Space Channel 5: The Aftermath

Chapter 1: Planet of the Space Mermaids

"See You Next Week!"

Purge was almost right. It was only one week since his defeat. The giant "P" looked like it could forever in space, but this torture trip was about to end. There was a planet just ahead. It looked like Earth, except it had only one very large continent in the shape of a Hawaiian island. The rest was just ocean and a few small islands on the other side.

The giant "P" started to fall in the planet's atmosphere and not-too-long after burst into flames. It landed (or crashed) just 10 miles off the shore of the large continent, creating a large wave in the process that nearly flooded a beach surrounded by rocks. Luckily the wave soon settled and the beach was shown again, but with lots of seaweed, crabs and eels. The "P" soon sailed gently onto the seaweed-infested beach.

Meanwhile, inside a cave, two female guards in silver armor, one with blue long hair, one with short pink hair, spotted the giant "P" landing on the beach. "What is that, Sarai?" said the blue-haired guard. "I don't know, Guiana," said Sarai, the pink-hair guard "But judging from what we see right now, it looks like a giant, metallic 'P'-shaped, how do you say, spaceship?" Guiana then replied "We need to check that "spaceship" to see if that's not one of those beach polluters." "Agreed." With that, the two guards left the cave to check on the "P". They checked high and low for the "Beach Polluters" Guiana mentioned before. No Beach Polluters. Good.

"Looks like there aren't any beach polluters around here." Guiana said. "Wait!" Sarai said "We've yet to check the inside! There could be a beach polluter there." "Fine." Said Guiana. The guards went to check the inside of the giant "P", only to find a human being in a small space curled up into a fetal position through a window of glass. He was a pale-skinned boy of 18 with bags under his eyes and messed-up white-purple hair. He wore a purple mirror dancing suit with a few broken mirrors and a pair of silver pointed shoes. The guards recognized what species he is right away. "It's a human." Sarai said. "He must be brought to the king immediately. The poor boy needs help recovering." "Agreed." Said Guiana. They broke the glass to take the boy out of the giant "P" and lifted him by his arms and legs to take him to the king.

Above the rocks, there is a city that looks like any American city from the 21st century, but it lacked cars, roller skates, skateboards, scooters, bikes, tricycles, or anything that needed feet for power. Why? Because they don't have feet, but instead have fish tails. Their transportation consist of platforms, Segway-like vehicles, hoverboards that attach to the tail, jet-ski styled vehicles, footless cars or buses, "swimming", trams, monorails, aerial tramways and the old-fashioned carriage powered by giant sea horses. What stands out from the "city" is a castle, like those you see in fairytales, up on a very high hill. The two guards and the boy they carried took the tramway to the castle. This castle has all the modern conveniences like a mansion, but it still had a moat, a ball room, and a throne room. Sarai and Guiana took the foyer to the throne room.

The guards have reached the throne room, where a king with white hair in a ponytail, a beard, a blue short-sleeved jumpsuit with 5 rings down his tail and a gold crown was sitting. "King Trizone!" Guiana said. "We have found a human being that needs care!" "A human?" said King Trizone. "Yes, a human. He was inside a giant 'P' that fell from the sky. He looked he hasn't had water or food for a week, so we decide to take him to you so you have the nurses take care of him until he gets better." "We know how to take care of a human," King Trizone said "but in a society like ours, it may be tricky."