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Chapter 1: Crash Landing



"Biju/VI/Geth/Reaper talking"

"Biju/VI/Geth/Reaper thinking"


(Location: Thessia atmosphere)

It was a quiet time on the Shield of Athame. The ship was a cruiser assigned to the protection of the Asari home world of Thessia, a routine job that nearly every ship in the Asari fleet had to do (it was either protecting Thessia or the Citadel. The only difference was that the Citadel had a mixture of the fleets). The Shield of Athame had been doing the job for the better half of three months and its crew was waiting for the chance to get out into space and do an actual mission. Thankfully (at least to them), they weren't the only ones who were doing this. There were a good number of ships protecting Thessia, although most people thought it would be suicidal to even try and attack the planet (partly because of the ships).

On this particular ship, its captain, one Arsmeni Banni, was fast asleep in her bed. She had just gone through a long and incredibly boring shift on the bridge, so all she wanted to do was have a nice long sleep. Unfortunately for her, that wasn't in the plan. "Captain, we need you on the bridge." The voice of one of the crew rang through the intercom. Arsmeni heard it, but she didn't want to respond. The voice was making her be awake and she didn't want to be awake. She wanted to be unconscious, completely and utterly. "Captain, we need you on the bridge." The voice spoke again.

She groaned and accepted the inevitable; she was going to have to be awake. "I'm on my way." She said as she rose from the bed, stretching out the kinks in her body. "But if there isn't a good reason to why I have to be awake right now, someone is going to be getting an ass-whooping." She threatened.

"Um…acknowledged, captain, bridge out," The intercom went dead, leaving her alone in the room. She slowly stumbled over to her own personal coffee machine and began making a cup. Despite what the rest of the galactic community said about humans, they could all agree that they had a good way of getting you up in the morning. She took a sip of the precious brew and swallowed it, allowing it to jumpstart the rest of her body. As she came awake, she finished the rest of the cup. Placing it down on the table, she quickly put her uniform and then made her way to the bridge.

As she walked through the hallways, she came across two crew members gossiping. "I heard the Systems Alliance had colonized another planet." The one of the left said.

"Another one?" asked the one on the right. "That's the third planet this month! How many planets do they need anyway?"

"I don't know." She replied, shrugging her shoulders. "You'd think they would be having kids every ten minutes the way those colonies fill up."

"I know, right? So, who's protecting the colony? Those…what was the word…shanabi people?"

"The correct word is shinobi." Arsmeni said, interrupting their conversation and catching them by surprise. "And the two of you had better be off-duty if you're gossiping in the hallways like a couple of school children."

"We are, captain!" The left crew member assured her. Everyone knew how grouchy the captain was when she was woken unexpectedly from sleep. If you pissed her off when she was like that, she was more than likely to take it out on you.

"Good, carry on then." She kept on walking, leaving the two alone. As she walked, she reflected on what they were gossiping about. Ever since they had come onto the galactic stage, the humans had been colonizing planets like they were about to go extinct. That policy kept annoying the hell out of the other races who wanted to colonize a planet, only to find that the humans had already gotten there. Personally, she didn't think the humans weren't so bad; they just seemed to be in a big hurry.

She walked onto the bridge, the doors closing behind her. "Okay, what's so important that I need to be here?" She asked, getting everyone's attention.

"There's something on the radar, Captain. It's been coming this way steadily for the past hour and doesn't show any signs of slowing down or stopping at all." The XO explained. She quickly it a few buttons on the console next to her, a hologram appeared overhead, showing what looked to be a white meteor sailing through space. The odd thing about it (besides its coloring) was that it was a perfect sphere and looked to be the same size as the cruiser.

"How far away is it?" She asked.

"About twenty, maybe twenty five minutes away," The XO promptly answered.

"What exactly is the problem here, Falnya?" She asked, calling her XO by her first name. "You woke me up because of some white meteor that coming this way? If you're worried about it crashing into one of the republics on the planet, just blow it to pieces before it does."

"That's not why I had you come up here, ma'am."

"Then why am I up here?" She asked again, getting grouchier by the second.

"We did a scan of the meteor as it came onto the radar, to see if there was anything worth mining from it." Arsmeni understood why she had done that, it was standard procedure to scan any unknown object they encountered in space to see if there was anything useful. "What we got was an energy reading that was powerful enough to power ten dreadnaughts."

If Arsmeni had brought her cup of coffee with her to the bridge, she would've dropped it. "Wait, are you sure about that? It was powerful enough to power ten dreadnaughts?" She asked, thinking she had misheard her XO.

"That's correct ma'am, but that's not all."

"What else is there?"

"…We picked up a life signature when we scanned the meteor." She explained, a little hesitant. "It was faint, but it's there."

"There's something alive in there?" The Captain demanded.

"It seems like that, ma'am." Both of them just stared in disbelief at the hologram of the meteor. The facts seemed almost ridiculous and yet, there were right there in front of them. There was a meteor out there that was giving off an energy reading as powerful as ten dreadnaughts and also had a faint life signature.

"Is the energy reading as eezo?" Arsmeni asked. If it was, then it would be the biggest deposit the galactic community had ever found.

"Uh…no, Captain." One of the nearby crew answered her question. "I'm checking all known energies to see if there is a match." Her fingers flew over the keyboard in front of her as she looked through databases. "I think I have a match, ma'am." She announced. "It's almost identical match to the energy that the Alliance military uses."

"Are you telling me that meteor is giving off a chakra reading!?" She knew the bare amount about chakra. It was an energy that could only be used by humans. It was also the reason why they were able to beat the Turians back off Shanxi within a week during the Relay 314 Incident and easily defeated the Batarian invasion in the Skyllian Blitz.

"Yes, ma'am, there are a few differences, but as far as I can tell, they are enough to not make it completely identical."

"Oh great, you know what happens next." She muttered to her XO.

"Ma'am?" asked Falnya, unsure of what she meant.

"We're going to have to contact the Alliance and inform them of our discovery. Then they'll come out here, take the damn thing back to their planet, and take it apart bit by bit until they find what's causing that reading." She grumbled.

"With all due respect ma'am, but isn't that we were planning to do?"

She threw a mock glare at her XO, but it soon turned into a smile. "You know me too well, Falnya."

"That's my job, Captain." She replied with a straight face. She could understand where Arsmeni was coming though. When it came to the study of chakra, there was none. The Alliance kept the secrets of the energy close to the chest and refused to let anyone who wasn't a human study it. If the Asari Republics could get their hands on the meteor and somehow figure out how it was giving off the reading, they could be the ones to discover how chakra worked. That would, in turn, make the captain and crew of the Shield of Athame either famous or rich.

All of a sudden, a warning klaxon began going off. "What's going on?" Arsmeni demanded as the bridge had red lights flashing all around them.

"It's the meteor, ma'am. It's gaining speed!" A nearby crew shouted. "If we stay where we are it'll hit us in seven minutes!"

"Pilot, engage thrusters and get this ship ready to move!" She barked out an order.

"Yes sir!" The pilot replied, hitting a rapid sequence of buttons around the helm.

"Is there any way we can damage that thing?" She asked another crew member as she stood behind her chair, looking at the screen.

"Unknown, ma'am," The crew member replied. "We don't have any idea of how thick the rock is. We also don't know if the chakra will react if we do fire."

"Incoming in four minutes!" shouted Falnya from where she stood, reading a screen and watching the meteor.

"Lila, will we be able to move away from its path?" Arsmeni asked the pilot.

"Yes Captain. But if we do that, the trajectory shows that it will crash in the middle of the Serrice Republic!" She answered.

"Would we survive the crash with the meteor if we stayed put?"

"No ma'am. In fact, I don't think that will even slow it down."

"Incoming in two minutes!" shouted Falnya.

Arsmeni looked around the bridge and saw that everyone there was watching her. She was the captain; it was her decision to make. She could keep the ship where it was and hope that would be enough to stop the meteor, or order the ship to move and allow the meteor to pass by and sail into the atmosphere, crashing into the republic below. "Oh damn it all to Athame! I just hope the blasted thing crashes in a park! If not, I'll apologize later. The safety of my crew comes first!" She silently swore. "Get us out of the way of that meteor, Lila, NOW!" She ordered.

"Yes ma'am." Lila began to steer the ship out of the meteor's path. It was almost too close for comfort, but the ship was able to get out of the way just as the thing passed. "We're clear, Captain!" She announced.

"Good." Now all they could was watched as the meteor went into the atmosphere.

"Captian, I think the force of the thrusters did something. The meteor's trajectory has changed!" Falnya stated her eyes still on the screen in front of her.

She whipped her head over to look at her XO. "Where's it going to land?"

"From what this thing is telling, it's going to crash about five miles outside of the Serrice Republic."

"Alright, contact the Matriarchs of that Republic. Tell them what's going and tell the public not to panic." She ordered. While she was relieved that it wouldn't hit the republic, there were still going to be problems.

"Understood, Captain," The XO acknowledged. She quickly left the bridge in order to find a comm room.

(Location: Thessia)

The meteor fell through the sky, with nothing trying to stop it. It didn't burn up in the atmosphere, as some on the Shield of Athame had hoped. If a child on the planet's surface had looked up and saw it, they would've initially thought that it was a bright star about to hit the planet (they would've been half right). On and on it sailed, hurling even faster down to the ground now that gravity had control.

It smashed into the ground, sounding like thunder crashing, a volcanos erupting, an earthquake splitting apart the surface, and a bomb going off all at the same time. It created a shockwave of energy that spread out halfway across the planet. When the shockwave went through a Republic, it had crashed everything, causing a blackout. Omni-tools went dead, people became stuck in elevators, and accidents were happening in the streets (these were only a few things that happened due to the shockwave). The people did everything they could to help each other out while the Matriarchs assured the population that everything was being done to get the power back on and to treat those who had been injured.

It took Thessia a week to remember that the cause of the blackout was just outside the Serrice Republic, halfway embedded into the ground.

Codex Entry (Humanity and the Systems Alliance): SHINOBI

The best description that's fits the Shinobi is "Humanity's answer to the Asari Commando." It is unknown on how long the shinobi have been on Earth, but according to sources they have been there a long time.

While originally warriors who were clannish and fought for whoever paid them, they were eventually organized into what is now known as Hidden Villages. They then became what could be closely called "organized mercenaries", however shinobi take great offense at being called that, so the phrase was soon forgotten. A team of shinobi (the standard number of people on a team is four, it can be bigger or smaller) would accept a mission from clients who would pay them in accordance with the difficulty of the mission (See: Shinobi Ranking) in order to complete the mission.

Shinobi use an energy called charka to assist them in their mission. This energy allows them to perform extraordinary feats, such as running the side of a tree or building without fear of falling off, or walking across water without falling in. Shinobi also use chakra to perform attacks known as Jutsu, which range from creating a fireball from the mouth to casting an illusion so horrible that the person caught in it would kill themselves. There has been some claim that chakra is just another form of biotics (which was proven false after comparing the two energy readings).

Currently, only humans are able to utilize and harness the chakra in their bodies. This is mostly because the Systems Alliance steadfastly refuses to allow any alien race to study the energy (the only thing they have allowed to be shown the energy reading of chakra). Despite pleas from the Citadel Council as well as military companies, the inner workings of chakra is one of humanity's closet kept secrets, even more so when it was discovered that an STG group and a Spectre had been trying to trying to find the secret by themselves (Hotlink: Incident in Land of Water, STG group and Spectre executed without trial).

The system of the Hidden Villages continued until the time of the Fourth Shinobi World War (around CE 159). Afterwards, it disbanded and shinobi from rival villages began working together under the banner of the Shinobi Alliance (which had been changed to the Human Alliance and then became the Systems Alliance). Many traditions have followed shinobi into the modern day, such as the use of kunai, shuriken, and explosive tags (even though nowadays, a shinobi will use a gun or grenade), or using the old shinobi military ranks to modern day military ranks (being called Genin means one is of low rank, to be called a Chūnin means one of middle rank, and to be called Jōnin means one is of high rank).


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