Batman was on the trail of something nasty.

He was sure it wasn't human.

He had a feeling it wasn't from Earth.

He knew it was ugly as sin.

It wore a dirty cloak and loose cowl and he could see bandages covering dusky blue skinned muscular arms.

It appeared to be wearing goggles.

Batman had tracked this creature from the Gotham Docks where it had killed several people.

"Master Bruce, I know you'll just brush this off as you usually do but I really suggest you allow me to call in some help." Alfred nearly begged over the magical mental link.

"Not yet, Alfred! If the criminal underworld gets a hint that this is bigger than Gotham they will use the opportunity to act. I need to do this alone until-"

Batman had to dodge violently as gunfire rained down on him.

"Alfred, find out who these choppers belong to!" Batman nearly shouted over the mental link as he dodged the helicopters firing at him whilst trying to stay on the tail of his target.

"Helicopters? I'll contact Jim right away. Do be safe Master Bruce."

Batman fired his grappling hook and caught the creature in the calf pulling it down. He was on it instantly.

"What were you doing at the docks?" He demanded angrily. "Talk before I-"


A wave of energy exploded out of the creature, sending Batman flying.

The creature was now garbed in some form of armour with wings and its cowl and cloak were gone.

Definitely not human.

Still ugly as sin.

Batman levered himself up as the creature approached him only for a huge green glowing construct of a fire engine to smash into it sending it flying.

The Green Lantern was on the scene.

"Batman? Should have known you'd be on top of this." Hal Jordan chuckled.

"Turn that damned light down before they see us." Batman growled.


"PUT YOUR HANDS IN THE AIR!" The warning from the helicopters over loud speakers was pointless as they opened fire immediately.

Hal conjured constructs of riot police with shields to protect them.

"Put my hands up just so they can shoot me?" Hal asked in disbelief.

"Welcome to Gotham, Green Lantern." Batman said dryly as he stood up.

"Who are these guys? They aren't sporting any government or local law enforcement insignia." Hal wondered.

"I don't know, I was chasing this creature and they just appeared and started firing." Batman growled. "I assume you are here because the creature is an extra-terrestrial?"

"Yeah, I got an alert on an unauthorised extra-terrestrial presence in Gotham."

Batman just glared at him. "Next time call before you come waltzing into my city."

Hal just rolled his eyes. "You want to go question that guy whilst I stand here and keep these idiots entertained? Seriously, haven't they watched the news? Bullets are as effective on me as they are on Supes! Plus we're the good guys!" He finished by shouting at the helicopters.

Batman headed towards the downed alien only to be caught in some form of wings it had developed that threw him across the roof.


Hal's focus was on the helicopters and he was unprepared for the creature nailing him in the back. He collapsed as the creature opened its mouth and fire spurted out hitting the choppers.

Batman quickly fired a grapple at one of the helicopters to try and prevent it from hitting the street below only for the Green Lantern to come to just in time to give the helicopters green, bat like wings that lowered them safely to the street.

"Come on, we've got to get that alien." Batman ordered as he dived off the building after the alien that now had giant metal spider-like legs.

"Wings, spider-legs… what is this? A Transformer?" Hal muttered as he followed Batman into the sewers.

The duo managed to track the creature where they saw it fusing something to the wall.

"What do you think that is?" Hal whispered to Batman.

"Nothing good." Batman scowled.

There was a loud ping.

"Damn! If that's a bomb he just armed it!" Hal swore as he rushed in.

"Hal wait!"

The creature's head snapped to look at them. "FOR DARKSEID!"

Then it literally exploded in flames.

Hal managed to protect them in a green safe he conjured.

"Dark Side? What is that? A metal band?" Hal wondered as he dispersed the safe.

"You are being flippant, right?" Batman asked. "Its just hard to tell with your intelligence levels."

Hal just glared at the Batman's back as he moved over to the glowing box the creature had fused to the wall.

"Dark Side, probably a war cry. Why don't you check your ring?" Batman suggested.

"Nothing coming up." Hal shrugged as he moved next to Batman. "Let's see what this little doohickey is." He said as he pointed his ring at the box. "Ring. Scan and identify."

"Unable to identify."

"'Unable to identify?'" Hal said incredulously. "That's impossible! The Guardians know everything… except how to tell a joke."

"I keep telling you not to put too much faith in your ring." Batman sighed. "If Harry and his family don't know everything how can you expect the Guardians to know everything?"

"Still… there is very little they don't know about aliens and technology in the galaxies." Hal argued.

Batman pulled the device off the wall. "If you don't know what this is but you are sure this is alien tech then we need help."

"So, Superman or Harry?"

Rather than draw unnecessary attention to the castle Green Lantern took them to Superman.

Who was covered in debris and dust as he made his way out of a destroyed building.

He took one look at the box the Green Lantern was holding in a sphere of green energy and growled.

"You found one of these creatures too?" Hal asked.

"Whoever that person was they killed several cops and civilians and then exploded in flame after it had finished planting this." Superman scowled angrily. "I assume your ring can't identify it?"


"Contact The Flash. He and Hawkgirl need to search Coast City." Batman said quickly. "It might be quicker to user the satellites to search for heat spikes. I have a feeling these aliens purposefully incinerate themselves."

"On it." Hal said as he turned away.

"Where was the box your one had?" Batman asked.

"It got buried under that lot." Superman said unhappily as he indicated the collapsed building. "I'm looking but I can't see it."

"That is very bad." Batman sighed. "These things could be bombs."

"Whoa! Bomb?" The Flash said worriedly as he appeared with Hawkgirl. He held the box he had found out in front of him gingerly.

"Why would anyone place a single bomb in a place like this?" Hawkgirl wondered. "We found this one in an abandoned warehouse and this whole area appears to be deserted." She pointed out as she indicated that the area was clearly undergoing development.

"Hal, can you scan this thing for any form of transmission?" Batman asked.

"If we are dealing with tech that is beyond the Guardians, should we call in Harry? Or at least Iron Man?" The Flash asked a little nervously. He didn't care that he could probably out run an explosion… he didn't want to be in a position to have to run.

"Alert Wonder Woman, D.C needs searching." Batman ordered Hal.

"I'll have Number 2 do a planetary search." Superman said.

"Those things need to be put in containment shields." Iron Man stated as he teleported in. "They are putting out a signal."

"Putting out a signal?" The Flash queried.

"What's the frequency? I'm not getting anything." Hal muttered.

"According to the suit it is using a form of quantum entanglement." Iron Man explained.

"Oh… there it is."

"Gentlemen. We have a possible global invasion scenario." Superman said as he walked up with Wonder Woman who was holding her own box. "Number 2 says that nearly every major city is showing at least one source of quantum entanglement emissions.

"Every city?"

"Are you going to repeat everything someone says?" Hal smirked at The Flash.


"Flash, if we give you the location of the signals can you collect the boxes and bring them here?" Iron Man asked.

"Sure. Send them too me."

Seconds later and the Flash was gone.

"We still need somewhere better to handle this." Batman pointed out. "We are in the middle of the city."

"Iron Man, can you determine anything else about the signal? Where is it going, is there any specific data being transmitted." Superman asked.

"I'm sorry Superman, a lot of this is well beyond my comprehension." Iron Man said clearly disappointed. "The information is here, I'm just not sure what to make of- uh oh."

"Uh oh? Uh oh is not good." Hal said with wide eyes.

The box in Wonder Woman's hand began to glow.

"Defensive positions!" Superman ordered the group.

They immediately began to form a perimeter as Wonder Woman and Superman placed the two boxes on the ground.

"I only got half the boxes!" The Flash exclaimed as he joined them.

"Well where are they?" Hal asked.

"I gave them to Harry."

"In Smallville? You just dumped all those boxes-"

"Harry told me to do it."

"INCOMING!" Batman shouted.


Some form of portal opened around the boxes and more creatures like the one Hal and Batman faced began pouring out, each one shouting their war cry of 'Dark Side'.

There were hundreds of the things and Superman and Wonder Woman were carving a swath through them. This was enough to let the others know that the gloves were off and lethal force was authorised.

"Iron Man, do these things have hearts in the usual places?" The Flash called out.

"They aren't very big and they are in the centre of the chest cavity. Right… here!" He said as his hand plunged into the chest of one of the creatures he was fighting before ripping out the small pulsing black organ.

"I am so going to hate this." The Flash muttered before he began moving at super speed, phasing his hands into the creature's chests and removing their hearts so that they dropped dead.

They continued to plough through the hordes ripping them to shreds. Batman had pulled out a katana from the small of his back. It was stored on the back of his belt as just a handle but it was based on the same technology as the nightsticks and was completely collapsible. Laura and Diana had been the ones who berated him for not carrying a weapon. He now carried a gun as well. A gun could be a useful tool and not just a weapon, shooting locks for instance.

They pushed the horde back until they reached the shore and the Metropolis docks.

"Superman! These things are kidnapping the civilians!" Wonder Woman shouted.

"Flash, with me, let's snatch them back!"

They were stopped from their rescue mission when the Earth began to rumble. Then the sea began to churn and a huge tower erupted from beneath the waves.

"There is no way that is good." Flash said as he took a step back from the creature bearing down on him.

There was a horrible stabbing noise before the creature fell dead at The Flash's feet. Standing behind it was Aquaman.

"I thought we were to call on each other, Kal." Aquaman reminded Superman with a hint of a smile.

"This one caught us flat-footed, King Orin. We literally stumbled across an alien invasion."

"Yes, these demons emerged from a portal on the bed of the sea. Then that tower started to grow." Aquaman agreed.

"The creatures are taking the civilians to the tower." Wonder Woman pointed out the flying aliens with their captives.

"I believe I can assist." Iron Man stated calmly as his shoulders opened and an array of cannons appeared.

"You fool! You will kill them!" Aquaman shouted, but he was held back by Superman.

Iron Man fired and little darts shot out and hit the captives causing them to vanish. He turned to Aquaman who was staring at him a little chagrined. "Teleportation darts. The captives are currently in stasis back at the castle. I will man the beach and continue the rescue efforts." He said before he took to the air.

"I still have a lot of mistrust to deal with." Aquaman admitted.

"As long as you realise that you will do fine." Superman assured him.


Another portal opened only this time a human encased in armour stumbled out.

"Friend or foe?" Wonder Woman demanded as she held her sword at the new comer's throat.

"He's not foe." Superman assured her.

She hesitantly lowered her sword, but remained on guard.

"What's your name?" Superman asked what appeared to be an African-American teenager encased in silver robotic armour and prosthetics.

"Victor… nggg Victor Stone." He seemed to be struggling.

"How did you get here? You came through the same portal that these invading aliens came through." He said calmly and un-accusingly as he helped him up.

"There was this box… those things came out of it… my dad… he did this to me." There was anger in his voice. "The computer… in my head… duplicated the signal from the box and it brought me here."

"You actually managed to decrypt the signal?" Hal asked in amazement.

"Yeah… the armour keeps doing things and I don't have control yet. Something about automated systems till I am ready."

"Can you tell us anything about these creatures? Why are they here? Where they came from?" Superman asked.

"What weakness do they have?" Wonder Woman added.

"They go world to world… harvesting… he-he's coming here."

"Who is?" Batman asked.


Another portal opened and this time a giant of a figure emerged with scaly skin, glowing red eyes and smooth rounded armour.

"I'm guessing that's the bad guy." Hal commented.

"Good guess." Batman retorted sarcastically.

The red eyes flashed and their world exploded in flame.

When the alert had gone out about the boxes and the invasion, Harry had quickly jumped around the world to the leaders of Alliance countries and the President of the United States and warned them to mobilise their forces to repel invaders.

All of those individuals had been informed that Harry's word was law. They were told of Harry's nature.

So when Harry ordered them to repel invaders… international borders became null and void.

Harry returned to the castle to coordinate the counter-attack with Loki and Lana. Whatever these creatures where they just kept coming.

The Flash had avoided the boxes in Japan knowing that the Sekirei would be able to handle it.

Suffice to say that Miya simply stood in front of the portal swiping her sword and splitting each wave as they appeared in Tokyo. Harry had redirected most of the Sekirei to other countries so they didn't have to just stand there and watch Miya work.

The Amazons were tearing through Europe.

The Sekirei and Amazons were highly skilled warriors and the creatures were simply vicious. The only threat to the women was fatigue.

Brunhilde, Laura, Lorna and Matsu were working as quickly as they could to try and find a way to block the portals. They were using the boxes that the Flash had brought to the castle.

It was more than twenty minutes into the battle and the team in Metropolis had managed to earn a lull in the fighting.

Something happened to Superman and anyone connected to him felt immense pain and loss.

"Clark!" Lana cried as she fell awkwardly gripping the large table in the Great Hall.

Harry growled, his anger visible from the smoke and fire streaming from his mouth and nose.

He was practically frothing with the stuff.

"You have command." He said without looking at the ladies before he vanished.

Harry reappeared on the shores of Metropolis. The superheroes were on the ground around him buried in rubble. Only the Flash was on his feet and looking very panicked.

"They got Superman!" He said frantically as he pointed to one of the demons flying towards the tower in the distance.

Harry very much wanted to go and save his little brother but the imposing giant in front of them was a bigger deal.

"Come to me my hand!" Harry shouted loudly.

There was a ripple of smoke and the dark cloaked figure of Death's Hand appeared.

"You wish me to deal with this creature, Master?" Death's Hand rasped with undisguised eagerness as he pointed his lightsabre at the scaly armoured being with the red eyes.

"No. This is a god." Harry said firmly. "My brother has been taken." He pointed to the retreating figure. "Awaken him and aid him in levelling that tower."

"Of course Master."

Death's Hand shot into the sky in a flurry of ragged cloth as his cloak fluttered in the wind.

"Avatar of Time, see to the others. Ensure we are not disturbed."

"Yes Lord Death." Barry Allen knew that this was now a matter for the Aspects. The game had just changed.

Harry's eyes turned to the large alien. "Do you have a name, creature?" He asked tightly.

"I am Darkseid. You may call me your god." The being said arrogantly.

"I am Death, you may beg for mercy." Harry sneered before he was replaced by his immense dragon form.

Darkseid was startled and took an involuntary step back as the fire-breathing creature lunged for him.

By the time Xander had reached Superman they were already at the tower. He calmly walked through the tower phased and invisible. He heard a lot of screaming and he didn't like the sound of the source. Or what the two aliens were saying.

"The Parademon Hives on Earth were ill-equipped to reprocess his flesh." Came one voice. "But what a pleasure it's been to cut it again and again."

That was it. Xander was going to make that one die painfully. He walked around the two creatures, examining them, taking in as much visual information as he could so that the telepaths could extract it later.

"Do not acknowledge pleasure Desaad. It is forbidden." Came another voice. "The Kryptonian was not brought here for you. He was brought here to become a new breed of soldier. One who will prove vital in the search for the daughter of Darkseid."

"Our Master will not stop until she is found Steppenwolf." Said Desaad.

"Then neither shall we. All hail Darkseid!" Steppenwolf declared.

"All ha-urk!"

Desaad was cut off… and so was his head.

"INTRUDER!" Steppenwolf cried out just before his own head joined Desaad's on the floor.

Xander quickly checked the area for more hostiles. When he was satisfied he threw up some quick aversion wards and turned to Superman.

The hero was in a bad way. What ever had been used on him had ripped through his battle suit as though it wasn't even there. He was bleeding, impaled and very weak.

Xander was pissed.

Nobody did this to his family.


Xander really hoped they were listening.

There was a distant rumble as flashes began to light up the sky.

Xander grinned and stepped back to wait.

Darkseid was as strong as Superman. He was just as fast and he had these devastating energy beams that came from his eyes.

That said… Harry was a pissed of dragon.

Harry was batting the bastard around and engulfing him his fire… it didn't do much but it was wearing Darkseid down a little bit.

Darkseid was beginning to worry. Nothing he did to the dragon stuck. Sure, his Omega Beams sliced it easily enough. He could hear bones snap occasionally. But the dragon would heal before he could follow up. Nothing he did made it even pause.

Darkseid knew he couldn't win this fight, especially if the other super beings engaged as well he decided a tactical retreat was in order.

"FUCKING COWARD!" Harry roared angrily as the alien vanished.

"Harry! Language!" Diana scolded.

"Miya is so going to smash your head in." The Flash muttered.

The sky was suddenly lit up by a bright blue and white light that flashed before the air was split by a massive clap of thunder that broke nearly every glass for miles and caused the ground to crack.

The group turned to source out in the sea… the tower.

Lightning was raining down on the tower faster than bullets from a machine gun. The tower crumbled against the onslaught.

"I guess Superman is pissed." Hal remarked offhandedly.

As the last of the tower fell beneath the waves a glowing white figure could be seen approaching them at great speed. Within seconds Superman was standing there in his glowing white energy form.

"Sparky." Flash gave the god a grin and a nod. "Where's Xander?"

"He's right here." Superman sighed. "He got too close to the lightning and got vaporised. Harry, can you sort out his body whilst I fix my own?"

Harry chuckled as he got to work. Superman sat on the floor cross-legged and began to meditate.

"Flash, why don't you and I start clean up?" Hal suggested.

The pair zipped off and began clearing the debris and rubble from the roads to give the emergency services access to the area.

Superman stood up, once again with a body of flesh and his battle-suit in place. Xander was also standing there and looking fairly grumpy.

"This is the second time you got me killed by lightning."

"Why didn't you leave then? You had to have known what was going to happen." Superman argued.

Xander just shuffled uncomfortably. The truth was he was curious about what would happen. He definitely found out.

"They did it!"

"We're saved!"

"Their heroes!"

The group turned to see civilians cautiously approaching in relief and beginning to celebrate the victory.

"Just smile and nod people." Harry muttered. "Well… at least try not to scowl too hard Bats."

After aiding with the cleanup, which involved impressive displays of magic from Harry, the group returned to the castle for debriefing.

"What did you do to the boxes-"

"Mother boxes." Victor supplied.

"Yeah, what did you do with the ones I gave you?" Barry asked.

The group had ditched their costumes for more comfortable clothes.

Harry grinned as he waved a hand and a familiar twelve-foot tall bell jar appeared on the table. Inside were lot's of flying little Parademons.

"Really? You shrunk them?" Kyla sighed. "You better hope that jar never breaks or we are going to need a lot of fly swatters."

Harry waved a hand and the jar vanished.

"What was the damage from around the world?" Bruce Wayne asked.

"Not too bad." Loki informed them. "Japan was left in the hands of the primary Disciplinary Squad."

"I didn't get to hit anything!" Musubi whined. "Miya kept killing them."

Uzume just grinned as she pulled the Sekirei into a hug. Musubi loved to fight.

"Well, thanks to Miya's efficiency we deployed the rest of the Sekirei to Africa. There were casualties and fatalities but they were minimal, all things considered.

"The Amazons handled Europe. The casualties were a little higher this time but still, better than they could have been."

"I'll be making a public tour of the planet this coming week to heal the injured." Harry said.

"We might want to arrange a public press conference then." Xander grinned.

"Do I have to?" Harry groaned.

"Two words Harry: St Mungo's." Neville grinned as Xander laughed.

"It's not my fault those idiots jumped to conclusions!"

"No it's your fault that you were an idiot and didn't think it through." Neville countered. He turned to the others. "Let's just say that the first time Harry did a mass healing, he didn't warn anyone and people started spreading rumours that the Second Coming of Christ was happening."

"I was fifteen!"

"Just how public are you going?" Bruce asked.

"My full nature." Harry said firmly.

"Have you spoken with Odin and Athena?"

"You have doubts?" Harry asked curiously.

"I'm not the only one. Clark doesn't think it's the right time either."

"Gee, thanks Bruce." Clark mumbled. "No, I don't think it is the right time. The people of planet Earth are still too greedy. They will come to you and demand you resurrect their loved ones."

"Yeah… I tend to refuse demands." Harry grinned.

"And we pay the price." Lorna said pointedly.

"Fine. I won't reveal I am Death." Harry sighed. "Can I at least heal people and make magicals?"

"Son, back when you were fifteen we had a discussion about you only doing what we asked because you want to. The only person in this room with a chance of stopping you is Clark. I can guarantee he doesn't want to. All we are asking is that you don't try and scare the populace or cause unnecessary issues." Xander said calmly.

"Was that a yes?"

"Oh for god's sake." Xander groaned.

Harry grinned triumphantly.


Standing at the door was a fairly nervous Cassandra. She was still a little bit in awe of all the heroes despite living with Death.

"Cassie, everything ok?"

"There is a man here… in a suit. He says he is Secret Service and has instructions to deliver his message to you alone."

"Be right there."

"He's only carrying a standard issue side arm." Clark informed them as he gazed through the stone wall. "And…" He let out a groan of frustration. "I'll him tell you the rest."

Harry was now really curious so he exited the Great Hall.

The others bugged Clark about what he knew but he just sat there sullenly.

He did begin to squirm a bit when Uzume practically began to give him a lap dance to get him to spill.

Clark was saved by Harry's return… who was sporting a huge and unnerving grin.

He held up an embossed and thick piece of paper and began to read: "'By order of the President of the United States of America, an invitation is extended to the heroes of Metropolis who saved the city from alien invasion. We make this request through and to Doctor Harry James Potter and ask that he pass this invitation on to the relevant people.

"'A press conference will be held on the steps of the White House in Washington D.C. where Doctor Harry James Potter and his team shall be publicly and sincerely thanked for their actions.'

"He also sent me a more personal note with details." Harry chuckled as he took his seat.

The press conference wasn't until the weekend, some four days off.

Victor was dragged through the door to the X-Men's world by Jason where they would work on his body. He was offered a completely fresh body but they were unable to extract any pure DNA. A lot of his parts were very advanced and there was even alien tech in him.

In the end a new body was built that resembled his human body with all the parts necessary to enjoy a human life. The concession was that his skeleton was artificial and could be moulded by the implants and his brain was now an organic computer.

The upside was he could get ESPN free, anywhere.

Clark issued orders for sales of commercially available portal doors to begin immediately. New protocols were added so that the destination could be remotely locked in the even of an emergency. The emergency destination was hard coded to prevent tampering but it meant that in the even of another invasion or disaster you only had to walk through the door and you would find yourself in a safe zone. Each city had a dedicated safe zone.

There was now a definitive protective detail visible around the Kent Family. Very dangerous women carrying swords and guns.

So far the only person to take a run at them was Deadpool… he claimed he was bored. Clark punted him to Africa.

That Saturday the heroes sat on a platform on the front lawn of the White House as they listened to the President give a speech about surviving under adversity and that we should aspire to be like the heroes before them and never give up.

It was a decent speech… but it was still a speech and it was a long speech.

It really wasn't possible to expect the Flash to sit quietly… he didn't have the patience.

He did have the fear though thanks to Batman's constant growl from behind him.

Eventually the President ceded the microphone to the heroes. It was decided that Superman would act as their spokesman with Harry as both had addressed the public before.

Superman stood calmly before the microphone.

"Over the past few days since we drove Darkseid off the planet many of you have tried to come up with a name for our team." Superman spoke clearly.

"The Justice League. The Power Squad. The Devastators and even… The Super Friends." Superman gave a shudder that caused them to laugh.

"But we are friends." Superman smiled. "We are not colleagues, we are friends and family. We have stepped onto the battlefield together and we have shed our blood.

"And we did it for you.

"We could have happily sat at home in safety and ignored the horrors that happened around the world. We could have let the world bring destruction on itself as you consume all Earth's resources and pay no heed to the devastation you are causing.

"But we didn't."

Superman turned to Harry and gave a nod. Harry raised a hand and clicked his fingers as the crowd gasped.

The protections that were concealing the identities of the heroes were removed. Those wearing masks removed them.

"We have worked tirelessly to bring peace and stability to the planet whilst at the same time protecting the innocent." Clark continued as he spoke over the continuing murmurs as they saw the world's richest man standing there as their greatest protector.

"We have all had our private lives. I was a farmer and eventually a businessman. Bruce and Lex are also businessmen." He said as he walked up behind the two men and placed a hand on their shoulders before moving on. "Barry is a forensics cop. Diana is an Ambassador. Shayera is simply a tourist from beyond our world. Victor is a former high school student. Jason is a High School Coach. Hal is a Fighter Test Pilot.

"There are many more of us and we all want the same thing: Happiness.

"The difference between us and quite a few people on this planet is that we want happiness for ourselves and everyone else. Others want it at the expense of others.

"We will not stand for that!" He said firmly.

"In the future, when you see us flying through the skies or stopping crime and invasions… remember we are there to stand between the innocent and those that want to harm them.

"If you want to call us something, call us what we are: A Shield."

Harry snapped his fingers and the heroes vanished off the stage.

The world would be a different place from that time on.

Because the world had a shield.

A/N: You lot changed my mind...

Yes, I had them reveal their identities. At this point in this story the heroes have the backing of multiple countries and an intergalactic police force. Only Clark really had a family at risk and they have been hit twice.

Oh, and I called them a Shield, in the cartoons and comics they never really seem to be interested in 'justice', they simply protected people. Just like the Avengers never really seemed to Avenge people. They are often names given to the teams due to an initial event.

And no, 'Shield' is not an unwieldy and convoluted acronym.

This was never where I actually want to end the series. I wanted to end it with the Justice League episode 'Star Crossed'.

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Mainly it will focus on the Justice League, I would really like to know who Darkseid's daughter is and what comics it is in but I haven't been able to find any references on the web, just speculation about who she might be.

Anywho... I don't know when I will have more for this story as it won't be my main focus. I have several stories I also want to finish including the final instalment of this series, here are some details without spoilers:

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