Purge groaned and rubbed his head. "Where am I?" he asked to himself. He didn't bother to open his eyes as he felt himself and his current environment. He felt soft cotton on his body instead of glass mirrors, along with a familiar-feeling "bed" shape. Then he felt his skin, including a long, plastic tube shape piercing his skin. He opened his eyes to see a cream-colored ceiling with rectangle lights.

Purge was in a room unfamiliar to him. He turned his to the sides to look at the room. In one side of the bed was a wooden bedside table with an oddly shaped-flower, a window with yellow polka-dot curtains and a sofa with a modern-art table in front of it. One the other side was two doors, one that lead to the bathroom and one that lead to a hallway. The walls were an olive green color and decorated with pictures of the ocean.

A mermaid nurse came in from one of the doors. "Hello there," Said the mermaid nurse, who had a slightly-French accent. "I am Nurse Genevine, and I will assist you on your path to recovery. What is your name?" "Ugh, it's Purge," said the albino boy or man. "Where am I? What happened? How long was I out? Where are your legs?" "Oh my. You must be confused about what happened yesterday." Genevine then pressed a bottom to make the bed rise to 45 degrees. Purge could finally see the rest of the room. In front of him was a hi-def TV and a table filled with medications, and when he looked down at himself, he was wearing a light blue hospital gown with lighter blue swirls and an IV attached to his left hand.

"You see, two guards who came into the hospital told us you fell out of the sky in a giant 'P'. They gave us this picture as evidence and even showed us the real thing." Genevine pulled out a folded-up piece of paper and unfolded it to reveal a picture of the "P" mentioned earlier. "I remember that! I NEARLY DIED IN THERE!" Purge yelled.

"And you would have died had the guards not come and save you. You were unconscious from the moment the guards first found you up until this very moment."

"I fell asleep so I wouldn't have to face death while I'm awake." Purge started to cry when he said that sentence.

"As at for that last question, I am a space mermaid. We've all grown up without legs, but thanks to science and technology, we can go on the land without having to grow legs or deal with having legs. We are also able to go into outer space without the aid of a spacesuit. We descended from the mermaids that first landed here 300 years ago."

Purge cried softly as he said "Thank you for saving me from my demise when no one else did." "Is something wrong?" said Genevine. Purge tried to refrain from crying and replied with "Nothing." "Aww, don't worry. After a few days in the hospital, you will be able to go outside. I'll get someone to take you on a tour of the city and you'll feel better." "Okay." "Good Night, Purge." Genevine said as she turned out the lights in Purge's room.

Purge was unable to tell anyone that was not a robot about his past, even in a book.

"Hello, Space Cats." Ulala said. "Today, the chase is on to follow the orange light. Where it leads to, nobody knows." Ulala had changed out of her red dress into her usual outfit. She can't get a good dress dirty now, can she? "I'm activating the speed boost on the Astrobeat to catch up to the light." "Okay, Ulala, just as long as you're sure what'ya doing." Said Fuse over the headphones. "Roger." Ulala did as she said and soon enough was neck-and-neck with the streak of light. Ulala pulled out a pair of pink cat's eye glasses, altered by Noize to scan the info and details of everything, and put it on. The glasses read:

"What?" said Ulala "But that one person could be-"
CRASH! went the ship into the unknown island.