Guess who! It is I, OZ THE GREAT AND POWERFUL! But no, seriously, It's me, King of 2211. I'm back and coming to you with a brand new story, which is the first season of the martial arts superhero Dragon! But before we start, I'd just thought I'd thank everyone who had read and reviewed Dragon, I hope to step up my game in this as well! Also for TiPo pairing fans out there, Po and Terri will at some point be friends, then possible love interests, but for now, it's best to leave things as they are for the time being. To fans of Crane and Mei Ling pairings, it'll still happen, but for Mantis and Viper (Markus and Vicky in this story) pairing fans, sorry, but they'll both end up with different love interests. Now with all of this said and done, all OC related things don't belong to DreamWorks, but the whole KFP franchise, plus characters and locations, do. On with the show, enjoy! :)

Pilot Episode: Of Gold and Silver Pt. 1: Introduction

It was a beautiful night in the dazzling metropolis that was Empire City, the largest city in the United States of America, exceeding Manhattan, New York, and located on the West Coast. What really made it famous were the ten seven corporations in the world that were stationed in Uptown: Masters Incorporated, which was owned by the Masters family; Forever Fireworks, which was owned by Chinese-British millionaire, Gary Shen; VEGACORP., which was owned by Greek-American entrepreneur, Shaun Galifanakis; Y-Tech Enterprise, which was owned by Winston Young; Vaugier Industries, which was owned by Canadian-born millionaire, Carolyn Vaugier; Kingston Industries, which was owned by the residential Kingston family; and finally, Wellington International, which was owned by the British American-Wellington family, who were also quite arguably the most powerful family in Empire City.

It was also in this very city that dwelled extraordinary people with abilities one would find in anything fantasy science fiction related. These people were known by the way they used their abilities to protect the innocent and take down any form of injustice, they were superheroes. Among the most known of the heros were the Devil's Paladin, Silver Sentinel, Phoenix, Thunder Bird, Salamander (the folklore one not the species), Gryphon, and the hero team that was the Furious Five which consisted of five members: Iron Tiger, who was the leader; Silver Crane, the only female of the team and second-in-command; Steel Monkey, the comic relief, but dedicated member of the group; Bronze Viper, the serious, yet courageous and passionate member of the group; and Brass Mantis, though a bit of a pragmatist, was the most loyal of the team. Though the most known, as well as the very guardian of Empire City, had to be the one, the only, Dragon.

Dragon himself was the leader of a five-member team of heroes known as the "Fearless Five", which also consisted of Phoenix, Gryphon, Salamander, and Thunder Bird. Yes, this city had many wonders, from restaurants to shopping districts to amusement parks, but that's not where the story begins. The story begins one sunny afternoon, years ago where a slumbering individual would be faced with a tragedy that would haunt him for the rest of his days . . . and would turn the gears that would and bring him closer to his destiny . . .

Flashback 11 Years Ago, 1994

One afternoon, at the Empire City General Hospital, a young seven-year-old panda boy had reentered the hospital after slipping away from the person watching him. He appeared to a bit overweight with the natural black and white fur coloring that every panda had, flat muzzle, small rounded ears, short raven-black hair, small tuft-like tail, and emerald-green eyes. He wore a grey T-shirt the had a large Tao symbol on the front, black short-pants, and brown sandals. It was about time that his parents, both of which worked there, had gotten off, but was delayed as his father had a phone-call. Upon seeing an adult red panda, whom of which the young panda would always mistake for a raccoon, named Shifu had entered the hospital a few minuets after the panda's father. Becoming concerned after seeing what she saw, the panda's mother had another hospital worker watch over her son and told the young panda to wait for his aunt and uncle to arrive. This command was ignored as the panda cub had sensed something was amiss, then snuck away from his chaperone to look for his parents.

The panda snuck around the hospital, until he reached an elevator and pressed a button to take him to the floor his parents worked on. Upon reaching the fourth floor, the panda snuck out of the elevator and walked around till he saw the familiar form of his mother slowly approaching a medical room. She appeared to be in her mid to late-thirties with womanly figure that had the same fur coloring as her son, flat muzzle, small tuft-like tail, small rounded ears, long white hair that was tied back into a ponytail, and jade-green eyes. Her clothing consisted of light green scrubs, which was a standard uniform apart from wearing white lab coats, just like any other hospital clothing. The cub would have run to his mother, if it weren't for the noises he heard from the room she approached. From what the panda was hearing, shouting to be more specific, it sounded as if there were two people arguing. This encouraged the young bear to hide in case he was seen by anyone around as he continued to listen to the sounds of argument. After a few minuets of listening to the shouts and yells, the cub saw, who other to exit the medical room, but Jack Shifu himself.

The red panda appeared to be in his mid to late-thirties, slightly short with a muscular build that had white fur with some brown (with two blotches on his eyes, covered his hands, a rimmed on the outside [and inner] parts of his ears) fur, large rounded ears, slightly pointed muzzle, bushy tail, short reddish-brown hair, equally reddish-brown mustache, and dim-blue eyes. He wore a red long-sleeved plaid sweater, grey jeans that were held by a brown leather belt, and a pair of brown shoes. The cub always heard that this person was a friend of his parents, which he doubted highly since the red panda always seemed to be in a grumpy mood for one reason or another. The cub never liked the red panda and always avoided contact whenever he could, like he was now as he watched him storm down the hall towards the elevators. After making sure no one could see him, the panda cub snuck to the medical room where his parents were, but as he opened the door, he saw that they had their backs to him.

"Mommy? Daddy?" The cub asked innocently.

Upon hearing the voice of their son, both pandas whirled around with looks of horror and surprised on their faces. This confused the cub, but it frightened him even more as his father was a big strong panda; there was so little that ever frightened him. After a few times looking back and forth between their son and what had frightened them, both pandas rushed to their son, but as soon as they reached him, there was a very sudden bright light. The cub could feel himself flying through the air, but before he could process what was happening, hid whole world turned black . . .

End Flashback

The scenery changes to Po as a young panda, who appeared to be the age of eighteen, sat straight up upon waking up with a start in cold sweat from what he was dreaming about, though it seemed to be more of a nightmare to him. He turned on the desk lamp next to his bed, then looked around the room to see he was alone and everything was as it should be. Upon closer inspection of this panda showed that he had a toned build (which was shirtless), with the usual black and white fur coloring that every panda had, long messy shoulder-length raven-black hair, flat muzzle, small rounded ears, and emerald-green eyes. This person was known as Po Ping, and if it wasn't obvious from what was seen, he was a survivor of an explosion. The only clothing he wore were a pair of plaid pajama-pants so that anyone could see his well toned upper-body. He then stood up, put on a black muscle-shirt, then climbed onto the fire-escape that was right outside of his window and sat down with his head low.

"Had that dream again . . . damn . . ." Po murmured to himself as he looked up into the moonlit starry sky.

He remained where he sat for a few more minuets, gazing up at the sky, then went back inside as he remembered he had school in the morning.

"And so started the series of events that turned my once boring life upside down. Oh, sorry, forgot to introduce myself. The name's Po, Po Ping. My story begins years ago when I was a little boy, aside from losing my parents in an explosion as you've just seen. Anyway, growing up for me, pretty much, sucked since I was alway bullied, picked on, teased, and made fun of since I was a little on the chubby side . . . Okay, that was a lie, I was a lot on the chubby side."

Images showed Po when he was a little overweight panda boy being pushed around and laughed at by other children, which made both of his eyes well up with tears of sadness.

"I was always on my own because no one wanted to be friends with a "fat slob" who always ate everything he saw, yeah I'm not a picky eater (though I don't eat meat, though seafood always has my name on it, it's a perk when you're a panda), but that didn't mean I'd eat everything in my sight, I liked to share things. The point was that I felt that I was doomed to be alone for the rest of my miserable existence I called a life with only my parents being the only people who cared about me . . . Well, that how I felt . . . until I met Jeff."

Images change to that of the young panda sitting all by himself on a bench as other kids either only looked at him once and laugh or just plainly ignore him, causing him about to cry. The mood changed when someone sat right next to him, which was a young German shepherd pup. he two looked at each other for a few minuets, then smiled.

"Jeffrey Speakman, or Jeff as he preferred to be called, ironically, he was the son of ECPD Commissioner, Seth Speakman. Despite our different outward appearances, me being chubby (not fat) and he being as fit as little kids are, we became the best of friends and never cared what anyone else thought. The reason Jeff choose to stay my best friend was because I wanted to be his friend because we were both lonely and not just because his father was the Commissioner of the police. It turned out we actually had a lot in common: our folks were friends, we both loved video games, we both loved martial arts (he was a student in Kempo Karate under Sensei Ed Parker Sr.), we both loved the same music, and most above all, we were gigantically huge fans of Dragon."

Images show both Po and Jeff talking to one another, but as the pup admits who his father is, the cub smiles and places a hand on his friend's shoulder. It then shows kids talking about the both of them, but they plainly ignore the gossip, much to the other kid's surprise. The boys are then seen talking about various things, but mostly martial arts and superheroes, more particularly Dragon.

"It was shortly after Jeff and I became friends when I met Laura. The funny thing was that her father was a friend of my "Aunt" Amber and "Uncle" Robert, yet I never met either of them till only a week after I met Jeff. Despite the fact she was a cute girl and I was labeled a "fat slob", we became friends almost in an instant. We became a trio of sorts, then me and Laura were invited to Jeff's birthday a few weeks later. Some kids tried to kick me out, but Jeff caught them and they got into trouble with their parents, not my fault they were jealous on how close me and Jeff were. It had been that same day that I met Cynthia, she was a rich girl, but she was surprisingly nicer than any of the other girls I knew and became the second girl to be a friend of mine. Plus, Jeff had a huge (hard to estimate on how huge it was) crush on her, the main reason he invited her."

Images show of Po and a raccoon girl smiling at him, which surprised the panda greatly since other girls would either look at him with disgust or plainly just ignore him, but smiled in return none-the-less. The scenery changes to Jeff's birthday party where three boys confront Po, but Jeff comes to the rescue with the parents' of the boys. The scenery changes to everyone enjoying pieces of birthday cake and Po finds another girl, a young squirrel, came up to Po and smiled as she held out a "hand of friendship", which he gladly accepted. Next to the panda was a love stricken Jeff, oblivious to his surroundings and anyone or anything in it.

"A few days later, I'd also make two more friends, shocking, I know, but I never questioned good fortune. They looked like they were lonely, so having the same bad experience, I talked to them. It took no time at all that we became friends. Their names were Larry and Andy, like me, they were both shy, but we were good friends. Things started to change when I met Markus and Vicky, the first problem: they were friends of Terri Hue and Mel Tse, second problem: they picked on me too. Man, did Markus and Vicky tell those two off."

The scenery shows Po walking in front of two boys, one ferret and the other a cat, and smile. Images then show of Po smiling at both a young snake girl and marten boy, but frowns as a young tiger girl and monkey boy laugh and point at him. Both snake and marten then comfort the panda and shoot both feline and primate angry glare, then walk away as the two look on in confusion and sadness.

"Those most girls would pass on looking at me, there was one girl who seemed interested . . . Anyway, thing went downhill when Tai Lung came into the picture . . ."

Once scene shows Po and a little coyote girl smiling at each other, then switches to the panda being cornered by a slightly older snow leopard boy.

"He always used me as his personal punching bag and hurt me so much, he would've killed me. Another tragedy to happen to me is when I was walking through the park . . . and saw Vicky . . . with Terri . . . . laughing. What they were talking about was, i don't know . . . and I don't care. I don't need Hue, besides, she's Vicky's best friend. She has her friends and I got mine, Markus being one of them."

The scenery changes to Tai Lung's shadow punching Po's, then changes to the panda walking through the park and spying Vicky laughing with Terri. The young panda appeared to be angered by the apparent betrayal, then storms off before either female could spot him.

"Then, as you can see, I lost my parents when an explosion erupted the room they were in. Jack Shifu was there the day they died . . . That bastard . . . he called himself their friend, but I had (still do by the way) doubts. He had something to do with that explosion . . . I know he did . . . though I can't prove it and though he may not have been the cause . . . he did nothing but shout at my dad . . . I swear, I'll get even with him . . . that bastard . . . that . . . that murderer . . !"

The scene changes to Po's parents (literally) dying to protect their son from death's grip, then shifts to the panda cub scowling at the red panda, who seemed to look on with tears in his eyes.

"I was the taken up by my "Uncle" Robert and "Auntie" Amber, they weren't really my aunt and uncle, they were just really good friends of my parents. At the same time, Laura's father became a new "uncle" to me, and from that point on, I was happy. I was still sad, but my heart was shattered into microscopic pieces."

The scenery changes to a stormy day at a cemetery where Po is seen looking on to the two graves of his parents as three figures approach him from behind. One of the figures placed a hand on the panda's shoulder, causing him to look up with his teary eyes up at the person. The person in question was an adult grizzly bear, who looked down at the panda with tears visible in his eyes as well. Feeling that he could hold back no longer, the panda embraced the grizzly by hugging him around the waist, then sob uncontrollable. The grizzly returned the hug, which was then joined by Laura, an adult male raccoon (Laura's father), and a female adult cougar, all three of which sobbed with both bears.

"Jeff and the others were there, even people I recognized as as parents from other kids, even . . . he was there. I didn't care, I wanted nothing to do with them."

Images show Jeff and the other's paying their respects and comfort Po, who avoided any contact from Vicky, Terri, and Shifu.

"The most heartbreaking time in my life was the day the terrorist group took the whole Wellington International building hostage. I was spending the night at Jeff's place when I saw something on TV that had struck me . . . hard. Needless to say, as soon as I say how Dragon, my only reason for living in the real world, had "died", I lost all faith in living."

The scenery changes to Po and Jeff playing in the German shepherd's apartment when the panda caught the part where Dragon apparently "met his end", devastating him greatly.

"The only thing that kept my head above water was that my parent's, Robert, and Amber had trained me in three different forms of martial arts: Dragon-Style Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Wing Chun, and Jeet Kune Do. Then one day, Robert and Amber said it was time for me to take my training to the next level, which meant I had to leave Empire City for nine years, but it'd been a matter of time that we'd come back and it was just that."

Images show of Po training in a forest of some kind, copying moves from Robert and Amber, and performing different Katas.

"As soon as we returned, I found something out that Robert, of whom became my legal guardian along with Amber, in his study room. It turns out he, the very person who raised me when my parents died, was Dragon all along and I never knew. After taking down a local street gang, I soon found out that the Eternal Ember, an ancient mystical Chinese orb-like artifact that went as far back to the first emperor of China, had chosen me (of all people) to become the next Dragon. At first, I thought that it could've chosen someone better, but as I put more thought on the matter, I realized that the people in this city really needed someone to bring them hope."

The scenery changes to show a now teenage Po stumbling into a secret room and have a golden orb-like object dissipating itself into the panda's hands. After sneaking away from a crime scene, the scenery changes to Robert explaining to Po about the characteristics of the Eternal Ember. The panda then looks out towards Empire City, uncertain at first, but changes to seriousness.

"It's only been a year that I've been Dragon and only very few things have happened, but a lot of Empire City's come to accept me, but I know I can live up to the name Dragon. To all the scum bags that crawl out of the gutter you call an underground, better hope we don't cross paths, because if we do . . . Get ready to feel the thunder!"

The scenery changes to Po in his own Dragon costume, then leap off towards the viewers.

Present Time, 2005

Walking down the streets of Downtown was a young athletic-looking male wolf that appeared to be a Senior student in high school. He had grey fur, short brown hair, pointed muzzle with a black nose, pointed ears, long canid-like tail, and two different colored eyes (the left one being red and the right one being green). He wore a red T-shirt with a yellow lightning bolt on the chest (which meant it was a Shazam/Captain Marvel shirt), dark-blue jeans that were held up by a black leather belt, and a pair of white Nikes. As he was walking along the blare of police sirens caught his attention, then rounded the corner to see police cars surrounding an armored, which appeared to be empty. As he approached the scene, he saw that the police were handling a trio of thugs, who happened to be members of the Skullz gang; one of the four dangerous street gangs in Empire City.

The thugs were a hedgehog, an armadillo, and a buzzard, all three of which appeared to be in their lat-thirties and had nearly shaven/bald heads and wore grey T-shirts, black leather jackets with red skull logos on the back, black leather jeans that were held up by brown leather belts, and black boots. The hedgehog was five feet tall with a lanky build that had peached fur, salt and peppered colored quills long fleshy tail, slightly pointed muzzle with a black nose, small rounded ears, and pink eyes. The armadillo was slightly taller with a chubby build that had grey armored skin, pointed ears and muzzle with a brown nose, long grey armored tail, and red eyes. Finally, the buzzard appeared to be at a height between both hedgehog and armadillo with a lanky build that had brown feathers with white spots, short brown tail-feathers that also had white spots, rust colored beak with a black tip, and reddish-brown eyes.

As a crowd gathered to watch the cops handling the three Skullz, something to the right of the crime scene caught the wolf's attention. As he looked, he saw that another Skullz member, a pangolin from what could be seen from anywhere. He was a good six feet tall with a muscular build that had yellow armored skin, long armored tail, pointed muzzle with a pink nose, short pointed ears, and amber-colored eyes. He wore tee same thing as the other Skulls, only he wore a black T-shirt opposed to the grey ones the others wore, meaning he was of a higher rank. It was in the pangolin's hand that caught the canine's attention as the Skullz member held a grey-steel briefcase, which was obviously stolen from the armored truck.

"Hey, stop!" The wolf shouted as he rushed at the Skullz member.

Upon realizing he was caught, the pangolin made a mad-dash for it and continued on towards an abandoned looking building, with the canine hot on his trail. As they both entered the building, the wolf jumped at the pangolin to the ground, and proceeded to wrestle with him. The canine jumped to his feet just as the pangolin tried to hit the canine with the briefcase he held, which barely missed its mark more than once. Unbeknownst to the two, one of the swings smashed into a power conduit, causing an old type of laser to activate. The wolf and pangolin remain oblivious to what was happening as they were too focused on each other and try to take the other down.

"You wan a brawl punk, well you got one!" The pangolin shouted, throwing another swing with the briefcase. "Hold still!"

"Make me!" The wolf snarled in response.

The pangolin swung once more, but missed once again, only this time the locks were broken off and could not keep the briefcase closed. The pangolin swung again, causing bars of gold from the case to fly at the wolf, who could do nothing but shield himself as the gold bars crashed into him. The canine staggered back, into that path of the laser beam, along with the gold bars.


A barrage of pain pierced through the canine's body as the gold bars started to held with his very being, causing him to scream out in agony. The pangolin could only watch in shock as a field of energy started to surround the now levitated young wolf and encase his body in a bright golden light. It was then that a surge of energy swept throughout the entire building, throwing the Skullz member to fly and slam into a far wall. As the light died down and energy dissipated, the wolf slowly descended to the ground, but then fell with a hard thud. Struggle as he may with all of his might, what just happened was starting to take its toll on him, and his whole world went black . . .

And there, dear viewers, is the start of a kickass fanfic from your lovable, though fictitious, king. Though I do hope this intro is good enough to appease. Things will go down, decisions will be made, choices will be decided; think you're all ready for the thunder? Because if you are, then LET'S ROCK! The bummer is that Summer is over and school is starting back up, which means there'll be lots of homework, but I shall not allow this to deter my determination! I shall conquer this story, I started it and, as God Almighty as my eternal witness, I shall finish it and see it towards the end! Well, with all that cleared up, till the next time we meet, this is King of 2211, signing off.

Here's a revised bio for Po:

Name: Dragon (II)

Real Name: Po Ping-Glover

Species: Giant (not literally)

Age: 18

Date of Birth: August 28, 1987

Occupation: High School student

Status: Single; alive

Residence: Downtown, Empire City, Seattle

Gender: Male


Chubby (as a child); toned body (currently); black and white fur, long raven-black hair, and emerald-green eyes.


(As a child) Shy, low self-esteem, fearful, closed up; (currently) optimistic, easygoing, playful, strong-willed, brave, fearless (with the exception of Amber in her "rage mode"), Serious when needed, altruistic, sociable, friendly, adventurous, imaginative, comedic, bit of a goofball, carefree, and hard-working.

Friends and Family:

Fred (Fa Wai) Ping (father, deceased)

Yu Ping (mother, deceased)

Ti Weng (panther, adoptive grandfather)

Robert Glover (grizzly bear, former pseudo-uncle, adoptive father)

Amber Longriver-Glover (cougar, former pseudo-aunt, adoptive mother)

Ian Markson (raccoon, pseudo-uncle)

Laura Markson (raccoon, best friend, pseudo-cousin)

Jeffery "Jeff" Speakman (German shepherd, best friend)

Cynthia Takeda (Japanese squirrel, best friend)

Lawrence "Larry" Windsor (ferret, best friend)

Andrew "Andy" Felideas (half-lion cat, best friend)

Master Dakila Bayani (mentor)

Master Jack Shifu (red panda, hated person, soon-to-be friend)

Teresa "Terri" Hue (Chinese tiger, hated person, soon-to-be friend)

Calvin Kwan (crane, soon-to-be friend)

Mel Tse (monkey, soon-to-be friend)

Victoria "Vicky" Luse (snake, former friend, soon-to-be friend)

Mei Ling Toh (mountain cat, soon-to-be friend)

And many more.


Practicing martial arts, Parkour, spending time with friends and family, patrolling Empire City, cooking, baking, playing the guitar, Parkour, watching TV and movies.


His family, his friends, the memory of his parents (especially if it's seafood), good food, heroes, Storm-Jutsu, Bruce Lee movies, helping out, seeing people happy, action and comedy media, and living up to the name of Dragon.


Villains, Tai Lung, the true identities of the new Furious Five (for now), Shifu (for now), self-righteous people, Silver Phantom (at first), cruelty, bullies, seeing people sad or hurt (especially if they're his loved ones), bad movies, horrible food, and the memory on how his parents died.


Po was born and raised in Empire City to a loving parents, Fred (formerly known as Fa Wai) and Yu Ping and would enjoy whenever his "aunt" Amber and "uncle" Robert would visit. Though he was bullied for being a chubby kid when he was little, he had managed to befriend a few kids his age such as: a German shepherd named Jeff Speakman, the son of Police Commissioner Seth Speakman (another one of Empire City's defenders [in law enforcement]); Cynthia Takeda, a socially friendly squirrel; Larry Windsor, a ferret who was as equally bullied for being a brainiac; Laura Markson, a raccoon girl who loved music and appreciated the old classics; Andy Felideas, a shy part lion cat who loved art; Markus Tang, a marten who was short for his age, but made up with loyalty; and Vicky Luse, a snake girl who was kind-hearted, but wasn't afraid to punch anyone if they made any bad remarks about her friends and family. Despite the fact that they were both different in many ways, Po and Jeff were the best of friends and never cared about what others had thought. There were some complications as both Markus and Vicky were friends with a tiger girl named Terri Hue and a primate named Mel Tse, both of which teased and made fun of Po, causing both snake and marten to ignore them both. Another thing to know about Po was that he was a huge fan of the superheroes of Empire City, the most particular being the very guardian of the city, Dragon. The first tragedy the panda would face was when he was seven-years-old as both of his parents died in an explosion at the hospital. How the explosion happened remains a mystery to this day, but upon seeing Jack Shifu leaving the hospital after arguing with his father, Po blamed the death of his parents on the red panda. He was then taken in by Robert and Amber, who became something as a second pair of parents and raised him the best they could. The second tragedy would happen when a local bully, a snow leopard boy named Tai Lung, would beat him to a bloody pulp, then left him without caring, though it was fortunate Cynthia found him. The panda also remembered Terri being present, but did nothing to help him, which led him to hate both felines as much as Shifu and even more so when he found out they were his adopted children. The third was when he was in the park and saw Vicky and Terri together, laughing as if they were good friends, which caused him to misunderstand that they were laughing at him. Angry by the apparent betrayal, Po decided that he and Vicky were friends no more and plainly ignored her entire existence. The fourth and most heartbreaking thing to happen to the panda would be the apparent "death" of Dragon, which made the young boy began to doubt all life as it was. Upon turning nine-years-old, Robert and Amber took Po, who was skilled enough to defend himself by that time, took Po to train in an unspecific location in martial arts. After nine years of training, Po returned to Empire City and at the same time, found out a very interesting secret about Robert . . .

Costume Description:

Silver bodysuit with a golden Chinese dragon on the chest, Chinese character for "Dragon" on his back red crack-like markings all over the body and legs that lead into the inside and finger tips of his gloves. Red boots, silver mask with golden dragon head-like design in the front that has red one-way lenses with gold lining.

Powers and Abilities:

From the Eternal Ember: enchanted senses (which also includes the Dragon Sense), strength, speed, agility, and acrobatics. Pyrokenesis: Flame bullets, flame manipulation, heat manipulation, heat and fire resistant (no matter how hot it gets), Dragon Vision, Dragon Breath.

Weapons and Equipment:

Utility belt (like Batman's), Nunchucks, Eskrima sticks (which he can combine with his Nunchucks to create a makeshift three-section staff) collapsible Bo staff, and hidden rope-dart.


The Dragon-cycle, a Honda ST 1300; with the power of the Eternal Ember, it can transform into a more dragon-like motorcycle that resembles a gold-colored dragon's head. It can ride on any surface (emphasis on any), fire flames in both the front and back, and can also fly.


Martial arts (such as Jeet Kune Do, Wing Chun, Eskrima, Dragon-style Kung Fu, and Tai Chi), Parkour, breakdancing, and excellent knowledge of cooking.

Affiliations: Good

Voiced by: Richard Ian Cox