The following day Jonathan was nearly run off the road by an angry driver. Despite this, when the idiot managed to run himself off the road Jonathan still turned back to save him. But by the afternoon Jonathan was acting very out of character.

Dani and Amara were getting very worried. Jonathan Kent was on the verge of getting brained with a frying pan by his wife. It wasn't all that bad when he started hitting on his wife.

They didn't mind when he goosed her bum. They had all tittered at that.

Things got a little awkward when he attempted to caress Martha's breasts.

He had gotten slapped by Amara when he tried to touch her breasts.

"What the devil has gotten into you Jonathan Kent?" Amara demanded as Dani discretely transfigured Martha's frying pan into a rubber variant. She wasn't going to take away all the punishment. She just wanted to make sure Martha left enough for everyone.

"What? The missus isn't putting out and I figured you might be more up for it." Jonathan laughed. "You are always going on about how you can sleep with whom ever you want."

"Did you find a stash of weed?" Dani demanded. "You been eating funny brownies?"

"Jeeze, what is your problem?" Jonathan demanded. "I'm a guy, I have needs, if I can't get them in my bed then-"

"You had really better not finish that sentence Jonathan." Martha growled. She flung out her hand causing a red beam of light to leave it and hit her husband.

"Way to go Martha!" Dani crowed.

"Thank you Dani, but you might want to check him. That was my first use of offensive magic."

"Should we call Harry?" Amara asked.

"He's at the school, we can take him to the hospital and see what they say. Make the bastard suffer through needles."

"An excellent plan, Dani." Martha agreed.

"His symptoms are familiar. We had another patient in earlier today. In fact it was Jonathan who brought him in." Dr. Macintyre informed them.

"So you can fix him up? Will it require a really long needle?" Dani was practically begging.

The doctor looked at her strangely.

"He tried to feel Amara up!" She explained.

"I see." The doctor said… he really didn't. "Unfortunately the driver, Mr. Beels has slipped into a coma. We are working on toxicology but it will take a while."

"We have access to the best equipment." Amara said. "Please draw us a blood sample and we will have it analysed."

"Do as she says." Martha confirmed.

As the doctor got to work the three women moved away.

"Well, at least we know there was a legitimate reason for him being a jerk." Dani sighed.

"I almost feel guilty for nearly hitting him with the frying pan." Martha said worriedly.

"I still might punch him in the nose." Amara growled.

Dani and Martha looked at the normally placid and soft-spoken Roman Princess in shock.

"He touched my breasts!"

"Isn't there anything you can do?" Martha asked Harry as he finished his examination.

"No, this isn't a regular illness."

"But they are getting worse, they say Mr. Beels won't last the night."

"Just because I can't cure them doesn't mean I can't keep them alive." Harry assured her.

"Do you know what the problem is?" Amara asked.

"Something has altered their brain chemistry. They are completely imbalanced; their inhibitions have been removed. The real bad news is that there is meteor rock energy involved. I still can't manipulate it." Harry sighed in frustration. Magic was excellent at healing the human body unless foreign energy was involved. Magic is an energy itself and it didn't always play well with other types of energy. Eventually he could probably figure out how to manipulate the energy, but it could take decades of intense study.

"If worst comes to pass I can rebuild Jonathan's body from DNA samples I have from him. I'll just transfer his soul across."

Lex arrived at the hospital that night with news.

"I think a scientist I have working for me on meteor rocks might be responsible for this." He told Harry as he handed over a thick file. "He was doing something to bring back extinct plants, there was a plant called the Nicodemus. Beels stole a sample and I think that's how it got out."

Harry wasn't paying attention as he began reading through the notes.

Lex was startled when Jean appeared next to them without a word and began reading whatever Harry wasn't.

"I can work with this Harry. But I'll need access to samples of the plant." Jean said as she continued to read.

"Whatever you need." Lex assured them.

"Full HAZMAT and containment Jean."

"Don't worry Harry, I'll lock down the lab."

Scott was checking the gym when he heard a splash come from the swimming pool. Being an attentive and dutiful teacher (not to mention a paranoid son of a bitch) he went to investigate.

"Clark, what are you doing in here? You know the pool is… who is that?" Scott asked as he noticed the feminine figure swimming beneath the surface of the waves. "Is that Lana Lang?"

"Uh huh." Clark had a very confused yet worried expression.

Scott noticed he was holding a scrap of fabric that did not look like a towel.

"She's not wearing a swimming costume is she?"

"Nuh uh."

"Oh thank god." Clark breathed as Laura teleported in next to Scott. Finally, someone who could vouch for his innocence.

"Was she infected by this plant as well?" Laura asked as she transfigured her clothes into a bathing suit.

"Chloe says they went to investigate the crash site last night."

Laura rolled her eyes and dived in. She quickly surfaced with a struggling Laura.

"Let me go!" Lana screeched.

"Clark, a hand." Laura called out.

Clark stepped forward and easily pulled the struggling Lana out of the water.

At which point Clark's brain shut down as he got a good look at a half naked and soaking wet Lana Lang.

"Hey Clark." She said sexily as she moved in closer to him.

"Miss Lang, dry yourself and get dressed." Scott ordered.

"Oh my, Coach Summers." She smiled as she ignored Clark and sauntered over to him. "Maybe a real man can truly show me a good time."

Clark was a little offended and jealous.

He was very happy when Laura knocked Lana out with a stunner… of course now he had a half-naked Laura (an exceptionally beautiful young woman) holding a half-naked Lana (The beautiful girl of his dreams).

"I see you've still got it." Laura smirked at her fellow coach.

"At least it's not as bad Harry." Scott sighed. It always happened, with every generation they taught. Some young girl or boy would get it in their minds that their teacher was their soul mate, that they were destined to be together.

Of course sometimes they were just interested in banging the hot teacher.

"Emma is-"

"Here." Announced the Principal as she slammed through the doors. "A disappointing showing from our new editor." She declared. "Investigating out on her own in the dark."

"I don't think they were out there for the paper." Clark defended his friends. It was much easier to concentrate now that Laura had magically dried and dressed herself and Emma had Lana wrapped in a large towel. "They were trying to find something to help Mr. Beels and my dad."

"And they did it in the dark. They should have alerted us to their theory and allowed us to handle it." Emma explained. "We would have made use of safety precautions such as gloves and masks… not to mention daylight." She said sarcastically.

Jean looked up as a glass bell jar was placed on her desk on the papers she was working on.

"Say hello to Nicodemus."

Jean looked at Lorna with a raised eyebrow. "Where did you find this?"

"By the crash site. I grabbed this sample and Amara has burnt the area to a crisp. She and Dani are currently putting new turf and trees up."

"Damn it Lorna, did you use protection?"

"Regular and magical." Lorna assured her. "Tap the glass."


"Go on, tap it."

Jean shrugged and tapped the glass with the back of her fingernails. She jumped back slightly as the plant moved to focus on her like a sentient being.

"Wow, this plant must have exceptional abilities."

"Yeah, little bastard tried to spray me."

Jean was instantly around her desk ripping Lorna's blouse open with her stethoscope in her ears and diagnostic spells pouring from her fingers.

"Jesus Jean!"

"Shut up and stay still, I need to know if you are-"

"I had a full HAZMAT suit on sealed with magic." Lorna protested as she pulled her blouse shut and repaired the damage.

Jean didn't care. "You will do as I say or I will call Harry in here and have him tie you down."

"Promises, promises." Lorna smirked.

"Wakey, wakey sleepy head!"

Lana groaned as the far too chipper voice dragged her from Morpheus' sweet embrace.

"Too early." She grumbled.

"It's two in the afternoon."

Lana's eyes shot open. This was not her room.


"The very same." The green haired woman smiled.

"Where am I?"

"Smallville Medical Centre. You got infected by a dangerous plant and went a little nuts."

"I did?"

"You did."

"When you say nuts…?"

"I mean you stripped down to your skivvies dived in the school pool and tried to seduce Clark and Scott… Coach Summers." She explained cheerfully.

"You're joking aren't you?"

Lorna just looked at her sympathetically. "Laura said you looked good." She offered as a consolation.

"Oh god… where's my Aunt? I need to see about transferring to another school." Lana was close to tears.

"Hey, relax. Neither Clark nor Scott will say a word about this to anyone. We all know that you weren't exactly in control of yourself." Lorna said soothingly.

"I tried to seduce my teacher!" Lana wailed.

There was a knock on the door and Lana's new nightmare walked in: Scott Summers.

"Miss Lang." Scott greeted quietly.

Tears started to stream down Lana's cheeks at the humiliation as she tightly shut her eyes.

"Miss Lang, you have nothing to be ashamed of." Scott assured her. "You do realise that you were deathly ill? There was a good chance you would die."

Lana's eyes shot open at that.

"It's true." Lorna confirmed. "You and Jonathan Kent were both at death's door. Jonathan was also acting out of character considering he tried to feel up Amara."


"I believe Amara and Martha both slapped him even though he has no memories of the event." Lorna giggled.

"Why would he do that?"

"Jonathan Kent wouldn't do that." Scott answered. "But Jonathan Kent wasn't in control when it happened, just like you weren't in control when you're body was infected and tried to seduce me."

Lana shuddered.

They were interrupted by Harry entering. "Lana, how are you feeling?"

"She could use a calming solution." Lorna answered.

"Not taking the news of what happened well?"

"Better than most."

"Lana, you are a teenager, your hormones are in constant flux and it affects your mood. That will cause havoc with you trying to come to terms with what happened. You are a strong young woman and can easily handle it but I want you to see Doctor Grey for a few counselling sessions, ok?"

Lana just nodded.

"Good, now take this. It will calm you down a bit and then we can work on signing you out of this place."

As Lana was escorted out of the hospital in a wheelchair with her aunt at her side she saw three people she dreaded the most.

"Hi Lana." Came the cheerful chorus of the Cuckoos.

"Hi." Lana responded weakly.

"Are these friends of yours Lana?" Nell asked as she helped her niece out of the wheelchair and nodded to the orderly who had escorted them.

"I… I guess."

"We heard about your little adventure." Mindee giggled as she tapped her temple.

"If only you showed some of that side of you without being hopped up on whacky plant drugs." Phoebe sighed.

"We could have so much fun!" Celeste jumped excitedly.

"I really don't think that was the real me." Lana protested.

"Of course not, it was a glimpse of an unfiltered side of your personality." Phoebe explained. "It was an opportunity to experience life without boundaries."

"Life has boundaries for a reason." Nell warned. She wasn't too keen on where these girls where trying to take her niece morally.

"Yes, but we aren't talking about laws and regulations, we are talking about the boundaries we place on ourselves. The ones that stop us from going on the carousel at the fair because it seems too childish and we might get laughed at."

"Wearing a pink outfit that looks so good but will get us scathing looks from the fashionistas at school." Celeste added.

They all looked at her curiously.

"What? It's really cute and we'd totally make the boys drool." Celeste said defensively.

Mindee and Phoebe rolled their eyes as Mindee wrapped an arm around Celeste and led her ahead of the others as Phoebe walked with Nell and Lana.

"Have you ever gone swimming in a lake naked? Or walked around your house brazenly with no clothes on?" Phoebe asked. "Try it, it is very liberating. It gives you a glimpse into what things could be like without all those pesky limitations and inhibitions."

True to Lorna's word, only Scott and Clark knew what Lana did, although the Cuckoos and castle residents also seemed to know. Other than his visit to her hospital room Coach Summers never brought it up.

Clark couldn't help but blush when Lana approached him though, which made her blush.

In retaliation the Cuckoos clothing got more risqué until Principal Frost sent them home when their skirts became belts.

Lana returned home after a nerve-wracking day back to an extreme shock.



"Aunt Nell! What are you doing?" Lana demanded, her hand held tightly to her breast as her heart pounded in her chest.

"Lana, I wasn't expecting you home so soon." Nell blushed.

"Which doesn't explain… this!"

Nell sighed as she put on her robe. "You're friends, the identical triplets, they piqued my curiosity, I had to see what they meant."

Lana close her eyes and tried to reign in her frustration. Those girls seemed to wind everyone up. Coming home to find her aunt dancing around the house naked was not what she was expecting.

"You could have at least closed the curtains!"

Nell was horrified as she looked out of the large living room windows. The ones that faced the Kent Farm. Of course it wouldn't have been so bad if Jonathan had seen her, she just hoped his son hadn't.

"Oh god."

"I have one question." Lana said seriously. "Was it as good as they said?"

Harry carried the young boy gingerly as they walked quickly through the hospital corridors to an exam room.

"Nurse, please bring the paper work for a young boy hit by a car." He ordered calmly. Behind him a distraught Martha trailed. He had assured her that the boy was fine but it didn't remove the feeling of guilt.

Yes it had been dark. Yes the boy had appeared out of nowhere. But it was her car and her driving. She was responsible in her mind.


She turned and immediately fell into the comforting embrace of her husband and son.

"Mom, what happened?"

"I really don't know, I was driving back home and he just ran out of the woods, I hit him and called for Harry and he… brought us here." Harry had teleported them all in the car but she had to be careful of who could hear them.

The young boy, Ryan, was looking at Harry fearfully.

"It won't hurt you." Harry told him gently.

"You can hear it too?"

"The growling? Yes, it's the dragon that protects my mind; the growling is just its way of warning you off. You haven't tried to go deeper so it hasn't had a reason to attack."

"You have a dragon in your head?" Ryan asked in awe.

"Not really. I actually am a dragon." Harry shrugged.

"Are you like me? Special?"

"I suppose I am in a way."

"You can read minds?"

"Not like you can, I have other abilities.

"Now, tell me what happened, why where you out in the woods late at night?"

Ryan looked away. "I don't know, I don't remember."

Harry sighed. He pulled up a stool and sat down. "Ryan, if you don't want to tell me, then for now, that's fine. But you don't have to lie. I assume you want to find out if you can trust me?"

Ryan looked ashamed but nodded.

"Ok, I know for a fact that Martha is not going to let you get shunted off into the foster care system so she has demanded to take you in until your family can be found."

"I don't have any family." Ryan admitted in a small voice.

"You don't have any family yet." Harry said pointedly. "We will have to find you a good one."

Ryan spent the day on the Kent Farm. Clark had school but would spend the afternoon with Ryan. Having shown some skill in the kitchen he helped Amara and Martha for the most part.

"Why can't I hear your thoughts?" He asked Amara suddenly.

"Harry taught us how to protect our minds from intrusion and from broadcasting our thoughts." She explained.

Harry had told him to be open about his abilities as it would help people trust him. This was true for the most part but both Jonathan and Martha spent a lot of time worrying about him hearing them. He already knew about Clark's secret as Harry had told them there was no hiding it from him, but he really didn't need to know how good their night had been.

He really didn't need the details.

"Can he teach me to stop hearing thoughts?"

"He might." Amara nodded. "But it will require patience. It took me only a few months to learn the basics of how to protect my mind but it took some of my friends years."

"Is Harry really a dragon?"

"A very large one." Amara confirmed with a laugh. "Maybe he can show you it later today. I know Lex wants to see it and has been bugging Harry about it."

"Can all of you turn into magical animals?"

"Yes, we all have the ability. Not all of us have a useful form but we can all transform."

"What's your form?" He asked excitedly.

Amara smiled and stepped back from the counter where she was preparing lunch. Her body suddenly swirled downwards and inwards and there, standing before Ryan was a fox. A large fox with a lot of tails.

"Wow!" Ryan knelt down and tentatively reached out a hand. The fox moved forward and nuzzled into it and Ryan started to stroke and pet the strange creature.

"Ryan, Amara, how's lunch coming?" Martha called as she walked downstairs to the kitchen. "Ryan! Get away from that, it could be dangerous!" She cried out as she saw the large fox.

Ryan just laughed. "Its just Amara."

Martha watched as Amara transformed back to the smiling beautiful blonde that was her friend.

"Amara! I didn't know you could do that."

"It's something that Harry taught us. It took him a while to find the ingredients for the potion in our world and they were so rare that he only taught those of us closest to him."

"What kind of creature was that?" Martha asked.

"It's called a Kitsune. A magical form of fox usually found in Japanese lore. We don't honestly have a use for them other than those of us with feline or canine forms who enjoy napping like that." She said with cheeky smirk as she returned to preparing the meal.

"That was so cool!" Ryan declared with a huge smile. "What can Dani turn into?"

"She turns into a huge bird called the Thunderbird. She can generate thunder and lightning. Unfortunately she can't create rain. She is useful if we need to create fear in our enemies before battle."

"Battle?" Martha asked.

Amara turned from the counter to face them both. "Not every species in life is peaceful or simply looking to make friends. There are plenty of people on Earth who like causing mayhem with no regard for the innocent. We have the power to stop them and refuse to stand by and allow it."

"It's just so hard to imagine you as soldiers in a war."

Amara smiled. "It's not what we want to do, just something we feel a responsibility to do. Most of the time we are teachers, helping children like Ryan come to grips with their abilities."

"Will I be able to learn how to change into an animal?" Ryan asked.

"I don't know yet. You don't have the ability at the moment but eventually you might, it also depends on if we can find the correct ingredients for the potion."

That afternoon Lex slumped into a seat at the newly opened Talon, a coffee in one hand and the paper in the other.

"Should I be reading the business paper too?"

Lex looked up and smiled as he saw Lana standing at the table.

"Why would you want to do that?"

"If I am supposed to be the Assistant Manager then shouldn't I be investigating the business world? Do I need to get a suit?"

Lex smiled, he enjoyed the naivety of these small town folks, it was refreshing to be surrounded by such innocence, it was why he valued Clark's friendship. "Unless you find the world of business fascinating then I would avoid it. As for the suit, your duties are more behind the scenes, if there is a reason for you to attend a meeting that requires one I'll get you outfitted."

Lana sat down in relief. "Thank god!"

Lex just chuckled. "Just keep the coffee flowing and the workers happy and you will run a successful coffee shop."

"Hey guys, I want to introduce you to Ryan." Clark said as he walked up with the aforementioned boy at his side. "Ryan, these are my friends, Lex Luthor and Lana Lang."

"It's good to finally meet you, Ryan." Lana smiled as she offered her hand. Ryan couldn't help but smile back.

"Same here, I've heard about your escapades at the Kent farm, it will be interesting to see your reaction to the castle later." Lex said as he shook the boys hand.


"That's where Harry lives with his family." Clark explained.

"A real castle?"

"Complete with towers. You might get a special treat if Clark is put through his training." Lex smirked at Clark over his cup.

"Thanks Lex." Clark snarked back.

"What is so wrong with your training, Clark? It sounds very exciting, I know I've enjoyed the training Coach Kinney puts us through." Lana asked.

Lex, realising he had steered the conversation into awkward territory tried to save the day… at Clark's expense. "Clark still has difficulty doing some of his training with beautiful women."

Clark just glared at him.

"Are you scared of women?" Ryan asked.

"When you're older you'll understand my fear." Clark assured him.

"Only if he lets you or Jonathan Kent influence him." Lex laughed.

"Hey! Clark is a very kind person, I think his father taught him well." Lana argued.

"Why don't you date him then?" Ryan asked innocently.

Lex hid his smile behind his mug as Lana and Clark blushed. He knew the boy could read surface thoughts and he wondered what he could hear from Lana now. He quickly downed the rest of his coffee and stood up. "And on that note I will say goodbye and leave you in this young man's capable hands." He smiled.

Clark glared after Lex as Lana fidgeted nervously.

"Would you excuse me, I need to… you know." Clark said slightly embarrassed.

"He needs to pee." Ryan translated guilelessly for the beautiful Lana who just laughed.

"Yeah, thanks buddy." Clark said giving him a light slap on the shoulder before moving off.

"You are definitely interesting to have around, Ryan. I need to go and check on something but I'll be right back."

"I'll be fine." Ryan assured her.

As Ryan sat there alone waiting for Clark or Lana to return he just listened idly to the surface thoughts that floated around him. To him it was the same as walking down a crowded street and listening to people talking to each other or on cell phones. Of course these conversations were one sided like phone calls:

'I ordered extra foam! God! I think I'll stick with the Beanery.'

'Oh god he's going to break up with me I know it, I just know it!'

'I hope she agrees to be my prom date.'

'Why can't he just ask me out? I know he likes me, he knows I like him.'

'For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. For every action there…'

'Where is that damn boy? I swear I'm gonna just lock him in the trunk and-'

Ryan froze, he knew those thoughts. He glanced around quickly and saw his step-dad; he bolted straight for the back door.

'Got him!'

"Lana have you seen Ryan?"

"It's strange, I think I just saw him go out the back." Lana frowned.

"Thanks Lana!" Clark called back as he followed Ryan's trail.

Clark made it outside at regular speeds to find the only occupants of the alley to be a lone man in a long coat walking away and a garbage truck. Based on Lana's expression and concern Ryan had passed her only seconds earlier so he should still be within his line of sight.

Clark started checking in and behind the bins when he had a horrible thought about where Ryan might be. The garbage truck!

He spun around and peered inside the truck with his X-Ray vision and saw his worst fear, he didn't think as he sped forward and pulled the hose to the hydraulic crusher before punching through the thick metal and tearing a hole that shed a ray of light on a terrified Ryan.

"It's ok, you're safe now." Clark assured him.

Clark looked around startled as he heard the door to the trucks cab open. He didn't have many options so he slammed his hand onto his watch cracking the glass.

At first Clark was worried that Harry was too busy to respond. He quickly began tearing the hole wider to get Ryan out.

"Clark would you cut that out!"


"Behind you."

Clark jumped in fright. "Don't do that!"

"Scaredy cat." Harry scoffed. "Hold on Ryan." Harry called through the hole.

A second later Ryan appeared next to Clark, dazed and confused.

"We have to go, the driver is coming." Clark hissed.

"The driver is dealt with, he's checking a non-existent fault with the engine." Harry waved his hand dismissively. "You head inside whilst I repair the mess you made."

Harry looked at the hole Clark had punched through the thick metal and shook his head. He had no idea how Clark expected to pass this off, even if he had just run off with Ryan questions would be asked. He waved a hand repairing the damage and followed the two boys inside.

Ryan had been so excited by the castle and Clark's training that he had even taken a few lessons himself from Laura. Eventually the excitement of the day caught up with him and Martha and Jonathan took him home to bed.

Clark and Lex had stayed a little longer and just talked with the others.

"You ever wondered what it's like to have a little brother or sister?" Clark asked.

"I did have a little brother." Lex admitted wistfully. "Julian. He died as a baby though."

"I'm sorry Lex."

"It was a long time ago, Clark, besides, I have you now." He laughed as he ruffled the younger man's hair.

"How about you guys, ever had any siblings?" Clark asked.

"I had a brother, Alex. We were separated in a plane crash and didn't find each other for over a decade." Scott admitted.

"I had a sister, her name was Sara." Jean offered.

"Cordelia, Adrienne and Christian, two sisters and a brother." Emma smiled sadly. "And they were all just as stuck up as me." The others laughed as Scott kissed her cheek.

"Only child." Amara shrugged.

"Same here." Dani chimed in.

"A half-brother and half-sister." Lorna told them.

"I'm a clone, but Logan did claim me as his sister." Laura said.

"Technically he was your dad, but he felt you might benefit better from a sibling relationship. He didn't feel he was worthy of claiming father-ship." Harry explained.

"I love him like family." Laura said firmly.

"We had two other sisters." The Cuckoos spoke as one; there was a lot of sadness in their voices.

"How about you Harry?" Lex asked.

"I was born an only child, and my parents were murdered a year later. When I was twelve I rescued a fellow student a year below me and claimed her as my sister. She died a few years later and a few years after that I learned that she was my soul mate."

"Your sister was you soul mate?" Clark asked somewhat disgusted.

"Soul mates aren't about romantic love, Clark." Jean informed him gently. "They are just about love. It strengthens whatever bonds already exist."

"Wait, if she was your soul mate why isn't she here still?" Lex asked. "I thought all your soul mates were immortal."

"Not because of me. Because of the Cuckoos." Harry explained. "It has to do with them being a Phoenix. Something about being bound to the soul of a Phoenix grants all members immortality."

"Which is why Emma is immortal." Jean added. "Scott is my soul mate, Harry bonded Emma to us which makes her and Scott immortal."

"Are they really that common?" Lex asked.

"No, quite rare actually." Harry said. "I have only had six natural soul mates, which might sound like a lot but you have to remember I've been around for millions of years. Everyone in this room except Scott and Jean are bonded because I created the bonds."

"You all bonded to Harry voluntarily?" Clark asked.

Amara smiled at the disbelief in Clark's voice. "You have to understand the circumstances behind it all. For Harry, the Cuckoos, Laura and myself it was more of a necessity that we bond with someone. For me, I had just lost my own soul mate, they had died and it damaged my soul. This was similar to what had been happening to Harry. His own soul mates kept dying and it ripped away at his own soul."

Laura took up the explanation. "The Triplets and I are clones, man is not meant to create life artificially. We had souls but they were damaged, especially the triplets, they only have one soul between them and when their two sisters died it damaged them even further."

Lorna continued. "Dani and myself bonded with Harry because he needed all the help he could get. The Phoenix Council had been doing their best to hold Harry's soul together but he was still fairly eccentric when we met him."

"Please, like he's changed, he's still a certifiable nut job." Dani scoffed.

Lorna rolled her eyes. "Believe it or not we were actually falling for Harry before we bonded. It might have something to do with the way he gave us hope."

"Hope?" Clark asked.

"You remember how Scott can shoot a form of energy from his eyes? Or Emma can change to diamond?"

"The most expensive date in the world." Lex smirked. "Hard to forget."

"One hundred thousand years, Darling." Emma drawled. "We've heard it all."

Lex tipped his glass to her. "Doesn't make it untrue, merely proves the point."

"As I was saying…" Lorna butted back in. "… Dani and I had our powers ripped away. It was a very distressing experience. Fortunately Harry arrived the same day and offered us hope through his magic. The least we could do was help soothe his soul."

"But for the record, Lorna was smitten long before me." Dani smirked.

Ryan spent the following day with Jonathan and Dani around the farm. At the end of the day Jonathan took his new assistant to the Talon to see Lana and reward him with a drink. What they didn't realise was that they were followed back to the Kent Farm by Ryan's stepfather and his girlfriend.

Ryan knew who was at the door before Martha opened it. He could hear Debra, the girlfriend, thinking warnings at him about how she would kill everyone there if he caused a scene.

"Hello?" Martha asked.

"Yes, I'm with social services, I'm here to pick up Ryan." She said sweetly.

"Oh… we weren't expecting you until tomorrow." Martha said clearly disappointed.

"You know how it is, the wheels turn and turn." She smiled.

"I'll just get his things then."

She headed back to the kitchen where Ryan and Jonathan were sitting with Dani and Amara.

"Who is it Martha?" Jonathan asked.

"Social Services, they are here for Ryan." Martha said quietly.

"At this time of night?" Dani asked not believing what she was hearing. "Without calling ahead?"

"So it seems."

Dani and Amara shared a look. "Wait here." Dani instructed the other three as she and Amara headed off to the front door.

"You're with Social Services?" Dani snapped off irritably.

"Yes, I am. Is Ryan ready?"

"We'll need to see some ID before we send a minor off with a stranger." Amara informed her.

She unclipped the fake ID from her belt and handed it over. "As you can see it's all in order."

"We will see." Amara frowned as she started to walk off with the ID.

"Hey! Wait, where are you going?" Debra started to try and push past Dani but Dani wasn't budging.

"We just need to call your supervisors and confirm your ID. It shouldn't take long." Dani assured her with a smile that didn't reach her eyes.

Debra started to panic. "There won't be anyone there, it's too late!"

"In that case you will have to come back in the morning when we can verify your identity." Amara said as she stood a few feet behind Dani with the phone in her hand.

The game was up and Debra knew it. These women had her number and knew she wasn't who she claimed to be. She reached into her jacket for her gun but as it came into view she found herself crashing to the ground as Dani, with millennia of experience moved forward and disarmed and disabled her.

"I'll call the Sheriff." Amara said calmly.

"See, son? I told you the girls could handle it." Jonathan's pride filled voice caused Dani to turn her head and wave with a free hand at where Jonathan and Ryan had watched the whole scene. The look of awe on his face said it all.

Unfortunately James Gibson, Ryan's stepfather stepping into the light with a gun already out, interrupted them. He had been watching from nearby and knew he had to intervene.

"Everybody put their hands in the air!" He barked.

Cautiously everyone complied.

"Deb, you stupid bitch, get up and get the boy."

Debra groaned as she stood up gingerly.


Dani stood there impassively with a red mark on her cheek.

"You really shouldn't have done that." She calmly told the angry Debra.

"Yeah? I'm the one with the gun." Debra spat.

"Yeah, but you pissed off my best friend. She gets upset when people hurt her loved ones." Dani explained as she jerked a thumb over her shoulder.

Behind her Amara had begun to shift forms as her whole body became like molten lava.

"Insolent child!" She hissed. "First you seek to enslave the boy and now you would hurt my lover! You will pay!" She screeched as she moved forward burning through the floor and causing the walls to curl and crack as the heat rose to dangerous levels. Jonathan grabbed Ryan and flung him round the corner before grabbing Martha and following.

Debra fired shot after shot but they had no affect on Amara's molten form.

Amara grabbed the stunned Debra and the woman screamed as her hand was burnt away.

"Amara, you need to calm down honey." Came Harry's voice from outside as he stepped into the light of the porch with his other soul mates, the unconscious body of James Gibson at his feet.

"They hurt Dani!" Amara shouted angrily.

"And they will pay. I promise you. But you know as well as I do that it isn't your place to dispense justice. Leave that to me."

Harry stepped over the unconscious Gibson and took Amara's fiery hand, ignoring the constant burning and healing. "Come on, let us take care of you."

Harry was joined by the Cuckoos who hugged her tightly, completely unaffected by Amara's lava form.

Slowly she calmed down and her body reverted to her natural flesh form.

Without a word Amara and her soul mates vanished.

From the kitchen Scott stepped out from where he had teleported in with Jean, Emma, Clark and Lex and waved a hand at the two inert bodies causing them to vanish.

"Did- did she kill her?" Ryan asked as he tried to come to grips with what he had just seen.

"No. We rarely kill." Scott assured him. "If it is necessary then we have learnt to do so, but we leave it to Harry and Laura. They are the ones who kill those who deserve it."

Jonathan grunted in disapproval causing Ryan to look up at him in askance.

Jonathan ran a hand through his hair with a sigh as he sat down at the table. "I still have reservations about killing people without trial. It just doesn't sit right with me."

"They do get a trial." Jean told him. "They put themselves on trial by their actions. We don't kill unless we know beyond a shadow of a doubt what their intent was when they committed their crimes. But you have to remember that we can read minds. Far deeper than Ryan can. We can see what drives them."

"Couldn't you just change that?" Ryan asked.

"We could, but there are morality issues we as telepaths have with that." Emma answered; fortunately she was dressed in white jeans and a white blouse so she was unlikely to cause any males blood flow problems. "Most people consider it a huge violation when someone reads their thoughts and minds."

"It's different for you Ryan." Jean spoke up seeing Ryan's panicked look. "You don't have any control yet so we make exceptions for that, but you should try and ignore what you hear or keep it private. The triplets are like you. They can hear everything, they have just learnt to ignore it."

"Yes, it is similar to when Mr. Kent here developed his X-Ray vision." Emma continued as she indicated Clark who was leaning against the wall with Lex and Scott. "He had no control and we couldn't hold him responsible if he accidentally saw through our clothes."

Clark blushed as Lex looked at him with a huge grin. "I really need to hear that story."

"They just said 'private'!"

"I don't need details, just the stuff that was embarrassing for you." Lex countered.

"Getting back to my point!" Emma huffed. "If we were to change a persons personality and memories we would be killing what made that person them. It would be the same as removing someone from their body and killing them and then putting someone new in that body."

"But they'd still be alive." Ryan pointed out with a frown.

"Only their body would be." Scott answered. "Their mind would be fundamentally changed so that they were a completely different person."

"I'm a well read person but I would like to point out that this is going over my head." Lex chimed in.

"I think my brain is about to leak out my ears." Clark said as he rubbed his temple.

"Well, it is time for bed anyway." Martha smiled. "Ryan, go and wash up."

Clark and his parents stood with Amara, Dani and Ryan as the SUV drove up the road towards the farm. Inside was the last of Ryan's biological family. An Aunt, it was time for him to leave.

"Lex even did some digging of his own. She's a good person from Edge City." Amara assured the nervous young boy.

"I know. I can hear her from here. She's nervous, like me." Ryan said quietly.

The adults shared a look before moving off to greet Ryan's aunt leaving Clark alone with Ryan.

"I'm not sure I want to go." Ryan said quietly.

"You can always visit. I can visit. Harry will want reports on your exercises." Clark told him.

"I know… It's just… I think I found what I was always looking for. A family."

"I wish you could stay too, Ryan. But Amara says that you need to go with your Aunt for now, it's the law. If it doesn't work out maybe you can come back here."