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* * *

"You wouldn't understand because you've heard them."

ChiChi looked in her friends direction with sympathy. Bulma's downcast eyes and sad little voice tore at her heart. Bulma was her friend and the only other being in the whole universe who knew what it meant- and cost- to be married to a Saiyan-jin warrior. It hurt her to see her in pain.

"No I guess I wouldn't," she said gently.

Bulma plucked a piece of grass from around the blanket she was sitting on.

She looked up as her lavender hared child ran across the park with ChiChi's second born in hot pursuit. As their laughter rang in the air, she thought about how her life was almost perfect. Sure she had money, beauty, and intelligence but she also had the really important things. She had her health, good friends, and her parents. Her sweet little boy who made her prouder with each passing day, even if he did get into more trouble than the law should allow. And she had the man that her heart had secretly been searching for since she was a young girl. To her he was the strongest, bravest man in the whole universe. He was her strength and protection and she loved him with all her being. She made sure she told him so often so he knew how truly loved he was. And he showed her the same in so many ways. With all this life should have been perfect. And yet-

Bulma's eyes searched out the object of her love and they found him finishing up a sparring match with ChiChi's husband.

"What did it feel like the first time you heard Goku say it?" she asked with a sad dreamy little smile.

"Don't do this to yourself, Bulma."

"I just want to know that he loves me," Bulma said dejectedly.

"Bulma the man died for you!" ChiChi found it strange to be defending Vegeta when she was usually his biggest critic.

"Don't you think I know that!" Bulma snapped, then she sighed deeply. "Sorry ChiChi, but I've found that I'm greedy." Bulma pulled her knees to her chest and laid her chin on her folded arms as her friend looked at her in confusion. "It maybe selfish and greedy to ask someone for something they could never give but I can't help it. I want to hear him say the words. I want to hear the love in his voice. I need to know for sure that it's love I see in his eyes whenever I catch him staring at me. I only need to hear it once, just once. I know it seems a lot but it's all I ask."

ChiChi watched as her friends pretty blue eyes began to water and her anger at Vegeta began to rise. The Saiyan didn't deserve her friend's love, he never had, but ChiChi was wise enough to know that now was not the time to share her thoughts with the other woman. Instead she asked, "Have you ever told Vegeta how you feel?"

Bulma's head snapped up, "No, of course not."

"Maybe you should tell him how you-"

"Never! I will never, ever beg Vegeta or any other man for that matter for his love. He's not the only person in this family with pride." She sighed, "Besides I'm too afraid."

ChiChi frowned, "Afraid of what, Bulma?"

"What if I ask him and he- he-" her voice began to break with tears.

"He what?" ChiChi pressed gently.

"He says he doesn't love me," she said on a small sob.

"Oh, Bulma," was all ChiChi could say as she put a comforting arm around Bulma's shoulders. Bulma lend her head against the other woman's shoulder.

"Woman, it's time we left."

The two quickly separated at the sound of the voice behind them.

Bulma, wiping her eyes, never looked at her husband as she said, "Sure thing Veggie-chan," as she failed in her attempt to add her usual cheer to her voice. "I'll go get Trunks. Come on, ChiChi."

Vegeta paid no mind to Bulma's use of the hated nickname he was so deep in thought. He turned in the opposite direction as he began to consider the things he'd just overheard.

* * *

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