Ch.1 Mating Ceremony Redux

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Uzumaki Naruto was walking away from his teams' training if you could call it that. All the Hatake Kakashi did was teach Uchiha Sasuke new jutsu or give Haruno Sakura a scroll to read. But him, all his sensei did was tell him to work on his chakra control. Half way through the forest a strange smell filled his nose. He always had a descent sense of smell which he later found out was due to housing the Kyuubi. He had managed to memorize every scent in the village. He was most familiar with Sake and Ramen due to the fact that they were the two things he had the most contact things with. This scent however smelt like a mixture of pine trees and dogs and something that seemed to draw him to it. But! There was some other pheromone that seemed to draw him towards the source.

Naruto followed the smell to a clearing a couple of meters away and caught the sight of a girl about who was about eighteen training with a trio of ninja hounds. She had long brown hair pulled back into a ponytail and was wearing a Chunin vest over her gray long-sleeved shirt. Naruto caught a glimpse at her face and saw the red Inuzaka tattoos on her cheeks like one of the few people he considered a friend, Inuzaka Kiba. He watched for what seemed like hours until the girl stopped and spoke.

"C'mon out whoever you are." her sickly sweet voice spoke.

Naruto jumped before walking into the clearing.

The girl who yet to be identified, stared at Naruto, while raising a single eye asked him. "Why are you spying on me?"

"Hey I wasn't spying on you," Naruto defended himself, this of course was true he wasn't spying but just observing "I was walking home from training and I smelt pine trees and dogs so I came to see what it was."

"I smell like pine trees?" she asked.

"It's more like a mix of pine trees and dog actually," Naruto said squinting his eyes in concentration making the girl unable to stop herself from thinking how cute he was like that, "There's something else coming from ya but I can't really describe it, all I can tell is its primal and its seeming to dominate the pine tree and dog smell." Naruto pondered on what the other scent could be, before the girl in front of him spoke up.

"Great!" the girl groaned, "A Genin tracked me down while I'm in heat."

"Huh?" Naruto asked.

"You were in my brother's class right?" She asked, "So you should have a clue on what clan I'm from."

"Wait a second lady!" Naruto yelled, "Your Kiba's sister?" She nodded at his question, "Whoa! Your cuter then he said you were he said you looked like the back side of a St. Barnard or something."

'Note to self, Kill Kiba, End note.' the girl thought, "I'm Inuzaka Hana, and that scent you followed was a pheromone every female Inuzaka gives off when we go into our monthly heat."

"Huh?" Naruto asked confused.

"Didn't they teach you about the human body in the Academy?" Hana asked.

"I got thrown out of the class for asking a question." Naruto said.

Hana growled at the thought of the academy teachers throwing a student out of a class for asking a question that might have made him better at something. Then she realized who this young boy in front of her was, all the while still growling, and this making Naruto flinch back before she stopped.

"Your Uzumaki Naruto aren't you?" she asked when he nodded she continued, "Kiba said you weren't that bright and I can see why now, well enough talk time to get down to business."

"Huh?" Naruto asked again.

"Inuzaka tradition says that if any male that finds us while in heat we have to battle, if we win then nothing really changes for us but if we lose then YOU become mymate." She added the extra emphasize of the "you" to help him out.

"MATE!" Naruto shouted.

"Basically my husband, partner, lover, friend any title fitting to a romantic relationship really." Hana explained.

"But I don't even know you, and I love Sakura-chan." Naruto said. Naruto was scared to say the least about losing his love for Sakura, but at the same time the thought did cross his mind. While that thought pegged his mind another one seems to cross it 'she does seem like a nice girl maybe I should hear her out.'

"You mean that loud mouth fangirl with the big forehead my brother told me about?" Hana asked.

Naruto nodded and Hana groaned causing Naruto to give her a confused look.

"Some advice Naruto," Hana said "give up on her, she's a fangirl an' they're basically leeches to the strong shinobi of the village."

Naruto ignored her pegged with his current thoughts, he got down in to the rough academy style fighting that he knew.

"So we have to fight right!" Naruto asked, "Any rules I should know about?"

While smirking at him "Very good asking a clan member about a clan tradition, there's hope for you yet," Hana commented, "There's only three rules, 1) No killing, 2) No outside interference, which means the triplets" she pointed to her three ninja hounds who were all sitting staring at them during this whole thing, "won't be fighting with me, and 3) No surrendering, the fight goes 'til one of us gets a clean hit on the other."

"So if I hit you I win right?" Naruto asked.

All Hana did to this was nod in response.

"Alright then," Naruto said, "I always try in a fight so I won't hold back on ya, but I also won't try to actually win." inside his head though his thoughts were a bit different. 'Maybe, maybe I should try.'

"Of course Kit, you better try! I don't want my host to be bested by a mutt" the Kyuubi said with a low growl from inside his cage. "But I don't wanna give up on Sakura-Chan, I love her!" Naruto argued back to the 9 tailed monster, "Kit listen to me and listen to me well, give up in her the mutt in front of you is right fangirls are nothing but leeches to any kind of decent shinobi, trust me your father thought the same way about them." Naruto took a minute to process this when suddenly he jumped "YOU KNOW MY DAD!?" He yelled in his head, but the only response that he got was "Not today kit, not today."

When Naruto finally finished with Kyuubi, he heard Hana.

"I understand Naruto," Hana said, then yelled "Shikyaku no Jutsu!"

Hana dropped down onto her hands and feet as her nails grew longer and harder and her canines grew longer as well into more fang shaped teeth.

"Let's go!" Naruto shouted rushing in and the two started trading blows.

Hana was impressed that Naruto managed to dodge all her blows by the skin of his teeth of course but still. Taking a swipe at him Naruto jumped back and put his hands into together crossing his pointer and middle fingers in front of him.

"Kage Bushin no Jutsu!" He shouted making ten solid clones of himself.

'He knows an S-rank kenjutsu at is age?' Hana asked herself avoiding the ten Narutos attacks and jumping into the air.

"Tsuga!" Hana shouted spinning rapidly towards the ten Narutos taking out nine of them.

Naruto jumped back as his last clone was eliminated. What surprised him was he caught the memories his clones had. They gave him a different view on the move Hana used, giving him an idea as he jumped into the air.

"I apologize in advance Hana-san," Naruto said spinning like Hana had, "Tsuga!"

Hana gasped watching the blonde twelve-year-old use a jutsu that took her three weeks to learn and ten weeks to master. She was so surprised that she forgot to dodge. Thankfully Naruto hadn't fully mastered the Tsuga or the control on his chakra and slowed down to a visible level, his head collided with her stomach, gasping she fell back as the blonde landed on top of her.

"Ow." Naruto muttered.

"You used the Tsuga," Hana said sitting up while Naruto moved from her to sit across from the Inuzaka girl.

"I don't know why but my clones caught how you did it and I gained the information when they went poof." Naruto said.

"So you discovered the 'shared memories' function of the Kage Bushin no jutsu," Hana said, 'hmm maybe he isn't as much as a dobe that my brother said he was' she thought to herself for a minute then she spoke to him. "Well Naruto-kun, you hit me, looks like you're my mate now." She said with a smile on her face.

"Sorry Hana," Naruto said rubbing the back of his head, patting down his spiky blonde hair and smiling goofy at her, "I kind of got caught up in how much fun I was having fighting you and lost control. And what?! You were being serious about the whole mate thing" Naruto yelled, when it finally hit him.

"of course Naruto-kun why would I wouldn't I be honest about something like that" Hana said, at this she notice he looked down his whole mood, and persona that she had just seen changed to that of scared boy.

"Cause!" he yelled at her, "that is the way every other damn adult treats me in the village, they act all nice at first treat me like I haven't done something wrong then" he stop to catch his breath, Hana took note of this and saw the tears forming in his eyes, "then they beat me, scare me, and do things that I just wish I could forget about, so why would you be any and I say ANY different!?"

With this Hana could only think of one thing to do, she walks up to the boy, just as he is about to take off, and envelops him in to a hug. He looks down while whispering "I'm sorry Hana." She hears this and nothing but speaks to him gently to try to soothe him, but also let him know that she wasn't lying to him.

"Naruto-kun it is nothing like that, everything I have said to you, is the complete truth and now that this has happen I'm, no we are bonded together." She said to him in the most soothing voice she could muster, while slowly stroking his spiky blonde hair trying to comfort the boy to be truth it seemed to be working, finally she spoke up again. "Naruto-kun I'm never going to hurt you, and you are just going to have to get used to it, got it?" she asked him

It took him a few minutes but finally, while looking her straight in her eyes, he notices she's telling the truth, and he responds "Yes," this next part took a minute more for him to say to her but he did "Hana-chan." She did nothing but smile as he said this to her. She then takes a moment and looks around to see he ninken getting restless, watching their partner, in the state that she is in. She then speaks up.

"Well then we better get moving Naruto-kun." Hana said releasing him then grabbing Naruto's hand and leading him away from the clearing.

"Where we going now?" Naruto asked.

"The Inuzaka Clan compound," Hana said, "Kaa-san has to do the Mating ceremony since she's clan head, plus I wanna see the look on Kiba's face when he sees I'm mated to one of his classmates."

"You're evil you know that?' Naruto asked with a smirk adorning his face.

"Kiba said that when he was younger but I never believed it." She said while smirking back at him.

Current Jutsu Used:

"Shikyaku no Jutsu!" (Four legs technique).

"Kage Bushin no Jutsu!"(Shadow Clone Jutsu)

"Tsuga!" (Passing Fang.)

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