Rachel made a mental note: "Flanknors" in Tameranean translates to "apples" in English. Good to know.

Watching Kori now, she was glad to have invited her. The redhead was happily stationed at Rachel's writing desk and using the "Flanknor" paint on her feet, alternating between each toe. She was experienced, but the green polish was getting all over the antiqued wood... Oh well. I'll have to clean that later. The half-demon leaned against the wall and tried not to think about her left foot, which had grown swollen over the last twelve hours and was currently burning like hell.

Knock knock knock!

"Coming." Rachel called delicately, floating towards the door and pushing a metallic button on the keypad labeled ALLOW ENTRANCE. The door slid open with a shff, but her Titans East friend, Karen, was not standing behind it.

"Garfield." Rachel kept her voice calm and composed, but her pale heart-shaped face showed signs of surprise. "Can I help you?" she questioned coolly, running dainty fingertips through her shiny head of hair.

The green boy held a lush bouquet of roses in a succulent creamy color, decorated with lace and tied with a black velvet ribbon. He sported a sky blue dress shirt, white khakis, and a well-fitted dark navy blazer. "Uh, hey Rae." Garfield's arm lurched forward in the manner of a programmed robot (A/N: Wow, I just realized Cyborg is basically a programmed robot... although he's not programmed... wait, so... oh... never mind...) as he handed the flowers to the purple haired half-demon, who waited patiently for him to continue.

"I-I wanted to ask you if, uh..." Garfield fidgeted with the shiny button attached to his sleeve. Looking up to make eye contact with Rachel, he audibly gulped. She was wearing a sleeveless indigo tank-top that stopped right above her navel, with a crescent moon and silver stars sprinkled throughout the fabric. Rachel had paired the shirt with black boy shorts that showed off her well-defined long legs beautifully. Her feet were swathed in two poufs of fluffy material which, Garfield noted, were dyed green. Sweet slippers. Garfield commented to himself. Strangely enough, the color suited Rachel well, and he wished she would wear his favorite color more often.

Garfield blurted out, "Would you be interested in a cup of coffee with me tonight, which is um..." He hesitated for a moment, slightly shuffling in place, but it seemed he could not recall what day of the week it was. "Never mind, the place's on the corner of Third and Winston, next to some sort of Chinese foot spa or whatever, uh... it'd be great to have you. Alright nice talking, I... Igottarunbye!" The changeling tossed the bouquet in Rachel's general direction as he darted out of her view, unsuccessfully escaping further humiliation.

Rachel caught the roses with dark magic and summoned them to her hand, inhaling their sweet fragrance. She admired the snow-white doily wrapped around the bouquet. These are from Daisy's? The said "Daisy's" was an upscale florist's boutique located downtown. They must have cost a fortune... The Azarathian coyly smiled as she gently cradled the roses in her arms and floated back into her room to accompany Kori.

Richard and Victor were doubled over on either side of their green comrade's dresser, digging through the contents of each drawer.

The half-android held up a scrap of black paper, one edge wrinkled as a result of its previous location in Garfield's heaps of junk. "Hey, isn't this the gift wrap Rachel used last week?" He curiously fingered the glossy wrapping, torn on one end but otherwise perfectly intact.

His accomplice glanced quickly at the evidence. "Yup, it is."

Victor studied the paper absorbedly. "I guess BB really liked her present." he concluded, carelessly flicking it over his shoulder. It slowly floated down to land on a small mountain of filthy laundry, which appeared to have been neglected for months.

Sighing, Richard shook his head resignedly and moved on to the next drawer. This is going to take a while... he ruminated. But after what I saw between him and Rachel, I don't know what to think. What's going on between those two, anyways?...

"Wow, Rae," Karen smirked. "I never thought you were a... pink lady."

Kori flew into the air, simultaneously guffawing with laughter and narrowly missing Rachel's century-old writing desk. "WA HA HA HA!" The easily-amused Tameranean girl had already demolished four candles (honeysuckle, white lily, sea breeze, and fresh rain, Rachel's favorite ones) as well as a multitude of nail polish bottles (of course, she had to pick all of the black, purple, and dark blue shades) in her uncontrollable laughter. This caused Karen to become extremely riled up as well.

"Star, please don't break anything..." Rachel commented plaintively. She swiveled around and shot a tired look at the other girl. "You too, Karen."

The two hyperactive girls had eaten a lot of sugar, in the form of colored mini marshmallows (a personal favorite of Beast Boy); chocolate-coated strawberries (Rachel's weakness); and Elotrulb, which Kori had brought over and insisted that her friends try it. Even with its viscus appearance and the fact that it was dripping with a dark black liquid, Karen found it tasted exactly like a slurpie and had proceeded to stuff half of the contents of the bowl into her mouth. Now, they were bouncing around Rachel admiring each other's choice of vintage clothes from the gray trunk.

Karen wore a yellow tank top under a black woolly shrug with three big yellow buttons on the front, each with a diameter longer than Rachel's little finger. The faded, acid-washed blue jeans fit her perfectly and went out slightly near her ankles. Karen had chosen a sunshine- yellow headband for her curly, shoulder-length hair, and had black clogs to match the outfit. Meanwhile, Starfire donned a bright pink sundress with a huge sparkly graphic of a cherry on the waist, made of hundreds of shiny sequins. Her hair was done in a ponytail with a cherry clip which went nicely against her fire-red locks, and she had picked out a pair of red heels to contrast against the sundress.

"Girl, Robin is gonna die when he sees ya." Karen remarked. "Oh, you too... Pink Lady."

"Karen, you know that isn't funny..." the sorceress replied, but she was smiling at the compliment. She was wearing a pink dress with a fitted rayon bodice in coral pink. The skirt had three layers - the innermost was satin, the fabric in the middle was silk, and both were glazed over with a light layer of tulle, which was gray. Rachel had unearthed ballet slippers in a shade of rose, and the thin, delicate ribbons attached to the heel wove up until they reached a point just under her knees. She wore no accessories except for a fragile necklace which dropped down to her collarbone: it was a stunning nebula of narrow pink quartz stones that were each about a centimeter long, and dangling in the center was a polished amethyst stone in the shape of a tiny bird in flight, inset in pearl.

"A-a-absolutely go-o-orgeous, da-a-arling!" Kori drew out the words, quite delirious from the sudden high intake of sugar, and tottered over to the other girls. "You look Quo-o-odma-a-arg!" She grabbed Rachel's heart-shaped face and inspected it closely. "Bu-u-ut it appe-e-ears... you are wearing no-o-o ma-a-akeup?!"

Karen had flown over to the other side of the spacious room, but was still quite in earshot. "What?! How is that possible?!" she screeched, zipping back over to the horrified Tameranean and the source of her discontent. "Well, Rae's features are flawless. I can see why she doesn't use cosmetics, but I don't believe..." Tipping the half-demon's delicate chin to one side, Karen leaned over and quickly swiped at her friend's cheek. "Nope, I was wrong - no powder for this girl."

Kori had become slightly more aware of her surroundings, having rapidly recovered from her sugar coma despite the massive amount of processed glucose that she had consumed. "Does it not bother you?" she asked, enunciating her words more clearly. Rachel tilted her head up questioningly. "That you are the only female Titan that does not decorate herself with the cosmetics of Earth?" the alien added.

"...No," Rachel replied, still retaining her dignity but speaking with a cautious tone. "What are you aiming at, Star?"

Nervously pulling on her earlobe, Kori answered, "I am not aiming at anything, friend. I merely wonder if you would enjoy to participate in the procedure of a... makeover?" She brought all of her weight to the balls of her feet and continued. "I think that there is a certain Titan in this very tower with his eyeballs on you, no?" Karen inhaled sharply in the background, earning an "are-you-really-so-immature" look from Rachel. "A green Titan, to be precise. And I think also..." The Tameranean picked her next words carefully. "...he would enjoy the "going out" on a "date"... with you."

"Holy. Freaking. Tofu."

"Yup, she said so." Karen answered smoothly.

"Liar. You're lying, I know you are." Garfield reread the elegant handwritten script. "R... a... e? Is that a 'e'?" He dropped the letter and danced around in victory. "I knew she liked that pet name!"

"Ugh Gar, you are totally and completely hopeless." Snatching the slightly-yellowed parchment, Karen read:

Rachel Roth requests your presence tomorrow, same place, same time

"What? Same place, same time?" The changeling scratched his head cluelessly as he went through the few files (the ones that were intact, that is) in the back of his mind. He finally came to a conclusion. "So I have to be in front of Rae's door around 6:30 tomorrow?" he asked, hoping he had given the right answer. "That's when I last saw h-"

Karen smacked Garfield on the head with her free hand. "No, dolt!" The green boy rubbed his temples gingerly, mouthing a quiet "owww". "She wants you on the roof by midnight! Are you like, stupid or something?"

Garfield processed this newly-given information. After a while, he emitted a loud "Ohhhhh..." then hesitated. "I get it."

"You'd better!" the Titans East "Bumblebee" warned him, slightly mollified now that she had gotten a semi-adequate response from the shape-shifter.. "It's cold out there, y'know... she'll be waiting."

"Chill. I gotcha." Garfield shot the girl a halfhearted peace sign as he walked out the door, his mind ticking away as he mulled over future possibilities. "And... I won't be late this time."

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