(Down in the Hotel Lobby)

"Thanks mom for taking Phantump from me." said Katie to her mom on the computer.

"Tell Emma that at any time she too can send her pokemon too. Wish you both luck and talk to you two later." said her mom.

Katie then returns to where Brady and Emma were waiting for her.

"We better get going to meet up with Andrew in the Town Square." said Emma.

The three leave the hotel and begun walking down the street towards the Town Square. They were walking till Emma and Brady saw a clothing store they wanted to check out.

"Come on we do not want to keep Andrew waiting." said Katie.

"Then you go ahead and we will catch up to you later." said Emma.

"You sure Emma?" asked Katie.

"Yeah its fine." said Emma.

So Emma and Brady walked into the store and for Katie she continued towards the Town Square. After walking for about 10 more minutes Katie finally arrived at the Town Square. As she walking around looking for Andrew Katie accidentally bumps into a guy with his little brother beside him walking towards her.

"I am sorry I ran into you." said Katie.

"You should watch were you are walking." said the older guy.

"Yeah." said his little brother.

"Look I do not want any trouble." said Katie.

"There is only one way I can think of a way to settle this." said the older one.

"What would that be?" said Katie.

"A pokemon battle." said the older one.

"Bro she has only two gym badges. So this should be easy for you." said the younger one.

"How about we make this a fair match Steven and you battle me." said Andrew walking over to Katie.

Steven was speechless as he sees Andrew walk over to Katie.

"You know what I have a better idea how about we have a doubles battle. It will be you and your brother versus Katie and myself." said Andrew.

"Fine." said Steven.

"Ok we will meet in the arena in 10 minutes." said Andrew.

"OK." said Steven and his brother walking away.

(Strategy Talk with Steven and his younger Brother Carlos.)

"Ok Carlos we have to focus all our attacks on one pokemon. I say we focus on attacking Andrew's pokemon because his are going to be really tough." said Steven.

"We could just take out Katie's leaving Andrew's." said Carlos.

"That is true we could." said Steven.

"I guess we will have to wait till the battle starts to determine what we are going to do." said Carlos.

(Strategy talk with Andrew and Katie.)

"What are the rules?" asked Katie.

"They are each trainer is only allowed to use three pokemon. There are substitutions. The match is over when all of one sides pokemon is unable to battle." said Andrew.

"Ok simple enough." said Katie laughing.

"Plan is simple as long as we do not allow them to focus their attack on one of us we can win." said Andrew.

"What do you mean?" asked Katie.

"I mean they will go into the battle focusing their attacks on one person. We will be able to counter those with the other person they are not focusing on." said Andrew.

"Ok."said Katie.

"What three pokemon are you using Katie?" asked Andrew.

"I will use Espeon, Servine, and Poliwhirl." said Katie.

"Fine then I will use Glaceon, Flygon, and my newest pokemon Aegislash." said Andrew.

"Cool I have not seen an Aegislash before." said Katie.

"You will have to wait till the match to see my Aegislash." said Andrew.

"Fine." said Katie.

"We better get going to the arena." said Andrew.

"Yep." said Katie.

The two walked towards the arena and when they got to the arena they see a big crowed of people in the stands along with the people they are facing on the opposite side of the arena.

The ref then explained the rules as all trainers prepared.

(The Doubles Battle Andrew and Katie vs. Steven and Carlos)

"Go Espeon." said Katie.

"Glaceon, I am in need of your assistance." said Andrew.

"Magmar, go" said Steven.

"Go Monferno." said Carlos.

"It looks like they are going to try to take me out first." said Andrew to Katie.

"Ok we just have to be ready for their attacks." said Katie back.

"Monferno use flame wheel on that Glaceon."

"Espeon use Confusion to stop that attack."

Monferno body began to get covered in flames. He then starts rolling towards Glaceon. The Espeon jumps in front of the Glaceon and uses Confusion. The confusion stopped the flame wheel. The Monferno is still in the flame wheel but is not moving.

"Magmar attack that Espeon with flamethrower."

"Now its my turn Glaceon stop that attack with shadow ball."

Glaceon shot out a shadow ball. The shadow ball is going to intercept the flamethrower. Once the two attacks hit each other the it caused a massive explosion. Smoke covered the arena. All the trainers wait till the smoked clears to call out their next attack. A few minutes later the smoke finally clears.

"Espeon toss the Monferno at Magmar."

The Espeon sends the trapped Monferno at the Magmar. The Magmar was unable to dodge it. Both Magmar and Monferno are beginning to stand up.

"Glaceon hit with a shadow one more time."

"You do the same Espeon."

Both Glaceon and Espeon release a shadow ball at the other pokemon. Again the opponents were unable to dodge it and both pokemon felt the force of both shadow balls.

"Magmar get up. Come on." said Steven looking at his Magmar.

The Magmar tries to stand up. He barely gets up but for Monferno he is unable to continue.

"If you want Katie you can go ahead and finish this round." said Andrew.

"Ok. Espeon use shadow ball one last time." said Katie.

The Espeon shot out one more shadow ball. It went right after Magmar. The Magmar could not dodge it and this could not recover from the attack.

Magmar and Monferno are unable to battle, Glaceon and Espeon win."

Steven shakes his head in disgrace and returns his Magmar.

Carlos just returns his Monferno and grabs his pokeball.

Both Andrew and Katie are excited for their first win and high five and return their pokemon.

"You two got lucky this round but you do not stand a ghost of a chance when I choose my Drifblim." said Steven.

"Luck has nothing to do with it Steven it called determination and a will to win." said Andrew.

"Well I guess I will go with my Machoke." said Carlos.

"Go Poliwhirl." said Katie.

"No time like the present to try out my new pokemon. Aegislash I am in need of our assistance." said Andrew.

In front of Andrew not floats this pokemon that looks like a sword and in front of him in his other arm is a shield.

Katie then takes out her pokedex and points it at Aegislash. The dex says.

"Aegislash the royal sword pokemon. Aegislash has the ability to change forms in battle based on its moves. It evolves from Honedge with a dusk stone. "

"Wow thats so helpful." said Katie sarcastically.

"Allow me to give you some more info about him." said Andrew.

"Ok." said Katie.

"Aegislash is a steel/ ghost type pokemon. He has the ability called stance change which allows him to change from attack and defense. He has a strong defense but that does not mean he cannot attack." said Andrew.

"Drifblim use your shadow ball."

"Poliwhirl use water gun to stop that attack."

Poliwhirl shot out a stream of water right at the shadow ball. The water gun caused the shadow ball to exploded and caused a cloud of smoke again.

"Machoke use karate chop."

"Aegislash use king's shield to stop that attack."

This orange shield appears in front of him and Poliwhirl. Once the Machoke hit the shield he felt a slight shock. In the end Machoke's power fell.

"What did that do to my Machoke?" asked Carlos.

"Allow me to explain king's shield blocks the attack from your opponent. After trying to attack your pokemon losses power." said Andrew.

"OK." said Carlos.

"Now with that said. Aegislash use night slash on the Drifblim."

Aegislash now changes from defense to attack with that his shield is not on his side. Aegislash then turns black and hits the Drifblim. This attack did a massive amount of damage to the Drifblim. It also did some damage to Aegislash because of Drifblim's aftermath ability.

"Poliwhirl now attack that Machoke with bubblebeam."

The stream of bubbles hit the Machoke. The reason Machoke could not dodge it because of the power reduction from the king's shield. Both pokemon were not able to continue.

"Machoke and Drifblim are unable to battle, Aegislash and Poliwhirl wins." said the ref.

"Not again." said Steven.

"Your pokemon could not even land an attack. They both need to be trained better." said Andrew.

"You do not need to to be so mean about it." said Carlos.

"Its true I am sorry if it came out harsh but again it is true." said Andrew.

Carlos and Steven both return their pokemon and get ready their final pokemon. Andrew and Katie also return their pokemon high five again and grab their third and final pokemon to use.

"Go Gyarados." said Steven.

"Go Buizel." said Carlos.

"Servine Go." said Katie.

"Flygon I am in need of your assistance." said Andrew.

"Servine use energy ball on that Buizel."

"Dodge it Buizel and use water gun on Flygon."

"Gyarados use Hydro Pump on Flygon too."

"Trying to double team me is a big mistake trust me." said Andrew as his Flygon dodged both water attacks.

The Buizel dodged the energy ball before shooting water at Flygon. Both water did miss Flygon them missing allowed Andrew to call out an attack for his Flygon.

"Flygon use sandstorm."

This giant tornado of sand went towards both Buizel and Gyarados.

"Gyarados dodge it."

With that said it left Carlos' Buizel to take the damage from the attack. The sandstorm dealt that Buizel a lot of damage. While Gyarados avoided it.

"Why did you not help me Steven?" asked Carlos looking at his older brother.

"I had to protect myself. I really need to win this. I need my rematch." said Steven looking away from his brother.

"Steven you cannot even look him in the eye and tell him the truth" said Andrew.

"What does he mean by that Steven?" asked Carlos.

"Let me tell you why you are not going to win this. Steven only cares about himself he is selfish and that why he could not even beat me. He only cannot work with another person. In the end he is selfish." said Andrew.

"Shut up Andrew you do not know anything about me." said Steven.

"I may not know you personally but I can tell by how your pokemon are trained. You did not even mange to hit either one of our pokemon this battle. You made selfish moves in which only doomed you from the beginning." said Andrew.

Steven just said nothing as he looked down and then back at his Gyarados.

"Gyarados use hyper beam on that Servine."

"Flygon use dragon pulse to stop that attack."

Both attacks hit each other. Both pokemon look evenly matched at the beginning but as it kept going the dragon pulse kept inching closer to Gyarados.

"Carlos use your pokemon to jump in front of that dragon pulse." said Steven.

"Do not even try that. Servine use leaf tornado on Buizel." said Katie.

The leaf tornado hits the Buizel sending him back near were Gyarados now lays because after the leaf tornado hits the Gyarados takes the full force of the dragon pulse sending him to the ground next to Buizel. They struggled to their feet.

"Flygon finish it hyper beam." said Andrew.

The orange beam went towards were Gyarados and Buizel were standing both pokemon end up taking the attack and that sent behind their trainers and near the audience watching the match.

"This match is over." said Andrew.

"Gyarados and Buizel are unable to battle, Servine and Flygon win, Andrew and Katie are the winners." said the ref.

Katie then walks over to Andrew you was now in the arena patting his Flygon on his head. Katie returns her Servine and gives Andrew a hug. A few seconds after she starting hugging him she let go. She backs away from Andrew and is a little confused why she did that.

"Why did you do that?" asked Andrew looking at Katie smiling.

"I... Do not...Know" said Katie back to him.

Andrew to looked confused for a moment. As he was still looking at Katie, Emma and Brady join her down in the arena.

"That was good match." said Brady to Katie.

"I know." said Katie.

As those three were talking Andrew returned his Flygon and walked over to them.

"All that aside you did great out there Katie." said Andrew.

"Thanks." said Katie.

"Anyway lets go back to the town square." said Andrew.

(Back at the Town Square)

They return to the town square and decided to sit down in the park and eat lunch there. They all sat at this table waiting for Emma to finish cooking a pot of Berry Stew.

"You do know I would have just treated you three to lunch if you did not want cook." said Andrew.

"Its ok it is always good to have a home cooked meal." said Emma back to Andrew.

Emma finishes fixing the stew and hands each of them a bowl of it. They all begun to eat the stew. After they finish Katie and Emma get up.

"Andrew and Brady would you excuse us for a few minutes." said Emma as Katie and her walk away.

"That's odd." said Andrew to Brady.

"Yeah it is." said Brady.

"Well whats up with you?" asked to Brady.

"I am feeling a little down." said Brady.

"What do you mean by that?" asked Andrew.

"I have been second guessing myself already." said Brady.

"Let me tell you something. We all do its the only way for us to tell ourselves to get better. You are still a new trainer you have only just begun to understand pokemon. As you progress the second guessing will stop for a time. I will tell you this at one time I have even second guessed myself, but you overcome it and it makes you a better trainer. Now understand this we all lose at one time or another it only makes you better." said Andrew.

"Thanks it seems like you always know what to say." said Brady.

"It is my job to help beginners." said Andrew.

"On a different note tomorrow is Katie's 17th Birthday. Thats why we told Katie to go meet up with you while we shopped a gift for her." said Brady.

"Ok thanks for telling me that I will get her a gift tonight before I go back to my hotel room." said Andrew.

"We are having a party for her. Here at the park." said Brady.

"Ok what is tomorrow date exactly?" asked Andrew.

"Tomorrow is Sept. 18th." said Brady.

"Ok." said Andrew.

(Somewhere else in the Park)

"Katie whats up and be honest with me." said Emma.

"Nothing I had a good match today and I know what tomorrow is. I kinda miss spending it with our family but I am spending it with great friends that's all that matters." said Katie smiling.

"What about you and Andrew?" asked Emma.

Katie did not have a response for that question and then changed the subject.

"So how match of the battle did you watch?" asked Katie.

"Brady and I watched it all and do not change the subject." said Emma.

"Lets get back to them." said Katie.

The two of them walk back to the table where Andrew and Brady were sitting at.

"Well since everyone is here I guess we better head to the lake to see everything." said Andrew standing up.

The others get up too and left the park towards the lake. After walking 30 minutes they reached the lake.

(At the Lake of Four Seasons)

The four of them find a spot under a tree to watch the Butterfree's.

"How long are the Butterfree's even here for?" asked Katie.

"Well they actually leave tomorrow. They are only here to breed tonight." said Andrew.

"Then why does this town do events the whole week?" asked Katie.

"Well its a special event that happens here every 3 years so they make this week very special." said Andrew.

People started fling in to the lake to see the Butterfree get ready to meet a mate and start the breeding process. They find seats in the grass. It was night time by time the everyone got into the Lake area and found a seat. The Butterfree already started looking for a mate. The Butterfree with the orange scarf around his neck caught the attention of most of the only one this Butterfree wanted was this Butterfree that do not look like the rest.

"That Butterfree is different from the rest. Why?" asked Katie.

" That Butterfree is very special she is what most trainers now call a shiny pokemon, but to me she is very special." said Andrew.

"Ok." said Katie.

Everyone watches as the orange scarfed Butterfree fly around with the other one. the two locked eyes and in the end they ended up together to start the breeding process which begins tomorrow when all the Butterfree fly south to lay their eggs which eventually turn into Caterpie. As all the Butterfree find mates the begin to find a spot near the Lake on the Green they begin to sleep next to their mate. People watched intently as the Butterfree landed because they let off this beautiful purple mist.

"One think I do not understand is why does it happen here every 3 years." said Emma.

"Well most of the time it happens up in Canada but this at this lake it all started with the those two Butterfree's right here." said Andrew pointing to the special Butter and the orange scarfed one.

"What do you mean by that.?" asked Emma.

"It was like 4 years ago those two Butterfree's landed here from a far off location and now 3 years those two lead the others to this location and all the Butterfree mate here." said Andrew.

"OK that explains a lot." said Emma.

With most of the purple mist starting to drift away with the wind people start leaving talking about the event.

The four waited till the park cleared up for them to leave.

"This was a fun day." said Katie to Andrew.

"Yeah it was." said Andrew smiling.

Everyone begun to gather them-self and leave the Lake of Four Seasons.

"Goodnight I will see you all tomorrow." said Andrew.

"Where are we meeting you tomorrow?" asked Brady.

"Well the same park we ate lunch at." said Andrew.

(Andrew's Walk Back to the Hotel)

"Ok what to get Katie." said Andrew to himself.

He thought for a couple minutes as he walked back towards his hotel.

"I got it how about a visit from her mom and dad, but how to get a hold of them." said Andrew to himself.

Again he was thinking he thought for a little bit and then looked at his watch.

"It is 9:30 p.m. They can catch a plane at 6:30 am tomorrow I will just have to call them when I get to my hotel." said Andrew.

He makes it back to his hotel and goes up to his room and calls Boston's professor.

"Hey Joe it is Andrew." said Andrew.

"Do you know what time it is?" asked Joe.

"Yeah I am sorry but do you have a phone number for the Hopkins residence?" asked Andrew.

"Before I give it to you may I ask why you need it." said Joe.

"Yeah tomorrow is Katie's B-Day and I thought I would fly her parents in." said Andrew.

"Ok here it is." said Joe.

Andrew wrote it down and told Joe thanks and hung up the phone. He then dials the number given to him.

"Hello who is?' asked the guy on the other line.

"Hi this is Andrew Hanson and may I ask who I am speaking." said Andrew.

"This is Micheal Hopkins." said the guy.

"Hi Micheal I am calling about you and your wife flying out to Winfield, Indiana." said Andrew.

"That is were my two daughters are right now." said Micheal.

"Yeah they are not in trouble or anything but tomorrow is Katie's B-Day and I am wondering if you two wanted come here." said Andrew.

"My wife and I would love too." said Micheal.

"Ok I will send you a link to print your tickets. The plane leaves tomorrow at 6:30 am." said Andrew.

"My wife would like to talk to you for a minute." said Micheal.

"Ok put her on." said Andrew.

"Hey Andrew. Katie told me about you and we fell that what you are doing for her is great." said her mom.

"Not a problem. So you two will be here." said Andrew.

"Yes we will. We will start packing tonight then." said her mom.

"With that said then I will meet you two at the airport tomorrow." said Andrew.

"We will see you tomorrow then." said her mom hanging up the phone.

Andrew puts the phone down and lays down on the bed.

"Something is bugging me about that hug in the arena. Was it a friendly or more I guess I will never know anyway I better get some sleep." said Andrew to himself.

Once Brady, Emma, and Katie made it back to the Pokemon Center the layed on their beds and fell sleep. The night ends with everyone asleep.

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