This is not a happy story. This is the story of how the Rebellion began and ended, bringing about a world where children payed for the sins of their fathers and mothers. A world were the Hunger Games brought a horror more terrible than war, as parents were forced to offer up their children as a tribute (or payment) for rebelling.

This is the Prologue/Teaser. The first full chapter will be 13 weeks from now, on November 22, 2013-Catching Fire release day. This is a part of my 13 Weeks of Rebellion.

This may sound like gibberish to you, but I think I'm in a tragedy.

Harold Crick, Stranger than Fiction

Every story has a beginning and an end. Everyone knows that-but sometimes when you're in the story, you don't know what's what. Is this the beginning or the end? Is this a chapter or just a verse? Is this a book written in secret and prohibited for anyone to see? Does any of it really matter? Does anyone care?

At some point, you have to just forget that your life is a story. You have to do what you have to-what you feel is right. Because you want your life to mean something when it ends. You want people to remember that you stood up for what you believed, that you were willing to die for it if that's what it took.

And still, you can't help but think of it as a story and wonder: Is this story going to be a tragedy? Is my story-my life-a cautionary tale?