A/N - This is going to be a series of unrelated drabbles (various genres, ratings and lengths) that are Tenth Doctor-centric (yes, that includes the Duplicate Doctor). My OTP is Rose/Doctor, so the drabbles will be mostly that pairing (especially because I'm about to embark on a challenge in September where I write a Rose/Ten story per day - Good luck to me!). However, there will be a little Donna Noble, Martha Jones, Jack Harkness and a few other characters thrown in here and there. Still, the Tenth Doctor will be the main element in all these drabbles. And the main pairing will be Rose/Ten or Rose/Tentoo. Basically, all of this is canon compliant.

Prompt: Where you belong

Title: Gentle Hands

Characters: Rose Tyler/Tenth Doctor

Rating: G

Word Count: 100

Warnings/Notes: Written for tvdramaland


She hissed and he hissed right along with her.

"Ooh. Sorry," the Doctor said with a wince. "Smart a lot?"

"A lot?" Rose asked with a smile. "A bit. Yeah." She bit her bottom lip as the Doctor ran the sonic over her injured hand, the burning sensation soothing her in its wake.

"Do Time Lords get injured?"

"Get injured?" he asked distractedly, his concentration on her hand.

"You know, bruises, cuts…"

"Oh? Yeah, yeah, of course we do. We just heal faster than most."

"It must be awful having to heal me, then."

"No, Rose Tyler. It's a privilege."