Hey-o, everybody! Now I know what you guys are thinking, "When is the next chapter of Dragon going to be updated?", I promise I'll try to update more often, but I ask is that you all be patient. I have a job on the weekends and an internship until June, which means I'm constantly busy. It's so I can find an ideal job for myself, anyone reading whose 21 or older might understand. Anyway, after four parts of one episode, there'll be an Interlude, hosted by the most popular DJ in Empire City; Drae Gan. So, without further ado; keep those cameras rolling!

Interlude One: Tale of the Eternal Ember, Introducing DJ Drae Gan!

"Yo, yo, yo! What up, peeps? This Empire City's favorite radio station, 95.7! And your favorite DJ, Drae Gan; coming to you live from the Empire Tower! Today, man, do I have a story for you!"

Outside showed a large building that was al least forty feet smaller than the Wellington International building the two capitalized letter, an E and a T, in bright, neon-red colors. The scenery changes and shows that it was a white-colored recording room of some sort on the inside, confirming that the area was a sort of recording studio. This building was known as Empire Towers; the best radio station in all Washington State. Sitting on behind a desk with a microphone thirteen inches in front of his mouth was a young male coyote in his mid-twenties. He had a slim but nicely toned body that had grayish-brown-colored, pointed ears and muzzle, flat black nose, canid tail, short raven-black hair with red highlights, and red eyes. He wore a black short-sleeved T-shirt that had the radio channel's logo on the chest with a white long-sleeved shirt beneath, headphones around his neck, a baseball cap in reverse that had the local team's logo on in, dark blue jeans that were held up by a black leather belt, and Black Nikes with white socks. This person was known as Dre Gallagher, or as mentioned before, Drae Gan; the most popular DJ in all of Empire City.

"So let's recap: Po had been Dragon for one year and some crazy hive n' jives have been goin' down!"

A small box appears to Drae Gan's right as it shows images of the current Dragon fighting off various thugs from the four gangs, then changes to Dragon with his powers and weapons. The images change to Po spending Tim with his friends and family as they all converse and laugh about their daily lives.

"Then we got two knew heroes: Golden Wolf and Silver Angel, two dudes that shine like the sun and stars!"

Images now show both GW and SA (separately) fighting off common street thugs as well as using their respective powers and weaponry; a rather amusing sight as far as the eye could see. The images shift to the form of Alan Baxter driving around in a Toyota with Julius in the passenger seat, while Danny is seen walking around the park besides the vixen form of Tina; both groups seemingly going towards the same sweets shop that was marked "SideKick Sweets".

"Hold up! Rewind! Man, I'm really out of it, 'cause I almost forgot about Empire Coty's own "Fly Guy" himself; Silver Crane! Wouldn't mind gettin' to know the "Fly Girl" though . . . And, oh mama, does daddy get a lot of sugar, hon-ay!"

Images change one again to show the current Silver Crane, flying around as well as combating street thugs and gang members with his trusty Tessen, then change to Calvin and Mei ling making out. After a few minuets of kissing the couple looked at each other lovingly, then made their way to the same sweets/pastry shop as the two other heroes.

"You know, believe it or not, both Dragon and the Furious Five've been around since the first emperor of ancient China, long, long ago . . ."

"Back in the time of the Qin Dynasty, when myth and legend ruled the country along with the mystical art of Kung Fu, one such legend is that of Shenlong; the King of the Dragons."

Images show of many warrior practicing katas in various forms of Kung Fu as well as sparring with each other; some were Shaolin monks, some were bandits and raiders, and some were even men in heavy armor. The scenery changes to a dark, cloud-filled sky above a magnificent palace, when suddenly light began to flash, but it wasn't due to thunder or lightning. It was at that very moment that the clouds parted to reveal a magnificent form of a giant Chinese dragon that was covered in a bright golden aura as it snaked its way across the sky.

"One day, while searching for someone who was worthy of being bestowed the Long De Liwu (Gift of Dragons), a power said to grant any mortal unimaginable abilities, Shenlong came across a young mortal man by the name of Qin Shi Huang. From what the King of Dragons could see, Huang was honorable, fearless, determined, kind, and a devoted leader; this inspired those around him to defend themselves should they encounter any evil. It would be at that exact moment that Shenlong decided that his life long journey had come to an end . . . and finally, he had found the one he was searching for."

The scenery changes to a shadowy figure of Huang, who was surround by countless civilians, some of which were bowing to show that they respected him and praised his leadership. Huang was then seen atop a large mountainside that overlooked a small village below the cliffs, then turned around as if he sensed that someone or some-thing was approaching from behind. It was at that moment that clouds began to surround the mountain, causing Huang to look around; not noticing the form of Shenlong snaking his way to where he stood. It was then that Huang whipped around in time to witness Shenlong fully emerge from the clouds and let out a fiercely loud roar, then looked upon Huang. The mortal in question merely stood his ground as if he weren't afraid of the dragon's appearance as most would be, then after a few minuets of observing the mortal, Shenlong breathed out his fire, which quickly became a Yin Yang-like orb.

"Vowing to use the very gift he received to protect and serve the innocent in any way that he could, Huang bid Shenlong farewell as the Dragon King returned to his domain in the Heavens above . . ."

The dragon then soared into the night, then after a bright golden flash, Shenlong had disappeared.

"It was when Huang returned to the village where he lived that he began using his new-found powers against those who would try to harm or evil to the innocent. It wouldn't be long that Huang would become the first emperor of China, his biggest achievement being the Great Wall. After years of using the Gift of the Dragon, Huang realized that he couldn't keep up the fight and decided to that a tournament would be held to find a worthy successor."

Images show of Huang using the Gift of Dragons' power against mortal and demon alike as well as fighting off bandits and raiders with his skills in Kung Fu. The scenery changes to a now elderly Huang over looking a massive field that was filled with countless fighters, both men and woman, then gestured for the tournament to begin.

"After months of warriors trading blows, breaking bones, and countless wounded, one warrior remained standing and was the victor of the tournament. This warrior would be known as the greatest master of Kung Fu and defender of justice in all of China; Oogway."

The scenery changes to the countless defeated warriors picking them as a large shadow covered them and as they looked up to see who it was, they were surprised to see how majestic the person was. Overlooking the area was a young male tortoise who appeared to be in his mid-twenties with a toned body that had lime-green scales, bald head with six dots on his forehead, medium-sized tail, bronze shell, beak-like mouth, and lime-green eyes. He wore clothing that gave him the appearance of a Shaolin monk as he wore an orange baggy long-sleeved shirt that only covered the right side of his torso (with a diagonal line in the middle, leaving his left side and some of his chest exposed), equally baggy orange pants, black sash, black shoes with white stockings that had black lines, and payer beads that were slung from his left shoulder his right arm. This person, as mention, was Oogway as the tortoise performed a form of Shaolin, then struck a pose for those to admire.

"It would take a few more years of training and gaining five apprentices of his own, Oogway was then given an orb that Huang created with the Gift of Dragons as well as his Yingxiong De Ni (Hero's Chi). This orb would grant it's chosen wielder the power of Shenlong and much more; this artifact would be know as the Yongsheng Ren (Eternal Ember)."

Images show of the slightly older Oogway, along with his five students, bow before the now much older Huang as he performs a kata, his hands glowing gold and silver. It was then that a Yin Yang symbol appeared as Huang cupped his hands, then as he opened them, a bright golden orb appeared before the tortoise.

"Oogway would from that point on become as one of the greatest heroes that came from China and a legend of Chinese Martial Arts; Long Zhanshi (the Dragon Warrior). As years went by, the Eternal Ember would choose wielder upon wielder, each known for their different ways of life; some included: the pastry chef Fu Tu Er; the co-founder of the Chin Woo Association, Huo Yuanjia; the mysterious stranger of midnight. Chao Sie; Martial Arts superstar and creator of Jeet Kune Do (JKD for short), Lee Jun Fan, or Bruce Lee as he was widely known; and the first non-Chinese to be fully chosen; Robert Glover. Though each wielder held a different name to fit the way they used the Eternal Ember, the name would be forever known as the defender and guardian of Empire City himself; Dragon."

Images show of Oogway absorbing the Eternal Ember, then donning gold Chinese armor that was constructed with his Chi energy as he struck a pose with a long staff. The scenery and images change from person to person and time period to time period as the different wielders flashed, each striking a pose. The first was of a rabbit wearing an apron and making sweet cakes, then donning a red and gold outfit with a Jian (Chinese long sword) in hand. The second showed of a badger wearing white robes, then donning a silvery suit of armor as he stared down a group of Japanese soldiers. The third image showed a monitor lizard who was water a rose-bush with a smile on his face, then donning a completely red outfit as he performed Dragon Kung Fu. The fourth image showed of a young, early thirties stallion flailing two pairs of Nunchaku, then donning a completely golden outfit, albeit shirtless, as he ran and jump sidekicked towards men with guns. Finally, the last image shows of a young adult grizzly bear performing the Siu Lim Tao (Little Idea) form of Wing Chun (of which Jeet Kune Do was born from), then donning a multi-colored suit as he perched atop a gargoyle and observed the grounds below . . .

"And that's how it all began with Dragon! Now, a lot of you must be brainstorming "How does this guy know so much the people behind the mask?" . . . well . . . Let put it this way."

The coyote took off his cap and shades, stood up, then looked towards the audience with the most serious look on face that it'd be hard to think of his go-happy attitude moments ago.

"There are things that're not too dangerous to say out loud, but words could sometimes have power behind them. I know, actions speak louder than words, be believe me you . . ."

The DJ looks around, almost as if making sure that there was no one around to see or hear what he was telling the audience. After a few minuets of inspecting his environment, Drae Gan looked back towards the audience as he leaned forward a bit. Needless to say in the least, this was very suspicious behavior,even for a radio DJ.

"Something big is going down soon and Dragon will need to be ready to face what comes next . . . Physically and mentally . . . ."

After a few minuets of looking at the audience with serious eyes, the canine broke out into a grin, pulled his shades back on, then plopped back into his chair and returned to his fun-loving self.

"Well, that's all the time we have. I'm Drae Gan and this has been Station 95.7, drink some hot chocolate! Peace I'm out!"

Dragon Techniques:

Huoyan Zidan (Flame Bullets):

One of Dragon's commonly used techniques that allows the wielder of the Eternal Ember to channel their Chi energy into the palms of their hands or tips of their index fingers

Huoyan Chong (Blaze Punch):

A much stronger technique that allows the wielder to channel their Chi energy into their fists.

Long Mo Zu Ti (Dragon Inferno Kick):

Dragon's signature kick and most powerful of his techniques

Silver Crane Techniques:

Qizhongji De Feixing (Flight of the Crane):

As the name implies, the wielder of the Crane Animal Amulet is granted the ability of flight.

Qizhongji Sanchong Weixie (Crane Triple Threat):

A recently made technique by Calvin Kwan, which allows the wielder to use both Silver Fans and the Silver Hat as projectiles to a nearby enemy.

Combined Techniques, Dragon Crane-Style:

Tongyi (Unity):

A techniques that allows the wielder of the Eternal to bond to a wielder of an Animal Amulet and use hybrid techniques, but be forewarned: Tongyi takes up a lot of Chi energy.

Long He Jufeng Dahuo (Dragon Crane Hurricane Blaze):

A technique that can create a tornado made out of ember, which could only be accessed when the wielder of the Eternal Ember is merged with the wielder of the Crane Animal Amulet and use the Dragon-Crane EskriSen (Eskrima/Tessen).

Long He Diyu Ti (Dragon Crane Inferno Kick):

A technique that can only be used when the wielder of the Eternal Ember and Crane Animal Amulet are merged, which allows the merged wielders to channel their Chi energy into a flaming Crane Kick.

Long He Huojian Ti (Dragon Crane Rocket Kick):

A technique that can be used when both wielders of the Eternal Ember and Crane Animal Amulet are individual and channel their Chi energy to perform two kicks simultaneously.

Next Episode: Colors of the Rainbow

So there you have it, the first Interlude of the first episode, bad news: Silver Crane won't be getting a bio until all five members of the Current Furious Five have debuted. also, for those who are interested, I'm making two other fics to co inside with the characters, one is called "Civilian Files" and the other is called "Villain Database", hope everyone could check them out. For those who are curious, I got the idea of Fu from a mockbuster of KFP called "Legend of a Kung Fu Rabbit". And I bet no one expected Bruce Lee to be a wielder, eh, am I right? Well, till the next time I update, this King of 2211, signing off.