Calypso strung feet after feet of yarn on her loom to keep from crying.

Even though there was no one to see her, so she had no reason to be embarrassed, she felt like it was silly. What else should she expect?

Leo was gone. Just like Odysseus, and Drake, and…

And Percy.

She sighed. Losing Percy had been hard but somehow losing Leo was far worse.

Maybe it was because, as far as she could tell, there was no Annabeth for him to return to, nobody to keep him from her.

They could have been happy.

She glanced at a photo propped on a shelf behind her.

She had no idea where it had been taken, but Leo had left it here. He evidently had it in his pocket when he landed. He kept it on display where he could see it clearly as he worked. When he went away, he must have forgotten it.

In it, Leo was standing on a half-finished ship marooned on a field, one foot on its figurehead, a bronze dragon, while a beautiful dark skinned girl gave him what Percy called a nuggie. Somehow it didn't make her jealous the way Percy muttering Annabeth in his sleep every night did. A blond boy stood beside them, grinning.

She thought this other boy was more the type she fell for: tall, handsome, funny, and he even had a mysterious scar.

But it was Leo she couldn't stop looking at. He was even shorter and scrawnier than she remembered him and his unruly hair went everywhere. But he had a strong face like his father and clear eyes.

He had a hopeful smile, like he was beginning to think his life was looking up but was afraid he would be wrong.

She understood that feeling painfully well. She regretted how she had treated him and wished she had a second chance to get to know him without arguing with him. At least they had made their peace before he had to leave her forever.

For the first time, she believed she had found someone who wanted to come back, but she knew that didn't matter. He couldn't.

She thought about the dragon figurehead on Leo's boat. He had said that was the way he would return to her but she didn't see how that was possible even if he restored its body.

Then a real dragon roar pierced the air and startled her so badly she stumbled into her loom, knocking it over.

As she pushed the tangle of string and wood off herself she heard a familiar light voice call

"Hey! Crazy girl! You still here?"

As she grinned even wider than Leo on his worst sugar rush and ran for the door, the Leo in the photograph's small smirk seemed to be saying I told you so.

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