chapter 1 the war

far far away in a place were only pokemon lived. there were the eeveeloution tribes. all of them worked and lived together. all except 2. the umbreons and espeons. the umbreons and espeons have been at war for so long that all have forgotten how or why or when it even started. the other eeveeloutions tried to stop this crazy feud, but failed. so looking to the guardian and peace maker of pokemon, mew, the other eeveeloutions asked how they could stop this pathetic feud, mew said that one day, the prince of the umbreons, and the princess of the espeons, will meet, and will bring a end to the war, so taking mews word they all stopped trying to stop the espeon and umbreon feud. but as time passed they all started losing hope. the umbreon and espeon were fighting more and more everyday, but as mew said. one day 2 eevee were born. one male, born to the alphas of the umbreon tribe. and a female,born to the alphas of the espeon tribe.

there names,

romeo and juliet.

let the story begin


A umbreon raced through the woods as fast as the wind. bounding and jumping from rock to ran faster, panting a little as he kept running. he finally came to a hault and scanned the area with his dark red eyes. his ears listening to the forest. he turned his head as he heard a rustle in the bushes from behind him. he jumped and got in pouncing position. before he pounced though he was tackled by another umbreon. this umbreon had red rings with red eyes to match. he was pinned down by the red ringed umbreon. " HA benvolio 1,romeo 0" he said as he got off. the umbreon,known as romeo, brushed himself off.

" I'm surprised that you actually got me benvolio" replied romeo shaking his pelt. benvolio smiled as he walked off. romeo followed him. " romeo aren't you supposed to be with star right now" benvolio asked. romeo sighed "yeah but she is so annoying, I don't want to be NEAR her" benvolio chuckled at his friends response. the walked back to the main part of the territory. it was a large field surrounded my small cliffs that had many caves in them. there were some umbreon hanging out in the field. since it was still day there weren't very many out at this time. " LORD ROMEO" the two friends turned there heads to see a murkrow flying to them. " the alphas request you come see them" he said. romeo nodded as he said goodbye to benvolio and walked to his parents cave. his mother was a umbreon with purple rings named rose and his father was a regular umbreon with yellow rings named night." hello romeo" said night. romeo bowed his head. " hello father" night sighed at his son " romeo, star told us that you were not with her is that true" night asked, romeo looked at the ground. star was a shiny umbreon, she is to be romeo's mate in the future and be future queen. but romeo hated her, he thought she was annoying and she never stopped bothering him.

" romeo she is to be your future mate, you can't avoid her forever" said rose. romeo groaned as he looked at his parents. " can't I at least have a chance to find my own mate" night and rose thought for a minute. rose sighed and looked at night. he returned his glance. " romeo, yes you can choose your own mate, but it must with in the next two months" romeo nodded. " thank you father, that's all I ask for" rose smiled. " you may go now".

romeo bowed once more and ran out the cave. were he was tackled by a shiny umbreon. " HI MY ROMEO" said the annoying voice. romeo opened his eyes and it was star. he pushed her off and sat up. she ran and nuzzled him. " how is my mate doing" she asked. but was pushed away by romeo. " star your not my mate" he said very angrily. but star only smiled." well the alphas said that in the future I will be your mate" she said with a smile. but romeo only scoffed. " well I just talked to them, they said I can now choose my mate, and its NOT you " romeo stated as he walked away with a shocked star behind him. he walked down the trail. and into the forest to clear his head.


at the espeon territory

A espeon jumped into the air and used shadow ball at a shiny espeon. it hit and the shiny espeon and she fell to the espeon walked to her and nudged her. " cordelia, are you ok " said the espeon to the shiny espeon. she nodded. " yeah, nice shot though juliet your training has improved" juliet smiled. "thanks cordelia" she jumped over cordelia and ran around. cordelia chuckled. " I swear you may be a espeon but you have the heart of a eevee" juliet laughed. "so what, I would rather stay a kid" she then ran off and jumped into the trees. juliet climbed higher and higher until she could see all of the espeon territory and beyond. " MAN YOUR FAST" said cordelia sitting next to her. " LADY JULIET" they turned there heads to a xatu flying to them. " lady Juliet, lord solar has request that you come see him" juliet looked at cordelia then to the xatu. she nodded" I'll be there in a minute then, till later cordelia" said juliet as she jumped to the next tree. she jumped to the next then to the ground. she ran to her fathers den, who was also the alpha. the center of the espeon territory was the same as the umbreons, except the cliffs were smaller and it let in more sunlight. juliet walked in her fathers cave. " juliet there you are there is something I must speak to you about"

Juliet nodded and sat in front of her father. " what is it father " Juliet asked. solar looked at the ground and spoke. " Juliet each day that passes you and I get older, but when I am gone you must lead, but you can't be a ruler unless you have a mate" Juliet gulped, she knew what he was talking about. " so there for, if you do not find a mate in the next two months, darean shall be your mate" Juliet was shocked. " WHAT !" she shouted so loud that it echoed through out the espeon territory. Juliet hated darean. darean liked Juliet only because she was pretty and the alphas daughter. he did not truly love her though, however solar thought otherwise. to him darean was the perfect espeon, that's only because he acted like a gentlemen around her father to impress him, so it was not much of a surprise that her father would pick him. " but why father" Juliet cried. solar sighed. " like I said Juliet, when i'm gone you must rule, but you can't rule on your own" Juliet was about to burst into tears.

" so you have two months to choose a mate, or darean will be your mate " said solar bowing his head nodded as tears flowed down her cheeks. " you may go now" Juliet raced out of the cave and down the path. she ran past cordelia. " JULIET WERE ARE YOU GOING" she called. juliet shouted back. " MY SECRET SPOT" Juliet shouted and ran down the trail.


with romeo

' two months to find a mate, I hope I find one in time' romeo thought as he walked head was so full of thoughts that his head hurt from thinking of them .he stopped. he sniffed the air. it didn't smell like the umbreon territory. he froze. what if he was in the houndoom or mightyena territory, or worse he might be in the espeon territory. romeo froze and turned back the way he came and ran. he kept running and running. his mom and dad told him that the espeon are cruel and mean. they will attack without hesitation. romeo ran faster then stopped. he sniffed the air and saw he was back were he was before. he was truly frightened now. he ran and ran then used quick attack to go faster. he turned his head to the left because he thought he heard a noise. but when he turned he crashed head first into a tree. he stood and stumbled around. he walked backwards but felt no ground beneath him and he fell. he tumbled down and went flying and crashed to the ground hard.

he felt dazed. he heard waves crashing and smelt sea water. he opened his red orbs and raised his head. he looked around and gasped. it was a beach with white sand. the ocean was more blue than a vaporeon. he smiled as he tried to stand but fell back down. he looked at his front left leg. it was badly injured from the fall. he stood up wobbly. any smart umbreon would walk back. but something told him he could stay. so he walked on the beach. he never felt so calm and at peace. Romeo looked to the ocean and saw the sun get closer to the ocean. he turned and hopped on a log. he walked across it and looked around. but he lost footing and fell.

this time though he crashed into something. he opened his eyes. even though he was prepared to see this. it still scarred him. it was a espeon. Romeo jumped up and growled. the espeon did the same. her tail swishing back and forth. " who are you" growled the espeon. Romeo stood his ground. it was hard though because he was wounded. the espeon didn't look as if she wanted to attack. but Romeo shook his head at the thought 'no, she is a espeon, she won't hesitate to attack' but when he looked into her eyes. he saw... fear. but romeo shook it off and ran to her. he used quick attack. she dodged swiftly. he used shadow ball on her next but she dodged that also. Romeo was going to stop but thought if he did then she would attack. so he ran up to her and used iron tail. she couldn't dodge in time so she countered with her own iron tail. that went on for a while. but soon Romeo slipped up and was hit hard. he was scent flying and landed in the sand. he closed is eyes ready for her to kill him.

but when he opened his eyes she was standing there shaking. " oh no..." Romeo heard he mumble. he tried to stand but fell. she ran to him. " let me see your wound please" she asked. Romeo hesitated but let her look. she studied it. " i'll be right back" she said and ran into the forest. she came back with orans berries and a revival herb. she smashed up the revival herb and put it on his wound. " eat these they will return your strength" she said. romeo ate them and felt stronger. he stood up and looked at her. she looked back and smiled. " why did you help me" Romeo asked. the espeon looked at him. " well I couldn't just leave you there and there is no reason why I should hurt you so... yeah" she said. Romeo took a slight step to her. she took a small step back. " w-well the umbreon territory should be that way" she said pointing east. she then ran off into the woods. romeo stood there shocked. a espeon. the umbreons sworn enemies, helped him. he final turned and headed ack to his territory.

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