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- Elemental Countries - Place


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- New World: Thriller Bark -

Trafalgar Law sat on a plain looking beach, half asleep and half awake, with the moon glowing in the sky. Still, the beach he was on was far from ordinary. The beach was a part of the super ship Thriller Bark, which belonged to the former Warlord Gekko Moria. The ship was currently anchored in the middle of the Calm Belt, which would traditionally be suicidal. In this particular case it wasn't, for two reasons. The first reason, and probably the main one, was the ship's guardians. The ship was protected by the two Kraken and Nola, the giant snake from sky island. The Kraken Brothers, as those on Thriller Bark called them, decided to guard the ship to show their gratitude towards Luffy for his help during the whole Fishman Island fiasco.

Nola, on the other hand, had nowhere else to go. About a year pervious, she had fallen from Skypea ad managed to survive. After discovering that she could swim, and quite well at that, she made her way to the Calm Belt where she was later found by Law himself. The three monsters now acted as the guards for Thriller Bark and they ate any Sea King foolish enough to come near. The second deterrent was Moria's Shadow Haze. It was a technique he had recently developed. It allowed him to create a mist similar to what would be encountered in the Florian Triangle. The notable difference is that inside the mist the moon and stars could be seen clearly, even at noon.

If you entered the center of the mist and looked up you would see the night sky, no matter what time it actually was. Thriller Bark had become a land of eternal night, and that suited Moria just fine. The mist didn't actually extend under the sea, but the feeling it exuded was enough to ward away most Sea Kings.

The silence of the pseudo-night was broken by the call of a bird. Law stirred and sat up. Looking into the sky he saw a News Coo coming towards him. For some reason the birds didn't seem to be affected by the mist and continued to deliver news to Thriller Bark. It was the only place in the Calm Belt that they would come to deliver news. No one quite understood exactly why this was, but no one really cared either. Most were just happy that they could still get news while they were visiting.

The New Coo delivered the paper, then flew off after Law paid for it.

'I wonder if there's anything of interest? Maybe the True Power Alliance has made a move,' Law thought, looking down at the newspaper. Here is what he saw.

Dead Zone Conquered

The Dead Zone in South Blue is a patch of ocean that exhibits Grand Line like conditions. Thus far there has been no explanation for this strange phenomenon. The Dead Zone is like a little chunk of the Grand Line transplanted into South Blue. Needless to say, no one who has ever strayed within the borders of the Dead Zone has ever come back alive, until now that is. An expedition lead by the adventurer Nakara has recently returned form a successful voyage into the Dead Zone. A former marine, Nakara was used to and able to deal with the Grand Line conditions. He repots that he found an island of massive size at the center of the Dead Zone. According to him, the natives call the place the Elemental Nations. They are a group of divide militaristic countries, each possessing their own armies and 'shinobi' forces.

'Shinobi' appears to be the name for the highest level fighters. They use an ability called chakra to unlock devil fruit like abilities, but they appear to be weaker than the average devil fruit user. Now that the twenty some new countries have been discovered, the World Government will begin negotiations with them. Read the full article on page 6

Law's mind was racing. Jumping up he used his devil fruit to create a room and promptly teleported.

- Thriller Bark: Mast Mansion -

Inside the Mast Mansion Perona was relaxing on the third floor. The Mast Mansion was the most important thing on Thriller Bark, and each level served a different purpose. The first level was mainly for presentations. The second floor was the communications and Intel center, while the third level acted as a lounge. All of the levels above the third were restricted, meaning that you had to be a high enough rank to ever. The higher the level the higher the rank required.

Perona was relaxing with Bearsy in the lounge when Trafalgar suddenly appeared. Perona screamed and the recliner she was sitting in tipped over.

"Law! Don't do that!" she screamed, standing up.

"Yeah, sorry. Perona-ya, send out hollow messenger to all of our forces. Tell all officers to report here as soon as possibl, this is important," Law said, completely brushing Perona off.

"All?" Perona asked, eyes wide. "Are we going to start a major operation? You can't do that unless Luffy agrees, you know."

Law cursed. 'Damn, I forgot. Well, no matter, I'm certain he'll go along with this. He's the type of person who can't sit by and watch something like his happen.'

"You're correct," Law said, "I'll be handling Luffy, you just send the message." After he finished his sentence he promptly disappeared. Perona huffed, 'He was so rude! I wouldn't send the message but then Moria-sama would be angry at me.' Perona sighed, having Moria angry at her just wouldn't do.

"Negative Hollow," she said, creating several dozen of her hollows. "Okay, you need to deliver this message to all of our allies. 'All forces need to report back to Thriller Bark ASAP. No excuses, no buts.' Now get going." With that the hollow flew off, scattering in all direction.

- Amazon Lilly -

Luffy and the crew were having a blast. It was the first time Luffy had brought his crew to Amazon Lilly, and he was having about as much fun as physically possible. Not quite as much fun as Sanji was having, but close. When the island had come into sight Sanji had jumped overboard and swam to super sonic speeds towards. A sea king tried to eat him, but wound up getting a kick to the head that sent it down to the depths.

Aboard the Thousand Sunny Zoro was muttering about the "Stupid Ero-Cook." When they had docked Sanji was nowhere to be found. They eventually located him in the kitchen of the palace cooking for the Kuja Pirates. Apparently they had figure out that he couldn't refuse a woman and intended to take full advantage of it.

The crew was partying with the Kujas like there was no tomorrow. Luffy was refusing proposals for Hancock left and right, Zoro had already downed his second barrel of Sake, and Sanji was having the time of his life on the Island Of Women. Nami and Robin were grateful for some girls to talk to, Franky was enjoying the food, Brook was asking to see the panties of every person he encountered, and Ussop and Chopper were just glad to be on an island where nothing was trying to kill them.

The party was in full swing when a ghost drifted through the wall. No one noticed it for a moment, but when they did, the room went silent. The ghost drifted over to Nico Robin and floated in front of her. Realizing what the hollow wanted, Robin removed the Decoder from her pocket and set it down on the table in front of her. The Decoder was an amazing device that had been created by Franky to allow hollows to carry messages. The major advantage it had over Den Den Mushi's is that the signal could not be intercepted because there was no signal. Once the Decoder was on the table the hollow flew into it and the message was relayed.

"'All forces need to report back to Thriller Bark ASAP. No excuses, no buts."

- Elemental Countries: Suna -

Gaara stared up at the half full moon. 'Why?' he wondered, 'Why won't they accept me?'

'Maybe because of all the people you killed,' Shukaku responded scathingly.

'I've changed, ever since I fought Naruto two years ago, I've been different,' Gaara thought back.

'Face facts, gaki. You've killed civilians, innocents. You'll never be accepted.'

'That doesn't mean I can't try.'

'Suit yourself, but you're wasting you time. If you really want to play that game, go on more missions. That way we can kill people and get away with it.'

Gaara sighed. Shukaku was right, he would never be accepted, there was too much blood on his hands. 'Still, I wish to protect that which is precious to me. With or without the acceptance of the village, I shall protect it. I shall not allow my home to be destroyed.'

Gaara looked back up at the moon and a chill went down his spine. Something bad was coming, he didn't know what, but he could tell. The world seemed to scream for him to run, but after a moment the feeling passed.

"Something's coming, something big. I'm sure of it," Gaara muttered.

(A/N: Ok, so the first chapter is done. Now I should warn you, this fic is going to be very untraditional. This fic will contain Naruto, but he will be cannon Naruto. People from One Piece will be making comments about him that may be considered Naruto bashing, but they won't say anything that isn't true. As you can tell, this fic is set two years after Naruto started his training trip. As for One Piece, this fic takes about a year after the events of Dressrosa. If you have any questions, feel free to PM me.)