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The cotton sheets resting over her nude frame were soft, a gentle caress across her skin. The Order Headquarters was silent for once, or perhaps everyone finally got into the habit of using the much needed silencing charms. Either way, Hermione was not complaining. Such silence, after 6 months spent in a crowded Romanian hospital while studying potions and poisons for the purposes of Order, would surely make anyone grateful. The only sound she could hear now was her own breathing and the soft panting of her four-legged companion that shared her bed protectively.

The grey wolf suddenly lifted her head and looked at her human questioningly. Hermione but smiled and rubbed her soft ears. "I am well my Vera, you should rest. I promise to do so as well. We have a long day ahead of us tomorrow." she whispered and smiled as the wolf's warm tongue lapped at her knuckles appreciatively. Hermione would never forget the day she had gained her new soul-familiar. It had only been about a year ago, a few short days after Ronald had left them in a huff in the Forest of Dean to go back to his family...

They had been searching the woods and even hunting to replenish their supplies of meat. She was getting sick of the rich red meats already, but as it was one of their main protein income and readily available in the forests full of game, she did not complain. Harry was making his way by her side cautiously, wand raised at all times in protection of them both, when they suddenly heard the whimpers.

Their steps halted and they merely listened for a few moments before turning east, certain that was the direction of the the whimpers' source. And indeed, underneath a fallen tree they found a nest of wolf cubs, three already dead, but two still living, obviously shivering in cold and hunger.

"We can't possibly leave them here, Harry." she said, craddling one of the beautiful furballs into her chest.

Harry picked up the other one by the loose skin at the back of the neck and looked into the bright amber eyes. "They will need food. We barely have enough meat as it is, Mia. I don't think it's a good idea." but he saw her look at him pleadingly and knew he would not be able to deprive her of her wishes. She smiled triumphantly at seeing the silent surrender in his eyes, and they made their way back into the tent.

"We should name them, you know. We can't walk around calling them 'wolfie' or something of the sort." she grinned,another reason for her to be a bit more content even though it was cold and the war was looming over their heads like the sword of Damocles.

Harry nodded and looked at the dark, almost black cub in his arms. "Well, this one looks like a boy. What about yours?" he inquired after they entered their tent and set about making the fire a bit warmer.

Hermione sat down upon her bed and cuddled into the boy's side as they dried the wolves with towels. "I think it's a she. Fitting that we should pick up one of our own." she smiled and nuzzled the wolf cub that licked her nose curiously.

Harry smiled at the lovely display and rubbed the cub's ears. "I will call mine Sasha." he said after a moment's thought.

Hermione looked at him curiously. "Isn't Sasha a girl's name though?" she asked. The Savior however seemed quite reluctant to speak of his reasons, so she prompted by nudging his side gently. "Come now brother, we don't have secrets. We never had them before, don't start now please." she encouraged.

Harry looked into her whiskey eyes and surrendered to their power. "Sasha is a familial way to call Alexander, in the East. You were my first ever real friend. But my first and only muggle friend was Alex, an immigrant from Russia. That was when I first went to school. But even before Dudley had a chance to ruin that for me, his family was forced to go back home. So in his memory, I will call my wolf Sasha." he said with resolution.

Hermione smiled and pecked his cheek affectionately. "Thanks for sharing. And I think he will suit Sasha very well, even when he grows up." she smiled.

Harry shifted slightly, allowing Hermione to lean into him further. "What about your little girl there?"

Hermione thought a moment, looking into the bright eyes of her beautiful wolf girl. "I would call her Vera, short for Veritas. She was the Roman goddess of Truth." she smiled, nuzzling the cub once more. "I think animals are the most honest in their needs and instincts, much more than humans will ever be." she added more softly, her heart obviously still hurting. Ron had abandoned them once again, and she had no more tears left to cry for the loss of trust in him. It was no wonder she had gotten more comfortable with only Harry around...

Now, a year later, the cubs were no more and in their place were their soul-familiars and fierce protectors. Hermione would have most likely gone crazy in Romania, was it not for the company of her beloved she-wolf. The war was still raging on, as the battle of Hogwarts had only brought minor loss before Voldemort decided they have done enough damage to the old school building. The thought made Hermione slightly melancholic, as this was her second year of missing school and she longed for her trusted paged friends from the library, and the thrill of learning something other than how to kill. Which was why she had accepted the mission from the Order, and left for Romania. At least this way, she will be useful. And perhaps one day, they may yet feel at least somewhat secure.

Five gentle knocks on the door roused her from thought and made her smiled unconsciously. There was only one person who knocked that way. She flicked her wand and the door unlocked in a silent invitation as she pulled the covers at least up over her chest. It was no use of course as Harry knew her better than any other man ever had, but there were boundaries to their relationship always and they would keep them there, satisfied with freely showing the simple affection more befitting them.

Harry came through, holding the door open for Sasha who instantly padded over to the bed and nudged Vera with his snout. Hermione sat up, her wild curls bouncing around her shoulders as she held the covers to her chest while reaching a hand towards the dark wolf with a smile. "Hello Sasha, Vera here has missed you very much. Would you take her off the bed and rest in front of the fire for the eve?" she asked kindly.

The wolf nuzzled her open palm before nudging Vera once more, and they settled together in front of the fire. Two cubs from the same litter, a brother and sister for all intents and purposes. Yet they loved in a way that would be scandalous, were they humans and not wolves. The thought made her think about Harry and herself, two orphans but still somewhat a family. And yet... Hermione looked up at the messy haired man, smiling at his slightly dishevelled state and light stubble upon cheeks. He was only wearing a pair of sleeping pants, his vivid green eyes no longer hidden behind the heavy frames of glasses. A gift she had sent him from Romania, to correct his vision for all times, saw to that.

And now he was watching, unashamed, as the light of fire flickered across her pale skin, highlighting the freckles on her left shoulder. He had not seen Hermione for half a year, and much has happened and changed in that time. For them, for the Order, for the war and for Britain. But still he could not turn away from her beauty, or prevent the warmth that spread through his chest at the sight of her soft skin and loving smile.

She patted the space on the bed beside her and waited for the man to come closer. He however remained standing where he was, simply looking at her a moment longer before averting gaze. "I'm sorry, I should go. I forgot you have a habit of sleeping naked." he said softly, the deep conflicted voice pure ambrosia to her soul.

Hermione just chuckled and reached her arm towards him. "Don't be silly, brother. It's not like it truly matters. Come, I would have you hold me tonight. It has been too long since I've felt safe, in your presence." she replied and let out a relieved sigh as Harry finally stepped closer to the bed and let her guide him to lie down.

She curled into his chest, her hand rubbing his almost smooth chest over the breastbone that held the heart most precious to her. Harry raised the covers higher above her tailbone and pulled her closer, letting the wild curls tickle his skin and his nose. How he had missed the feeling of his Mia in his arms. The one he considered his sister, yet could not help be affectionate with in a way that was unlike siblings.

"You still call me brother..." he remarked softly, his fingers carding through her hair affectionately.

Hermione smiled, her lips stretching against the skin they were pressed to. "I may not be born your sister, but I feel myself to be. What do you call someone you love unconditinally? Someone you know too well to really be lovers with and marry? Someone you have grown up with?" she asked, not too worried about labels, but knew it was necessary at this time.

"I would call you my Mia, love, and my sister, as I always have. What happened in the Forest of Dean-"

"Will not happen again. I know that, and you know that. But don't ask me to be shy around you or relinquish my affection." she replied with resolution. "You are the only one I have, the only one I really trust and feel safe with. You may be married now, but for me, nothing has changed..." she finished much more softly, worried that for Harry it was different.

The lean yet muscled arms tightened around her protectively and she felt soft kisses covering her forehead and temple. "Nothing has changed for me. And nothing ever will. Draco understands that, and he has even agreed to an idea of mine. Would you hear it, my love?" he asked, rubbing her arm gently.

Hermione was a little unsure of what the blond had to say in regards with her. She didn't even have time to properly get to know Draco after the summer wedding, but maybe they will be able to correct first impressions and become friends. "Tell me then." she agreed softly.

Harry paused a moment to press another reassuring kiss to her forehead. "I've promised you that one day you will really be my sister. And I want to make that promise come true. Draco has agreed to make you not only mine, but our sister. You would become a Potter-Malfoy, not only Potter as I planned." he revealed his intent.

Hermione sat up abruptly in shock, forgetting to even cover her chest in the surprise. Harry's eyes slid down her slender form, appreciating the once more filled-in curves, so different from the slim planes of his husband's body. While he had no clear preference, no other woman had ever attracted him yet Hermione appeared a goddess in his eyes.

"You want me both as a sister? The heiress to Potter AND Malfoy line? You know what that would mean, right? If I were to marry.."

"You would continue both lines with your child, or children. Where Draco and I can't because of his lycanthropy. And while I care less whether I am able to have children or not, I want a family. This way, there would be three of us. If you married and had children, both the Malfoy and Potter lines will be preserved through you, and our family would grow." he finished the thought for her with a smile.

Having the childhood he had, Harry always wanted to have a family that he could love and look after. And while Hermione may have had a loving childhood, it was very lonely because of being an onlychild, and her love for books. She never had any friends until Harry and Ronald.

The brunette laid back down, pressing her supple, peaked breasts into her brother's chest. Neither was concerned for how it may appear, only how it felt. So natural, as if they were meant to lie like this at all times. "It is three orphans now, yet we are family. Does Draco really want me to be his sister, or is he just doing it for you? Last I remember it was a bit...difficult to get used to your situation." she inquired, her slender fingers drawing abstract patters around Harry's small brown nipple.

She remembered well the small and simple summer wedding. Draco was bitten during the battle of Hogwarts, by Greyback who had apparently harboured some sort of animalistic desire for the young blond. Unfortunately, he had succeeded and brought shame to the Malfoy family by pureblood standards, as Draco's blood was now tinted. Apparently, according to a very old pureblood law, Malfoys offered their disgraced heir up for the grabs, to be married off and no longer shame their family while the parents were alive and still able to procreate. Of course, it was a bit of a bidding war against Greyback but it was Harry who left victorious, with Draco to become his bonded. An act of kindness for someone who may not have been kind to them, but did not deserve such a fate, became something else. From the many letters Harry had sent her while she was away, Draco was beginning to overcome his resentment towards Harry for basically buying him like a common prostitute, and having natural inclinations towards his own sex was of course helping in the matter. They were a beautiful couple when one looked at them, but they still had much to resolve. Especially with regards to personal space and intimacy.

The lips resting against her temple stretched into a small smile. "I suspect he is doing it for me. Or he's holding some sort of martyr idea that he used to be mean to you, and now that he is himself no longer a pureblood, he can try to blend in by agreeing to this adoption. I would like to give him the benefit of the doubt but in this world of politics, it's getting harder each day to not let the slytherins rub off on you." he chuckled.

"He is a Malfoy, I doubt we will see him supress something he was conditioned into. Maybe it will help if Snape actually manages to find the cure, as I hear he has been trying. That would leave Draco still your husband, but will a chance at healing. I will give him a chance if he wants to be friends. All I want from him is to treat you well. Did it get any better since the last time you wrote me?" Hermione inquired, placing her cheek down over the man's heart and listening to the strong, steady beat.

Harry sighed softly. "He is admittedly beautiful, and we have chemistry. Remus keeps joking about our fighting in school only being uresolved sexual tension. If that was unresolved tension, I think we might be reaching a new point. Maybe a breaking one. We sleep on different sides of the bed, he won't allow me into the bathroom while he's frustrating, I'm not gonna lie." he said softly, feeling at least a little pacified by the soft kisses Hermione pressed to his chest. To hold her again in his arms brought him so much peace, unlike anything he had felt the past six months.

"Maybe I can help. Let me get to know him. You never know, maybe he is just ashamed to strip before you. Greyback must have left some scars I imagine. And even if he did not, not all scars can be seen. We know that quite well, don't we brother?" she asked softly.

Harry only nodded silently and let his fingers follow the curve of her spine, down and then back up again, never straying beneath the fabric still precariously thrown over the brunette's lower back. They remained in the silent embrace, relishing in their closeness, warmth and comfort that had been missing from both their lives for the past half a year. So much has changed in their lives, but they remained each other's constant. The one who always stayed in the other's life, ever since they were 11. As friends, as siblings, and for a few days in the Forest of Dean even as a man and a woman. But it seemed they were destined to be siblings, now more so than ever. And they would have all they could of each other under the circumstances allowed for them.

"I should go. If I fall asleep here, it could cause an issue." Harry said softly, not sure whether she was still awake.

Hermione nuzzled his breastbone before rolling off, letting him move from the bed. "Wish me goodnight, brother?" she asked, her large whiskey eyes full of hope for being sent off into dreams by the one who made her feel safe above anyone else.

It was moments like these that Harry realised just how much vulnerable Hermione was, but only with him. Never with anyone else who would understand. It was one of the reasons why he loved her unconditionally. With each other they just were, as natural as they should be. He bent down and covered her chest, tucking her in a little teasingly, before pressing a gentle kiss to her lips. "Sleep well my love." he smiled and straightened again, turning towards the wolves. "Sasha, we're leaving. Say goodnight to Vera and let her guard her mistress."

Sasha growled a little but Vera soothed the the dark wolf with a lick to his snout and a nuzzle to his chin. They were inseparable if possible, and missed the times when their master and mistress shared a bed, and so could they. With one last nuzzle, Vera left Sasha's side and curled at Hermione's feet on the bed.

"Don't worry, you'll see each other tomorrow. I promise." Harry smiled kindly and with one last look at his unofficial sister, turned and left the warm room.

Hermione rubbed Vera's soft ears a moment longer, suddenly feeling bereft of her safety after Harry left, but knew he would be just across the hall. Never far from her, as they would both have it. With such a comforting thought on her mind, she finally allowed herself some sleep.

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