There she was, laughing with her friends. No boyfriend in sight. This time he would speak to her and he would not make a fool of himself.

Ten feet… 'I can do this!'

Nine feet… 'God she's so beautiful.'

Eight feet… 'Maybe I can offer to carry her books?'

Seven feet… 'Damn it! I have too many of my own!'

Six feet… 'Why do I feel queasy?'

Five fe- 'Crap!'

Clark Kent stumbled and dropped his books.

"Clark? Are you ok?"

'Brilliant.' Clark thought. 'She notices me now.'

In the distance he could hear Chloe crowing over winning the bet. Lana Lang knelt down and helped him retrieve his books.

"Nietzsche, Clark?" Lana asked as she picked up The Will to Power. "So what are you? A man or a super man?" She smiled.

"Just a man." Clark said weakly as he began to feel weaker and weaker.

"Kid, you don't look so good." Said a male voice with an English accent.

"Strange… don't feel to good either." Clark groaned.

"Why don't you head in and I'll sort him out?" He heard the man tell Lana.

With Lana gone Clark felt instantly better. 'Why does it always happen around her?' He wondered in frustration.

"Take my advice, stay away from that girl, she is not good for your health." The man chuckled.

Clark looked up to see a young man in his early twenties with messy black hair and bright green eyes smiling at him.

"Easier said than done, we're in the same classes and we're neighbours." Clark smiled weakly.

"And you have the hugest crush I have ever seen on her." The man laughed as Clark looked around frantically, hoping that no one heard him.

"Anyone with eyes to see and ears to hear knows about your crush." The man said as he picked up Clark's books. "She probably knows."

"Oh god." Clark groaned.

"It's not that bad, she is quite beautiful. Having a crush isn't the problem. It's how you control it and allow it to control you that matters."

"What do you mean?" Clark asked curiously as he accepted the rest of the books.

"You have a crush. Accept and acknowledge that fact. She clearly has a boyfriend. Accept and acknowledge that fact. As long as she has a boyfriend the only thing you can be to her is a friend. If you try to be more than that you come off as a jerk and a fool for trying to get between them."

"So I should stay away from her?" He asked forlornly.

The man ran a hand through his hair thoughtfully. "Maybe for today. We will talk later… oh, I'm Harry Potter by the way."

"Clark Kent." He shook the man's hand. "Are you a teacher here?"

"Me? No, I just came by to wish my friends a good first day. You'll probably see them later."

"Erm… ok." Clark thought it was a little strange for an older male to be hanging around a high school and to have high school friends, but he was far too polite to say it.

The bell rang.

"See you around Clark." The man said as he began walking away, leaving Clark to head inside.

'Emma?' Harry thought mentally to his telepathic friend.

'Yes Harry?'

'Clark Kent is not human; he's a good kid though. There's a girl with a necklace that has a green stone in it. It's not an emerald, it has a really bad effect on Clark, it was killing him. I need to get a look at it or find out where it came from.'

'I will see what I can do.'

'Oh, and the guy looks like a shoe in for Scott's team.'

'I'll be sure to let him know.' Came the amused mental voice of Emma Frost.

Lana Lang wasn't sure what to make of the news she was just given. She was still captain of the cheerleading squad but they had been assigned a coach. Laura Kinney thought they were ok but assured them that they could be better.

"You move well and have decent coordination but you are hampered by the fact that your leader is a part of your team. Miss Lang can't watch you and correct your mistakes whilst she is cheering herself.

"My job is to help you make your coordination perfect. We will do so by learning dance and martial arts moves. By the time you are up to scratch the crowds will be so entranced by you that the game will be a mere side show!" She told them enthusiastically.

"Does that mean my boys can stop training, Laura?" Asked a tall well-built man with light brown hair.

"Only if they want to deny my girls a reason to cheer, Scott." Laura riposted.

"Well, I have a request." Scott smiled. "We need to either find somewhere else for the cheerleaders to meet or arrange different times."

"What? Why?" Lana demanded in outrage.

Scott just smirked at Laura with a raised eyebrow as he jerked his head over his shoulder indicating his boys who were watching them.

Laura laughed. "It appears you girls are too big a distraction for the poor little men." She said mockingly.

"They aren't the only ones. If Harry were a jealous man then we might have problems." Scott smiled.

Laura turned back to the cheerleaders. "Ok girls, I believe you have made the cavemen drool enough for the day, Lana, if you have some time I'd like to discuss some ideas with you.

"Scott, go beat your chest with your fellow Neanderthals." She told the new Football Coach.

Scott just laughed and dismissed his boys before heading up to the bleachers where his newest recruit and the young man Harry had pointed out to Emma where talking.

"Ross! Get down there and start running drills." Scott barked.

"Yes Coach!" The young man said eagerly as he headed down with his far too big football padding.

Clark watched wistfully as his friend lived the dream.

"Clark Kent, right?"

Clark stood up respectfully.

"Yes sir."

"You have a good build, and if I hear right, your dad was something of a sporting hero, any particular reason you chose not to sign up?" Scott asked with his arms crossed.

"I couldn't get permission, sir." He said clearly upset by this fact.

"You have a medical condition?"

"Not exactly."

"You do want to join the team though?"

"Absolutely sir."

"Well, maybe I'll come round and talk to your parents. If your pal Ross can suit up and give it a shot then I don't see why you can't."

"There are… issues, Coach."

"I've been around a long time, I haven't met an issue yet that couldn't be dealt with.

"Head on home Kent and I'll see you later. I have to run Ross through the ringer. If he's going to be on the team then he's going to contribute properly." They both winced as they heard the sloppy impact of the short boy against the training dummies. "And make sure he doesn't injure himself."

Scott, Emma and Laura were driving home after an interesting first day. Scott had been a hit with the football team, Laura was becoming quite the mentor to the Cheerleaders and Emma was tempted to bitch slap Chloe Sullivan. Not a good start for the new Principal.

It had only been Jean's soothing voice in her head that prevented the physical outburst when she read the latest articles on the three new staff members of Smallville High. She had been tempted to do it anyway and then erase the girl's memories.

As it was she had managed to bury her anger. She did threaten to shut down The Torch if she was ever disrespectful to another person through the paper again.

"Looks like an accident up ahead." Scott remarked gravely as they approached a small bridge where something had clearly ploughed through the safety barriers. He put on a brief spurt of speed before they all leapt out.

"Kent! What happened?" Scott demanded as Laura moved to provide mouth-to-mouth as Clark continued chest compressions.

"I don't know he just came barrelling past me and into the river."

The bald headed man suddenly began coughing.

"Didn't I hit you?" He asked weakly.

"If you'd hit me… I'd be dead." Clark said gravely.

"And he wouldn't have been able to save your life." Laura snapped angrily.

"Laura?" Scott asked.

"You saw the skid marks, his car was speeding and he hit the debris on the road. What happened? Urgent phone call?" She asked snidely.

"The emergency services are on the way." Emma reported. "Scott, a word."

Scott left Clark and the bald man in Laura's capable hands.

"Scott, take a look at the car." Emma instructed.

Scott frowned but turned and gazed into the water utilising his magic to see past the water itself.

It was clear that the roof of the car had been peeled back, and there was no way the crash would have done it.

"You think Kent did it?"

"Harry saw something, we know he's not human."

"We'll leave it for now." Scott decided. "We'll report it to Harry, I have plans to talk to the parents anyway."

"Very well." Emma conceded.

"Kent, here, call your parents, tell them you're fine but you could use a lift and some dry clothes." Scott said as he tossed the young man his phone. "It's water proof." Scott laughed as the drenched young man gingerly held it.

Ten minutes later and the police and fire department were barrelling towards them with a tow truck. Five minutes after that and the three new teachers of Smallville High were introduced to Jonathon Kent.

"He did a great job, Mr. Kent. Kept his wits about him and had the situation well in hand by the time we arrived." Scott sang Clark's praises.

"Clark's a good boy. I have every faith in him." Jonathon said sincerely. "If you don't mind I would like to get him home to his mother."

"Of course. We'll see you at school tomorrow, Mr. Kent." Scott told the slightly drying teen.

The three teachers arrived back at the brand new castle. Harry and Jean had brought them to this universe only a month prior along with his other girls Amara, Dani, Lorna, Brunhilde and the Cuckoos. Jean had been given the recommendation by the Phoenix Council so here they were.

It had been over one hundred thousand years since Harry had dropped into their lives, it was a drop in the ocean compared to Harry's own accumulated years but still quite a feat, especially as Harry had told them that they would have to crossover to the Other side after around five thousand years.

But Harry didn't know everything and dealing with soul-bonded Phoenixes was new to him. Centuries after Harry had arrived Emma had been soul bound to Scott and Jean. The others were already bound to the Cuckoos who were also a Phoenix.

Something about the Phoenix's souls granted their own souls immortality and stability in the mortal realm… so here they were thousands of years later.

Their own universe was stable and capable of taking care of itself, Harry had no desire to stay until the universe eventually died out so they had said their goodbyes and left, they could always return for visits later.

The Phoenix Council had warned them that there was a new type of mutation occurring that centred on the town of Smallville. So here they were in a castle that Harry had literally conjured.

"Lex Luther? His father is absolutely hated in this town." Harry mused as he sipped his coke.

"Gossip is spreading quickly about his son though." Phoebe informed them as the Three-In-One listened to the broadcasted surface thoughts of the town.

"What about Clark Kent? Any word on him?" Scott asked.

"Boy scout, but not hero." Celeste frowned.

"He's considered a geek." Mindee sighed in disgust. "He's an absolute hottie and they still judge him by the fact that he reads more than the rest of his class and lives on a farm."

"He wants to join the football team but his dad won't give him permission." Scott explained. "I was planning on going over to the Kent's to talk to the dad.

"How about you Emma? I heard Jean having to talk you down." Scott laughed.

"That Sullivan girl is a menace!" Emma hissed. "We have only been there a day and she was planning on posting conspiracy theories about what happened to our predecessors. She also said some rather disparaging things about my outfit." She huffed.

Emma was currently dressed in her customary white. She wore a white skirt that came to above her knees with white knee high boots, a white blouse and a white blazer.

"What did you do?" Dani asked with a laugh as she chose to forgo teasing.

"I told her that if she didn't have proof to back up her claims I would shut down the torch."

"That was after I talked Emma down from mentally lobotomising the girl." Jean smirked.

"Probably wouldn't have made much of a difference." Emma groused causing the others to laugh. "I'm hiring you, Danielle, as a student counsellor and as the sponsor for the various clubs like the Torch."

"What! Why me?" She objected.

"As everyone here will agree, I need someone to counter-balance my... somewhat aloof manner." One hundred thousand years and they were still the same group of X-Men... and Harry.

Dani just huffed.

"Aw, we'll save some special time for you, Dani." Lorna teased.

"Special time?" Scott asked.

"Special time, Scott." Lorna said with a waggle of her eyebrows.

"So this is what you lot get up to whilst we are hard at work?" Laura pouted.

"Only until we get our first students." Amara promised. "Besides, we have all night to have our fun as well."

"Screw that!" Laura exclaimed as she jumped up from her seat. "We can start now." She grabbed Harry and they vanished.

"I swear none of you ever grew up." Scott groused.

"Where's the fun in that?" Dani laughed before the others vanished leaving Scott, Jean, Emma and Brunhilde in the lounge.

"Not joining them Hilde?" Jean asked.

"Soon, I confess, I am feeling homesick. Although I spent many centuries away from Asgard, I always had the knowledge that I could return. I am still struggling to cope with the realisation that this is fairly permanent."

"Only until we are happy this universe is stable, then we can move onto the next one and look forward to new adventures." Jean assured her. "One day we may even go back home. Harry has the power to take us anywhere in the mortal realms at any time."

The following afternoon Scott made his way to the Kent Farm. The football team was a little cocky but they had a solid starting point. Pete Ross was a walking disaster, but the boy had heart, even if it was because he wanted to be popular. Scott was determined to see the kid reach his highest potential.

He could hear Clark and Jonathan Kent arguing as he headed towards the sound of voices. As he rounded the corner he watched in horror as Clark jammed his bare arm in a wood chipper.

"Shit!" Scott exclaimed as he sent a burst from his eyes at the power source stopping the chipper. "Dammit Kent! What the hell are you doing?" Scott demanded as he rushed forward to try and stop the bleeding.

"I'm fine! I'm fine!" Clark assured them.

"What on earth possessed you to do something so boneheaded Clark?"

"I... I was just trying to prove a point to my dad." Clark said with embarrassment.

"Maybe next time you can do it without giving him a heart attack." Scott admonished.

Both Kent men jumped as Harry suddenly appeared. "Problem Scott?"

"Who are you people?" Jonathan demanded as he positioned himself in front of his son.

"I'm the football coach for Smallville High, I came to talk to you about letting Clark join up. After seeing his stunt just now I decided to call in my friend Harry here. We're both experienced in dealing with people with powers."

"This was just a freak accident." Jonathan assured them. "The blades probably weren't tightened and that's why they didn't hurt him."

Scott looked at Harry.

Harry just smirked. "Oh he's lying out his arse alright. He's far more concerned about us carting Clark off that he's forgotten I just appeared out of thin air."

"Clark hasn't forgotten." Scott corrected with a hint of approval.

"How long have you been on Earth, Clark?" Harry asked.


"I think you should go." Jonathan said firmly as he stepped forward between Clark and the men.

"Oh relax." Harry said dismissively. He walked through Jonathan and offered his hand to Clark. "You might remember me, Harry Potter? I also go by the Master of Magic and Death, but I wouldn't worry too much about that last one."

"Are you delusional?" Jonathan demanded.

"You do realise he just walked through you?" Scott asked.

"And my son just survived jamming his hand in a wood chipper. I don't see him going around claiming to be 'Death'." He retorted.

"Would you really like him to prove it?"

"I don't do party tricks." Harry objected. "Look, ignore the Death bit, just accept that I am very powerful, probably the most powerful person you will ever meet. Scott is a mutant and a wizard. His mutant power involves concussive blasts from his eyes; his magical powers are... whatever he can figure out.

"Now, how long have you known Clark is an alien on this planet?"

Jonathan looked very uncomfortable.

"Dad?" Clark asked worriedly.

"He found us the day of the meteor shower. Fell from the sky right in front of our car. We hid his ship in the storm cellar."

After seeing his ship for the first time, Clark had bolted leaving Jonathan to deal with Scott and Harry. He had taken them inside to meet Martha. She was very wary but much politer than her two men.

"Do you think Clark will be ok?" She asked as she gazed out the window.

"Once he gets over the fact that he isn't the only alien around? Sure." Harry shrugged.

"There are others? More from Clark's home planet?"

"No idea, I was referring to Scott, myself and our family. We aren't even from this universe, let alone this planet. Scott and I are from two different universes, or realities. I'm still not sure on the terminologies."

"Why are you here?"

"To help." Scott replied. "We come from worlds where society was split into two groups. Those with a special power like magic or mutant abilities and those without. One group looked down on the other and wars and genocides occurred. Harry has been instrumental in bringing peace and equality about. Now we are here as we were advised that something similar was about to emerge."

"Like Clark?" Martha asked.

"No, Clark is an alien, what we are looking for will be something of an evolutionary shoot off of the standard homo-sapiens line. That and I will probably start making magicals." Harry grinned.

"'Making magicals'?" Jonathan parroted.

"Remember how I introduced myself as the Master of Magic? One of my roles is to bring magic to the world."

"You intend to make Clark a... wizard?" Martha asked worriedly.

"Probably. I was thinking of starting with you and Jonathan."

"What? Why us? We're just farmers."

"Magic isn't about performing grandiose tasks. It's about utilising a form of energy that should be a part of everyday life. You can use magic to do simple things like washing the dishes, cleaning the house. Conjuring supplies, healing wounds... etcetera."

"Sounds like an excuse to be lazy if you ask me." Jonathan said with a slight scowl.

"Or a way to be more productive. Imagine how much more you could get done around the farm with magic at your disposal. I can milk every cow at the same time. I can layout the feed for the animals with a click of my fingers. I can have all the standard farm chores done within an hour leaving me plenty of time to make a survey of the land and animals to catch problems early and then make any transports and deliveries leaving me time to spend with my family."

"It doesn't sound like you know much about farming." Jonathan scoffed.

"I have had several farms and ran most of them by myself."

"You aren't as young as you look, are you?" Martha noted shrewdly.

Scott answered. "I, personally, am over one hundred thousand years old. Harry is over nineteen million years old."

They sat there staring at the two relatively young looking men.

"That's a fairly hard thing to swallow." Jonathan said slowly.

"It's also fairly irrelevant to the here and now." Harry said. "Scott, myself and our family have exceptional powers. Powers that far exceed Clark's. We don't intend to use our powers to harm others, only to protect. If you claim to be good people then you won't have any problems with us and we will soon be fast friends."

As Martha made her way down to the kitchen the next morning she froze on the steps when she heard strange voices, she quickly went back to the bathroom for her husband. Jonathan was less than pleased at being dragged out of his shower but he grabbed his shotgun and made his way down in his towel.

He was surprised to see two young women sitting at the table and drinking hot drinks and just talking and laughing.

One was blonde haired with almost aristocratic features wearing a light blue summer dress; the other was ebony haired with Native American features dressed in jeans and a shirt.

"Who are you and what do you want?" He demanded.

He was a little disturbed when neither girl was startled, they just turned and smiled.

"Hi, I'm Dani and this is Amara. Harry sent us over to help out around the farm and give you a demonstration of magic."

Jonathan was shocked when he found himself holding a hot cup of coffee and fully dressed.

"And may I say Martha, you have one hell of a hubba-hubba husband!" Dani grinned at the slightly hiding red head.

Martha was unsure how to respond to that comment until she saw how uncomfortable it made her husband. So she smirked and sauntered in with a little extra sway to hips. "Thank you dear, he is quite the specimen."

Jonathan took a deep breath... and quickly changed the subject. "So last night wasn't a bad dream? Magic is real?"

"It is." Amara smiled deciding to let the farmer off the hook. "I will be helping Martha out around the house and farm whilst Dani helps you with the other chores."

"Do either of you have experience on a farm?" Jonathan asked.

"Multiple farms. Quite a few dealt with non-earth native animals."

"What's a non-?"

"Alien animals." Dani supplied. "We come from a universe where there was life on other planets. We already know Clark is an alien so we can assume there will be other life-forms out there."

"We prefer to keep that knowledge quiet." Jonathan added hastily. "Even Clark didn't know he was an alien until last night."

"That had better be the last secret you keep from Clark." Amara said warningly. "Remember that Harry has lots of experience dealing with people. Especially children. He learnt from his own dad that being as truthful as possible with children will earn you their trust. Start keeping secrets and they will use any excuse to get away from you."

"Erm... hi?"

All heads turned to see a very confused Clark Kent standing in the doorway.

"Oh god... the Trips were right... he is gorgeous." Dani groaned. "When he hits maturity we have to try him out. Ow!"

"Please excuse Dani, she has trouble remembering to conform to social norms." Amara apologised having whacked her friend on the shoulder. "You are very attractive, Clark, just like your parents."

Clark wasn't sure how to take that. Two incredibly beautiful women had just complimented his looks. But they had also called his parents attractive.


"Clark, meet Dani and Amara, friends of Harry... and I assume Scott?" Martha introduced.

"Oh yes. Of course you might see more of me around the school as Emma was threatening to hire me as a student councillor." Dani informed them. "But I'm hoping she was joking."

"Should you really be making such... forward remarks to potential students then?" Jonathan asked.

"I'm not hired yet." She smirked.

"Why are you here?" Clark asked.

"To educate your parents on the benefits of magic in the hopes that they will accept Harry's offer." Amara answered.

"What's the catch?" Jonathan asked, the town's dealings with the Luthors at the forefront of his mind.

"Magic is free, it doesn't give you the right to circumvent or break the law. So... no catch really."

"What was the offer?" Clark asked.

"To make you and your parents magicals. Like us."

"You want to give me the ability to do magic?" Clark asked sceptically.

"Why not?" Dani asked.

"I believe the better question is 'why'?" Jonathan countered.

"It's what Harry does. He is the Master of Magic, his very nature and existence is to spread magic amongst the universe. He has just decided you three would be a good place to start." Amara explained.

Amara and Dani enjoyed every second of their time on the farm, it was always fun to blow someone's mind by showing off with magic and both girls were at home with nature.

"Do you think you and Jonathan would be interested in some investors or partners?" Amara asked as she levitated the chicken feed into the pens.

"I'm not sure. This farm has been in the Kent family for generations." She said doubtfully.

"I'm not looking to take a piece of ownership, money doesn't really mean much to us. We live so long that we all just have to find things to do so we don't get bored. I was thinking of volunteering on your farm or starting my own one.

"Volunteering here would be pointless as this farm is too small for three people with magic. We would need to double the size and population to be truly productive."

"I don't think we could afford that." Martha admitted

"That's where I come in as an investor. I buy up lots of surrounding farmland and sign it over to you. In return you let me work on the farm and maybe we export a percentage of the produce to third world countries."

"Charity work? It's a lovely idea but a farm doesn't-"

"Remember what we told you Martha, we have run lots of farms. There is very little you could tell us about running a farm." Amara warned with a smile.

"You seem very certain that we will accept your offer to become magicals."

"You are good sensible people. Whilst we would be happy to make you magicals, teach you and then leave you be, we believe you would be ideal candidates as examples for others as magicals."

"I'm not sure I'm comfortable with the idea of fame."

"Your fame wouldn't be any greater than that of living in a small town and everyone knowing your name and where you live."

Amara found Martha was quite the hard sell. They had expected distrust when they realised that they had been keeping Clark's secret for a decade, even from Clark himself.

Martha's reluctance was shot to hell when Dani and Jonathan returned that afternoon for lunch.

"Martha have you seen what they can do? Dani created sheepdogs out of nothing! She healed a cow that had a thorn in its hoof! She converted the tractor to work on... I have no idea what!"

Martha just stared at her husband. He was usually very level headed, but often sceptical and pigheaded when it came to morals and new ideas. She was surprised that he was even considering magic after his rant about the Luthors and gifts.

"Why did you convert the tractor?" Amara asked Dani.

"Just an example. I didn't want to shut his mind down with the knowledge that magic made a tractor pointless." She smirked.

Martha cleared her throat. "Despite my husband's... eagerness, I believe we should sleep on it for a few days first."

"That's fine with us. Do you mind if we come back and help out though? This was so much fun and brought back some great memories." Dani asked.

"That would be great!" Jonathan exclaimed.

"There are still this afternoon's chores." Martha reminded him.

"Martha, Dani completed everything." Jonathan emphasised.

"You still need to check the animals."

"I put a ward up that will alert you if there is a problem." Dani shrugged. "You might as well show us around town."

"A ward?" Martha asked.

"A magical tripwire that will send you a mental alert if-"

"What is that noise?" Martha asked suddenly, interrupting Amara.

"That siren noise?"

"Yes." She said as she looked around.

"That is the sound of an intruder on your property tampering with your animals out back."

Jonathan grabbed his shotgun and began rushing outside as Martha followed with the two girls.

They ran for about forty meters when they came across three identical blond women all dressed the same who were absently flicking their hands at the herd and causing it to change colours.

"Jonathan, Martha, meet Phoebe, Celeste and Mindee. They are part of our family and were just giving an example of what it felt like if the wards were tripped." Dani smiled.

"Hi!" The triplets said in unison as they waved cheerfully.

"Hi." Came the rather weak response from the farming couple.

Scott once again headed up the driveway to the Kent farmhouse. In all the excitement over the revelations regarding Clark's origins he had forgotten the real reason he had visited the previous evening: to recruit Clark on to the team.

"Coach Summers, good to see you again." Martha smiled as she let him in. "I hear you know our other guests?"

Scott saw Jonathan seated at the table with Amara, Dani and the triplets. "With deep regret, I admit I do." He said with mock sincerity.

"Sit down Cyc'." Dani ordered. "I assume you didn't come here to round us up?"

"No, I came to ask if Mr and Mrs Kent-"

"Jonathan and Martha, please." Martha interrupted.

"Thank you, I was hoping I could convince you to let Clark join the football team."

Jonathan frowned. "I'm sorry, it's just too dangerous."

"Because he might get hurt? I thought Clark was invulnerable. That's what Harry said last night." Mindee asked.

"No, because if he loses control of his powers he could hurt someone, even kill them."

"I highly doubt that will be a problem." Scott assured them.

"When Clark was young he didn't stop in time and he left a large hole in the side of the house."

"And yesterday he successfully performed CPR without breaking any ribs, something that happens far too often when regular people try it." Scott countered.

"He did?" Martha asked; this part was news to her.

"Yes, Emma, Laura and myself arrived after Clark had ripped the top of Luthor's car off and was already performing CPR when we arrived on scene. Laura only aided by providing mouth-to-mouth."

"It's more impressive than you think, then." Martha breathed as she sat down. Half the chairs in the room had been conjured by the girls. "Clark never took lessons in CPR."

"He's a genius?" Amara asked.

"He's an alien." Celeste said.

"His mind is far different than the average human." Mindee continued.

"He's smarter than even Harry." Phoebe finished.

"And if he slips up?" Jonathan continued to push his point.

"I promise to have the worlds most powerful healer on hand at all times." Scott smiled. "I believe Harry could do with something to occupy his time. We'll have Emma hire him on."

"I think he was planning on working part time at Smallville Medical Centre." Dani pointed out.

"He can do that when he's not with me."

"Clark could still kill someone."

"Trust me, death is not something that would stop Harry. He is Death." Dani snorted. "If you are supposed to be dead he kills you. If you aren't supposed to be dead he will jam you back in your body."

"Quite the surreal experience." Amara mused as she sipped her drink.

"It will be fun to all be at the school." Mindee smiled.

"What jobs do you do?" Martha asked.

"Oh, we don't have jobs." Celeste told her.

"We will be attending as students." Phoebe explained. "We are due for a burning day so we will be able to pass for high school students."

"Jean wanted to do it as well." Dani laughed.

"And I begged her not to. The last thing I need is to be seen having an improper relationship with a student." Scott sighed.

"What's a burning day?" Martha asked.

"We three are a Phoenix." Phoebe explained. "Every few decades we burn up and are reborn from our ashes as babies, we then go through rapid growth until we reach late puberty."

"Is that why you look so young despite being thousands of years old?" Jonathan asked. Martha still couldn't get over how trusting Jonathan was being.

"No, we look young because Harry keeps us this way. Harry never ages, he managed to figure out how to use his magic to keep us young so we don't age." Dani answered. "He used to make a potion for his family in his home universe but now he only uses that to give to the rest of the population."

"Where is Clark?" Amara asked as she noticed the darkness falling outside. "I would have assumed he would arrive home before Scott would."

"Yes, he also has the dance tonight." Martha frowned.

"I take it he doesn't usually disappear for no reason?" Scott asked.

Clark was in agony as he hung from the scarecrow perch. Whatever it was about Lana's necklace... it felt like it was killing him.

"Help me!" His voice was like a whisper on the wind. Jeremy Creek had abandoned him here in his quest for revenge.

"Amazing Clark. I've haven't even known you a week and I am having to save your butt."

"Harry?" Clark wheezed as he weakly raised his head.

"That would be me." Harry said as he ripped the necklace from Clark's neck.

Clark instantly felt invigorated and he snapped his bonds and jumped down. "We have to get to the dance, Jeremy Creek is going to kill everyone!"


"I don't have time to explain!" Clark said as he grabbed his clothes and zipped off.

"Ah the impetuousness of youth." Harry muttered wistfully as he sent out a mental call to Scott to let him know he had found Clark and the situation. He then focused on the young alien and teleported after him.

Lana was enjoying a slow dance with Whitney as they wore their crowns when the doors slammed open and Coach Summers marched in with Clark Kent and the Sheriff.

"Kill the music." Scott ordered.

"Coach? What's going on?" Mr. Blair asked as he was serving as a chaperone.

"Just under an hour ago I led a search party when Mr. Kent here was reported missing. I was disgusted to discover him tied up like a scarecrow in his boxers.

"Fordman, Macintyre, Dunkirk and Marlow, you will go with Sheriff Miller to answer for charges of kidnapping and assault. You can consider yourselves dropped from the team." Scott sneered as he snatched the crown from Whitney's head and tossed it to the ground in contempt.

The school looked on in shock as their evening was ruined.

"You can't do this!" Dunkirk shouted.

"Watch me." Scott snapped.

"Come on boys. Your parents have been called." Miller advised them.

"This dance is over, collect your stuff and make your way home. If I find anyone else is complicit in what happened tonight... there will be hell to pay."