McGee had never been so glad to see the evidence garage. Tonight had been a mixture of fascinating, unbelievable, and just plain hinky. It was interesting, there was no denying it, but it was good to be back safe in a world he understood. He helped Abby through the door, then hopped over the lintel himself.

"What do we do about the-"

The words died in his throat; the door had melted back into the wall, as if it had never existed.

"Guess they don't need us anymore," said Gibbs. He was glaring at the wall as if he was expecting something else to happen, but nothing did. Eventually he shrugged. "You think you've seen it all..."

"Should we tell anyone?"

"Who'd believe us, Tim?" Abby asked, and he had to concede the point.

They stood there for a few more moments. Looking around at their faces, he realised that they were all struggling with the same thought he was - did that really just happen?

Abby slipped an arm around his waist and he allowed her to pull him away from the place the door had been, Gibbs and Ducky behind them. Gibbs put his eye to the scanner by the elevator, and Tim wondered if he needed to reassure himself that this one, at least, still recognised his authority.

"So Duck," Gibbs asked, as the doors swooshed open and they crowded in, "that your strangest ever autopsy?"

Ducky thought for a moment. "No, actually, it wasn't. There was one case in French Polynesia, the oddest thing happened when I opened the body cavity..."


A/N: Don't go holding your breath or anything, but there is a sequel running round my brain. Watch this space!