A soft breath escaped his lips as he opened his eyes for the first time in what felt like an eternity. His senses began coming back to him as he heard the tell-tale sounds of common banter going on nearby although he was confused as to the barking he was hearing as well… was there a dog nearby. He tried to lift his head up so that he could see more than a wooden roof. It was not to be however as pain racked his entire body once more as he blacked out once more into a sea of emptiness.

The second time he woke up there was no sound to be heard as he noticed that unlike the first time he opened his eyes it appeared to be night time. After a few minutes of just staring at the roof the man decided to take a tentative sniff of the surrounding odour in the air… 'Was that sake' the man thought to himself. No it just smelt the same the blonde decided before he very slowly began to look over to where he smelt the strange odour. Once he had finally rolled to his side he found that there was a small wooden table next to his bed and on that table appeared to be a wooden mug. 'Was everything around here made out of wood' the blonde thought to himself before he began looking around the room he had been placed in.

It looked like a miniature hospital room as it had three other beds in it… all predominantly made out of wood the man sweat dropped causing pain to shot through his body but this time he wouldn't let himself blackout as he waited the pain out for what seemed like a decade to the man in the bed. He noticed that he was on the bed furthest from the door which again was made out of wood but unlike most doors the man had seen this one looked odd to him as it curved and formed a semi-circle at the top. The man's head then drifted south as he noticed the wooden planked floor as he felt the beginning of a twitch come to his eye but fought it off before the pain could come.

Slowly his gaze returned to the wooden mug that lay on the table next to him. The man then made a promise to himself that he would drink whatever the hell was in that mug before he blacked out again as his right hand began to rise slowly so as to not aggravate his body. After a solid ten minutes of slowly moving his hand towards the mug he was finally able to grasp now the question was does he have the strength to lift it? A question that was answered quickly as the man's hand began to rise with the mug attached. The man allowed himself to smirk before he realised that in order to drink the liquid he would have to sit up lest he want to choke on the stuff.

Ever so slowly he began to shuffle his body backwards as he tried with all his might to gain a seated position so that he may drink the sake like substance. After another twenty minutes of bone racking pain the man finally gained a seated expression and allowed another smirk to run across his dried up lips. The smirk however once again fell as he realised that as he had been shuffling up with cup in hand at least half the cup had fallen out and on to the floor under the table beside him.

The man then brought the mug slowly up to his nose and sniffed closely at it and was happy when he found no smells of poison. The man then slowly raised the mug up to his mouth and took a quick sip before gargling the liquid, spitting it out and waiting. Once he noticed that although his mouth was burning it wasn't because of poison but rather what appeared to be rather more concentrated sake that he was sure to enjoy. He let a soft smile return to his face before he began to slowly drink the beverage down. When he was finished he realised he was feeling rather sleepy from all the strain he had put his body through and so put the mug back on the table next to him before he began his slow decent back down so that he may lie back down and sleep.

When the man woke up for the third time he was surprised to see a grinning old man looking at him as he saw it was day-time once more. As the man's senses came back to him he was surprised by the outfit the strange man was wearing as he sat on a stool next to where the table was.

The man sitting on the stool looked to be of average height and appeared to be on the wrong side of fifty. His mildly squared face is crossed by several wrinkles, which are predominantly present at his mouths sides, below his eyes and across his forehead. His hair however contradicted his age as it rolled done to his shoulders with a dark blonde colour. Covering the man's eyes were a pair of black sunglasses.

The old man's slender figure was covered by a simple set of dark clothes, with a plain black t-shirt and pants. Alongside his plain wear however the old man donned a hat that reminded the man of those witches you hear about in fairy tales. The man had to wonder though when he noticed the red collar that was around the man's neck which had spike protruding from it. 'What, did he think he was a dog or something' the man thought to himself before he got sick of just having a staring contest with the man and decided to speak.

"…W…Wha…What are you meant to be, a dog wizard or something?" The man questioned in a croaky voice that showed he hadn't talked for quite some time. The old man just gave a boisterous laugh before his face turned completely serious.

"You got balls… I like balls" The old man said before at the sight of the man in the beds face he began laughing hard once more as he struggled to keep the tears from flowing. After several more minutes of laughter the old man finally got his wits about him as he noticed the younger man's face.

"..Hehe…sorry about that but damn that was funny… I finally get why Bob acts the way he does it's just too funny to pass up." The old man muttered more to himself then the younger boy in front of him. Said younger boy was just more confused by the old man's attempt at an apology as he was now trying to work out just who this Bob character was. The old man then stood up while sending out a hand in greeting while saying

"Greetings stranger, the names Goldmine" the now named Goldmine introduced. The younger man slowly lifted his hand and grasped the old man's stronger grip which he found ironic even if he was currently in medical bed.

"Na...Naruto" the younger man squeezed out before the older man asked if he had a second name. This caused the younger blonde to scrunch his brow in thought. 'Do I have a second name…' the man thought to himself. 'Of course I do it's…' The young man began to panic as he couldn't remember his last name… or anything other than everyday stuff and his first name. 'What is going on?' was the only thought running through his head before it abruptly ended in the form of a bitch slap.

"Tha…Thanks" Naruto stated as he shacked of the stunning force of that blow (Hehe). Naruto soon came to his senses once again however and looked over at the man who had just slapped him.

"I don't know what you have done in the past and I certainly don't know what you'll do in the future but I can see you're a man who's out on his luck and in need of a hand. Since it appears you have amnesia for now why don't you join my guild Quatro Cerberus? Where you're will always be wild" Goldmine finished with a smile. Naruto began to think about it but realised he didn't have much to think about. This old man had offered him refuge and an answer to his current problems. He just had one question

"What's a guild?" Naruto asked the question which caused the guild master to sweat drop as he face planted with the floor. When the old man got back up he decided to sit down as this would be along explanation if the boy knew as little about this world as he thought he did.

Two hours later and a firm understanding of the fairy tail world was in Naruto's grasp as he took in all the man had told him. The old man was just happy that the boy had listened to him instead of nod off like his apparent ace seemed to always do.

"So as the guild master you are the strongest in this guild right? What does it take to become one?" Naruto asked. As far as Goldmine was now concerned the boy in front of him must have been sent down by Kami itself and if Goldmine was right the boy would indeed be a powerful force to be reckoned with when he came back from injury. Tears of joy began to roll down Goldmines face while Naruto became just a little creped out by it all.

"Yes it means that I am currently the strongest of this guild and in order to become one you either need to rise to a level where I can safely say you are as if not more powerful than me then I can retire while bestowing you as guild master of this wonderful guild. Or you could make your own guild but given your current lack of knowledge I think you should go with the first option." Goldmine stated in a matter of fact tone while tears of joy continued to cascade down his face. 'Now if only I can get him to were a collar' the old man thought to himself.

"In that case I think I'll join this guild if that's alright with you?" Naruto asked with a smile on his face as he began to force his body up onto his feet while noticing that he was in a medical type garb. The two grasped hands again as Goldmine simply asked

"Where do you want your Guild mark?"


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