Now comes the moment when things go to hell in a hand basket. Minato, of all people, is pissed and ready to fight on his son's behalf, as is Kushina. But not before Kurama has his say in things.

30: The Flight of Danzo Shimura

The council was, for lack of better words, thunderstruck. Two shinobi that they knew to be dead, and probably more powerful than the Sandaime himself, were standing in the middle of the room. Kushina Uzumaki Namikaze was known village wide for her famous temper and the blood shed that had followed her as a swordswoman. The woman was possibly more imposing then the Godaime, even without her massive Chakra reserves.

Her husband was even more so. Minato Namikaze, once a nothing orphan from Kumo, who rose up to be a proverbial flash of lightning on the battle field after mastering the Nidaime's Hiraishin no Jutsu, and went on to become the Yondaime himself, falling in battle to the monstrous power of the Kyuubi no Kitsune.

Now here they stood, a massive amount of Chakra boiling out from them as their anger rose.

Danzo, for possibly the second time in his life since the Third Ward, was frightened.

Minato glared around the civilian council, his eyes threatening all of them like an electric storm raging. "To think," Minato sneered at them, "that this is what my son has had to deal with since the day he was born...I should have let the Kyuubi destroy everything!"

Naruto was more than shocked at his father's aggression, but on the inside of things, Kurama was laughing away at them. Oh, how I've waited for this day! These fools will burn!

Kurama, enough, Naruto said to the fox, this could get ugly if he really meant that.

And why would he not mean to say such things?Kurama asked, smirking a vicious smile, Not only have most of these fools conspired against you, plotted to murder you, beat you, and hold you back at every turn but they would deny you what you dreamed of...this is owed to you, Kit.

Naruto sighed, keeping his eyes on his father, who was still glaring around the civilians. "I'm sure that you're all wondering how and why I'm alive. If you must know, it was the Kyuubi that brought myself and my wife back!" He roared, much to the shock of everyone save Tsunade. "Using a Jutsu of the great sage, the fox released us from a reanimation Jutsu performed by Orochimaru. You owe a demon the lives of two of them being a kage!"

"How is that even possible," one of the civilians asked, "A monster would never help - "

"Silence!" Naruto shouted, but surprisingly, it wasn't his own voice that he used, but the voice of Kurama himself that came from him. Naruto clapped his hand over his mouth in shock. Everyone turned to the blonde Jinchuuriki in shock, even his own parents looked a little alarmed. What the hell, Kurama!?

I'll tell you what the hell! Let me outta here!

I can't do that!

Not like that you nut! Create a shadow clone, and I'll do the rest! Trust me!

Why do I get the feeling this is gonna be a cluster fuck? Naruto wondered, making the necessary hand signs. Tsunade moved to stop him, but the Jutsu was cast. But instead of a Naruto clone, the creation was...

"Greetings, Ningen," said the red-haired man created by Naruto. Naruto was a little surprised himself.

"Kurama?" Naruto asked aloud.

"Why yes, that would be my name...kit," he grinned as Naruto smiled, then rotated his shoulders, "You don't know how good it feels to stretch my limbs in the fresh air...even in the form of a ningen. "

"Excuse me," Tsunade interupted, "But what the hell is going on here? Who are you?!"

The man that had come from Naruto's Jutsu was taller than he by a least a foot, with hip length hair as red as blood, matched only by his eyes, deep crimson eyes that were slitted like a cats. The grin he sported was augmented by four vicious fangs. His arms, crossed at the moment, hid his hands partially, concealing fingers that sported long, deadly claws.

Kurama smiled, reaching up to scratch his cheek absently, "Well, to answer your first question," he said, jerking the same thumb from his hand at Naruto, "I had the kit here create a shadow clone, allowing me take control of it by flooding it with my chakra...though I'm surprised that none of you have guess as to who I am." He flourished out a low bow, "Allow me to introduce myself...Yoko no Kurama, or, as you call me, Kyuubi no Kitsune." He grinned maliciously at the shocked looks upon the faces of all those around him.

Kurama took a deep breath, "Ah, fear! The most wonderful smell in the world! How I've longed for it!" He laugh loudly, causing Naruto to laugh shakily beside him.

Minato stepped forward, "Why are you even here, Kurama? Don't tell me you plan to defend my son?"

"No," Kurama grinned, "He can do that fairly well on his own, given the help of his mate."

"Oi," Naruto huffed.

"But I am here to defend myself," Kurama said, gesturing to himself, "Monster you call me...demon...beast...all true in many aspects...but I am nothing...nothing compared to ningen." He sneered around at the gathered shinobi and civilian council members. "From the time of my birth, to the time of my first sealing, I have witnessed nothing but the cruelty of humanity. My wife was killed just because she tried to defend me from one of your people that came looking for me as a source of Uchiha!"

Sasuke and Saiga stiffened at the mention of their family name. Clearly the fox held a grudge against them that ran deeper than blood. Knowing well the story of Madara Uchiha's assault on the village and his battle with Hashirama Senju using the Nine-tailed Fox, no one dared make a correction to the fox as he sneered.

"But," Kurama sighed, "I have witnessed some good out of that wretched clan with the cursed eyes. Saiga resembles his ancestor, but shows to be nothing like him. Sasuke...he walks a path of vengeance, and was led astray in a search for power. His friendships and bonds forgotten, a by-product of that abhorrent Juinjutsu of Orochimaru's.

"Both these kits have lost much in their short lives," Kurama relented, giving both boys a look, "One lost his freedom from the time he was a child, and both lost their entire families save for each other." His crimson eyes moved to Naruto, "And now we come to my current vessel, whom you see as my own the Yondaime said, you are all fools!" Kurama roared, shattering the windows and shaking the building to the very foundations. The surge in chakra alone would be felt far across the land, alerting a still traveling Garra to the anger of the fox.

"I've watched for more than a hundred years as my vessels have been treated so differently," he continued, looking down at the blonde with a hint of sadness, "but the kit here has had the worst treatment of the beginning I hated him as much as the next ningen. Then I saw him strive to achieve his goal of becoming shinobi." He glared at the council again, "You fought against him tooth and claw to hold him back from becoming the warrior he wanted to be all because you feared him."

Not one person spoke, fearing the fox, even in human form.

"Now, you stand before him, as he has finally achieve his true dream of becoming the village's next kage, and you would deny him." He looked back at Minato, grinning madly, "I could still destroy the village if you wish? Free of charge?"

Minato, despite himself, smiled back, "As much as I think I would enjoy that, Kurama-san, I think there are some good people in this village as well...even if the rest are filth."

"Oh, so true," said the smiling Bijuu, "Many of these shinobi accepted Naruto after he became a shinobi, though they had to see him fight first, but they have come around...this is a military ruled village, after all."

Tsunade decided that it was time to take back control of the council meeting, "And as a military village, civilians really have no say in the lives of the shinobi we house. As such, whether Naruto becomes my successor or not is the business of the shinobi council, not the civilians." She said, glaring across the room at Danzo. "And it has been brought to my attention of late that there is a traitor among us."

"The first one that blames Naruto-chan is going to be a stain on the floor," Kushina snapped suddenly. Needless to say that no one was going to say anything about her son.

Tsunade almost laughed as she saw some of the civilians looking between the woman and the demon, obviously wondering which would be preferable. She also noticed that Danzo was looking increasingly uncomfortable, whether it be because of the ominous pressure Kurama was putting out, or the fact that Tsunade was about to nail him to the proverbial cross.

"ANBU, please bring in Sai," she said loud enough for her guards to hear. Danzo seemed to relax at this. No doubt he was sure that the curse mark he had in place would prevent his underling from saying anything...or breathing.

A moment later, two ANBU members materialized in the room with Sai between them. They moved past a smirking Naruto, who suddenly whipped around, his palm glowing green, and slammed Sai against the wall.

"Namikaze-sama!" The civilians cried in horror as the boy was released and slumped to the floor. Naruto stepped back and offered his hand to him. Sai offered him a small smile and accepted as he was hauled up.

"The seal is gone now," Sai confirmed, looking at the Hokage, "It is as you suspect, Hokage-sama. Danzo Shimura has been trying to take over the position of Hokage for some time."

The council, the civilians, turned to their leader, stunned. Kurama just grinned across at him, his eyes as feral as a wild animal's. "Oh, goody...snack time."


"So he proposed?" Sakura asked over the table across from the red-haired kunoichi.

Tayuya nodded with a slight blush on her face, "This morning...though he hasn't told anyone else yet, not even his parents...I'm a little worried, think we might be rushing this?" She asked, looking at the girls beside her. Their little group consisted of Sakura, of course, Hinata and Ino. An odd combination from anyone's point of view.

Two clan heiresses in the company of two lower class shinobi, that is.

Not that any of them cared, not even Hinata, who was normally self-conscious of herself in public. Word often reached her father, and the elders. The elders had been putting more and more pressure on him to choose a successor to the clan, which made things difficult for him concerning his daughters.

"Why would you worry, Tayuya-san?" The Hyuuga heiress asked, "N-Naruto is a wonderful person, and you've know him for three years...I think that's plenty of time to know someone for such things."

Ino grinned, "She's right, Tayuya-chan, normally shinobi marry young because there's no guarantee we'll come home from a mission someday." Ino leaned back in her seat, looking up at the ceiling, "Sure, a lot of us are powerful, but still, to live to a ripe old age is neither here or there. Besides," she grinned back at Tayuya, "Can you see yourself with anyone but him?"

"No," Tayuya relented, "But I still feel uneasy about - "


Tayuya nearly jumped out of her skin at the massive explosion that shook the ground. "Wh-what the fuck?!"

"That came from the Hokage mansion!" Sakura yelped, "Tsunade and Naruto were supposed to have a meeting today!"

Tayuya bolted out of the little shop, and ran down the streets to toward the building. She could see a large hole had been blasted out of the front of the tower, and figures could be seen scrambling about around the hole. She poured on the speed as she then saw some of those figures leap from the hole and flee down the street, one of them a orange and blonde blur followed by a red blur close behind it.

Said blurs were then surrounded by others, slowing them down as they engaged in combat. "Shit!" She swore angrily as she recognized Naruto. The other one was a stranger to her as the one in red seemed to be protecting Naruto.

Suddenly the pair were overwhelmed by sheer numbers as more strange shinobi joined in the fray.


"This is so much fun!" Kurama howled gleefully, raking his claws across the throat of the nears ROOT shinobi within reach, "How I've missed the wonders of the hunt!"

Naruto grunted as he drove a kunai into the chest of one shinobi and tossing him down for the next, "Forget about that! Danzo's getting away!"

"Then go!" Kurama laughed loudly, "I'm more than capable of handling these fools on my own!"

"Alright, then!" Naruto smirked at the fox, "Have fun, Fuzzball!" He called before darting down the streets after the fleeing Shimura.

Kurama grinned and turned his attention back to the ROOT members, "Alright then, Ningens...who's first to die?"

Meanwhile Naruto was blazing a trail after the bandaged council member. His gravity seals had already been released, but he couldn't seem to catch the elder, who seemed to be moving slower than he appeared to be...which gave him his answer. Genjutsu.

"Dammit," Naruto crossed his fingers in front of him, focusing his Chakra into dispersing the jutsu, but something was wrong. He couldn't break it! That was impossible. Genjutsu normally didn't work on him unless they were extremely powerful ones, or an Uchiha's...


Danzo smirked as he saw the blonde slowed his pace, having been caught in his Jutsu. His day's as a shinobi may have passed, but he was still powerful enough to hold the blonde demon-child at bay. He turned, having a clear path out of the village through the front gates.

"And where might you be going?" A cold voice sounded behind him. Danzo turned in an almost bored manner as Naruto glared at him, his eyes full of anger. "That Genjutsu you was from the Uchiha clan...where did you learn it?" He demanded.

"I do not think it matters anymore where I learned anything, young one," Danzo said, removing his lame are from his hiori. "What does matter is that I do not plan to rot in the village dungeon for even a moment as you seem to think I will."

"Honestly," Naruto growled, "I'm hoping that'll you'll resist a little more." He clenched his fists, "I have a lot of payback to dish out for what you've put me and Tayuya through!"

Danzo withdrew a kunai from his robes, and breathed a glowing white sheen across the blade, elongating it into a full-length sword, "Then, by all means, Namikaze-sama, come at me!"

Naruto smirked, reaching for a seal he had on his vest, "Kai." Out popped a small wakizashi. "You're not the only one that can use a sword." He focused his Chakra into the blade as he unsheathed it, elongating the blade into a full sword, much like Danzo had.

Danzo nodded, "The samurai technique. I'll admit that I'm impress that they trusted you enough to teach it to you. But you will not best me with that."

"We'll see," Naruto darted in, the sword in his hand raised, slashing down toward Danzo, sending out a crescent wave of Chakra toward him which Danzo blocked with his own blade, slicing through the attack with ease. Naruto kept coming, however, and crashed his blade down on Danzo's. The wind blade against the simple Chakra blade caused a screeching noise that grated on their ears, but Naruto held firm.

He pushed down on Danzo's blade in an attempt to over power him, but the older man was stronger than he thought, and Danzo pushed his blade through Naruto's own. Close as he was, Naruto had no time to use his Hiraishin, Naruto felt the blade of wind carve into his left shoulder. The pain was blinding as the blade went deeper, slicing through bone and muscle alike, and would have severed the arm altogether...had someone not grabbed Naruto by his vest and hauled him back from the attack.

As he hit the ground, a shadow passed by him with a black sphere in their hand, driving it toward the Shimura clan head. A flash of red hair caught his eye as he tried to get his wits back. He saw Danzo leap away as the deadly attack passed through where his midriff had been only moments ago. "T-Tayuya?"

"Who else, Shithead?" Tayuya snapped, glaring at Danzo, "What the fuck is going on?!"

Naruto was about to answer when three ROOT shinobi, beaten, battered and bloody, flashed to Danzo's side. Danzo smiled, "It's seems our duel will have to wait, Namikaze-sama...until next time." And then he was gone.

Naruto sighed, and started swearing like a sailor. His shoulder was on fire, and was bleeding out fast, healing abilities aside, he was in no condition to give chase.

"Damn that son of a bitch to the deepest pits of hell," he growled. Tayuya bent to help him stand.

"What happened between you guys," Tayuya asked, "I thought you'd be better prepared for a fight with him?"

Naruto shook his head, "No, he nearly got everyone...he had more ANBU than we thought."

Moments after Sai's confirmation on Danzo's actions, the Shimura clan head had summoned his personal guards...all of them. The surprise attack had even caught his father unawares as the fight broke out. But Kurama had been able to fight off most of them with sheer brutality in the long run, being joined by Tsunade and Sasuke as Naruto gave chase to the fleeing Shimura.

One thing was certain, though. They weren't through with Danzo quite yet. He would see to that, or else his shoulder would never stop hurting.

And so ends the reign of Danzo in the Leaf Village. Naruto stand injured yet triumphant as the man that has plagued him since his return flees as a Rogue Shinobi. Kurama's appearance before the people of Konoha has cast fear, and respect on many who thought him to be a monster. Now that he has a way of freedom, what mischief will the wily fox cause?