Long ago in a world where only pokemon lived...

there lived the eeveelution tribes... all the tribes lived together in harmony..

all except two.. the umbreon and espeon tribe... they have been at war for so long...

that everyone forgot how, why, or when it even started. The other eeveeloution tribes have tried to end this war, but have failed.

So seeking help, the leaders of the other eeveeloution tribes traveled to crystal pool, home of mew, guardian of the world, and peace maker of all.

Mew told the leaders that many years from then, there would be two, a umbreon and espeon, who would end the war, and destroy a hidden evil.

So heeding mew's words, the leaders stopped their attempts, and the war between umbreon and espeon continued with fierce rage.

Soon, many of the other eeveeloutions lost hope after the years past. The umbreon and espeon began to fight more and more everyday.

But as mew predicted, two were born, one male to the alpha's of the umbreons

and one female to the alpha's of the espeon's.

and there names were

Romeo and Juliet

And this is where our story begins...



The bright, summer day was led by a slight cool breeze as the grass bent to the wind's will. Over head in the sky Pokémon of all kinds flew, flying in circles and changing the shape of the clouds. Below on the ground, even more Pokémon ran all about, From tall galloping Girafarig, to tiny scurrying Rattata. The forest was a lush emerald-green, showing the health and strength of the forest.

In the umbreon territory, the branches of the trees cast large and dark shadows, suiting to the umbreons, the Pokémon of moonlight. The dark green leaves rustled, dancing in the wind, shining rippled sunlight on the ground. A small pile of green leaves lay in the middle of the forest trail. The leaves were then thrown everywhere as a flash of black and yellow zoomed at a high-speed. The figure was an umbreon with sunny yellow rings, a mop of yellow fur like hair on his head, dark crimson eyes, and shadow black fur.

A smirk graced his features as he pounded his paws harder on the ground, reaching a higher speed, sending dust and leaves into the air around him. He tensed his muscles a bit as he reached a log, he pushed off the ground, launching himself off the fallen tree. He felt the wind furrow his fur and time slowed for a second before he landed on the ground again with a thud.

He loved running more than anything in the world, especially the wind surrounding him as he continued his run through the woods. He felt like he was in the sky, flying through the clouds with sunshine glistening on his fur. The umbreon tilted his head back and howled with joy as his trek through the woods continued.

However, he was cut short when another umbreon appeared out of no where and bowled him over. The umbreon with yellow rings rolled on the ground and felt the wind get knocked out of him, he sat up quickly after he recovered from the surprise attack and looked at the umbreon who tackled him with an angry glare.

The other umbreon was one with red eyes and rings green like the leaves and bushes around them. The green ringed umbreon jumped to his feet and began to jump and dance about while letting out a cheerful yelp, then finally looked to his friend on the ground. "HA, Benvolio 1, Romeo zero" He said while displaying the numbers on his paws. Romeo rolled his eyes at his green ringed companion and stood up, shaking dust and twigs from his pelt.

"Can you tackle me without almost killing me next time please?" Romeo asked his best friend. Benvolio laughed."Aright, only because both star and your parents would murder me" Replied Benvolio. Romeo moaned in annoyance at the mention of star, The shiny female umbreon who was obsessed with Romeo. She thought that just because she was a shiny she was better than everyone, and Romeo absolutely hated her because of that.

Also she couldn't stop being annoying to save her life. Benvolio chuckled at his friends depression " speaking of which, aren't you supposed to be with her now" He asked twitching his ears. Romeo nodded " yeah, but that doesn't mean I want to though." Romeo groaned. Benvolio sighed, feeling sorry for Romeo " I know you don't, but if you don't choose a mate soon then you'll be stuck with... star..." Benvolio said, emphasizing the disgust in his voice when he said star's name.

Both the umbreons shivered in unison when they thought of spending their lives with Star. Romeo sighed and remembered that if he didn't choose a mate soon, then he would end up with Star. Benvolio smiled sadly at Romeo, he walked around his friend and nudged his shoulder " we should head back, your parents are probably wondering where you ran off to" he said. Romeo sighed slightly and then nodded, standing up and giving his pelt another shake he trotted down the dirt path back to the camp.

Benvolio smirked and ran ahead of Romeo cheerfully, he looked back " race you there!" he challenged while playfully wagging his tai and smiling broadly. Romeo instantly cheered up, Benvolio knew full and well that Romeo would never turn down a chance to race. Romeo shot Benvolio his own playfully smirk " your on!" He answered. Romeo shot off ahead of Benvolio, leaving a cloud of dust in his path. Benvolio shot after him " no fair!" he cried out after his friend. The two umbreons ran side by side as they charged down trail.

After a few minutes of running and challenging shout to one an other, Romeo pulled ahead when he began to recognize the bending willow trees and umbreon claw marks on the bark. Benvolio tried to catch up, but failed miserably as he ran out of breath and slowed down, watching Romeo disappear over the hill. Romeo slowed to a halt when he reached the top of the hill that overlooked the camp.

The camp was 200 feet in diameter valley and had a U-shaped cliff about 200 feet tall as well. the U-shaped cliff surrounded close to half of the valley were hundreds of small caves that provided as homes for the umbreons. at the top of the cliff was one giant cave that served as the alpha's den. their were also carved paths that zig zagged up through the outside of the cliff. The cliff also provide large amounts of shade for the umbreons that chose to come out in the day.

Only a couple of umbreons dotted the field though because the sun still hung high in the sky. Romeo over looked the field, searching for star so he could avoid her. When he didn't see her he sat down and tilted his head back, feeling the sunshine warm his fur and skin. He would never admit this to anyone, but he loved feeling the sunshine. He still loved the moonlight to, but the sunshine would warm him and make him feel content at times when he was agitated and angry.

He felt Benvolio come up next to him and breathe heavily as if he ran across the world all in one day. He collapsed next to Romeo and continued to breathe heavily. Romeo chuckled at his friends exaggeration, he pawed Benvolio on the ears and laughed again " Aw come on, you're not tired from that little jog are you?" he teased. Benvolio glared at Romeo and snorted " well we all can't be as fast as you great lord Romeo." Benvolio teased back. Romeo chuckled again and stood up, stepping over benvolio and stepped on his head.

Bevolio yelped and scrambled to sit up. He glared at the back of Romeo's head and ran to catch up. The two walked up the path to the alpha's den. They walked in a comfortable silence up the rock covered path. When they reached the Alpha's cave, they heard a voice behind them.

" There you are Romeo" said a female voice. Romeo and Benvolio turned to see a dark gray umbreon with dark pink rings and eyes to match. " hello mother." Romeo greeted. Benvolio followed suit " Hello, Alpha rose" He greeted, bowing his head in respect. Rose smiled and dipped her head in a greeting also. Rose looked to Benvolio " may I speak to Romeo, please " she asked him politely. Benvolio nodded his head once and looked to Romeo " later. " he said turning around and trotted down the Rocky pathway.

Rose looked to her son with grave eyes " Romeo, have you found a mate yet" she asked him hopefully. Romeo sighed and dropped his ears " no mother, I have not" he looked away., not wanting to meet his mother's dissapointed gaze. He felt a slight twinge of shame when he heard her let out a sigh. Rose nudged her Son's shoulder " you do know you don't have much time, if you don't choose a mat-" she got cut off by a gruff voice behind her " if you don't choose a mate soon, you will have to marry Star" the unsympathetic voice said.

Romeo felt dread drop in his stomach like a rock. A dark black figure with dark yellow rings, broad shoulders, and bright yellow eyes appeared behind Rose. Rose looked over her shoulder and gave a warm smile " hello darling" she greeted him. He gave her a gruff hello before looking to his son " it may seem harsh, but it's the truth Romeo. " he told Romeo bluntly. Romeo sighed and gritted his teeth angrily. The umbreon standing before him was Kesbeck, the Alpha if the umbreon tribe.

Romeo never saw eye to eye with his father. He didn't like how easily blunt and cruel his father could be, but the other umbreons insisted that Kesbeck was still a brave and powerful leader. Romeo cried to dig his claws into the rock, but only succeeded in making noise to alert his father of his anger.

Kesbeck narrowed his eyes coldly " have I upset you, Romeo" he asked in a steady voice. Romeo hesitated his answer, he never talked back to his father mainly because he feared him. He feared how calm Kesbeck's voice sounded when he was mad or calm, you could never tell how he feels just by his voice, because it sounded the same whenever he said anything.

"Romeo, answer me." he asked once again in the same voice. Romeo decided that he should just keep his cool. "no... Sir..." he answered while continuing to stare at the ground. The yellow fur like hair on his head covered his eyes from view of his parents. Kesbeck accepted that answer and turned to walk into the cave " good, you are dissmised" he said addressing his son more like a soldier than his kid, and disappeared into the shadows of the cave. Romeo stayed where he was and didn't even move when his mother nudged him.

" I'm sorry Romeo" she said sadly and walked into the cave as well. He let out the breath he didn't even realize he was holding. He then finally looked up and saw the sun was going to set soon. Romeo turned, but instead of going into the cave, he walked down the path to the field. After a minute he reached the grass and looked around. The field had more umbreons walking around, now that the light from the sun was growing dimmer. Romeo decided he would take a walk in the woods.

As Romeo walked he saw a shiny umbreon running his way with a green umbreon trying desperately to catch up the the shiny. Romeo couldn't stop the groan that escaped his mouth. He turned and took off into the woods hoping to evade the clingy umbreon.

It seemed to work because he could here her calling after him. Feeling the rush of the wind, he pumped his muscles and took off faster, leaving the path into dense woods he didn't know. Towards the beach where he would meet his destiny.


A flash of pink was the last thing Cordelia saw before she was knocked off her paws and thrown in the air. The unfamiluarity of the air caused her to flail her paws wildly. While she tried to twist herself in the air, she didn't see Juliet launch herself straight for Cordelia with an Iron Tail. By the time she did though, she was hit hard and plummeted to the ground. Juliet landed gracefully on her feet just a few feet away. When the dust around them finally cleared up, Juliet saw Cordelia out cold.

"YES! I WON!," she cheered while bouncing on her paws.

Cordelia blinked her eyes slowly and sat up. A smile on her face as she watched her prancing friend. Juliet must have eaten coco beans again, Cordelia though to herself.

" well, now your dad has to let you compete in the battle of the tribes," Cordelia stated. Slowly getting up and walking to Juliet.

Juliet stopped her hopping" I sure hope so, He never lets me compete."

The two friends sat on the dirt battle field surrounded by trees chatting for a while. Discussing news of the day, battle tactics, and what moves used best on other eeveeloutions. The warmth of the sun on their backs restored their strength. Juliet felt the eges of her fur bristle out with energy. She stood up, about to ask Cordelia if she wanted to go for a run.

"My dearest Juliet!" a voice hollered. Juliet internally winced at the sound. Why couldn't he leave her alone. Damien, a redish espeon appeared. His eyes matched his pelt and he strutted forward with forced grace and head held high. Juliet had to bite her tongue to keep from voicing out her hatred to him.

of course, his massive ego kept him from seeing just how much Juliet disliked his guts.

"Juliet, would you care to go on a walk with me?" he suggested. Although the tone of his voice made it sound like a demand if anything.

"No thanks," She answered sourly. Juliet was getting ready to turn away when Damien put his forked tail around her shoulder.

" Do you really want to pass up this opportunity," he hissed through clenched teeth. Juliet clenched her own teeth to prevent herself from biting his head off.

"yes! I am!" Juliet hissed before detaching herself from his tail and walking off. Leaving behind a startled Damien and giggling Cordelia.

She procedded down the familiar path, one she shared with her mother not long ago.


By the time Romeo decided to register the fact that he was in unfamiliar territory, he was on a beach. The warmth of the sand and setting suns light is what brought to his attention that he wasn't on his own territory. He became slightly hesitant as carefully walked onto the sand. It was warm beneath his pads and offered a sort of comfort to the sadness he had been feeling a few minutes ago. Although he wished he had a living thing to take comfort in. Deciding to just enjoy this rare moment of somewhat happiness, he became less wary and trotted across the sand.

Not really paying attention to anything he continued walking in the light of the setting sun. It spread colorful shades of purple and red across the sky. He didn't pay much attention to what was in front of him. Not until he felt is paw twist painfully backwards. He gave out a loud yelp and tumbled down a small hill of sand in front of him.

He bumped into another object that cut his tumble short and felt his face get shoved into the sand. Raising his head, Romeo spit out the unpleasant tasting sand on his tongue. Looking up he saw out of the corner of his eye the figure he bumped into. An apology never got to leave his mouth as he and the figure locked eyes. Purple met red for a few seconds before both pokemon realized who they were looking at. Romeo let out a growl and unsheathed his claws. The espeon in front of him jumped up. Her fur was bristling her teeth bared. But Romeo could see traces of hesitation in her eyes.

that fact confused him, but he shook it to the corner of his brain. She was his enemy and he was hers. Romeo leapt at the espeon. Daring to take the first move. The espeon side stepped and Romeo went skidding on the sand. He clenched his teeth as he landed on his twisted paw.

'I am a warrior' that quick thought flashed in his head before he launched himself at the espeon again. She seemed to have predicted this because she ducted her body at an angle that made him stumble more than he should have. Romeo let out a hiss of frustration as he awkwardly stood up and unsheathed his claws, preparing a shadow claw. The espeon, having decided she could fight, launched a quick shadow ball at him. Using the shadow claw, Romeo delfected it. Before the smoke died away, he launched himself at her again. This time the espeon didn't see it coming until Romeo had already landed on her back, sinking his claws into her shoulders. Blood spirt from her wounds and she let out a cry as she bucked and kicked trying to throw him off.

For a second, because of his back paw, Romeo's grip faultered. This gave the espeon enough time to launch him off of her. Throwing him in the air and to Romeo's horror, exposed for a killing blow. He shut his eyes tight as the espeon jumped into the air with terrifying grace and straight at him. Instead of feeling claws slice his throat however, he felt them cut into his chest and throw him painfully to the ground.

With a groan, he coughed up the sand that had gone into his throat and nose. He looked up a bit and saw the espeon give him a sort of terrified look. Adding even more to his confusion, she turned tail and vanished into the bushes. Why didn't she kill him. From the stories he had heard they would kill an umbreon without a second thought. Romeo was once again proven wrong when the espeon appeared with berries and herbs in her jaws. He flinched a bit when she neared him. The fur along his spine bristling in defense.

"relax, im not gonna hurt you," she mumbled around the herbs in her mouth. Holding out a paw in hesitation like he could still attack her in his wounded state.

"a little late for that don't you think," He muttered back. Regardless he let her aproach him and tend to his wounds. He hissed that the burning sensation the herbs had on his wounds. After she finished wrapping his chest,the espeon moved to the twisted back paw. Which felt even worse after their fight.

She sat back on her haunches and smiled at her work. It was only then did Romeo dare let his guard down a little, and ease himself up. The espeon let out a sort of purring noise as Romeo managed to sit up.

"why.." He was gonna finish the question until he decided he didn't really need to. The single word 'why' spoke for itself.

The espeon's smile faltered a bit as she looked down, seemingly totally unfazed by his prescence now " because I didn't have to..." that was all he got out of her before she dipped her head in a repective gesture. Then turned around and ran into the woods, toward epeon territory. Romeo watched her go a bit sadly.

"thanks... " he murmured to her retreating figure. After another minute or so, Romeo stood and began his limping journey home. Hoping that he would never see another espeon again. Yet a small part of him hoped he would see that particular one again someday.




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