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Chapter 10: A wild wake-up


Tug-of-war had become just that.

The first challenge had started out fine with an even amount of strength from both guilds. That was until the mages remembered they had magic and were allowed to use it. No one knew who the first person was to use magic, they only know of the total war that followed.

The largest clearing Naruto had ever seen had turned into the largest crater… why did that thought prick memories. Bodies of both guilds were now lying all throughout the crater from either collapsing from exhaustion or being knocked out by someone else's magic.

This was the most epic game of tug-of-war to ever exist.

It had been going for six solid hours.

If one were to look at the centre of the crater, they would see that there were only two people left standing, one from Mermaid Heel and one from Quatro Cerberus. The ever present dust floating through the air made it hard to distinguish who the two people were.

However the grunts and groans that escaped the two monsters in fits of exhaustion gave a clear indication that one was a woman and one was a man. If you looked hard into the mist you could see a red haze that seemed to stay in the same place revealing that one of them had to be Naruto who was the only one from either guild capable of such a feat.

The dust began to clear as the two last competitors came into view. The man covered in a red haze proved to be Naruto who was now on one knee and looked to be struggling to stand… like gravity was increased for him only. His sweat covered bangs now covered his face as the only thing that kept him going was his pride in his guild and want to prove he was better than this god-forsaken princess even if it was the last thing he ever did.

Kagura was much the same as even though she was standing up, it was on now shaky legs that only held due to her stubborn pride in both herself and her guild. 'Must win… against… useless peasant… even if it's the last thing… I do' was a thought that she constantly chanted in her head in order to stay standing while making sure she didn't lose grip of the rope… she would not let all of this effort go to waste.

It was around this time that the other guild members began to wake up from states of either unconsciousness or extreme exhaustion and slowly moved to cheer on their guild mate as they could no longer compete due to letting go of the rope when they all fell.

Roars of encouragement rang throughout the once deadly silent crater as both of the two final competitors couldn't help the grins that spread across their faces. Slowly climbing so that he was standing on two feet, Naruto talked for the first time in hours.

"… Now that my guild is behind me once more… you stand no chance of victory" Naruto was happy that he managed to keep the exhaustion out of his voice as he spoke to Kagura.

"… Ah but that is where you are wrong dear peasant, with my guild behind my back your lowly existence shall be cast into the mud where you belong pig." Kagura's stated in joyous reply. The two were now glaring at each other as their magical powers began to rise once more. Gravity increased tenfold for Naruto, but the man stood strong as a demonic air filtered out and around him. This air was quickly squashed however as he mixed in his toad-eye magic and prepared to do something he hadn't tried in this challenge… yet.

Using his combined energy he formed an arm and hand out of pure magical power that shot out of his side and charged straight at Kagura in an attempt to force her to let go of the rope.

As the arm made out of pure magic energy launched its way towards Kagura, said woman raised her eyebrows in surprise before she quickly raised her gravity magic as high as she could in an effort to crush Naruto while she pulled the rope as hard as she could in hopes of winning the challenge before the magical arm could reach her.

Everyone held studded breathes as they knew that this would be it, whoever came out on top in this one moment would be the victor. But it was not to be.

While Naruto had been forced to take a knee once more, he refused to budge an inch as he knew he had only to hold on to the rope until his magical arm reached Kagura and forced her to let go of the rope. To everyone watching the final moment, it was plain to see that Naruto would come out victorious.

That was until a timer went off right as Naruto's magical arm was inches away from taking victory. The rope suddenly disappeared and Goldmine suddenly appeared to catch Naruto when he fell due to the ropes sudden disappearance.

The master of Mermaid Heel did much the same with Kagura while also blocking Naruto's attack with her bow.

The time-limit of 6 and a half hours has finished and as such, the first challenge ends in a draw with both team gaining a single point" Goldmine called out in a loud voice so that everyone could hear. As soon as he was done both Naruto and Kagura fell unconscious in their master's arms while said masters looked down at their students with a look of great pride.

'To go so far, just for a challenge as measly as Tug-of-war, truly these children shall go far' were their thoughts.


A soft giggle could be heard reverberating around the guild as everyone was watching the prank being played in motion. Lying on a bed in the middle of Quatro Cerberus's guild was a certain pair of unconscious individuals that would never be able to live this day down.

Another round of giggles exploded out of every girls mouths as they watched the scene in front of them with dreamy eyes and slight jealousy. Not that the guys weren't jealous but they just hide it better.

Snuggled up together under a thin sheet, Naruto and Kagura laid there while unconsciously holding on to one another as Kagura used Naruto's chest as a pillow. The scene could be called magical if it wasn't for the particular duo about to wake up… but that was kind of the idea. Plus everyone needed a laugh after such a long first event, even if it is at the expense of a guild mate or two.

Slowly opening his eyes, Naruto looked up at the roof of the guild with puzzlement as he tried to work out just how he had got back to the guild but figured his master had dropped him off. It was around about this time the blonde heard a soft giggle coming from his left as his blurry vision became clear once more. Feeling was now returning to the newly awoken blonde as the beating in his heart grew faster.

He felt a comforting feeling on his chest, and looked down to see a sea of purple hair flying across his body with its only semblance of order being a white headband and ribbon combination. Giggling was heard once again and as he tilted his head to see what was making such a sound, the fogginess in his head disappeared and his position in a bed surrounded by guild members from both guilds present became clear… well, shit.

A small movement of the purple sea, and a cold shiver raced down Naruto's back as he tilted his head so he would be facing down once again. With baited breath Naruto now knew much shit he was covered in. Laying there in HIS ARMS while she also had her wrapped around HIM… He didn't know whether to feel happy and just get comfortable or freeze up in utter fright for what was sure to come.

He settled for something in between… weird as that looked, it earned him some more giggles from the girls and some chuckles from the men.

Why did this have to happen to him?

… Oh yeah, maybe being best friends with a douchebag drunk wasn't always the best idea… fuck.

His raging mind was halted of all thought however; when he suddenly felt a strong movement along his chest… the room became completely silent. A fox's call could be heard in the distance as the tired eyes of the mermaid slowly began to flicker open, trying to get a sign of where she was. A tired moan exited her mouth as Naruto's heart began beating at a mile a minute.

Tired arms wrapped around Naruto's body as the woman tried to hold the 'warmth' closer. The suddenly expanding 'pillow' annoyed the purple haired goddess as she pouted in a way that no one had ever seen her do before. It was almost surreal as the members of Mermaid Heel looked on at their leader in amazement as they wondered if the really knew her or just her hardened mask of indifference.

Naruto tried to stop breathing so fast in order to placate the young woman currently using his chest as a pillow, but so far nothing had been working. He just couldn't stop himself from staring at the natural beauty in front of him. He no longer cared if she beat the crap out of him when she woke up; he was now in a state where he believed staring at her like this while she was in his arms was worth all the pain that could ever be dished out by her.

'If only I could wake up like this every day' thought Naruto as he allowed a wistful smile to cross his face.

Kagura's blurry eyes finally travelled up to Naruto's face as he smiled serenely as he couldn't help but say

"Good morning Utsukushi (Beautiful in Japanese)". The girls surrounding them now swooned at the romantic scene as everyone waited with baited breaths for the response that was sure to come from Mermaid Heels ace.

"Mmm… and good morning to you Masuta (master in Japanese)". The whole guild went silent from shock at what Kagura had just said. Even Naruto was laying there with his jaw against his chest in absolute shock.

Hearing the silence, Kagura looked confused for a second before she became aware of her surroundings and what she had just said. A furious blush covered her face as she looked at all the surprised, shocked and in some cases intrigued looks she was getting from her pairs and challengers… she couldn't believe that they now all knew her well-kept fantasies… the very thought of what anyone could do with information like that frightened her completely even if she promised herself right there to never let that fear show.

She looked up at Naruto with an almost pleading look and was surprised to see him nod with understanding before he slowly lifted her shaking body off of him before he turned to everyone in the room with eyes fill of determination and fire. A red aura now surrounded the young man as his power spiked to enormous levels. Crimson red eyes looked into the very souls of every person in attendance other than his own and Kagura's.

5 minutes after first standing up, Naruto fall backwards onto the bed where he was caught by Kagura who asked him what he did while looking over all the glazed looks the mages were making.

"… Simple" Naruto stated

"… I erased the last 2 minutes of their memories" before he passed out from exhaustion. Kagura merely looked down at Naruto in shock before she quickly picked him up and carried him into the infirmary and leaving him in one of the beds while she herself went to sleep in the bed next to his.

And for the first time in years… Kagura truly smiled as she drifted off to sleep.



I think that holding knowledge such as this over someone can cause many different outcomes with most being of the disgusting sort, so I decided to show Naruto's act of selflessness this way. As for the power of erasing 2 minutes… I'll explain it to you later but know that it will always be taxing on Naruto and at most reach a total of 5 minutes. It should also be noted that it is part of his strictly demonic powers with illusion being a key in that particular skill.

Next chapter will consist of the next few challenges and then the final challenge will more than likely be a chapter in of itself.

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