Well, we all know that some kinda hell was bound to break loose with Sai joining the group. Since we all know where Saiga and Ushio are (Come on, folks, it's obvious), who else is going to help our favorite blonde, or, in this case, drive him insane ;)

24: Tayuya's Tears

"Balls?" Tayuya spat, "What's ballsy about sneak attacking someone in their own fucking village?!"

The attacker, a pale, skinny shinobi wearing black shinobi pants and a small black shirt, sat atop a building just above them with a scroll and ink brush poised. He smiled down at them, "One should always be prepared in the event of an attack." Suddenly, Naruto appeared beside him, no longer by Tayuya's side, ready to sock him right in the face.

Naruto's punch landed, slamming him square in the jaw, which would have broken if the boy hadn't melted into ink seconds later. "Dammit, where'd he go!" He roared, then saw the pale figure leaping away over the roof tops, "Get back here!"

"Fuckin' coward!" Tayuya snapped, "What the hell was that all about?!"

"I don't know," Naruto said, jumping down from the roof to rejoin her, "But we'll have to tell Baa-chan about this tomorrow. If someone attacks us, it's just like trying to commit treason since I'm a clan head."

Tayuya unconsciously looped her arm through his, "I know, but I don't really think he was a serious threat. He was weak compared to some of the other shinobi we've gone up against."

Naruto nodded, "Yeah, that's true," he said thoughtfully, "But I think he was just holding back. That didn't really feel like a serious attack just now."

Tayuya shrugged, leaning into his shoulder, "Whatever it was, it's over now." She sighed, "Let's go home. I wanna spend some more time with you before you leave." She muttered, not hiding her feelings.

The blonde shinobi nodded, and bent to pick her up in his arms. Tayuya squeaked in alarm and glared at him. Naruto just grinned, "It'll be faster this way."

Suddenly his body began to glow a golden color, and Tayuya found herself falling with him until they landed on their doorstep. Small yellow sparks jumped over his arms as he carried her inside. "So, that's the Hirashin?" Tayuya smiled, "Not a bad way to travel."

"Yup," Naruto smiled, "Best thing about it is, once my mission is over, I can transport all of us back here in a minute." Tayuya's face brightened at hearing this, then giggled when he leaned down and started nibbling her throat.

"Hn, let's go to the onsen," she purred in his ear, "A whole month, and we've never bathed together."

Naruto raised his eyebrows at her as his trademark grin appeared. "Sounds good. You can scrub my back."

Tayuya grinned back at him, "I'll scrub something," she trailed a finger down his cheek. Naruto repressed a shiver, and carried her toward the back. Tayuya nibbled on his neck in turn was he slid the door open. The steaming building was a welcomed sight to both of them. The day's trials would melt away in the water. Along with all their worries.

They entered the small room where they could keep their clothes was just the right warmth for them to undress and not be chilled by the evening air. He set Tayuya down, letting her kick out of her sandles, and untie the sash around her waist. She left the vest on to keep her kimono top on, watching Naruto undress. Over the years she'd come to appreciate his strength more than most, but the sight of him without a shirt on...

He grinned as he dropped his vest, jacket and shirt in the basket, "Want me to help?" Tayuya grinned at him and nodded. Naruto stepped forward and reached for th zipper of her vest, drawing it down slowly. Her top came open with each inch, revealing her skin. Naruto leaned in and kissed the top of her collar bone, inching lower. Tayuya bit her lip to keep her pleased little sighs in check, reaching up to run her fingers through his hair, gently pushing him lower.

He stood up then and pushed the vest and top off her shoulders. She crossed crossed her arms over her chest, grinning at him, "Like what you see?"

"Yeah," Naruto smiled back, then reached out to her and drew her against his chest. She leaned up and brought his lips down on hers. Their tongues immediately swirled around each other, thoroughly tasting each other before she felt him reach around to unclip her bra. She hummed into his mouth when his hands glided down her back, clasping her backside, and grinding her against his growing erection.

Giggling with excitement, she broke away and shred what little clothes she had left, and darted into the onsen.

"Oi, come back here!" Naruto laughed, chasing after her.

"You have to catch me first," she giggled, trying to close the door on him, though it was merely a game. As Naruto pulled off his pants and boxers, she let him force the door open with her only putting up a small fight to keep it closed before stepping back into the steaming water. "Hmm, this is nice." She looked back at him, "You should join me."

Naruto grinned and stepped into the water, "Not a bad idea." The water was just short of boiling, perfect for what he had in mind. Tayuya splashed him as he closed the distance between them, then sank into the water. Naruto did the say, sinking to his knees just as he reached her, but she stopped him. He looked down at her. "What's up?"

She grinned mischievously, and reached up to stroke his growing erection, "You are," she grinned, "Or at least you're getting there." She licked her lips, "I can take care of that." She leaned toward him.

Naruto's face turned red, "You don't have to do - Hngh!" Naruto groaned as she took his member in her mouth, swirling her tongue around the tip, and going deeper with each circle. As she took him deeper, she stroked him with her hand, adding to the pleasure he was feeling. "Dammit, where'd you learn to do that?!" Naruto gasped, causing Tayuya to laugh, sending the vibrations right through him. She didn't answer, of course, and kept on with her ministrations, sucking gently as she felt him starting to twitch.

Smiling in anticipation she worked him with her hands harder, bobbing her head faster. Naruto was beginning to thrust into her mouth, his breath coming out in grunts. "Tayu-chan -!" His grunted warning came a little late. He released in her mouth, surprising her, and causing her to half-choke. Tayuya jumped back a little coughing and, to his annoyance, laughing.

"Damn," Tayuya coughed, "I didn't think you'd turn into a quick-shot after your first blo-"

"Aw, shut up," Naruto growled, then dunked her under the water, startling a squeal out of her as she went under. She came back up sputtering, but still bubbling with laughter as she retaliated by splashing him, head to toe. Naruto grinned and fought back, and soon a massive fight erupted between them, their laughter and yells roaring from the small bathhouse.

Naruto made a grab for her and started tickling her sides furiously in all the spots he knew she was the most ticklish. Tayuya, naturally, howled. She twisted and jerked in her attempts to get away, but Naruto had a firm grip on her.

Finally giving in, the girl slumped against him in defeat, exhausted. "That wasn't fair." She sighed as he took her in his arms, turning her head to capture his lips with hers. Her back was against his chest, Naruto holding her at her hips to steady her. Both of them melted into the other's kiss, Naruto's hands roaming her body, drawing little moans from her when he touched certain places.

She felt him prodding at her lips with his tongue, gladly opening for him and letting him explore her mouth thoroughly as the fingers of his right hand danced across the skin of her belly, going lower until her brushed the top of her mound just above her womanhood. A shiver shot through her as he finally slid a finger inside her, slowly drawing it out and plunging back in. "Naruto..." she sighed against his mouth, reaching up to trail her fingers down his cheek. He grinned and brushed against her hardening bud with his thumb as his finger dove deeper. She moaned loudly, backing into him and rubbing his erection with her rear.

He hissed and thrust against her, splashing between them. She moaned again and sucked his tongue into her mouth, sucking furiously before breaking off and turning to wrap her arms around her lover, letting her erection bump into her. She nipped at his lips, "I need you inside me," she growled before taking his bottom lip between her teeth and giving it a small bite, "Now!"

Naruto let loose a feral growl that excited her further, and lifted her out of the water so she could wrap her legs around him, allowing him to slide into her. Her body jolted, and quivered as he entered her, prompting her to attack his neck with desperate kisses, leaving her mark all over his left neck and shoulder.

He started slowly, torturously drawing her up his length before letting her sink back down on him. She growled at him for the gentleness he was showing, when what she wanted was the fast, hard passion she needed. "Faster!" He grinned at her plea, increasing the speed by thrusting into her as she came down on him. Still, it wasn't enough. "HARDER!"

Naruto nearly laughed as he started pounding into her, the sound of their skin slamming together, and her moans becoming music to his ears. As he slammed into her, Tayuya's moans soon became screams as he gave her the passion she wanted.

She felt him moving, and soon found herself sitting on the edge of the pool. She looked up at him with half-closed eyes to see her blonde lover grinning down at her. She returned it with an almost lazy smile as she raised her right leg to place her foot against his hip. Naruto took the invitation and resumed his pace, pounding into her and earning delighted moans from her as she clutched him to her.

Naruto buried his face in her breasts, sucking both in turn as he rocked her against him. Tayuya giggled at the ticklish feeling his breath gave her, running her fingers through his blonde locks. Soon both of them could feel her tightening around him. Naruto was also feeling himself coming closer to his release, and raised up to plant a kiss on her lips before he plowed into her as deep as possible. Tayuya gasped when he forced his way deeper, not knowing just how far he could go, but she could feel him all the way inside her, now.

She raked her nails down his back as she soon give in to her building passions and screamed. Her passage clamped down on him, squeezing him painfully as he growled and thrust into her one last time as he came. Tayuya squealed again and wrapped her legs around him, keeping him there as he filled her, not wanting him to move.

Naruto wasn't going anywhere. His arms snaked around her body, holding her close as he lifted them both up, and slid back into the water with her cradled in his arms. Tayuya was panting for breath as she held onto him, letting the warm water soothe her muscles. "Wow..."

Naruto grunted out a chuckle, "That's an understatement."

Tayuya smiled against his neck, closing her eyes in bliss, "Still, it goes without saying, wow." She said, pressing a kiss against his neck, "Let's go to the bedroom, okay?"

Naruto grinned and stood up, sliding out of her and picking her up in his arms as he had at the door. She sighed and nestled into his chest as he carried her out. The cool nipped at them as he strode outside. She shivered for a moment or two before the heat of his body radiated through her, and she wondered fleetingly if he had done that on purpose.

He slid the back door open and stepped back into the warmth of the house. It was dark inside, but Naruto's eyes easily guided them through the halls. She giggled again when they reached their room, "Strange, isn't it?"

"What?" He grinned.

"Three years ago, we couldn't stand each other," she pointed out, "Now look at us."

Naruto nodded, "We've been through a lot." He stepped over to the bed, laying her down. "And it's looking like we'll go through a lot more." He settled between her legs. "Just a little time apart and we'll be back on a team together."

"I'd rather not be apart at all," she sighed, stroking his face lovingly, drawing him down so she could kiss him. He sighed into the kiss, knowing how she felt. He didn't want to leave her behind either. More than anything, he wanted to stay in the village, or take her with him on this mission. But he had a promise to keep, so he couldn't stay. And the village council would have it's way one way or the other. And he would not be taking another woman besides Tayuya.

He felt something wet slide past his lips, and blinked when he opened his eyes to see a rare sight. Tayuya was crying.


"I don't want you to go," she whispered, still stroking his face, "He's too dangerous. Sasuke alone was strong for a Genin, but Orochimaru, and Kabuto are monsters!" She cried, hugging him to her tightly. "I don't wanna lose you!"

"You won't," Naruto said, patting her hair comfortingly, "I'll be back as quick as I can, then we can be back on a team again"

She smiled through her tears, "Promise?"

"I promise," he said, kissing her lightly on the lips, "And you know I always keep my promises." She smiled at him then, stroking his face with both hands, bringing him back down for another kiss, letting her tongue slide out to tangle with his as he pushed back into her slowly, continuing where they left off in the onsen. It was a slow passion between them as he plunged into her over and over again, bringing them both closer to the release they both wanted and needed as Tayuya's moans rose in pitch.

"Naruto!" Tayuya squealed, feeling herself tightening again.

"I know," he smiled, "Me, too."

Tayuya's tears never stopped as she wrapped her arms around when her world shattered along with his. She took a shuddering breath and slumped against the mattress while Naruto fell on top of her, supporting himself with his arms so he wouldn't crush her. Both were covered in a sheen of sweat as they come down from the high of their passions, Tayuya looking back up at him with nothing but love burning in her eyes.

Naruto stared back at her, just as exhausted as she was for once. His necklace dangled between them, gleaming in the dim light from the window. Tayuya reached up to touch it, "You always wear this."

"Tsunade gave it to me," he smiled, reaching up to take it off, "She said it was cursed. Anyone that wears it is destined to become Hokage, or to die in battle. Two people wore it before I got it, and both wanted to become Hokage, but never made it. Besides Baa-chan, I'm the only one that's worn it the longest." He placed it in her hand and closed her fingers around it, "Would mind holding onto it until I get back?"

She looked at the simple blue crystal, seeing it glimmer in her grasp, "But this is important to you, isn't it?"

Naruto shook his head, "Not as important as you, Tayuya." He laid down, taking her in his arms while she cuddled against him, "Good night, Hime."

Tayuya smirked, holding the necklace close to her heart, "Good night, Yuusha."


"You!" Naruto and Tayuya roared the next morning when the met up with Tsunade and Sakura at the gate. With her were two new faces, well, one new, and one familiar. The pale boy from the previous evening smiled at them as Tayuya boiled with rage.

"What the fuck is that asshole doing here?!" She growled, advancing on him with a kunai drawn, ready to slit the boy's throat.

"You know him?" Tsunade asked, stepping in front of the irate kunoichi.

"He attacked us last night," Naruto growled, whose eye had gone slightly red, his pupils beginning to shift. "You can't tell me he's the other teammate that was selected?!"

"He is," Tsunade sighed, "Danzo hand-picked him from his ranks. His name is Sai."

"A pleasure to officially meet you," Sai smiled, "I only meant to gauge your abilities when I attacked you last night. I wanted to make sure that I wasn't being put with a dickless loser."

"What did you call me?!" Naruto roared.

"QUIET!" Tsunade roared, "I don't care if you two can't get along, but if you want to go on this mission, you have to put up with him, Naruto. Danzo would probably have a field day if you went without him. Imagine it. He'd call for a council meeting, saying you were wild and out of control, and then he'd probably call for my replacement in favor of a more forceful Hokage!"

"That's just what he wants," Naruto muttered, seeing her point, "Sorry, Baa-chan. I'll do my best."

"Thank you," she sighed, then looked down at Tayuya, "Sorry about this, but I'm sure he can handle anything he throws at him."

Tayuya huffed, crossing her arms, "Fuck if I care about what that skinny little needle-dick says...I know for a fact that Naruto is far from being dickless."

"Tayuya!" Naruto and Sakura yelled.

"What?" She asked as Tsunade laughed.

The Jonin, Yamato, sighed, "This is going to be an interesting mission."

"Alright," Tsunade said, "Let me introduce you. This is your Jonin team leader, Yamato. You've already met Sai, of course."

"Good to meet you both," Yamato said, stepping forward to extend his hand. Naruto shook it hesitantly. The two Jonin eyed each other as if sizing one another up. Tayuya did the same with Sai, not trusting the boy. His smile seemed off...unreal almost.

"And I'm sure everyone here has heard of Tayuya," Tsunade said, gesturing to the brooding red-head.

"I sure have," Yamato chuckled, "I here she's quite dangerous with that flute of hers, and just as beautiful as the rumors say!"

Tayuya grunted, brushing off the praise, "Flattery ain't gonna get you anywhere, Metal-face," Yamato touched the metal plating that was part of his head piece, "I just want you to do one thing, and that's to look after my Shithead, here." She jerked her thumb at Naruto, who grinned at the stunned look on the Jonin's face at the use of her nickname for him.

Then she rounded on Sai, "As for you, I don't care who you are at all. You attacked us out of the blue, and ran off with your tail between your legs like a little bitch." Sakura snickered while Sai never batted an eye at her insults, "We both could tell you were holding back in that little scuffle, but you should know that Naruto could tear you to pieces if he wanted to, so you try anything like that again, and you'll see just how much balls he has if I don't get you first!"

Damn, Yamato thought, I do not wanna make her mad.

Sakura was laughing her ass off on the inside right along with a cheering Inner Sakura, Shanaroo, show that albino bitch who's boss!

Sai kept his smile plastered on his face, "I can promise that I will make no moves to attack either of you again. I have read that some woman will fight harder than most men when their loved ones are threatened."

"That," Tayuya said, poking him in the chest, "is very true. So you'd better keep yourself in line. Orochimaru is a sadistic bastard, and won't hesitate to go for a chink in anyone's armor, and that includes a weak member of a team."

"You, of course, speak from experience?" Sai asked bluntly, causing the furry to drain from her face as she paled at the reminder of her past.

Suddenly Sai was right there in front of him, a kunai pointed at his throat with the edge drawing a thin line of blood.

"Naruto!" Tsunade yelled.

"Don't ever," Naruto growled, "mention her past again. It's gone. Understand?"

Sai smiled at him, "Understood, Naruto-sempai."

Naruto shivered. "Just Naruto will be fine. Now let's g- " He was suddenly grabbed and spun around as Tayuya capture his lips in a blistering kiss that all but melted his foul mood away.

Tsunade and Sakura blushed at the pair while Yamato looked slightly uncomfortable. "Ehm, um, pardon me for interrupting, but we only have two days to get to the bridge...so if you two could...?"

Tayuya broke away from him with a small smile, "It was just a good luck charm."

Sakura grinned at the dopey look Naruto had on his face. "It that's what it was, he's bound to have a whole year of it!"

"We should probably get going," Sai put in, "WE wouldn't want to be late now, would we?"

"And Tayuya still has a little something she has to do." Tsunade said, grabbing the girl by the back of her kimono. "Come on, you can make kissy-faces later!"

"Aw!" Tayuya whined.

"See you in a few days," Sakura called after them.

Shaking of his shock, Naruto reached into his pouch and brought out one of his special kunai, and stabbed it into the ground. "Alright, once we're done, I'll bring us back immediately."

Sai looked at the kunai curiously. "Are saying that truthfully, or are you making an excuse so you'll have an escape route?"

"Sai," Naruto growled, "The first thing you should learn is that my father thought that people who break the laws of the village are scum, but those that leave their comrades behind are even lower than scum." He turned to the boy with a hard look, "That's why we're going on this mission. Because I haven't given up on my friend, and never will. So I'll put up with anything, even you, if it means I can bring him back."

Naruto turned and started down the road, "Come, you're wasting time!" Yamato nodded to his junior, and all four of them flashed away.

x-With Tayuya-x

"This is fuckin' embarrassing," Tayuya growled as she laid out on the table, bare-skinned naked, as Tsunade, and, thankfully, female council member looked her over. From the slight sneer she saw on the wrinkled old woman's face, she could tell that she was enjoying the girl's discomfort. She resisted the strong urge to cast her now infamous Genjutsu over her, and watch the process.

Tsunade, however, was an angel sent from Kami. She smiled at her, and said, "I know, but after this, there will be no more doubts about you. Just think, you could get married as soon as that little knucklehead of ours gets back!"

Tayuya smirked, "He did mention something about marriage."

"Oh, that's wonderful!" She gushed, "I can see it now. You'd look beautiful in a white kimono!"

Tayuya giggled as Tsunade made a pass over her ribs, "We haven't even discussed it completely yet!"

"I hope you do," she smiled, finding no problems yet, "I'd be wonderful to have another married couple to dote over!"

Tayuya sighed, "You talking about Asuma and Kurenai?"

Tsunade nodded, "I am, and from the sounds of things, Kurenai is expecting!"

"That's great!" Tayuya smiled, then beamed as Tsunade's hand stopped glowing, "What do you think?"

Tsunade smiled and planted her hands on her hips, "You're at one hundred percent, Tayuya...and extremely active, if I do say so!"

Tayuya huffed, not the least bit embarrased, "You try keeping that blonde ball of energy in check! It's a wonder I can still walk!"

Tsunade laughed, then turned to the council member, "You can tell Danzo that she's a fine, and healthy young lady, fit and proper for giving birth. There's no need to fear the continuation of the clan."

Sneering, the woman bowed, "I will tell him at once." She then left the room as Tayuya began to dress herself again.

"Fucking old bat, I hope I never have to see her again," she grumbled.

Tsunade sighed, patting her on the shoulder, "I know how you feel, and as soon as I can pin that old mummy, he's all yours. But for now, just go along with the lessons I've set up for you. I've asked Ino and Hinata to help you."

Tayuya hopped off the table, "Alright, but let me ask you something."


"Is it too early to tell if I was pregnant?" Tayuya asked.

"No, it's not," she smiled, "Even this early, your body will have begun to make changes to accommodate the growing embryo, which I didn't sense as I was examining you. I take you've started trying?"

"Yeah," she blushed, "I pretty much went for broke last night."

"I could tell," Tsunade grinned, "He was pretty rough with you at one point."

Tayuya grinned, "Not gonna go there, Tsunade, not even gonna try!"

The two of them shared a laugh as they stepped out of the room. Tayuya was glad she still had someone to talk to while Naruto was away, but that didn't stop the small pang of loneliness from making it's way into her heart.

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