Hey LOTR fans! The idea of Gollum in the modern world came to me one day. Add in exotic places, crazy plot lines, a bunch of goofy humour, and this story came into being. It's rated T for now, likely for blood, language, and crude humor, but if it's not living up to that rating I'll change it to a K Plus. Anyway, here's the prologue!

It was always assumed that when Gollum and his precious fell into the lava at Mount Doom, that was the end of both of them. That's not exactly true. Admittedly, the One Ring was instantly incinerated upon dropping into the molten magma.

But the one formerly known as Sméagol did not meet the same fate. When he sank into the lava, he was not killed. He was not injured. He wasn't harmed in the slightest, believe it or not. Why? Because he's Gollum! Does he need a reason?

The disgusting creature sank to the bottom of the volcano and sucked his thumb for a few minutes before proceeding to swim in circles in the magma. Eventually he surfaced and spotted a lava tube heading out. Gollum followed it for mile after mile, eventually coming out into a forest.

For the next several millennia, Sméagol wandered the planet. After having lived with the ring for so long, some of its life-extending properties had worn off on him, so he did not die or age. He went on with his life, year after year, century after century as the world changed around him. What was once known as Middle Earth was now called Europe. The Third Age was gone, in its place the twenty-first century. A century that wasn't very compatible with Gollum.

But still, he continued to wander the Earth, always messing things up for the so-called modern people. These short stories are the more interesting of those tales, each playing out in a location around the world, with Gollum as crazy and Gollumy as can be. These are Gollum's Travels.

Next chapter will start the story, at the Eiffel Tower! Expect it up in one or two weeks.