I do not own any rights to pokemon or anything so I would like to thank Nintendo and Gamefreak for making and publishing Pokemon. I do own most of the characters and the plot is all mine.

The US is home to many different types of Pokemon. These Pokemon live along side us in harmony. People capture these and train them. They are called Pokemon Trainers. Some use Pokemon to take part in what is known as Pokemon Contest. In order to do anything like that you must first pass an exam at a Trainers School. Each town has a trainers school. At the age of 10 you can go to this Trainers School. How many years there is determined by how long it takes you to pass the Exam. It could take as short as 5 years to all the way to 8 years. After passing Trainers School trainers can now receive their starter pokemon. After receiving a starter pokemon you can go out and either take part in Contests or challenge the regions 16 gym leaders. Once you beat those 16 gym leaders you can then participate in the event which the Pokemon League puts on. Just like the last 21 years the Event is called the Champions Cup. The winner gets the ultimate chance to face the region's Champion.

(The Last Day of Trainers School)

Waiting in front of the Boston Institute for Future Trainers. Is average height girl. Her name is Emma Hopkins. She is wearing the school's uniform which is a light brown suit jacket under that jacket is a white button up shirt and a tie. She also has a light brown skirt and matching socks. Her shoes are white. She has her blonde hair down. She is 18 and it took eight years to pass the exam which she did yesterday. She has her brown eyes focused on the road leading into the School. She is waiting for her friend Brady Anderson.

Minutes later a taller average looking young man walks up to her. He is in the same uniform but he is in light brown pants. His brown hair is a mess and is covered in a hat. He too passed the exam yesterday. He is also at the age of 18.

"Hey Em we finally get our first pokemon tomorrow." said Brady.

"Yeah I know I cannot wait." said Emma.

After Emma said that two teens walk out of the school to join them. The one with blonde hair pulled up with a pony is Katie Hopkins. She is the younger sister of Emma. Katie is at the age of 16. She along with her friend passed the exam. She is wearing the same uniform as Emma and so is her friend. Katie comes off as somewhat of a nerd. Her friend is Ally Richards she is 15 and has brown hair. She is not going to become a trainer like the other three she is choosing to be a Coordinator.

"Hey Katie." said Brady.

"Hi Brady." said Katie.

"Where are you two going?" asked Brady.

"Well I came to look for you two. The principal wants everyone who is leaving the school tomorrow to come to the gymnasium he needs to talk to all of us." said Katie.

"Ok lets then." said Brady.

The four of them walk into the gym and find a seat to next to one of Emma's friends. She has black hair and name is Gabby. After they took their seat the gym filled up with about 20 other students. After it did the principal walks up to the mic and starts talking.

"Tomorrow is a big day for all of you. You all will get your very first pokemon with that you will begin your very own journey. Whatever direction this journey may take you on it will be an experience of a life time. Do not forget what you have learned here and use all the time. Good luck and remember everything see and do is going to be an experience. I will now like to welcome a member of the Pokemon League. She works in the office and is an assistant to our Champion. I would like you all to meet Ms. Jennifer Morgan." said the principal.

She walks into the room with her league shirt and some jeans on and her brown hair in a bun. She walks over to the mic.

"Good day all of you. As the assistant to the Champion it is a privilege and a honor to meet and talk most of you. With that said most of you will take part in the events early next year. The League will like to take this opportunity to say whatever you do remember there are rules to everything they must be followed." said Jennifer.

She continues to ramble on and on for what is the next 30 minutes most of them didn't pay much if any attention to her till she was done and walks out. The principal then dismisses them the rest of the day.

(At the Anderson Household)

Sitting in the front room is Brady and Emma on one couch and Katie, Ally, and Gabby are sitting on the floor. Brady's mom walks in the room and starts talking to them.

"I did not think you were home mom." said Brady.

"I got home late last night from the dig sight just to see you off." said his mom.

"Thanks mom." said Brady.

"You can now call yourself a trainer just like your two older brother's Victor and Cole." said his mom.

"Is dad ready to hand out the pokemon tomorrow?" asked Brady to his mom.

"I think so. He is just getting ready the finishing touches for the starter pokemon you all are getting. He should be home soon." said his mom.

She then walks up the stairs and into her room leaving them in the front room.

"So Em what type of pokemon are going to start with?" asked Brady.

"I like Torchic and Snivy so either grass or fire." said Emma.

"What about you Ally?" asked Katie.

"Well I will probably go with a water type." said Ally.

Minutes after saying that Brady's dad Joe walks in. He is in his lab coat and looks really tired.

"Those starter pokemon really have a lot of energy." said Joe.

"Hey dad." said Brady.

"Hey son good to see you. We are ready for you all there so I am going to lay down in the bed." said Joe.

"Well I will see you all tomorrow." said Gabby.

"Wait up Gabby I will leave with you." said Ally.

After those two left Katie took the remote off the TV stand and turns it on.

"What do you two want to watch?" asked Katie.

"How about the highlight of the Champion's match today against Steven." said Brady.

"Ok." said Katie turning the channel on.

"Andrew begun off strong taking out the first three of Steven's with just his Flygon alone. Once the 10 minute break happened Steven was able to use his Gyarados to take out Staraptor. Steven then returned his Gyarados and went to his Magmar and that lost right away to Andrew's Swampert. After that Andrew then took out Steven's Raichu with his Swampert. That only left Steven with his Gyarados. Steven went to him and then Andrew returned Swampert and went to Luxray. In the end Andrew did win and Steven was unpleasant to be around after that battle." said the host of that show.

"I wish we saw that match." said Katie.

"Katie you really care about pokemon." said Brady.

"You are right Brady why do you think she passed the exam so quickly." said Emma.

"That is hurtful I am sitting right here." said Katie.

"Well it is true." said Emma.

"I think I am going to leave. I will meet you at the Pokemon Lab tomorrow." said Katie leaving.

"Since she is leaving I better go too Brady. I will see you tomorrow." said Emma.

"Ok later Em." said Brady walking with her to the door.

Here we are the first chapter of my story. If you have an OC you would like to be in this story just follow the example I left which is my own OC.

OC Forum:

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Age: (Please everyone should be over 15 years of age)

Height and Weight:

Eye Color:

Hair Color: ( Please include length and how he/she would wear it.)

Skin Tone/ Color:

Clothing: (For battles, bed time, daily use if different from battle attire, Swimming, formal attire and anymore you find important)

City, and State:

Bio about character: (Just explain why he/she choice to be a trainer. What makes him angry and how he/she would react to a lost and how excited he or she would get for winning. And pretty much anything else that could be useful. 4-5 sentences will be fine.)

Battling Strategy:

Personality: (Inside and Outside of Battling.)

Pokemon: (With your starter pokemon please give me info on why you choose that pokemon. A starter doesn't necessarily have to be one from that all new trainers get, but keep it realistic no Tyranitar as a starter. As many as you want but if possible the main your trainer would use, No Legendry's and created pokemon. Also each pokemon can have up to 6 moves. I would love some back story on the 6 most used pokemon. After those 6 you can list the other 12.)

Rival: (If it is a character if its a character I already created or an Oc character you have to create.)

End Goal: (What do you want to do when you are done being a trainer?)

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