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Promiscuous - Nelly Furtado ft Timbaland

Sexy Boy - Air

Ooh La La - Goldfrapp

Need You Tonight - INXS

Goddamnit this is a long list! Okay if you guys feeling lazy to find the songs and all, just look for the INXS then.



TIME : 03:44 / 01.01.20XX
LOCATION : Tokyo/Japan
Residence of Kagami Taiga

Stage 5-Lothario

All the party participants have similar excuses the next day for the phenomena that happened at this hour of the night. It is late and they are all smashed to the point they can't even say their name correctly. So they can't be blamed for their actions. Right?

That's right. Even though the excuse is not completely correct, it is not a complete lie either. They are wasted; they have little to none control over their bodies. But this is still an excuse to ease their consciences and conserve their sanity.

The hard truth is Kagami Taiga emits pheromones at the final stage. Which causes a minor Sexual Revolution in the small residence.

Finally freeing himself from excessive emotional flood, Kagami sips his umpteenth drink quietly and lonely. He leans his back to the breakfast bar that separates the living room and kitchen while standing and enjoying the music at the volume that only people in the living room can hear. Though Kagami is actually in the condition of not registering what he is hearing. He loses himself at the sound but doesn't understand any of the lyrics.

When the Promiscuous from Nelly Furtado starts, Taiga finds himself pretty much dancing on his own. Redhead doesn't do "dancing" frequently. His big body and stiff movements are enough to humiliate him. Normally he is too embarrassed to dance in front of the others and it takes him all the way to stage 5 to gain some confidence. But right now he can't bring himself to care and he doesn't recognize much of the others in his state.

Swaying with the rhythm, Kagami enjoys himself where he stands. He might not be getting the lyrics but redhead can feel the suggestive tone the music has. When his brain finally catches the word promiscuous; Kagami feels himself blushed a little and not due to alcohol. But soon he gets rid of his shortlived embarrassment and continues to be entertained by the song, even more than before.

Some guests are slightly dancing too; some of them are rocking their heads with the rhythm and the rest is not caring what's playing at all. All of them are not minding what redhead's doing. Kagami isn't attracting much attention yet. He can feel a strange, different kind of heat rising inside of him. It is not like the alcohol heat or the embarrassment heat. It is pure and raw and obscure and exotic and obscene.

Kagami is getting more and more into the song's intriguing flow. Sweat is starting form on his body; his breathing is getting quicker and redhead wants it. He doesn't know what but he needs it. Just when he is about to grasp what that might be, the song ends. A new song starts and Kagami feels the enchanting clouds dissolving, clearing his mind. But the new husky voice and enticing music make the clouds capture his mind and body once again. Air's Sexy Boy starts to play.

Kagami closes his eyes and lets himself to be captured by the song. It's not much of a dancing anymore, more like getting high on the song with the big help of alcohol. The heat he was feeling before returns at full force, bringing the want and the need with it. Also the heat brings down his head from the high places it was lurking to focus on his body again. Redhead becomes more and more aware of himself and the demands his body seeks. The song ends soon but the clouds don't disappear from his mind this time. With the new song, they even get more possessive of his conscious and the heat becomes unbearable with each seconds pass.

Goldfrapp's breathy voice chants him to do something by Ooh La La and the hotness really disturbs him right now. Maybe it is the flat all along being too heated up? Kagami is not sure anymore nor he cares. He just needs to cool off a bit somehow. He opens up his shirt's buttons slowly. With opening all the buttons the cooler air hits his bare sweaty chest; he relaxes slightly. So he removes his shirt completely and cools off momentarily by hanging his upper middle being naked in the hot room.

Redhead soon realizes his glass is now empty but the booze is almost entirely used up. So he just grabs someone's drink when he passes by that person. He hears a faraway protest but doesn't give much of a care. He slowly starts to attract the messed minds' attention with his glorious half naked torso and his endless drinking. The first reaction of the noticing minds' is groaning to redhead's inability to stop drinking. How in the hell this idiotic ace didn't throw up yet? His gluttonous trait must be preventing it. Redhead's bottomless pit really doesn't give up on anything that goes down there, even the poisons. The next reaction is to admire Kagami's blazing body with glued eyes and slightly opened mouths.

Kagami shots the drink he just stole. 'I didn't know we had whiskey.' is the first thought comes to his mind. But then again, he could be drinking whiskey all night and not remembering it. He can't even remember what he was drinking just seconds ago. Soon after, redhead's mind turns into its fleeting state again. By the reinforcement of whiskey, he surrenders to the song once more.

Tiger can feel himself getting trapped by the heat utterly. His heartbeats quicken evidently; he is about to snap. He has no idea what he will do when that happens but he prefers anything to the state he is in if it means a release from it.

Even though his shirt is off and his upper torso is naked, redhead sweats more. Kagami runs his one hand on his chest from up to bottom and the other one caresses his neck to get rid of some of the sweat while still dancing. He doesn't realize the mouthwatering show he is displaying. Unconsciously attracting more eyes on himself, Kagami continues his sensual dance while running his hands on his body, eyes are closed. His movements get slightly faster at the same time as chorus and the music getting faster. Redhead has listened to these songs maybe a million times before but never felt like this. He is pleased by the new feeling old songs give.

Redhead gets excited with the song now beginning because he knows it by heart to the point where he can sing the lyrics without thinking. Need You Tonight from INXS plays and Kagami puts on a more hearted show while singing. He is impressively good at impersonating Hutchence's voice.
Kagami's eyes are open and he stares back to the eyes that are on him while singing the suggestive song. His sensual dance is slower and the instinct of removing the other articles of clothes is stronger. But before surrendering to that urge, he moves towards to the eyes he was staring back for a while. Redhead is only aware of that couple of eyes but can't recognize the person they belong to. The midnight blue sparks something in him though.

Finally recognizing Aomine, Kagami doesn't find it repulsive at all. In fact he likes it more than he thought he would. Standing right in front of the indigo miracle, redhead leans his face to the seemingly stoned one; redhead's lips a breath away from the tanned boy's mouth.

"How do you feel? I'm lonely~!" Kagami brings his mouth even closer to the other's lips with the last line. Redhead continues his exotic dance with his body almost touching to the tanned one, and he's singing with his face coming closer and withdrawing slightly by the high and low tones he uses. But redhead never actually touches to the other boy.

Aomine is completely frozen. He is having a hard time registering the erotic creator in front of him, giving him a special show. Aomine can feel the lust and want and need building up right in his guts. The tanned boy is thawing gingerly. His southern region is coming to alive. With the heat produced by the sexy dance so near his body, Aomine finally reacts. He reaches for the tiger, not sure what he will do when he grabs him and he never gets to find out.

Kagami expertly slips away from the arm that reaches out for him and moves to other set of eyes. These eyes are so narrowed behind the spectacles even when widened they are smaller than average. Just like now. Focusing on the face slightly below him, Kagami leans his body to Imayoshi's. Redhead's face lining with bespectacled boy's, lips almost closing up on the right ear, Kagami sings breathily "Your moves are so raw. I've got to let you know. I've got to let you know~". Suddenly having the strong urge to mess with that black hair, tiger runs his fingers bottom to up at the back of Imayoshi's skull then tagging the hair while singing the lyrics to captain's ear. He pants deeply then breaks off completely from the boy.

Immediately captivated by the charming heterochromatic eyes, Kagami orients towards Akashi like before. Fascinated again by the beautiful differently colored eyes, redhead stops singing and stares into those eyes for a while. Akashi doesn't do or say anything, just stares back. Then Kagami gives his shiny lopsided smile to the other redhead. He bends over Akashi's face, never breaking the eye contact, Kagami huskily sings with a whispering voice "I need you tonight~". Tiger runs his hand down lightly on Akashi's chest while suggestively swaying his own body; never breaking the eye contact. "Cause I'm not sleepin' There is something about you girl. That makes me sweat." Stressing the last word while quickly getting more closer his lips to Akashi's, touching them together in a chaste kiss; Kagami splits as fast as he got neared.

Akashi's eyes are darkened and he orders redhead to come back but Kagami doesn't obey. Akashi doesn't have the desire to kill the redhead for disobeying him, especially when the tiger apparently decides it's time to surrender to his urge. Kagami slowly runs his hands along his muscled chest; long fingers linger on his abdomen then teasingly play with his belt.

"What do you think? Can't think at all~" Kagami opens his belt and quickly removes it from the waist of his pants.

"Whatcha gonna do?" redhead pops up the pants' button.

"Gonna live my life~" the zipper is gone down. Pants slowly slide down with the lyrics.

Kagami doesn't focus on anyone in particular. He makes short and fast eye contacts with the eyes that are glued to him. There is hunger in those eyes. They are eager to see more of the show. More of Kagami.

Well, most of the eyes have the eagerness but some of them just have the pure shock and embarrassment. Himuro doesn't want to see his innocent brother's dirty dancing. Midorima is astounded and can't feel the swiftly spreading blush on his face. Kasamatsu, who is dragged by Kise to the party, is disgusted with himself for being pleased over a kid's acts; luckily his true admiration for Kise holds him back revealing anything embarrassing. Seirin players are mostly petrified, never expecting the untainted, tiger-looking-kitten to know exotic moves and manage to be cute at the same time. Wait. Did they just think a 6 foot tall, hard muscled guy as cute and exotic?

On the other hand, Kuroko seems to be enjoying the show even though his face is as impassive as any other day. Alright, he admits he can't be so impassive due to alcohol but the demonstration is quite tasty either. Watching Kagami taking out the black jeans like a hawk, Kuroko wants to possess the pants. He moves towards Kagami for that purpose but at the same time he realizes he is not alone on this desire. Kise is moving for it too. Feeling angry and competitive, Kuroko uses his not-so-perfect-at-the-moment misdirection to get the article. Kise soon notices what Kuroko's intention is and acts faster.

Now freed from the restrictive jeans, Kagami stands only in his tight green camo boxer; redhead exhibits his magnificent body gloriously. Everyone stops their functions to appreciate the view, including Kise and Kuroko for a while. Then, Kise vs. Kuroko for the pants resumes. They grab each legs of the article and glare at each other, daring to blink and give up.

Aomine thinks they are being idiots for fighting over granite while the real gold stands right in front of them. So ganguro attempts to capture the real treasure but apparently he is not the only one who wants to catch it. Akashi death glares him, ordering him to back up with his eyes. Aomine, totally under the control of wild feline's pheromones, doesn't back up at all and dares to Akashi. An obvious bloody war is about to take a place; but the warriors are caught unguarded by a purple, finally-awake giant.

Murasakibara comes from behind Kagami and stands beside him. Violet miracle wraps his long arm around redhead's waist. With his other hand, Murasakibara raises Kagami's face, holding under the redhead's chin, and locks their lips in a full blown kiss. Every person in the room is awed by the teenage baby's bold behavior. After getting over the astonishment, hell breaks over.

"Atsushi, get away from Taiga. Now." Akashi is freezingly angry.

"Murasakibaracchi, that's cheating!" Kise can't decide between rushing over to split them and not letting go of the pants.

"I didn't see anything. I didn't see two male giants making out. I didn't see it. I didn't." Seirin is chanting.

"I'm sorry! I'm sorry for watching your intimacy! I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I'm sorry!" Sakurai does what he always does.

"Hey! What the hell do you think you are doing Murasakibara?! Let the fuck go of Kagami!" Aomine runs for the tiger to rescue him from the evil goliath.

"Murasakibara-kun shouldn't have kissed Kagami-kun without permission." Kuroko is frighteningly reminding Akashi with his presence right now.

Shuutoku can't do much but stare in open mouthed shock along with their miracle. Midorima's over arrogance saves him from losing his mind like other miracles. Kasamatsu and Wakamatsu are pretty much in the same state as Seirin. Susa has been knocked out by alcohol for a long time now, lucky bastard.

Situation gets crazier when Kise and Kuroko decide to fuck the pants and save the tiger. Murasakibara is clinging to the redhead like an octopus; similar to a kid who doesn't want to give his favorite toy. Himuro is now possessed by jealousy over his adorable brother; he wants to slaughter his childish teammate, and Imayoshi decides to join the fun. Kuroko, Aomine, Akashi and Kise are agreeing with Himuro without knowing it.

Brave Warriors vs. Evil Goliath to rescue the Tigress. Things are not looking well for Murasakibara. He is unusually strong and tall but even he will have problems to win against crazed, hormone-driven six teenagers. 6 pairs of arms are trying to sever the giant from their princess but purple miracle is no joke too; he doesn't budge easily. The rescue mission leaves itself to a war; the act is becoming more and more chaotic. Kagami, being in the center of it all, unintentionally is getting trashed by his saviors. They don't realize it though and continue with their violent act.

The supposed heroes finally manage to free the Tigress from the Goliath but before they can be triumphant about it, they notice what they also caused to the victim. They can't bring themselves to be guilty about it too, though. Kagami looks like he is seriously messed up by someone but not enough to have bruises on his sun kissed skin, leading him to have a more sexual appearance. Entranced by the improved looks of the sexy beast, saviors and giant turn into predators in a matter of seconds. They all move at the same time to touch/hold/capture the redhead but it only ends up as they all crashing into each other and cause an impact.

"Kagamin, watch out!" Momoi saves the boy from getting crushed by the impact by pulling the redhead to the side.

Kagami looks down to his real savior; he smiles his charming, sunny, big smile. "Thank you, Momoi" redhead gives a lingering reward kiss to his heroine's cheek. Pinkette is blushing furiously being the victim of direct attention of the sexy teenager. Her love for Tetsu-kun is severed a little thanks to alcohol and female hormones being activated by the earlier display.

"Satsuki! Not you too!" Aomine is crestfallen and defeated by his childhood friend.

Kagami notices the song's ended; he feels down. And thirsty. He needs a drink now so he looks for one. The nearest drink is in a shot glass which in hold of an abnormally huge hand and it's about to complete its journey towards a mouth. Quickly reacting, redhead leads the hand that holding the glass to his mouth and gulps the last tequila shot of the night. Momentarily out of the influence of feline pheromones, participants are afraid of what will happen when Kagami becomes like that again. They pay a visit to their consciences, and they are terrorized by what they find.

'Oh no. Did I just cheat on Junpei? We are not together yet but…' Kiyoshi thinks horrifyingly that he is dishonest.

'This is how a man loses his innocence, Hyuuga.' Hyuuga cries silent manly cry while consoling himself.

'I don't wanna make puns about this.' Izuki realizes the grim truth.

"Is it possible that I lost my virginity by watching this?! Huh Mitobe?" Koganei terrifies out loud. Then he gasps and begins to ask. "Is this what—"

"—a group sex is?!" finishes the freshmen trio for their senior with identical appalled expressions.

'What is this feeling?!' Riko scares of her body silently; apparently her body has an enigmatic reaction over the thought of hot basketball players being naughty and dirty together.

'Not only Taiga but Daiki and Atsushi as well opposed me. Yet, I didn't even send so much of a glare to kill them.' Akashi first time in his life feels disappointment in himself.

'I wanted a man? A guy?! And it's Bakagami of all people! Like, he isn't even B cup!' Aomine questions his magnificent himself, feeling terrified due to it.

'I was more than ready to crush Kurokocchi!' Kise realizes the most horrible truth.

'I… I desired my little brother. Harakiri is the only salvation.' Himuro resolves.

'I cared Kagamin more than Tetsu-kun when that crash happened…!' Momoi closes her palm over her mouth; she is ready to cry a fountain.

Murasakibara seems unfazed of all this commotion but suddenly his eyes widen and his expression turns into one seeing an ogre in real life. '…..I ran out of snacks.'

'I… wanted the Light to only shine for me; making him another shadow.' The Shadow's most terrifying fear is to dim its Light.

'I need Aomine's porn. RIGHT FUCKING NOW!' Wakamatsu hates himself for even thinking about needing something that belongs to that bastard.

'I want to do what he did to me to him when he is sober.' Imayoshi smirks, just being the sadistic himself. Okay, there is one person who is not actually terrorized by all of this.

'I AM NOT REALLY SORRY' Sakurai's most evil truth.

'I knew all the Miracles were arrogant weirdoes but… I just never want to see a bunch of guys running over each other to possess another man.' Kasamatsu knows he is scarred and he plans to take it out on Kise since practically it's all his fault.

Shuutoku last years can't believe how the other teams' players crazy and liberated could be about their sexualities. They feel lucky that their usually abnormal miracle and his partner are acting more normal.

"Shin-chan would have been sexier." Takao comments out loud without thinking, utterly and definitely destroying his seniors' minds along with Midorima's glasses.

Midorima feels flattered by Takao's words and he also wants to see more of the exotic body of Kagami. Realization of these crushes green miracle to the ground before even thinking about denying it.

To Midorima's happiness (or not) and others' dismay, Kagami finds his heat with the new song. Get Lucky from Daft Punk starts to play. Seriously though, what the hell is wrong with these series of let's-get-in-the-mood songs? Well, it is probably due to the time and the date being the New Year and all. Radio stations are figuring people that are still up for some music mostly looking for getting into it more easily.

To participants' fortune though, the Lothario doesn't last long. Wanting to dance some more, Kagami hops up to the breakfast bar but sudden powerful movement doesn't do anything good to his poisoned system. He finally throws up to his living room, right below the bar. Redhead gets rid of most of the alcohol thanks to it and leaves all of his stages. Feeling tired after all the action he has done through the night, Kagami falls asleep flat on his stomach and on the said bar, almost naked save for a boxer briefs.

Relieved with the current situation of the redhead, guests reflect on their actions differently but they feel and conclude the same things.

They are traumatized. And they know Kagami Taiga is a scary and dangerous opponent but not only in basketball. Also, he is not allowed to drink ever again.

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