Sorry it took me 'years' to update this fic but I am finally doing it, so you can all cheer.

A month after they were forced into the future, Jack sat near the lake and looked out across the water, deep in thought. He let out a sigh as he blinked, two different memories running through his mind, one holding his mortal family and his life in the past, the other held a child with his hair and eye color along with a different family, an immortal one.

"Which set of memories is real?" He questioned himself, running a hand through his hair in frustration.

"Maybe they both are real memories." A voice suggested as Jack was joined by others. He glanced over to see Rapunzel, Hiccup and Mérida, the four of them having become friends during the past month.

"I guess." Jack replied. "I just wish I knew who the boy is in the second set of memories, the one where I have white hair, blue eyes and am able to control some aspects of winter."

"You'll find out in time, I know it." Mérida told him and Jack smiled at her gratefully. "We should get back up the castle, The students will arrive soon." She stood and held a hand out to Jack, Hiccup and Rapunzel stood as well so the four of them could head back inside.

Jamie eagerly climbed into a boat with three other first years, he had waited a month to get a glimpse of the school he'll be spending the next several month at. At his first look, Jamie was in awe at the size of it. "Wow, this is going to so cool!" He exclaimed.

The others in the boat agreed with him, as their mouths dropped open in awe, and they nodded without a word. Jamie chuckled at their looks then asked, "Which house do you think, or hope, you'll be in. I hope I'm placed in Gryffindor."

The boys answered him as they passed under the opening of a cave and stopped near a set of steps that lead up into the castle. Jamie joined the rest of the first years and Hagrid as the climbed up the steps.

Jack, Mérida, Hiccup and Rapunzel were sat at a table McGonagall placed in the great hall for them when the students came into the great hall and separated according to the house they were in. Minutes after the older students were seated the first years were led into the great hall to be sorted.

At the name "Bennett, Jamie," Jack jerked up straight in his seat to get a look at the boy. "Guys, it's him. The boy from my future set of memories." He whispered as Jamie was sorted into the house he wanted and jumped down to join the Gryffindor table.

Before the other three could say anything, and to their surprise, Jack was called up to be sorted. He hesitantly stood up and walked up to sit on the stool, the sorting hat being placed on his head.

Jamie was getting to know his housemates when a name being called caught his attention, "Frost, Overland Jackson." He gasped as a brown-haired browned eyed boy, who looked remarkably like the Spirit of Winter, walked up to be sorted.

"No way, it can't be." He mumbled.

"Do you know him Jamie?" A older student questioned as Jack was sorted into Gryffindor.

"Yes, or at least I think I do. If he had white hair and blue eyes then he could pass for the Spirit of Winter, Jack Frost." Jamie answered as Jack made his way over the Gryffindor table, only to plop down next to Jamie and meet his stare with his own.

"Jack...?" Jamie hopefully asked as he looked at the former child Guardian.

Jack smiled down at him, "Hello Jamie... I remember your face along with certain others from this time but am unable to place names with their faces. Maybe you could help me?"

"Of course but not right now with others close by." Jamie beamed up at Jack as food appeared on the table as the last person was sorted and everyone began to eat.

Since they had a day before classes would start Jack and Jamie stayed up later than anyone else, just talking and Jamie promised to himself that he would send word to the Guardians about Jack as well as ask his mom to send him Jack's staff so he could give it to Jack.

The next day when Jamie woke up the first he did, after showering and getting dressed, was sit down to write a letter to his mom then Tooth, as she was the closet, to let the Guardians know about Jack. Once done he ran to the owly to send the letters off before he went to grab some breakfast in the great hall with Jack.

North paced around the Pole, as he was worried, not having heard anything from Jack in a month when the child guardian usually stopped by every other day to check in. One of his yeti's, Phil called out to him to let him know that the other Guardians had arrived and were waiting for him in the globe room.

As he joined them, an owl swooped into the room to land on North's shoulder where it held out its leg to show a letter tied from it. Sandy, who knew about the magical communities, flew over to the owl, removed the letter and read it while the owl left.

"What is it Sandy?" Tooth questioned as she, North and Bunny stared at him. Instead of answering he handed the letter to Tooth so she could read it.

"It's from Jamie, he recently found out he's a... wizard. I thought Ombric was the last wizard."

Sandy shook his head and gestured for her to continue reading. "Um, he's attending a school called Hogwarts where he'll learn to control his magic and he..." She trailed off as she read the last part.

"What, what else did he say?" Bunny demanded as the letter fluttered from her hands.

"He found Jack but... but he doesn't look like our Jack. His hair and eyes are brown instead of white and blue, although he does somewhat remember us."

"Somewhat, what is that suppose to mean?" North asked as Bunny picked up the letter.

"He can remember what we look like but not our names, if I'm reading Jamie's letter correctly." Bunny answered as he set the letter down on a near-by table.

"Well what are we waiting for, we must go get Jack and help him remember!" North bellowed and was about to order everyone to his sleigh but never got the chance as Bunny had opened a tunnel up under his feet.

"We'll meet you two at this school... you know how to get there, right." He said to Sandy, who nodded, as he had been to Hogwarts before, and signed that he would show Tooth the way there. Once he had Sandy's promise, Bunny dropped down into his tunnel and him and North where on their way.