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Although the morning had started with Martha and Mickey spending time in the TARDIS, their Sunday was surprisingly domestic, especially by their standards. They got a few errands done, did the laundry, and for the first time in a long while Sunday dinner wasn't interrupted by an alien invasion or the threat of complete global destruction. They had just finished their meal and were happily chatting at the table, procrastinating from doing the dishes. After a small lull in the conversation Martha said, " I can't believe he got married!"

Mickey rolled his eyes. This was not the first time his wife had made that same observation that evening. "I can't believe it wasn't Rose," he quickly added, hoping to needle his wife. He didn't get the reaction he was expecting.

Instead of going for the bait Martha looked lost in her thoughts, as if she had almost worked something out. "I can't believe it wasn't Clara." Mickey scuffed. "You're the one who said she was perfect for him," their morning on the TARDIS and the Doctor's new companion had already been a topic of conversation that evening.

"Well yeah I did-"

"And she was good with him. Really good."

"He was a baby."

"Exactly! There was the Doctor, completely helpless and not in control. If he had only been rendered speechless he would have been cranky and squirming, and that's if he was still an adult. Did you see him? He was calm, happy even."

Their conversation was interrupted by the sound of the letterbox opening and something falling onto the mat in the front hall.

"Isn't it late for mail?" Mickey asked.

"And it's a Sunday," Martha laughed, until she realized the implication. The couple quickly exchanged a look and grabbed the nearest weapons. Shoulder to shoulder they cautiously approached the front door, ready for whatever device or creature might await them. Instead they saw a simple envelop, TARDIS blue in colour. Martha bent down and gingerly picked it up. She did a thorough survey of the exterior before carefully opening it. Much to her surprise it was not something threatening, or even something strange, it was simply a letter.

Dear Martha and Mickey,

I've managed to retrieve John and get him back to the TARDIS without too much trouble. He's back to being the Doctor again and, in true Doctor like fashion, he's itching to take this new body for a test drive. As a result, it was a little challenging to convince him to stop by for a visit (he's as stubborn as ever). He promises we'll visit as soon as we can and I promise to make sure we arrive within your lifetime.

Thank you for all of your help. I know there's no way we could have done this without you. And Mickey, you're right, he only travels with the best. Hope to see you both soon.


PS If you're wondering how he turned out...

Martha reached back into the blue envelope and retrieved a Polaroid. In the picture Clara stood next to a tall, young man with shockingly red hair. He wore corduroys, a vibrantly green christmas cardigan, and an 'I Heart New York' t-shirt. "Twelve different lifetime and still no fashion sense," Mickey laughed to himself. "Some things never change."

Martha was smiling too, but she hadn't paid any attention to his clothing. She had focused instead on how happy they looked, at the way the Doctor had turned from the camera at the last second to beam at Clara, and finally, at the very bottom of the frame where she could see they were holding hands. "You're absolutely right," she said, still staring at their interlocked fingers, "some things never do."