Oscar twitched at the soft touch of a fin upon his shoulder; he lifted his head to see a smile spread across her face.

"Oscar, did you really mean what you said?" Bee asked curiously staring into his eyes.

Oscar a little dumb struck by her response nodded his head at her question, wondering where this was going before he quickly began to spurt random things out of his mouth. "Look Bee I've liked you for a while now and I know I'm not every girl fishes dream but I can be a really good boyfriend and I am trying to work out and-"Oscar was silenced by a kiss on the cheek from Bee. His face began to turn bright red from her soft lips on his cheek. Was this really happening to him? Was Bee actually kissing his cheek right now? This was too much for Oscar to take in.

Bee looked at Oscar with the same smile spread across her face, "I like you too Oscar, we should get some shakes later and catch a movie. Just me and you ok?" She then swam away to the rest of her friends, leaving Oscar stunned from the shocking incident. Milo swam over to Oscar looking at his friend weirdly, "Hum Oscar hello? So what happened? Did you get the girl?" He asked eating Bees food off the ground. Oscar not taking his eyes away from where Bee was standing with her friends and only answered Milo with a goofy smiled spread across his face as he remembered Bee admitting that she actually liked him back.

To Be Continued…..

Note from Author: Hey guys sorry I have not been updating my stories, I just finished my first semester of college. I will try to keep my updates up more frequently.