The Children of Total Drama

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Chapter One: The First Day

Chapter Perspective: Drake, son of Gwen and Duncan

Drake groaned as his alarm clock woke him up. He did not want today to be happening. It was his first day of senior year and he was not ready.

"Drake, come downstairs when you're ready." He heard his mother call from downstairs.

"Be down in a minute!" He called back before getting out of bed and taking off his pajamas. He then pulled on his typical outfit, a midnight blue v-neck tee shirt and black jeans accompanied by black converse. He looked in the mirror at his reflection. Seeing his teal and black hair out of place, he started to run a comb through it and fixed it so his bangs went to his eye brows and the back of his hair went to the middle of his neck. After fixing his hair, he walked quickly down the stairs. If his mother called him downstairs, it must mean breakfast is ready.

"You're not going to ditch today, are you?" He heard his father ask.

"No, I'm not going to ditch today." His twin sister, Allyson, responded.

"Good morning everyone," Drake greeted, "what's for breakfast?"

"Scrambled eggs with a side of bacon." His mother informed him as she set his plate on the table.

"So what are you doing after school today, Drake?" His father asked as he sat across from him.

"I just have band practice." Drake told his father.

"Duncan, tell the kids about what we got them." His mother told his father.

"I thought you were going to tell them, Gwen." Duncan said, sticking his tongue out at his wife. Drake had seen pictures of them when they had been teenagers and they looked exactly the same.

"Allyson, Drake, we got you both parking passes for senior year." Gwen told her kids.

"Thanks mom, dad, I really was not looking forward to taking the bus!" Allyson said. Drake was surprised she didn't correct their mother. Allyson preferred to go by 'Ally' over her real name.

"Thanks guys. I should finish getting ready." Drake said as he finished his food. He looked over at Allyson and saw she was already ready. Her black hair was brushed and straightened besides the spikes she had on her bangs and the way her hair stopped at the bottom. Her bangs were dyed lime green as well as two streaks in her hair on the outside. She had worn her typical clothes, black v-neck tee shirt and black skinny jeans accompanied by the skull necklace their father gave her and her black and lime green high top DC shoes. Her black and lime green backpack was next to her chair on the floor.

"That's what you get for sleeping in." Allyson told Drake, sticking her tongue out at him.

"Yeah, yeah, not all of us can survive on three hours of sleep." Drake said, referring to the fact Allyson always stayed up late, yet somehow managed to get up early without any problems.

"Your passes are already in your cars." Duncan told his kids.

"I expect you not to ditch the first week of school." Gwen told Allyson.

"Don't worry, mom. I don't plan on ditching for the first two weeks, and then all bets are off." Allyson informed her mother. Allyson was lucky, she could get away with ditching because she always did school work early and always got good grades. In fact, Drake had seen her working and finishing the work for the first three months of school. As it was only August, that meant she had completely cleared herself to be free Halloween night, which also happened to be their birthday.

"She did a lot of work over the summer. I'm surprised she got so much work done despite only having worked on it for three weeks." Duncan told Gwen.

"Allyson's lucky she can do a month's work in a week." Drake said, sighing as he only got B's in his classes besides art and music.

"You should finish getting ready, Drake. Don't forget your guitar." Gwen told her son as she began to clean up the table from breakfast.

"I'm heading out to school now. I'll be hanging out with Tania and Cynthia after school. We're finally teaching Tania how to skate board." Allyson told her family as she grabbed her backpack from the floor.

"Don't get hurt and have fun." Gwen told her daughter.

"Don't worry, I'll be fine." Allyson said, giving her mother a reassuring smile.

"Bye Allyson, have a good day at school." Duncan said.

"Bye mom, bye dad. See ya at school, Drake." Allyson called over her shoulder as she walked out the door, closing it behind her.

"I just need to grab my backpack and necklace, and then I'll be heading out." Drake told his parents as he got out of his chair. He ran upstairs and grabbed his necklace. It was a midnight blue gem that his mother gave him. He then scanned the room for his backpack and grabbed it from the floor next to his desk.

"Bye Drake, have fun at school and band practice." His parents called as he ran out the door. He had put his guitar in his trunk already. Allyson's black 2005 Chevy Camero with lime green racing stripes was gone by the time he got outside. In the driveway was his 2010 midnight blue Ford Mustang with black racing stripes. He loved his car and unlocked it, climbing in and throwing his backpack into the passenger seat. He closed the door, starting the car and shifting it to reverse, pulling out of the driveway and heading off to school.

"Hey Drake, glad to see you got a parking pass." Albert said as Drake got out of his car. He was the son of Cody and Beth. Drake could tell he was the son of Cody because he looked like a miniature version of his father. He was wearing a blue polo and dark grey jeans.

"Parents just told Ally and me this morning at breakfast." Drake told Albert.

"Yeah, kind of funny how you two are right next to each other as well." Albert told Drake, pointing to Ally's car right next to his.

"That stinks. So where are you parked, Albert?" Drake asked.

"Right there and please call me Al this year. Albert is way too formal." Al told his friend, pointing to the car a few rows down. It was a blue 2010 Ford Taurus.

"All right, might want to tell the fellow band mates at practice today." Drake said as they started walking into the school. The school was just called 'High School' as there was only one in this town. The elementary, intermediate, and middle schools were exactly the same way.

"Yeah, I have my keyboard in my car. I can't wait to finally practice after a summer of not being able to get together." Al said, rubbing the back of his head. Drake realized how true that was; Al and his father had gone to visit his mother's family. Daphne, the drummer, and her family were camping all summer long. Brittany, the bassist, had gone on a cruise with her family and had brought Francis, the manager, with her. Lastly, Nicolas, the lead vocals, had been too busy partying to want to practice.

"I hope they all remember we have practice." Drake said as they walked down the main hallway, heading to the cafeteria to briefly see people in the 5 minutes before the bell rang.

"What do you have first period?" Al asked Drake.

"I have painting first period. Why don't we just compare schedules?" Drake suggested. Al nodded and took out his schedule.

"We have science, history, lunch, and gym together. That's second, third, fifth, and seventh period together." Al said as he put his schedule away.

"I know we have gym the same time as my sister. I like the co-ed gym class and all; I just don't like how my sister and I are always grouped up together." Drake sighed.

"Hey, how long are you two going to be standing there?" The boys heard a girl's voice say. Drake looked up and saw Daphne. She looked exactly like a miniature version of her mother. Except for the fact she wore different clothes. She wore a purple v-neck tee shirt with black tights and a black tutu, instead of her regular black skinny jeans, along with her black and purple high-top converse.

"Hey Daphne, we were just looking for you." Al said, rubbing the back of his head.

"All of the other band members are over there." Daphne told the two as she pointed to the table in the left hand corner at the other end of the cafeteria.

"Hey guys!" Nicolas yelled from the table. Al and Drake waved at their friend. He was wearing his trademark purple shirt with the first three buttons undone and blue jeans with black vans.

"Come on, let's get over there." Daphne told the two as she grabbed their wrists, pulling them to the other side of the cafeteria. Despite being a year younger, Daphne caught Drake's attention and he fell for her - hard. She wasn't allowed to date because of her stupid strict parents, Trent and Courtney, so he kept his feelings to himself.

"Hey you two!" Brittany said as she pulled them both into a giant hug. She was the daughter of Justin and Katie.

"Hey Drake, hey Al." Francis greeted. He was the son of Owen and Izzy. Drake and Al both gave him a bro hug and then gave Nicolas one.

"So what did you do this summer, Drake? You were the only one not to go on vacation." Nicolas said.

"Well, Nicolas, I practiced guitar and hung out at my mom's art studio this summer." Drake said, missing the smell of drying paint.

"I told you before, it's Nick. That sounds fun and all, but you should have come to the yacht for the crazy sick party my dad let me throw!" Nick told his friend.

"I don't really like to party and you know that." Drake said, rolling his eyes. Sometimes Nick got on Drake's nerves when he was talking about partying.

"Well, we should head to first period." Francis said just as the bell rang.

"I'll see ya guys after school at the studio." Drake said, referring to the music studio where they recorded and produced their music.

"See ya." He heard the others say as he walked towards the art hallway. It was the way Drake had entered the cafeteria, but on the other side of the theater.

"Glad to see all you students taking an interest in the arts." The teacher, Ms. Raven told the class. She was a younger teacher, having just started here a few years ago. Drake noticed that only one person he kind of knew was in the class and that was Zachary, the middle son of Heather and Noah. Surprisingly, he looked more like his mother than his father. His hair was black with spikes. He had the paler complexion his mother had. Drake also noticed the fact there were only 10 kids in the class. That wasn't too surprising as this school wasn't very big and didn't have many students enrolled.

"Yeah, that's cool and all, but when can we do the graffiti part of art?" Zachary asked the teacher. Zachary was known for tagging the sides of buildings and even the sidewalks. He never got in trouble though, because his dad worked as a lawyer with the police.

"Well, Zachary, that's not until next month." Ms. Raven told him. The other students looked at Ms. Raven like she had grown a second head. No one ever called Zachary by his real name. He always went by Zacky.

"Never call me that stupid name ever again. It's Zacky. Zackary is the stupid as hell name my idiot parents gave me!" Zacky told the teacher, breaking his pencil in multiple places.

"Call the hell down, she didn't know." Drake told Zacky with a roll of his eyes.

"You mind repeating that for me, Goth-boy?" Zacky angrily asked Drake.

"Nah, I'm perfectly fine with saying it once, Zachary." Drake said with a smirk. He didn't even care if he got called 'Goth-boy' because he wasn't even one. Reacting was what got you in trouble with Zacky.

"You're just lucky I don't feel like getting into a fight on my first day of school." Zacky said, crossing his arms and laying his head down on the table. The rest of class went by uneventful except for this girl, Hillary, asking for Drake's number. He gave it to her without hesitation as she was a hot blonde. Drake was happy that the bell rang soon after that so he could go and see his best friend, Al.

"So you really called him Zachary?" Al asked for the fiftieth time after Science. They had done nothing but this lame group activity.

"For the fiftieth time, yes, I did. I had to show him he didn't affect my life in any way, shape, or form." Drake said with an eye roll.

"Dude, look over there. Your sister is talking with him." Al said, pointing at Ally and Zacky.

"Yeah, I know. They're friends. I don't see why, he's just a no-good punk." Drake told Al, looking away from his sister.

"Well, I found out the rest of the band, besides Daphne because she's a grade lower, is in our next class." Al told Drake, remembering when he compared his schedules with the others during first period when they all had math together.

"Cool. I heard we have one of the best and chill teachers." Drake said, realizing they had Mr. Thompson. He was also one of the younger teachers. All they ended up doing was sitting and doing whatever they wanted in History.

"Well, I have to get to math now." Drake told Al when they stopped by the stairwell. He had math in the orange hallway, which was upstairs, whereas he had just gotten out of history which was in the yellow hallway, which was downstairs.

"I'll see ya in lunch. We'll sit at the same table as last year." Al told Drake as he walked up the stairs.

"See ya then." Drake called over his shoulder. He had no idea who was in his math class.

"Hey Drake, it's about time we had a class together." He heard Daniel, the youngest son of Courtney and Trent, say from across the room as he walked inside.

"It's not fair; I should be in the same class as Ally…" Drake heard Tania complain from next to Daniel. Tania was the only child of Lashawna and Harold and looked like her mother, just skinnier. Daniel looked exactly like his father except for the fact he was wearing a white collared shirt and fancy dress pants. Tania wore a simple red tee shirt with grey jeans.

"Ally's not in a math class this year. She hasn't been since she tested out of it freshman year." Drake reminded Tania. They were in the most advanced class for their grade, Calculus.

"Oh yeah, I remember now." Tania said, rubbing the back of her head sheepishly.

"I wouldn't be surprised if it was only us three. We are the smartest of our class next to Allyson." Daniel said, looking through his notes. Drake was sure he wrote down everything to the finest detail in that notebook of his.

"Yes, you three are the only kids in this class. The reason there are more desks is the fact that I teach more than just this class." The teacher, Mr. Huntley, told the three kids.

"What do we have to learn today?" Daniel asked, almost too eagerly.

"Today we will go over the summer packet." Mr. Huntley said in a sarcastic voice.

"What summer packet?" Daniel asked before he could catch the sarcasm.

"We didn't have one. He was saying it sarcastically." Tania informed Daniel. Drake let out a chuckle. Daniel always took everything so seriously.

"We don't need to learn anything new today. Just work on the homework you have tonight." Mr. Huntley told the three before going onto is computer.

"Man, being smart really stinks sometimes. I'm stuck in a class with Mr. Class President…" Drake told Al while they were in line for lunch.

"That really does stink. How come you're not complaining about Ally being in your class?" Al asked. The line moved forward and they were able to get their food. Today it was cheese pizza with fries as a side a choice of soda.

"Everyone seems to have forgotten that Ally tested out of all the required academic classes back when we were freshmen." Drake sighed, grabbing a mountain dew from the mini-fridge where the school stored all the drinks.

"Oh yeah, it must stink knowing that you won't be known as the smart sibling." Al said to Drake as he got an orange fanta.

"I am just as smart as her, I just don't test well." Drake told Al with a glare.

"I know, I know. Hey, be happy, your crush just so happens to be in our lunch." Al said, nudging Drake's elbow with his own.

"I don't have a crush." Drake said, immediately thinking of Daphne.

"Let's just sit down." Al said, taking a seat next to Nicolas when they got to the table. Drake sat next to Daphne and talked to her the entire time, causing lunch to go by quickly.

After lunch, English went by quickly and gym went by like a blur. Drake just wanted to get to the studio and practice. They would be practicing a song he wrote.

"Hey Drake, do you mind if I get a ride to the studio from you?" Drake heard Daphne asked from behind him.

"Sure, just follow me to my car." He told her, leading her to his car and unlocking it.

"Thanks. I doubt either of my parents would have taken me. My mom won't let any of besides her, dad, and David to have a car. David only has a car because he's in college." Daphne said sadly.

"Hey, it'll be all right. It's not like you have to live with her forever." Drake said as they climbed in and closed the doors.

"I know. I just wish she'd give me more freedoms. She won't even let me date! Dad's even on her side!" Daphne complained loudly.

"I will admit that that's crazy." Drake told her as he pulled out of the parking spot, noticing that Ally's car was still there as he drove passed.

"It's just that there's this guy I really want to date, but I can't. She's so unfair to us." Daphne said with a sigh.

"Who's this guy you're suddenly interested in?" Drake asked, hiding the jealousy in his voice as he gripped the steering wheel a little tighter.

"Just this guy I've been friends with for a long time." Daphne said, looking out the window. The rest of the car ride was silent as Drake drove to the studio.

"All right, people. As the last thing for today, we are practicing Drake's new song and he actually is going to sing this one." Nick told the band, handing Drake the microphone and taking Drake's guitar. Drake was really nervous. What if he blew it? This song was written to let Daphne know how he felt, but he couldn't make it too obvious…

"Here goes take one of 'Blinded by you.'" Drake said into the microphone. The band got ready, the instruments playing their parts in the background as Drake began to sing:

I can't stop my eyes from staring when I see you

You're the reason I can't think straight

I can't see anyone else when you're around

Just trying not to become blind by your beauty

You tell me it's so unfair

Well Hun, it's not fair we can't be

Just trying to wait for our time

It's hard to do when you leave me blind

We should be together,

But we can't 'cause of your parents

They're too strict

You should be allowed to be happy

Just trying to hold onto you

Can be such a pain

Your parents hate mine

That's not even our fault

You tell me it's unfair

Well Hun, it's not fair we can't be

Just trying to wait for our time

It's so hard when you leave me blind

My friends know how I feel

Sadly, you have no clue

I wish I could say it

I get too nervous and stumble

I wish I could say it

You have no idea how

Much I love you

You can't possibly feel the same

You tell me it's unfair

Well Hun, it's not fair we can't be

Just trying to wait for our time

It's so hard when you leave me blind

I can't get you out of my head

You're driving me crazy

All I have to do is close my eyes,

And BAM! You're there!

Why do you have to make

Me feel this way!

I can't help but

Be left blinded by you

I love you

The song ended with those three words, but before it, but instruments had already cut off.

"Wow dude, that was deep." Al told his best friend.

"I think that's all we can do for today. We'll get it recorded next week." Francis told the band.

"Can someone else take Daphne home? My parents need me home for dinner." Drake asked his fellow band mates.

"I'll take her." Al volunteered. Daphne's house was on the way to his from the studio anyway.

"Thanks. I'll see you guys tomorrow at school." Drake left with that, going to his car after grabbing his guitar from Nick. He couldn't even look back and see Daphne's reaction. He didn't want to get rejected, like he knew he would.

"You're home right on time, Drake." Gwen told her son as he walked through the door.

"Yeah, I know. Some people had to leave practice early." Drake lied. He didn't need his mom prying into his social life.

"Well, come sit down and eat. Your sister's not home yet." Duncan said as he sat at the table.

"Who said I wasn't here yet?" Ally asked as she climbed through the kitchen window, startling their mother.

"How many times have I told you not to do that?" Gwen asked her daughter.

"You say it at least once, maybe twice, a week. Honestly, it's more convenient than the front door some days. Drake had just closed the door, so I went through the window." Ally said with a shrug.

"Now that everyone's here, can we eat?" Duncan asked Gwen.

"Yes, we can eat." Gwen said.

"How was your first day of senior year, you two?" Duncan asked his kids.

"It was fine besides being stuck in autos with Nick. He talks too much about partying. On the bright side, means I just got invited to a party Friday night." Ally told her family.

"Mine was fine except for that Zachary kid being in my art class." Drake said, remembering what happened in class.

"You mean you have a class with Heather and Noah's son?" Duncan asked.

"Yeah, he hates being called Zachary. He even went on a rant when the teacher called him by his real name." Drake explained.

"Well, that's just strange. Heather and Noah's other kids are totally calm and collected." Ally said.

"I guess he's just a rebel. I'd rebel if Heather was my mother." Gwen told her kids.

"Well, it's time for you two to go to bed." Duncan said as he noticed it was after midnight. Dinner had ended quickly and then the family had gone off to do their own things. They always went to the living room to talk about their day before Drake and Ally went to bed.

"Night mom, night dad." Ally said as she headed down the stairs. Drake lived on the third floor, their parents lived on the second floor, and Ally lived in the basement. They lived in a bigger-sized house due to Duncan and Gwen being rich.

"Good night, everyone." Drake said as he walked upstairs. He was still in a daze when he went into his bedroom because of what he stupidly did at band practice today. He basically told Daphne exactly how he felt about her. Drake's mind went blank as he closed his eyes and fell asleep.

End of Chapter One

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