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The Hogwart's Express


Draco quickly readjusted to life at home during his few days there. He easily got into the routine of meeting his mother in the garden room at 9am for breakfast each morning. After, he would entertain whichever friend or friends staying in the many guest suites of the Manor. Usually it was Blaise or Theodore, but Pansy stayed over on the last day as well. Usually, the guys would play quidditch to pass the time. They would take turns switching positions, with one person playing keeper, and two playing chasers. The two chasers were opposing and the keeper was neutral.

There was a vicious thunder storm the day Pansy stayed over. It was her luck the boys would be forced to stay inside with her. Pansy and Draco's mother planned a formal tea party in the drawing room. Pansy picked out the formal robes the boys would wear, and told Theodore he had to take Blaise as a date since Draco was taking Pansy. As expected, the boys turned five shades of red and stepped a little farther away from each other. Draco thought it surreal to see his friends so young. He had become a good actor, so they didn't suspect he was any different than they'd always known him.

The elves would usually have a small snack prepared on the patio around 10:30am. At noon, Draco and his friends would meet with a tutor in the library. The tutor was famous among Pureblood families, and would serve only them. He was the same tutor who visited Pansy, Blaise, Theodore, and Crabbe and Goyle's homes at different hours of the day. They would all each lunch with the tutor in the library and study for hours. They were learning dead languages. The tutor said they were used in the most complex of spells; but Draco happened to know some of the languages they'd covered were specifically reserved for dark curses.

After the library, they had to go get showered and dressed for dinner. Pansy naturally took the longest to get ready. The boys took about an hour to look presentable, and then gathered in Draco's room. They usually passed time talking about what Slytherin would be like. Draco could remember how excited he had been at eleven. He didn't want to tell them it wasn't all it was cracked up to be.

His friends were similar to him in the sense they'd never had to do anything for themselves. House elves were always there to pick up after them and bring them food. Once they got to Hogwarts, they'd be cleaning up after themselves, responsible for their own homework because there'd be no tutor to force them to do it, and getting their own food from a buffet that crowded their eating space. Not to mention all the other people who lacked the class and discipline they had. Draco, of course, would be fine because he knew what to expect, but he was not looking forward to Pansy's mental breakdown approximately one week after arrival.

Formal dinner was held each night at 6pm in the dining hall. Draco, his mother, his father, guests of the manor, and various colleagues of his father attended. The dining hall was magnificent, and could easily feed an entire house from Hogwarts. Draco's father sat at the far end of the table with his colleagues, who were usually either Crabbe or Goyle's fathers. Draco couldn't help but sneer at certain Death Eaters, such as Crabbe. Draco wasn't exactly innocent himself, but he only did what was necessary for his and his family's survivals. He didn't enjoy inflicting torture and pain upon the innocent. Crabbe did; Draco had witnessed it many times.

As a result, Draco would try to drag his friends to the farthest corner of the dining hall, and keep distance between himself and the Death Eaters. He supposed they weren't technically Death Eaters at the time; but he was sure they had been in the future, and suspected they had been in the first war. His mother would switch between sitting with him and sitting with his father. Draco supposed she didn't want either to feel she was showing favor or preference.

Dinner was a rather quiet affair. The men would often speak in hushed tones. Draco's friends would occasionally mutter something or make a random comment. His mother was always silent. When all the courses of the meal had been served, and everyone was full, the house elves would clear everything away. Draco's friends were forced to go to their wings by his mother. Since they couldn't do magic and the rooms were so far apart, it was useless to try to disobey her or go behind her back. His mother would retire to her parlor and read. His father and whoever was with him would venture to the billiards and discuss business over firewhiskey and cue games.

The evening was the only time of the day Draco had to himself. He usually found himself reading a book he had snuck from his father's section of the library. His father's corner of the library was the equivalent of the restricted section of Hogwarts, so he had to disillusion himself, and be very careful getting the book. In his favor, nobody would ever expect him to be able to perform that kind of magic at his 'age.' He hadn't been entirely sure what he was looking for, just anything on time travel. He'd found one book simply titled Time, however, he had yet to find anything similar to what Granger had explained to him.

He hadn't actually spoken to her again since his first night back. He'd been in shock when she told him they were not only permanently stuck in the past with memories of the future, but bonded together by soul to the earth. He then became angry, because he felt it was entirely her fault he was in the situation at all. When he'd had time to think later that night, he realized it was his hair that brought him back. That is what puzzled him most. He also realized he had many other questions to ask her, so he made sure she knew he would be asking the next time they met, which would be on the train.

On September 1st, Draco slept as late as he could before climbing out of bed and into the shower. He had packed his trunk the night before, so all he had to do was look presentable and get some breakfast in his stomach.

After changing into his black slacks and black shirt, he made his way down to the garden room for breakfast. His friends always took breakfast in their rooms. When he arrived, his mother was in her usual seat. As expected, his father wasn't in attendance.

He inquired about his friends as he sat down, "Are the others awake, Mother?"

She took a light sip of tea and sat the cup back on its saucer before replying, "Yes, darling, though I suspect they shall depart home before we leave."

"Why?" he asked in a slightly raised voice, making her jump slightly. His friends always went to the train with him.

She eyed him as though he'd grown a second head, "You surely wouldn't expect their parents to not see them off, when it is their first year?"

He mentally smacked himself, he wasn't a morning person. He covered, "Naturally, I'm simply upset they hadn't told me."

She nodded and added two teaspoons of sugar to her tea and stirred it. "I'm sure in the excitement of Hogwarts, they merely didn't think it an important issue to voice."

"I'm sure," he agreed.

She paused for a moment. "I'm glad you've stopped showing favor to Durmstrang. I believe your father has finally given up on the idea."

He smirked, "I'd rather be with my friends."

She reached over and patted his hand, "And I'd rather you be close to home."

He wasn't a terribly mushy person, so he smiled lovingly before removing his hand to reach for some sausages. "When will they be leaving the Manor?"

"I imagine soon after their breakfasts," she replied.

He questioned, "And us?"

"Your father should be back within the hour. We will arrive early, so you'll have plenty of time to find your friends again."

His father and mother would both be seeing him off at Platform 9 ¾. He imagined they would take a portkey like they had in his first year in the first timeline. He didn't know what to call the past when it was currently the present, so he had settled with calling it 'the first timeline.'

"We've already agreed we want to sit in the front. I'll just save us a compartment and they will surely meet me there," he responded.

They finished their breakfasts quickly, and departed to finish getting ready. Draco had a house elf send his trunk and owl down to the foyer. He quickly checked to make sure he hadn't forgotten anything, and shrunk Time down to a size suitable for his pocket. His father arrived soon after, and the three of them grasped an old spoon, which transported them directly onto the platform.

He said goodbyes to his mother and father, who both seemed very proud of him. His father even semi-hugged him. His mother didn't seem to want to let go of him. Once he'd made it onto the train, he claimed the first compartment on the left, the right being reserved for prefects. He shut the door and pulled down the blinds before casting a repelling charm to keep others out. He sat and waited patiently for Granger.


When she arrived on the platform, she glanced behind her quickly. She knew her parents couldn't make it through the barrier, but even after six years, she still looked to see if they came too. She quickly patted down her skirt, tucked her hair behind her ear, and began walking to the train.

"I'm here."

She took a few more steps, beginning to think he wouldn't reply. As she approached the train, she saw a familiar family with heads full of bright red hair.

"First compartment on the left," he replied.

Hermione instantly recognized Harry amongst the group as she approached them.


Suddenly, she became nervous. What would she say? Would they like her?

She cleared her throat when she got close to Harry and Ron. She could hear Mrs. Weasley fussing over the others, but she tried to tune them out.

"Um… Hi." She said, feeling quite awkward.

Ron turned and gave her a strange look, Harry instantly brightened up.

"Hello," Harry replied. "I'm Harry Potter."

Hermione had to remember the kind of reaction Harry would be expecting, but also keep in mind he didn't want to only be talked to because of who he was. So she carefully replied with a laugh, "Yes I thought so, but I wasn't quite sure. I'm a Muggleborn, you see, so I don't really know much about this magical world. I'm just learning. I read about you in a book."

Harry made a face that clearly said he couldn't believe he was written about in a book, and didn't even know about it.

Ron said, "Best not say you're Muggleborn too loud, my dad won't leave you alone if he finds out. He's fascinated with Muggles, you see."

Hermione smiled brightly at him. If she'd had the maturity of her seventeen year old self at age eleven in the first timeline, she'd have had friends long before being attacked by a troll.

"Is this your first year as well, dear?" Mrs. Weasley jumped into the conversation.

Hermione nodded enthusiastically, "I'm sure I'll be sorted into Ravenclaw or Gryffindor. I've read all about the houses in Hogwarts, A History."

Ron exclaimed, "Gryffindor is the house I'll be in! I'm sure of it. My whole family has been in Gryffindor."

"Yes," Mrs. Weasley agreed, "It's quite likely."

"What house you reckon you'll be in, mate?" Ron asked Harry.

Harry shrugged, "I don't know much about them."

The train whistle blew, and Mrs. Weasley ushered them all on, handing a sandwich to each of them.

"You want a compartment with us?" Ron asked, shoving his sandwich in his trunk, as if he were embarrased.

Hermione nodded excitedly. "Yes, save me a spot, I need to find the loo."

They nodded and took off to the back of the train; she headed for the first compartment on the left.

"I'm on my way," she gave him a heads up.

A few minutes later, she found herself alone in a compartment with Draco Malfoy. An awkward silence hung in the air. The train lurched and they began their journey.

She broke the silence, "So?" She paused, waiting for an answer. When there was none, she began again, "I'll answer any questions you have. And, I feel like we need to lay some stuff on the table and straighten out a few things."

He stared out the window, a blank expression on his face, not saying a word in response.

She began to stand, "Or I can just go."

"No," he demanded. "Just sit. I was just thinking about how we've never actually had a civil conversation."

She sat, "Sure we have. At Diagon Alley."

He nodded, "But not an actual conversation. Just in our heads."

"Same concept, different execution."

He narrowed his eyes at her.

She widened hers in disbelief; he was so sensitive. "Fine. Fine." She raised her hands in mock surrender, "We've never had a civil conversation. There's a first for everything."


She leaned back on the bench and crossed her arms. She was done talking. He was the one with the questions.

"It was a spell and a potion, correct?" he asked.

She nodded.

"And you brewed this potion?"

She nodded again, rolling her eyes.

"Maybe you did it wrong," he insisted.

"I was top in our year! It obviously worked. We are here!" she replied.

"Right. And you watched Luna put in her hair?" he retorted, already knowing the answer.

"No. I brewed it, and kept it for safe keeping until the last shred of hope faded. When it was time, I owled it to her. I got it back a few minutes later, and it had changed color, so I knew she'd gotten it. Or at least I hoped so."

"So in theory, somebody could have known what it was and put my hair in it instead?" he asked.

She nodded, "In theory, yes, but Luna was the only one who knew I had it. She wouldn't have sabotaged it. Why would anyone intentionally send you and me back in time together?"

He nodded in agreement. "So what is your plan? Take out You-Know-Who before he returns again."


"This will never work, if he does rise again. He could easily see into my mind and know about the future I've seen and experienced."

"He won't rise again. I'll make sure of it," she replied firmly.

"And if he does? What of this connection?" he asked.

She thought hard on that before responding, "I'm not sure what side you are on. Or were on. Or will be on in the event he does return. I can, however, assure you I'll do nothing short of risking my own life to prevent it from happening. How much information I share with you depends on whether or not you'd join him again. And it will take some time and proof of your allegiance before I can trust you."

He glared, "Everyone is so misled. You wouldn't understand unless you've been on the inside. He doesn't have followers. He doesn't have friends. He doesn't have worshippers. What he has is a bunch of grown adults coerced and scared for their families and themselves. Following blindly so as to live another day without torture. Once he brands you, there is no turning back. He knows everything from your mood to what time you eat each day. It's miserable."

"Now you have a second chance," she replied, softening a bit. "Hopefully I can prevent him from coming back."

"How will you prevent it?" he inquired.

She furrowed her brow, "I'm afraid that's a conversation for a different time. It's not relevant to the time travel."

"What did you feel needed to be discussed?" he asked, changing the subject.

She sat up straighter. "School. Public."

"And?" he inquired.

"I've thought about it for a while, and I feel like it's best for both of us not to communicate civilly in public. Not to say we should be uncivil, but I'm not sure your parents or fellow Slytherins would react positively to us being friendly," Malfoy snorted, she continued as if she'd never heard him, "As far as school goes, I think we ought to be partners in classes, so we have time to telepathically communicate without trying to carry on conversation with someone else. Maybe once in a while we could meet in the room of requirement if necess—"

"I won't go in there." He said firmly.

"Oh. Well I'm sure we won't need to meet face to face for anything. Library is safe, if we are partners in class we could say its homework."

"Sounds like a plan," he said.

She nodded, standing to go, "Then it's settled. Let me know if you have any more questions."

He stood and opened the door for her to leave.

"What do you make of our wand connection?" he asked as she stepped out.

She shrugged, "I'll see what I can find out."


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