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Yami Yugi stood up, his eyes burning with outrage and anger. "You will pay for what you've done!" he declared to the sorcerer. "You have destroyed a young, pure, innocent life, and for that I will show you no mercy!"

"Don't be ridiculous. You cannot attack me," the sorcerer sneered. "Your powers are of no use against me."

"Our combined power will defeat you," Yami Yugi replied, linking hands with the others.

"Concentrate hard, everyone," Tea directed. "We'll do this for Yugi!"

Everyone nodded. "For Yugi!" they echoed.

With a cry of anger, the sorcerer raised his staff and shot a bolt of electricity out at them. To his horror, it reflected off an invisible shield they had created and came right back at him, striking him and bringing him to his knees. He screamed as his evil powers were drained from him. He made a last feeble attempt to use his black magic on them, but everyone shot their hands out and banished him into the Shadow Realm. He disappeared with a shriek of torment.

Yami Yugi looked at the five teens and the young boy around him. "He's gone," he stated. "We did it."

"Yugi would be proud," Tea said softly.

"I am," a weak voice replied.

Everyone gasped and whirled around. Yugi was sitting up, watching them with a smile. "I knew you could do it, guys," he declared.

In an instant, Yugi was surrounded by his friends. "Yugi!" Tea exclaimed, rushing forward to hug him. "We were so worried! We thought you were . . ."

"I know," Yugi said softly. "I thought I was a goner, too."

"The guy meant to kill you, man," Joey said, shaking his head in disbelief. "I don't know how you managed to keep on tickin', but I'm sure glad you did!"

Yugi smiled and nodded.

"We are not defeated yet!" an angry voice said from behind them, and the group of eight whirled around to find themselves looking at another vampyre. "You still have all of us to deal with. We will not relinquish control of the world easily!"

"Oh yeah? Well, we'll just see about that!" Joey yelled, preparing to punch the creature.

"You are all disgraces to the vampyre world," a familiar voice said angrily, and one of the many dark-robed creatures removed her hood.

"Madame Fiona!" Joey gasped.

"That is correct, Joseph," the psychic woman smiled. "And my associate, Bob, has brought reinforcements."

Suddenly many lights came on, revealing countless numbers of vampyres lining the walls.

"You are all very brave," Madame Fiona said to Yugi and the others. "And together, we will defeat this evil!"

"Not as long as there is still one of us standing!" the cult member returned forcefully. "We shall be victorious!"

What followed next was an intense battle of good and evil as vampyres and mortals fought both against and alongside each other. Bodies flew overhead and into the deep crevices in the cave with screams of terror.

Joey exchanged punches with one vicious female vampyre and was suddenly thrown dangerously close to the edge by another one that had snuck up behind him. "Yaaaaaa!!" he screamed in terror, certain that he would plunge to a painful death. Abruptly a hand shot out and caught him, pulling him away from the precipice. "Oh, wow, man, thanks a mil," Joey exclaimed, turning to look at his rescuer. It was Seto Kaiba. He gave Joey a silent, stony look and then turned and disappeared back into the mass of warring vampyres and humans. Joey took a minute to catch his breath, and then he too went back into battle.

"Yugi!" Tea was yelling. "How are we going to defeat these creatures?"

Yugi, who had once again merged with his Yami, turned to look at her. "I'm not sure, Tea," he admitted. "If we use the traditional means of defeating vampyres, we might also destroy the good ones that have been helping us."

"We could try stakes!" Bakura suggested, arm-wrestling with another vampyre and loosing badly. A flash of light blinded the creature as Yami Bakura suddenly appeared, taking control of Bakura and twisting the vampyre's arm around painfully.

"Too messy!" Tristan yelled, dodging another vampyre and sending him flying over the edge.

"Then what can we do?" Tea demanded.

"This!" Yami Bakura screamed, holding up a card from his deck. "The Morphing Jar will send them all to the Shadow Realm!"

"No, wait!!" Yugi yelled, tackling the ancient thief and bringing him to the ground.

"That was close," Tea said with a sigh of relief. "We might have all been sent to the Shadow Realm along with them!"

Joey was getting fed up. "Okay, vampyres, eat sunlight!!" He turned his flashlight on full blast and the bad vampyres cringed, screaming in despair.

Yugi looked up. "Good idea, Joey!" he congratulated. "Everyone, turn on your flashlights!" he directed. He turned to look at Madame Fiona, who smiled and nodded.

"I will cast a spell to protect myself and the other good vampyres," she told him.

Before long, the teenagers' combined light was blinding the evil vampyres and causing them to vanish into nothingness. Soon there was only the self-appointed leader left. Her eyes glowed with fire. "You will not get rid of me that easily! This one here—" she indicated Madame Fiona "—may be a good spellcaster, but I am just as good . . . and more deadly! My mastery of black magic has protected me!"

"Oh man," Joey groaned. "Now that one I wasn't expecting!"

"Hmm," Yugi said thoughtfully, "so when the chips are down, I see that you are looking out only for yourself and leaving all your comrades to perish."

The dark vampyre shrugged. "I can always find new followers. There are many who feel as I do!"

Yugi looked at her stonily. "Your black magic may have protected you from our sunlight attack, but I don't think it will protect you from this. Be gone!" he yelled, shooting out his right hand in emphasis. The vampyre screamed and vanished, reappearing in the Shadow Realm.

"Whoa, Yugi, that was great, man!" Joey exclaimed, high-fiving him.

"You were wonderful, Yugi," Tea beamed.

Yugi, feeling his Yami disappear back into the Millennium Puzzle, blushed. He looked up at Madame Fiona. "Is it really over?" he asked. "Are they really all gone?"

The psychic vampyre sorcerer smiled. "It is really over," she agreed. "Thanks to all of you, the world is safe. And even Mr. Graves will be alright. I'm sure he will be very happy to hear that the mystery has been solved." She looked at Joey and Seto. "And you two are both still alive. For the first time, I am relieved that one of my predictions was incorrect."

"Boy, me too, Madame Fiona," Joey said with a nod. "But your prediction came dangerously close to actually bein' fulfilled yesterday."

Madame Fiona held up a hand to silence him. "I know all about the explosion, Joseph. You were both extremely blessed to have survived."

Joey grinned and suddenly threw an arm around Seto's shoulder, startling him. "What did I tell you guys? We're indestructible!"

"Joeeeey!!" everyone scolded.

Joey shrugged. "What, what? I was just kidding."
It was nearly morning by the time they all made it back to Domino City.

"Man, that was some adventure," Joey declared. "Now that it's over, I just wanna sit back and relax!"

Yugi smiled and nodded. "Me too, Joey. Fighting all those Halloween monsters really takes it out of you!"

"I'm glad that we're all alright," Bakura said softly. "Things could have ended tragically several times on this case."

"That's right," Tea agreed. "I think we should stop solving mysteries, at least for a while."

"That's fine with me," Tristan remarked.

"And with me, too," Mokuba added, hugging Seto.

At that moment, a terrified man came running up to them, his eyes wide. "Did you see it? Did you see it??"

"Calm down, sir," Tea said. "See what?"

"That . . . that . . . that thing up in the sky!" the man shrieked, gesturing wildly.

"What thing?" Seto asked, raising an eyebrow.

"The flying saucer!" the man screamed.

"Flyin' saucer?" Joey repeated.

"Flying saucer?!" Yugi exclaimed. "Where was it?"

"It flew right over my house and landed down in a field," the man replied. "But when I got there to have a closer look, it was already flying away!"

Yugi paused, looking thoughtful.

"Oh man, Yug, are you thinkin' what I think you're thinkin'?" Joey asked.

Yugi nodded. "That's right, Joey. I think we've already got another mystery on our hands."

Joey slapped his forehead. "Oh man, I was afraid of that."

"Here we go again," Tea sighed.

Yugi smiled. "It's alright, guys. I'm sure this mystery won't be nearly as dangerous as the one we just solved."

"Maybe not," Tristan said slowly, "but I do know one thing."

"What's that, Tristan?" Bakura asked curiously.

Tristan grinned mischievously. "It's going to be out of this world!"