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"What do you mean, Mike's gone?" Charlie yelled. "Get him back!"

"I've been contacting my contacts in the organization. They know that the cops have been moving in on them. Clarke is buying up all the boys. I'm getting another boy, I guess. Mike - I don't know where they - Charlie, check the ankle tracker."

Charlie checked the map. "It says he's in a safe house a couple blocks from here - should I get a swat team?"

"Yeah. It's possible they've taken it off of him, but we might get a lead anyway. I'm going to launch a raid."

"Good. Get that out ASAP, we might get someone."

Paige stepped out of the car and Charlie turned to Briggs, her arms crossed. "So. What happened?"

"I got here early. He got here early, too. I tried to stall the deal as long as I could, but he insisted on walking off with Mike, and by insisted I mean he probably would have had killed me if not I gave Mike too him - I don't know. Stupid, stupid, rookie mistake."

"And now," Charlie said, "We've lost an agent."

"Mike is a damn good agent, Charlie-"

"Yeah, and you just sold him out to the bad guy for $25 grand you won't even get to see."

"Charlie, I-"

"I know cover is important but for pete's sake, Briggs! You sold him out."

"What was I supposed to do? Get shot?"

"I don't know, you could have done something!"

"Raid is on the way," Paige said, interrupting the two with a Look. "I hope they aren't too late."

Matt had made the mistake of leaving Mike unattended, and alone in a room with a window. Mike was determined not to sit idly by. He knew what Matt could do; had witnessed it. Quite frankly, he was more scared of Matt than of Bello.

The room had a small window in it, but Mike was skinny enough he was pretty sure he could fit through. The problem was the window was rusty, and was painted shut. Mike was going to have a heck of a time getting out of here.

Did he mention, too, that he was worried about Johnny? Clarke had finally let Johnny down from the rafters, or whatever the heck he'd been hanging on, but the poor guy was not in good shape. Mike knew they probably wouldn't be able to escape together, but one of them needed to get out of there.

He didn't want to leave Johnny there, but he knew he might have no choice. At least he could get the location building number and call the cops at the nearest pay phone.

Mike looked at the window again in dismay. So. Much. Paint. And the only thing he'd found to scrape it was some sort of short fork. that had been left in the bathroom. He couldn't even use the pin to fork the door-he'd tried. At least the fork was metal. He'd even tried to break through the window with the fork, but he had no such luck doing that.

He quickly hid the fork under Matt's bed as the door opened. "M-Matt," he said.

"Levi, Levi, Levi," Matt smiled as he looked at Mike. Mike tried to assess whether or not Matt was going to do anything and failed. He had no idea that Matt would toy with him for awhile before trying anything. "How are you feeling?" He questioned, locking the door and walking towards the bed.

"I hate you."

"That's not nice," Matt tisked as he sat on the bed.

Mike picked the furthest wall to stand against as Matt adjusted the blankets. He tried to remember his training - anything that would help get him out of here. He just felt so much like his Levi character: scared and terrified. He tried to brace himself. He was an FBI agent. Top of his class. He'd get through whatever Matt could throw at him.

Or at least, so he hoped.

Johnny groaned as he banged against the trunk. He was being transported, and non-too-comfortably, he might add, in the trunk of the car. Luckily, they'd left the handcuffs off. He'd taken at least one of the tail lights out, and had his foot out of that, so that way someone would hopefully notice that. He was busy working on getting the trunk lid open when he felt the car slam to a sudden stop.

Within seconds, a police officer was standing over the then-open trunk, and Johnny nearly passed out in relief. He was found.

Now the team just needed to find Mike...

"Okay," Briggs said. "I know, Clarke. But come on. Why are you hiding all of the boys?"

"I'm hiding all of the boys because those are Bello's instructions," Clarke responded. "You are welcome to call Bello and discuss this. If Bello decides you should know then let me know. Otherwise, the location is hidden. Is your new boy not satisfactory?"

"You haven't given me a new boy!" Briggs said in frustration. "I was hoping I could go there and pick one out, or - I don't know, something."

"Ah, I see..." Clarke smiled. "I'm sorry. But I remain firm. Talk to Bello."

"Fine!" Briggs hung up and nearly threw down the phone in disgust, before he took a breath and called Bello. "Bello, it's Braxton."

"Braxton, Braxton! How are you doing?"

"I'm doing fairly good, although I must say, I feel let down. As a business partner, I feel you're keeping secrets from me."

"Oh, dear me. We can't have that. Is this in regards to young Levi?"

"Yes. I haven't been given another boy yet. The only reason I parted with Levi for twenty-five grand was because I was assured it was temporary, and that I'd obtain another boy for my troubles."

"Yes, yes. I have another boy who I believe will be fitting. I can meet you tomorrow?"

"What time?"

"Eight o'clock. I have a few different ones; how about I e-mail you some pictures?"

"Great, lovely. And what of Levi?"

"Levi is temporarily in Matt's care. While you were doing an excellent job of controlling him, Clarke thought it would be beneficial for someone to truly break him."

Of course he did, Briggs thought as he ran his hand through his hair. "And what about me, your partner? Do I get a say in this?"

"Of course you do. But I really need Matt to have Levi for awhile; he's been begging for the kid."

That's not good. "I... see. So, my new boy?"

"Yes. Let's set up a time and a place, shall we?"

Briggs walked over to Charlie and Paige, who were frantically working around and trying to get Mike out of - well, wherever he was. The tracker had been tracked to a dumping site. It had been found, away from Mike... of course. "Well, I'm apparently getting a new boy," Briggs said as he ran his hand through his hair.

"When and where?" Charlie said.

Briggs relayed the information, feeling more in control than before. "So you're going to do a bust, I trust?"

"Yup. And we'll be there early. The boy won't be Mike, but there should be information we can get," Charlie responded.

"That's good."

Mike hid the fork as Matt came into the room. He was making progress, determined to get out of here before something else happened. This wasn't going to end him.

Whatever Matt put him through, he'd be a better person for it.

Yeah, right. He may as well admit he was worried.

A sudden idea hit him, and he smiled evilly. Clarke thought he was going to roll over, and play his roll? Clarke thought wrong.

"Hey, Matt," he said, standing up and stretching casually.

As if scared by the sudden change in Mike's demeanor, Matt paused. "Levi?"

"I need to tell you something."

Matt froze.

"I need to tell you that I'm a federal agent. With the FBI."

"W-what? You can't be."

"And I need to tell you that we're going to get out of here, together."

And then I'm going to bust your ass and land you in jail.