Chapter 23


Naruto walked up the stairs and embraced all the girls in a hug, whispering into Hana's head so that she only heard him "I'm home".

She heard him if only for a moment and nodded.

Her Naruto was back.

Karin being an Uzumaki decided to break the loving silence "So who's hungry?"

Naruto couldn't help but laugh at Karin "Beni-hime if you're cooking I will always be hungry" he tells her.

Naruto finally breaks the hug he had with everyone. Walks into the house, setting his sword down he looks around and sees that the girls had also changed the house to their liking.

Shaking his head he walks into the kitchen to see Karin behind the stove.

"So Beni-hime how have you been?" he asks her

Karin turns from the stove and greets his smile with one of her own "I'm doing fine my love" she tells him.

Naruto looks at her for a moment and shakes his head. Turning to the door of the kitchen he walks over to it and shuts it and with a few hand seals he puts up a privacy barrier.

"Now what is wrong hime? And don't give me some bull crap. I know a mask when I see one" he tells her.

Karin notices the serious tone in his voice and looks down at the ground her crimson eyes growing darker cause of the tears getting ready to spill out.

Naruto walks up to her and puts his arms around her "Hime you know you can tell me anything" he whispers to her trying to comfort her.

"I…Naru-koi, I don't want to become a ninja" she tells him

Naruto looks at her for a moment "can I ask why?"

"After being alone…..and then with Orchimaru I don't think I could ever go back to that life" she tells him

Naruto nods

"Well Love that is your choice and you know I will be here by your side no matter what" he tells her

With that Karin starts to break down. You see before Naruto and Jiraya went looking for her, she was a test subject of Orchimaru. He wanted to know what made the Uzumaki special, he wanted their power that they held and he would get it, even if it meant sacrificing this girl.

Flashback (yes) 1 ½ years ago

Jiraya and his apprentice of two years now were currently sitting outside one of Orchimaru's underground bases.

"Sensei please we have to check at least" the blonde boy pleads.

"Naruto you know that we can't just go head first into one of Orchimaru's bases, even if she is in there." Jiraya tells him

Naruto grew a dark tint in his eye "so you mean you're just thinking about abandoning her like you did to me?"

Jiraya looked at the ground. Over the trip Naruto hadn't used that once swore point "kid you know how I feel about that"

"And you know how I feel about this. My mom asked me to do this and Karin has been waiting for me" he tells Jiraya

The man hasn't let his eyes leave the ground and after a few minutes of tense silence Jiraya spoke up "fine! But we are doing this my way"

"And what is 'your way'" Naruto asked already knowing the answer but wanting to reassure himself

"Flashy and with a bang" Jiraya tells him

Naruto grew a toothy smile "sounds good"

Naruto stands up and takes his current cloak off letting it fall to the ground. Underneath was his current outfit he wore a skin tight black shirt with a high collar, around his arms were metal bracers that he had picked up back the ruins of Uzu. He had ANBU styled pants that had many pockets most of which were currently filled. Around his right bicep was his headband and around his left was another item that he picked up from Uzu. It was the only remaining head band in the village. He found it inside the Uzukage's office when he went to investigate it.

Naruto grabbed a scroll that he had in his many pockets and quickly unrolled it. Giving it a quick look over he nods that it is the right one and bites his thumb and smearing the bit of blood on the scroll.

A burst of smoke is quickly summoned and seconds later cleared away to show a large sword replacing the scroll.

"So…..can we start?" Naruto asks

Jiraya shakes his head at his student's impatient behavior. "Yea, we both owe that snake something" Jiraya tells him.

Naruto smiles at this and charges in, the first room he checks is all but empty. A large group of sound Nin was sitting around bickering until they heard the door get kicked open.

Naruto smiles solemnly at the group and swings his sword. Sending a wave of chakra out of it and killing four of them men who weren't expecting the attack. Naruto looks up to see the rest of the men getting ready to attack.

"So how many are left kid" Jiraya calls out from the hallway. He was making sure no one else entered the room while Naruto dealt with the current pests.


"You've got ten seconds then, otherwise, well ill double the workout you have to do." Jiraya yells back in.

Naruto deadpans but quickly comes out of it "got it sensei"

Naruto charges a group of four and swings his blade in a horizontal fashion. Two of the men were smart enough to avoid the attack but the other two weren't so lucky. Naruto had taken the heads of two of the sound Nin but doing so left his blade embedded in the wall.


Naruto notices the two that ducked under his attack and sends a small pulse of chakra through his blade, which then glows a faint blue and starts to break apart.


Naruto grabs two of the blades that had formed from it. Leaving the bigger and only other piece in the wall, then without a second thought he swings the blade in his left hand down. This takes the hand of the sound Nin with it.


Naruto turns around to see the rest of the men starting to draw on their cursed marks. Naruto smiles "you really think that will work" running at them he sends another wave of chakra at the men. Killing three more of them.


"You really think you can take the rest of us kid?" one of the Nin taunted. Naruto laughed at him and threw his blade at him. The man side stepped it and laughed at Naruto. "Wow you know I heard blondes were stupid but this" the man never got to finish. Naruto sent one of his chakra chains into the man's chest.


"You fucking Bastard what do you want" another sound Nin yells hoping to use this as a distraction while his partner sneaks around him.


"Simple, Karin" Naruto says allowing his chains to form around him freely forming almost a protective barrier. "Oh and if your partner was smart he wouldn't sneak up on someone if he didn't know there skill set." Naruto tells the man and using another set of chains throws one of the other dead sounds Nin at him.


"YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE YOU WILL PAY FOR THIS" The sound Nin yelled allowing the curse mark to fully take over.


"Finally a challenge" Naruto says and takes the final blade and swings sending another wave of chakra at the man beast.


"You think that will be enough to stop me?" it taunts and charges at Naruto. Dodge rolling to get away he goes toward his buster sword stuck in the wall.


"Well looks like play time is up" Naruto tells him

"Uzumaki style: three blade dance" Naruto yells

His chains then grab the smaller two blades and start swinging them at the beast. While Naruto charges with his buster set to swing.

The beast smirks but then feels pain. Looking at its arms it sees cuts hundreds of cuts on his arms, it starts to roaring in pain but that only last a moment longer. Naruto took the moment that it was distracted to charge futon chakra into his buster sword. Finally swinging it he sends the Futon chakra infused wave at the beast. As the wave moved everything around it was slowly torn to shreds no matter what it was.

Naruto quickly makes a few shadow clones "go and explore but stay hidden. When and if you find something useful dispel yourself got it?" he tells them. A small chorus of "HAI" was heard and then nothing. Naruto leaves the room to see Jiraya sitting up against a wall.

"Think that was big and flashy enough?" Naruto asks him

"Big yes, Flashy nope do better next time" he tells Naruto who nearly falls over from the response he got.

"So you really want flashy?" Naruto asks

"What do you think?"

Naruto shakes his head and makes a few more clones these ones were a bit special though. They were infused with a bit of more chakra almost to the bursting point.

"You five heard sensei he wants flashy, so go and give him flashy" Naruto tells them

The clones take off after that

"Let me guess"


"How bad"

"Well let's just say….." Naruto started till he trailed off.

"Kid Whats wrong?"

But before he could get an answer Naruto took off down the hallway. Jiraya followed after him. Naruto looked like he almost knew where he was going. Then suddenly he stopped in front of a door. Naruto took the handle and slowly opened it. Inside was a girl who looked to be in her late teens, early twenties sitting on the ground with her wrists in chains.

She had bright red hair and was dressed in what looked like a torn up hospital gown. Naruto walked over to her slowly.

The girl never once lifted her head as she heard the footsteps come towards her.

Then she heard it "Karin" a soft voice called out to her.

She looked back her crimson eyes redder with the pain of tears.

"Who's there?" she squeaked out.

Karin hadn't heard a kind voice talk to her in a while. Last time she had was before she was taken from her parents.

Naruto hated seeing someone, no anyone looking like this especially if they don't deserve it. "Karin my name is Naruto" he says trying to sound as comforting and as kind as possible.

"Naruto?" she says.

That name it sounded so familiar to her that it wasn't funny. But no matter what she just couldn't figure it out. "Who are you?" she asks again.

"Karin, my name is Naruto. Naruto Uzumaki." She tells him

Karin quickly turns away from the wall her crimson eyes wide with shock and anger at what the person had said to her.

"Liar" she hissed out

"No Karin. I'm not lying." Naruto says calmly hoping to calm her down.


"Karin who ever told you I had died lied to you." Naruto tells her.

She eyes him carefully "that still doesn't explain how you have blonde hair." She tells him

Naruto smiles gently at her. "Actually I get that from my dad" he tells her

"Must some good genes to overwrite the Uzumaki genes" she tells him

Naruto keeps his light smile up happy she is starting to open up to him. "Hey how about we get you out of those chains?" he asks her.

Karin looks numbly at him "why?"

"Why, what?" he asks her.

"Are you helping me? You don't know me." she asks him

"Well it's a long story but I promise to tell you the whole thing as long as you come with us" he tells her

"You're not going to hurt me?" she asks a bit shocked from his proclamation.

"Nope I promise you won't get hurt, and I never go back on my promises because that's my ninja way" he says, taking his thumb and pointing at himself.

She looks at him a bit taken back. Using her Mind's eye of Kagura she feels his chakra. Seeing how it isn't malevolent she agrees. "Sure"

Naruto smile and stands up straight. "Alright let's see" he says forming a smaller but denser form of the Rasengan.

Carefully pushing it through the chains so he doesn't hit her with any piece of metal he starts to almost shred the chains. After a good five minutes he stops.

"Man that wasn't easy but" he says showing where the link was broke "Orchi-teme really didn't want you leaving" he says to her

"Orchi-teme? Do you mean Orchimaru?" she asks

Naruto laughs "Karin, we've got a lot to talk about" Naruto tells her

Karin try's to stand but not being allowed to move often has made it hard for her. Naruto notices this and walks up to her "Here Karin" he says grabbing her bridal style "let me help you".

Karin blushes lightly at this. Feeling his Chakra again she can tell he is a warm and special person and almost instinctively she buries her face in his chest.

This whole time Jiraya had decided to give the two some space. Taking the chance he heads back out of the cave to write up a small report to send back to Tsunade of Naruto's current progress.

As he was sitting down he hears some sounds coming from the entrance of the cave. Taking a look he sees something that shocks him to the core.

The way Naruto was holding Karin, reminded him of a scene Minato have told him. When he save Kushina from Kumo, the way the girl has her face buried in his chest and the way he was protectively holding her.

Jiraya smiles at the memory and puts it away for later.

End Flashback (Finally)

Naruto was stilling holding Karin when he was brought out of his stupor by Anko "Foxy-koi, when is dinner I'm hungry" she whines

Karin giggles into Narutos chest, while he just shakes his head "I'm not sure Hebi-hime, but I believe that is up to the chief and if i'm correct that would be you Beni-hime?" Naruto asks.

The girl in his chest smirks "yupp Anko-chan dinner will be ready in a few I have it going now. If you set the table it should be done when you are." Karin tells the impatient women.

"Got it" Anko says walking over to the cabinet

"Oh and Naru-koi" Karin says looking up into his eye's "no ramen"

Naruto breaks out into a cold sweat "…why…..not?" he asks

"It isn't the best stuff for you so. We the girls decided that you won't be having Ramen every day. You can have it…" Karin starts before trailing off. Then she yells "GIRLS HOW MANY TIMES A MONTH CAN HE HAVE RAMEN?"

Karin got her answer a moment later from what sounded like Sasuki "Five times as long as he is being a good boy"

Karin smirks at the reply "hear that five times only if you're good"

Naruto smiles and gently kiss's her on the lips allowing her natural scent of cherries to fill him. When he breaks the kiss a moment later he tells her "O.k. koi"

"Good now go sit at the table I'll be out with dinner in a few." She tells him and Naruto quickly complies

Walking into dining area he sees that Anko had just finished setting the table, wanting to surprise her he walks up behind her and puts his hands over her eyes. "Guess who" he whispers into her ear before kissing her neck ever so lightly.

Anko had to hold back a gasp of a breath when he did this. "Hmmmm if I had to guess I would have to say my sexy fox" she says

Kissing her neck again Naruto smirks "then I would have to say your right" he tells her

Anko pulls a chair out before turning in his arms "this is where you're going to be sitting" she tells him

"Oh really is it now?" he asks her a smirk on his face "and who made that choice?"

At this another person entered the room. "I did Nar-koi, now sit we have much to discuss" he heard. Looking over his shoulder he see's Hana leaning on the door way. Smiling at her he listens.

"My Inu-hime how I have missed you" he says to her

"Good, wouldn't want it any other way Nar-koi." She says to him taking the seat on his right.

"So I assume the seating is preset up?" he asks

Hana gives him a knowing look "yupp, while you were gone I read up on some of the traditions of the Uzumaki clan. You know having more than one wife wasn't unheard of. Actually I think it might be were the CRA idea originally came from." She tells him

"Really, so what did you find out?" he asks

"Well when a member of the Uzumaki clan has more than one wife they are given roles or potions in the family." She says

"Really now, I assume that each of you has picked a position then?" he asks a little confused by this

Karin who was currently carrying a dish from the kitchen answers that one "yupp, well almost all of us you see Hana-chan and Sasuki-chan haven't really come to an agreement yet." She tells him

"Oh and what would that be?" he asks

Sasuki who walks in and takes the seat on his right answers that "who is going to be the head wife…"

Naruto looks over at her "Sasuki I thought we talked about this. We aren't dating" he tells her

"Oh Naru-kun, just cause you say that doesn't mean it is true. Look all the girls except me" she starts then looks over at Hana "O.k. almost all the girls except me, so why can't you?" she asks him

"Simple I really don't know you, I don't know who you are, and I don't know anything about you" he explains to her

"Fine let me change that let me get to know you and let you get to know me" she pleads

Naruto looks at her seeing the hurt in her eyes

"Fine, but you have to promise me you will stop fighting with my Inu-hime" he says getting a nuzzle in the side from said women

Sasuki sent a glare over to him "fine, but I expect a date soon" she says


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