Take Me and Stake Me!

by Ironbear

Story Blurb: An off handed, half serious, half sarcastic comment takes root in a certain cheerleader's mind and changes the nature of her and Xander's relationship... PWMP: Porn With Minimal Plot.

Title: "Take Me and Stake Me!"

Author: Ironbear

Rating: M since FFnet doesn't go any higher (X+ or possibly higher), and FR-21 at Twisting the Hellmouth.

Disclaimer: Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel the Series and characters thereof belong to Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, Warner Brothers, 20th Century Fox, and Kazui Entertainment. Everyone else belongs to their respective owners, except for my own original characters. And hey – I'm not greedy about them.

This is a work of derivative fiction. All persons, characters, names, places, locations, entities, personages, and/or deities contained within are purely fictional, or fictional representations thereof, and any resemblance to any real persons, characters, names, places, locations, entities, personages, and/or deities are purely coincidental, or they are used in a purely fictional manner.

Summary: "What makes you think it was sarcasm?" Actually it was, mostly, but when Cordelia decides to follow up on her threat, it ends up getting taken a bit farther than she'd planned on...

Type: BtVS non-crossover, Romance, Fantasy, Comedy, PWP

Chronology: Takes place part way through "Faith, Hope, and Trick" in BtVS season 3.

Pairings: Xander Harris and Cordelia Chase

Author's Note(s): A part of the "Life in Sunnydale" non-series. Alternately, part of a very loosely related series called: "Tails of the Vampire (s)Layer", if I get inspired to do more of them. PWP with at least a little bit of not completely irrelevant plot.

My first time tackling a basic PWP erotic piece. I would say "be gentle with me", but hey – my hide isn't that thin or that tender. ;) If I managed to hose it up completely through an absolute inability to write erotica, well, hey... just let me know before you hit back and exit out in disgust. Or for that matter, if it works, lemme know. I'm easy.

Het, naturally, given the players involved.

More or less inspired by: the pictorial of Charisma Carpenter in the sexy black leather pants, the two lines from FH&T, and a comment a fellow fanfic author (who shall remain nameless) made in PM about California schoolgirls and anal sex.

Take Me and Stake Me!

by Ironbear

"What is it with you and Slayers? Maybe I should dress up as one and put a stake to your throat." – Cordelia Chase

"Please, God, don't let that be sarcasm." – Xander Harris

Part I: Slayer has an "S" in it -

October 15, 1998: Sunnydale High School – afternoon:

Cordelia watched Faith and Scott Hope shaking hands and talking by the water fountain, still at least half fuming. From the corner of her eye, she could also see Xander watching the new girl and Buffy's sort of new interest.

'Jeeze. The way he's checking her out, you'd think he was completely oblivious to the fact that he already has a girlfriend,' Cordelia thought. 'And what does he see in her, anyway? The fact that she's a Slayer? I'm twice as hot as she is!'

Fresh from her makeup tests, Buffy came bouncing down the stairs; her arrival attracting everyone's attention. As she headed over to the little quartet of Cordelia, Xander, Oz, and Willow, Xander's gaze came off of Faith and brushed across Cordelia's – pausing there and locking in place for a moment for a moment. The brown eyes lit up as they met her hazel ones, and that lopsided grin slid onto his lips as he looked at her.

For a moment – just a brief moment – there was no one else except her in those eyes, and something inside of Cordelia melted just a tiny bit, the way it always did under that warm brown gaze.

'Dammit. And he can always do that to me,' Cordelia thought as an answering smile spread across her lips. 'Just look at me and smile like that, and suddenly turn my insides into butter. No matter how pissed off at him I was a moment before... '

Xander's hand brushed against hers as they half turned toward the stairs, and Cordelia's fingers curled around his almost automatically.

"Well, I'm two for two with makeup tests. Proud, yes, but also humble in this time of... " Buffy began, before noticing them all staring toward Scott and Faith, whereupon she broke off, "And we're all looking at what?"

Willow nudged her and Buffy followed the gazes of everyone. Frowning slightly, she saw Scott and Faith talking and laughing as Cordelia and Xander's eye contact broke and they looked back at the couple as well.

"Does anyone believe that is her actual hair color?" Cordelia said, feeling a bit inane even as the words came out of her mouth. 'Of course it is. Who dyes their hair a rich brunette, anyway? Bleached blonde like Buffy, now that's a different story.'

Rolling her eyes, Cordelia threw a last look at the newly enthralled Xander, and huffed once before tossing her hair and walking off as Willow started to babble something about Scott laughing and maybe him and Faith hitting it off...

"I'll see you later, Xander," Cordelia threw back over her shoulder, "That is if you can tear your eyes off of the new Slayer long enough." She didn't look back to see what effect her parting words would have, or his expression.

'Again, what is it with him and slayers, anyway?' Cordelia thought, 'Is it the whole Super Girl thing? 'Cause for me, I'd think the whole going to die soon thing would kill the attraction – just as the dead body thing killed mine for Angel. Grrf.' She snorted, flashing back to the previous night. 'Okay, so the naked slaying stories didn't hurt with the fixation thing.'

"Men," Cordelia said, before she'd realized that she'd spoken that last bit out loud. 'Yeah. Men,' she repeated inside her head, silently this time: 'Tight leather pants and a too tight shirt? Oh, please. Obvious much?'

Shaking her head in irritation, Cordelia slowed a bit, realizing that in stalking off, she now had nothing to do with the rest of her free period. It figured. Even when they weren't around her, slayers were messing up her life. And now there were two of them?

Scowling, Xander watched as his girlfriend stalked off, her head up and her hips swinging. Great Googly. What was her problem? It wasn't like he was planning to dump her for the new girl, he was just being...

Okay, if he was being real honest, maybe he had been drooling a bit over the naked Slayer stories and Faith's hotness in those leather pants.


Yup. Dyed in the wool, one hundred percent jerk, Harris. Cordelia was right to be a bit ticked off at you. Xander rolled his eyes, more than a bit ticked off at himself now.

Mumbling something to the others, Xander set off in the direction Cordelia had taken off in, barely even noticing as Faith came up just as he headed off.

He spotted her around the corner, apparently heading toward the student lounge, and he lengthened his stride a bit to catch up. Managing to do so, he matched his stride to Cordelia's and set his hand on the small of her back, just above the waistband of the short red and gray plaid skirt she had on.

'Wow. Extremely hot naughty schoolgirl-ish,' Xander thought as Cordelia started, flashing a dark look at him out of the corners of her hazel eyes. 'How come I didn't notice that before? Oh, right – too busy ignoring her for the new girl.'

"I managed," Xander said, allowing a slightly apologetic smile to flicker onto his lips.

"Managed what," Cordelia said, slowing a bit.

"Managed to tear myself away," Xander said, his smile broadening slightly. At least Cordelia didn't pull away from his hand, or shake it off and lengthen her stride to walk off – both things he knew she was capable of.

"Well, goody for you," Cordelia said, tossing her hair. "I'm thrilled. Shouldn't you be heading back? Don't you have two slayers to chase now?"

"Cordy... " Xander began, starting to be a bit exasperated.

"What?" Cordelia said, stopping and turning to face him. Her eyes flashed and she tossed her head again. "What, Xander?"

"Cordy," he said again. Taking a chance, he reached a hand up to cup her cheek, hoping she wouldn't bite it off. Looking directly into her eyes, Xander said, "I'm not chasing any slayers. I already caught what I was chasing."

Wonder of wonders, she didn't bite off his hand or jerk away from it. "Oh yeah?" Cordelia said, looking slightly up at him. Only slightly – because she wasn't that much shorter than he was, especially in heels. "What was that?"

"The prettiest girl in Sunnydale," Xander said, starting to grin at her.

"Oh yeah?" Cordelia said again. The corners of her lips started to twitch, almost involuntarily, he'd bet, and then she broke out into a smile.

"Yeah," Xander said, nodding. "Besides. It wasn't Slut-o-rama of the Disco Dave set that I spent making out with for three hours in front of her parent's gate before walking home last night."

Cordelia made an indelicate snorting sound. "Oh, right. So, I'm just the substitute lust object."

"Nope," Xander said, his thumb slowly caressing her cheek near her lips. "You're Cordelia Chase. Accept no substitutes."

Shaking her head, Cordelia's eyes searched his for a long moment before she bit at her lower lip and said, "I wish I could believe that you mean that."

"I do. Come on," Xander said, withdrawing his hand from her cheek to rest gently on her shoulder, and then slide down her arm. He turned her gently and slipped his arm around her waist.

"Oh? Where would that be?"

"Hey. I have a free, you have a free," Xander said. "We can have a free together."

"Hrmm." Cordelia allowed herself to be turned, and slipped her free arm around his waist in turn, falling in beside him. "And just where do you think you're leading me off to?"

Xander stopped before their usual utility closet, carefully looking all around before reaching out for the doorknob. Good – no Cordettes or anyone else around that Cordelia would care about having see them.

"Oh, where we always spend our free periods," Xander said, grasping the doorknob. "When we're not at the library."

Rolling her eyes, Cordelia said, "Oh. So you think you can worm your way out of my being mad with an hour of steamy make out session?"

"That was the general idea," Xander said, glancing sidelong at her.

"Oh. Okay," Cordelia said, slipping quickly in through the open door. "Hurry up and get in – before anyone sees us."

Xander slid in behind her, turning back to lock the door of the utility closet before stepping over to where Cordelia was setting her books and handbag down on one of the shelves. Smiling, he set down his own book bag and reached up for the cord to the light switch as she straightened and turned to him, only to have her reach up and stop his hand.

"Before we get into the steamy make out," Cordelia said, frowning at him, "I want you to know that I was serious about that, Xander. I need to know that you're either with me... or you're not."

"I am," Xander said, frowning back. "Of course I am."

"Really?" Cordelia said, looking at him. "'Cause, seriously? Having the guy I'm with drooling all over some other girl while I'm sitting next to him in my hottest red dress? So not a turn-on for me."

"I- " Xander began, then he closed his mouth and took a deep breath before starting again. "Yeah. You're right, Cordelia."

"I know I am," Cordelia said, nodding. "I mean, really, what do I have to do to grab all of your attention and hold it? It's not like I'm going to become the next Slayer if something happens."

"Oh, crap – don't even joke about that, Cordy," Xander said, shaking his head. "And I wouldn't want you to be."

"Well, then what? I'm really curious, Xander," Cordelia said, biting at her lower lip. "Is it the death and danger thing? The expiration date? The Super Girl factor? Or am I just not hot enough or enough whatever to do it for you?"

"Oh gods, not that," Xander said earnestly. "Seriously? You're the most gorgeous thing I've ever seen."

"Okay," Cordelia said, biting at her lower lip again. "Then that leaves the other stuff?"

"I- " Xander paused, and took a deep breath, thinking about that for a moment. "I don't know. No. Yes. Maybe? Some of that?" Shaking his head, he looked at her and said, "Mostly? I think it's me being a seventeen year old male and a jerk."

"Well... you have the jerk part right," Cordelia said, snickering at him.

"Hey! It's not like you don't check out other guys, you know," Xander said. "Even when you're out with me."

"I- " it was Cordelia's turn to pause, and frown. She did that nose wrinkling thing that he'd always found so incredibly endearing. "I'd like to be able to just say 'that's different' or 'it's just window shopping and it doesn't mean anything.' But... "

"But it's not all that different," Xander said, nodding.

"Dammit," Cordelia said, thumping him lightly on the chest with a small fist. "It is and it isn't."

"Yeah... " Xander said, nodding. "Okay. I'll stop." Pausing for a moment's thought, he amended that to, "Or do my very best to, anyway."

"Yeah," Cordelia said, nodding. He could tell from her slight frown and her thoughtful expression that she was well aware that promising and doing were two different things. Her lips curled up slightly at the corners. "Mister Linoleum Makes Me Horny."

"Hey! Little Miss Guns Make Me Hot," Xander said, grinning at her.

"They so do not!" Cordelia said, snickering. Sobering, she nodded and said, "Okay. Let's do that thing. Because, seriously, Xander. I've invested a lot in 'us' over the past year or so, and I've given up a lot for this whole deal. And we've been talking seriously about taking this farther than we've been doing... "

"Yeah," Xander said, "Lots farther."

"And I can't do that if we're not sure," Cordelia said, her expression serious. "If you're not sure."

"I am," Xander said.

"Better be. 'Cause I'm pretty sure I am," Cordelia said.



"Well, you could do what you threatened," Xander said, starting to snicker, "And dress up like a Slayer and put a stake to my heart. That would rivet my attention pretty thoroughly."

"Oh, right – what. Tight leather pants and too little shirt to fit over my tits?" Cordelia said, making a face. "If that's what it takes, forget it, Mister."

She stepped into him, moulding her body up against his and reached up for the light chain. His hand found it first and yanked it off... and Xander never saw the thoughtful expression that crossed Cordelia's face as the sudden change in light levels killed his vision before his eyes adjusted.

Then her arms slid around his neck and he lowered his head to capture those full lips, and Xander Harris lost all capacity for rational thought.

Not that she had any real objections to some playful role playing with a serious boyfriend, but, seriously? If Xander Harris thought she was going to feed his Slayer fixation by dressing up like Miss Slayer Slut and teasing him, he had another think coming...

Then Xander's head dipped to meet her uplifting face in a practiced motion that they'd both long ago perfected, and Cordelia Chase lost all capacity for rational thought. Or almost...

'Then again,' she thought as his hand yanked at the light cord, plunging them into darkness, her expression turning speculative, 'it might be seriously entertaining to see what his reaction really would be to that.'

Xander's lips met hers as her arms slid around his neck, and his tongue flicked lightly along her lips. Her lips parted, allowing entrance and her own tongue slipped into his mouth as Xander's hands worked themselves into her hair. He slid his palms slowly from her head down over her shoulders, along her back until they hit the small of her back just above her waistband, and pulled her in tighter up against him.

Cordelia's brain dissolved into sensation.

As Xander's lips, tongue, and hands began turning her body into quivering, molten putty to match the melting swirl of her mind, Cordelia's last coherent thought was a mental image of just how she could pull off that little fantasy in a way that Xander would never forget.

And that would cause him to never ever look seriously at another Slayer again rather than exclusively at her.

October 13, 1998: Sunnydale High School Library – evening:

"Okay, well, I'm off to meet Faith at my place for dinner," Buffy said. At Giles' significant look and raised eyebrow, she rolled her eyes and said, "And yes, Giles – I said we'd hit the streets and patrol afterward. Don't worry – I won't let vamps overrun Sunnydale just because I'm doing something frivolous like feeding my face."

"Gee, Buff," Xander said, smirking, "Just think – if your mom hadn't gotten you hooked on that food thing at an early age, you wouldn't have this problem."

"Haha, Mister Glutton," Buffy said, smirking back.

"Just sayin', is all."

"Bye!" Buffy said, turning to waltz out the door.

"Yes, well – " Giles began, just as the phone by the counter rang. Frowning, he left whatever it was unfinished and headed over to answer.

After a moment of listening, he looked over to Xander and held it out. "For you."

"Moi?" Xander said, both of his eyebrows going up. Stepping over and taking the phone from Giles, he said into the receiver, "You've got me, you lucky person. Whoever you are."

"Wow. And assuming I actually wanted you, that would fill me with joy," Cordelia's snarky tones came through the connection.

Xander snickered, turning back toward the library. Seeing that Buffy had paused halfway to the door, turning back with an inquiring look, he silently mouthed, "Cordelia," before speaking into the mouthpiece again. "Well, considering you called and asked for me, I'm going to assume that thing, yeah."

"Oh. Right," Cordelia said. "Duh."

"What can I do ya for, Princess?" Xander said, rolling his eyes.

"Look – I got out late from cheer leading practice and wandered off and left my history book and notes in my locker," Cordelia said. "Can you grab them and run them over here?"

"Well, gee. Ummm... just let me ask first: what did your last slave die of?" Xander said.

Willow sniggered from her seat at the table, turning red and covering her face with both hands, and Buffy grinned at him.

"Oh, hah hah, very funny," Cordelia said. Xander could actually hear the eye roll over the phone line. "Look – I really need that stuff. Please?"

Sighing, Xander rolled his eyes back at her, and put on a long suffering look that sent Willow into another fit of sniggering. "Um, since you're the one with the car – "

"Well, I was going to say that my parents are away for the next several days, so there's nothing stopping us from heading up to my room after you get here," Cordelia said, sounding a bit sulky, "But – "

"History book and notes, you say? Was that the red notebook or the blue one?" Xander asked.

"Blue. Thanks! You're a lifesaver, Xander," Cordelia said cheerily, now that she'd gotten her way. Again. "Oh – and just head on past the house and bring the stuff to the pool house. I'll meet you there."

"Okay. Be there in two shakes of a... shaky thing," Xander said. "Allowing for the long, long walk, that is."

"I'll just have to make it worth your while then, won't I?" Cordelia said, her voice going all phone sex on him just long enough to melt his shorts. "Bye!"

"Bye," Xander said, not nearly as sourly as he could have. Rolling his eyes again, he hung up the phone and looked over at the still smirking Buffy. "My Queen needs her step and fetch it," Xander explained, "So I guess I'm off too."

"So I gathered," Buffy said, nodding solemnly. "Poor Xander," she added, her voice and expression going sympathetic on him.

Said sympathy immediately and completely ruined by her winking at Willow and mouthing "Whipped" to her.

"Oh, hardy harhar," Xander said, sourly. "Thanks, Missy. I'll remember this, and make you rue the day," he called to Buffy's exiting back as the library door swung closed on her.

"Rue?" Oz said, lifting an eyebrow.

"Rue," Xander said, nodding.

Nodding back solemnly, Oz said, "Ride?"


"Yeah. Not exactly going that way," Oz said, glancing over to Willow for either confirmation or permission, "But we could."

"Sure. Thanks," Xander said, grabbing his backpack off of the counter. "Just let me hit the Queen's locker, and I'll meet you out front."

October 15, 1998: Rendoval Road, Chase Estate, Sunnydale – Late Evening:

Sighing to himself, Xander trudged up the long drive from the gate up to and then around and past Cordelia's house. Then he mentally slapped himself.

'Hey, it's not like you had to run all the way, Xan,' he thought. 'You did get a ride. And again, hey Cordy's folks, gone? The house and her bedroom to yourselves? Even if you're not going all the way yet, that's like a guarantee of seriously heavy all night making out.'

Smirking to himself, Xander added mentally, 'Oh, the things I'll do to keep my girlfriend happy. And for sex. Man, Buffy's right: I am whipped.'

But at least he was whipped with a promise of making out with a seriously hot girl. There were worse things to be.

Reaching the pool house, Xander stopped and paused for a moment to take inventory. Yup. He was reasonably presentably dressed. New jeans, dark t-shirt under a long sleeved dark blue shirt that wasn't a Hawaiian Special, and decent running shoes rather than his beat up sneakers. Probably not up to Queen C's standards, but then – when was he ever? Breath? Reasonably fresh – he did a sniff test into his cupped palm and decided to pop another Certs. And not a sweaty mess like he would have been if Oz hadn't give him a ride.

Good enough.

Xander grinned, seeing movement through the translucent curtain on the pool house door. Heh. At least he'd probably manage to surprise Cordy by being earlier than she'd expected him.

Running a hand over his hair to at least semi straighten it out, he reached out for the doorknob and pushed open the door to the pool house. And stepped

And started to step in, and stopped dead in his tracks halfway in through the door, going deeply into brain freeze mode...

Pool House, Chase Estate, Sunnydale – Less than a minute earlier:

'Crap,' Cordelia thought, hearing footsteps crunching on the gravel walk leading back to the pool area. 'He's early – he must have gotten a ride from Oz. Oh well... '

Luckily, she hadn't banked on having plenty of time between her call and when Xander arrived, so she'd gotten dressed and mostly ready for this little setup before calling the library. Throwing a quick glance around the front room of the pool house, Cordelia made sure that everything – what little this needed – was in place. Satisfied, she tied off her shirt just so, tousled her hair artfully, and hastily stepped over to the end table by the couch as she heard the gate to the pool area open.

As she heard the footsteps pause outside the door – probably Xander doing a quick check of his appearance – she opened the drawer to the end table, and bent over with her back to the door, placing her hand in the drawer.

'Gee, I hope he doesn't dither out there too long,' Cordelia thought, 'It'll get uncomfortable bending over like a pinup model here for very long.'

Apparently Xander figured he was presentable enough, for he only stopped outside for a few moments before grabbing the doorknob, clearing his throat, and pushing the door open to step in.

Cordelia gave him just a moment to soak in and appreciate the view – a long moment, figuring it'd cause him to freeze briefly – before letting out a startled gasp and bringing her hand out of the end table drawer. Straightening abruptly, she slid her other hand into one pocket as she whirled around to face the doorway –

The nearly comical look of sheer dumbfounded shock on Xander Harris' face almost caused Cordelia to burst out into hysterical laughter and ruin the whole setup.

No. Scratch the 'nearly'. It was comical.

If he had been a vampire, she could have run over and staked him a half a dozen times before he managed to pick his jaw up off of the floor and recover.

Freeze frame, along with brain freeze.

The first thing that Xander saw as he stepped in through the door was Cordelia Chase's incredibly gorgeous ass.

Cordelia Chase's incredibly gorgeous ass, encased in a pair of black, skin gripping leather slacks that clung to her butt like a coat of paint, hugged her thighs like gloves, and tapered along her calves before ending in cuffs above a pair of high heeled, open toed black sandals.

Cordelia Chase's incredibly gorgeous ass, artfully displayed by the fact that it was facing directly at him as he began to step inside. Even better displayed by the fact that she was bent over, facing away from him – giving him an excellent pose for getting and appreciating the full impact of the view.

'Great sweet mamalooshin,' swept through Xander's mind even as it froze into vapor lock, 'If I didn't know every inch of that ass by heart, I'd have to wonder if I had the wrong pool house. And the wrong girl.'

But no, that was definitely the one and only Cordelia Chase ass. Accept no substitutes.

She stiffened and froze in place for a long moment, giving Xander enough time to soak in and fully appreciate the view, taking mental snapshots all the way for later replay. He stiffened even as he froze in place.

After the long moment, Cordelia let out a shocked gasp, and straightened, whirling on him with a stake in her upraised right hand. Her left hand came out of the pocket of her slacks with a medium sized cross.

Thankfully, when his foot came down inside the doorway no longer connected to his conscious mind, Xander didn't stumble and fall flat on his face. Not that he probably would have noticed – he was too busy goggling at the rest of the view.

Above the skin hugging black leather pants, Cordelia had on a translucent white short sleeved blouse that was unbuttoned all the way down to where it was tied off just below her full breasts. The open blouse displayed a generous glimpse of some seriously nice cleavage, and more than a hint of lacy black bra encasing her luscious tits. Not to mention the fact that the translucent fabric let him see the fact that the rest of the bra was hardly there, all silk and black lace, and just barely covering those luscious full tits...

He could also see that, in addition to her cross necklace, Cordelia was wearing the silver heart locket he'd given her last Valentine's Day.

She had on dark eye shadow, and those full, extremely kissable lips were wearing a shade of lipstick that probably had some fashionable name, but that years of Playboy and Penthouse had conditioned Xander to mentally dub: 'Blowjob Red'.

Lightning fast appraisal of the scene in front of him, coupled with his nearly two and a half years of experience fighting alongside a slayer, and the combat reflexes inherited from the soldier he'd dressed as one Ethan Rayne Halloween ago enabled Xander to recover nearly instantaneously.

In his own mind, anyway.

Opening his mouth, Xander said, "Great googledy moogledy, Cordy!" It came out sounding a lot more like, "Glanag gnng gagglefrag?"

But at least he didn't fall flat on his face. That was something.

Cordelia froze for a moment, the stake raised in her hand, and both of her eyebrows went up. Xander was pretty certain that he saw her lips twitch with Cordelia's eyes beginning to dance merrily as she fought down an impulse to burst out laughing. Then the Blowjob Red lips opened, and she gasped again and said –

"Vampire! What the hell are you doing here of all places?"

Okay... Xander's poor abused mind somehow managed to process that along with the nearly pornographic visual stimulation in front of him, add two and two together and somehow avoid coming up with 'Null Input', and arrive at what he desperately hoped was the right answer.

Other than the distinct possibility that he'd managed to have a heart attack while crossing the threshold, died, and gone instantly to horny male teenager heaven. Do not pass go and please pick up your Trojans at the pearly gates.

Not very likely. Leaving only the distinct probability that he yet lived and was about to go to teenage male nirvana here on Earth.

Obviously, Cordelia's wisecrack from earlier in the day hadn't been entirely sarcasm.

Cordelia's lips were starting to twitch again as she held the stake up pose for a long moment, glaring at him, and obviously waiting for him to come out of vapor lock and say something. Or do something. Anything.

'Oh ye gods, please don't let this be just a dream,' Xander thought, desperately.

Literally forcing himself to reboot, he gave his head a brief shake, narrowed his eyes slightly, and said – this time without going into authentic nerd gibberish, thank you God – "I just couldn't seem to stay away from you, Slayer. What did you expect?"

Cordelia's lips twitched again, but she somehow managed to not burst into laughter once more. She narrowed her eyes and said, "All right you bloodsucking jerk. I don't know how you got in here, but it's the last place you'll see before it's Dust Buster City, Mister!"

Xander couldn't help it: he snickered, not just at the words, but at Cordelia's fierce expression.

"Yeah, go ahead and laugh," Cordelia said, her eyes flashing. "While you still can. What happened to the needing an invitation to enter a home rule? Did my Watcher lie to me?"

Well, her eyes either flashed or sparkled with merriment. Xander wasn't quite sure which.

Straightening, Xander stepped all the way in and shrugged out of his backpack, tossing it to one side. Reaching way back into his still more than half stunned mind, he dredged up an all too well remembered sneer from his not nearly brief enough time as Hyena Xander and plastered it onto his lips.

Reaching back, he pulled the door shut behind him, Xander turned slightly, keeping the sneer trained on Cordelia as he ostentatiously locked the door and turned the deadbolt. Cordelia widened her eyes and took a step back, bumping up against the couch.

"You keep forgetting, Slayer," Xander said, straightening again and turning to face her. "I'm no ordinary vampire."

"I– " Cordelia paused and swallowed hard, licking her lips. "I know. You're Xangelus – the Scourge of California. Worst vampire in history."

Okay, that did it. Xander damned near lost it completely at that point: not just from the completely absurd nickname and 'Scourge' bit, but from the creepy association with Deadboy's hated murderous alter ego. The humor won out though, and he nearly lost the sneer trying to keep a straight face.

"That's right. You seem to keep forgetting that, the way you keep toying with me," Xander said. He let the sneer become a full blown smirk, and pulled out all of the hyena's remembered mannerisms. Taking a step, and then another, he almost prowled up to her, watching as Cordelia suddenly swallowed hard in a way that he didn't think was completely feigned. "It's time to make you pay for that," he said, licking his lips slowly.

"Wha– what did you lock the door for?"

"You don't want us to be interrupted, do ya?" Xander said, narrowing his eyes.

"You won't be here that long, monster," Cordelia said, her own eyes narrowing at him as he stepped nearly all the way up to her. "You forget – I'm no ordinary Slayer, either," she spat out.

Thrusting out her left hand out in front of her, she shoved the cross at his face, and took a short step forward, bringing the stake down toward his chest.

Cordelia was obviously not trying too strenuously to stake him in the heart. It was almost ridiculously easy for him to bat away the hand holding the cross and catch her descending wrist in his other hand. Xander twisted the hand holding the stake and the arm it was attached to gently up behind Cordelia's back, and yanked her into him.

She brought the cross up again, and he caught and trapped that wrist as well, stepping back with her until her ass met the rear of the couch. Turning slightly, he blocked her rising knee with his hip as she attempted to mock knee him in the balls.

At least, he hoped it hadn't been a serious attempt. With Cordy, you never knew...

Shoving her knee aside with his hip, he pushed up against her and bent her slightly backward over the rear of the couch. With his right hand, Xander gently twisted at her wrist forcing her to drop the cross – and being careful not to hurt her.

"Your Watcher obviously didn't warn you thoroughly enough," Xander said, pressing up against her. "He seems to have forgotten to tell you what I do to Slayers like you."

"What do you mean... " Cordelia asked, letting just a bit of quaver into her voice.

Xander leaned forward over her until his lips were very nearly brushing hers. He pressed his crotch into hers as he kept her bent back, and smirked at her, casually brushing her lips with his.

"Guess," he said, waggling his eyebrows.

"No!" Cordelia gasped out almost into his mouth. She began to struggle against him – more like wriggling against him, actually. "No – I won't let you turn me and make me into some sort of- of... undead sex toy!"

"Who said anything about turning you?" Xander said, snickering almost into her lips. "I prefer something warm to slip into." He lowered his head just a bit farther, and captured Cordelia's lips in a long, deep, nearly bruising kiss before pulling back just long enough to say, "Something warm, wet, and very... energetic."

Xander ground his hips into Cordelia's just hard enough to let her feel his now raging hard-on.

Cordelia moaned into his mouth, her lips and tongue working frantically against his, before she suddenly gasped, stiffened, and jerked her mouth back and away from his.

"No! I won't- you'll never have me like that," Cordelia said, her eyes going wide and frightened looking.

"Won't I?" Xander arched an eyebrow, looking down at her.

Cordelia began wriggling against him again, attempting to twist her wrist loose from his hand. "Let me go, you- you undead fiend!"

"All in good time, Slayer," Xander said, his voice going husky. By this point, the huskiness wasn't acting... Xander bit at Cordelia's chin as she turned her face away from his, still struggling ineffectually, and then began to nibble along her jawline and down the curve of her neck. Cordelia gasped as he bit down gently on a sensitive spot that he knew made her hot.

"Liar! You said you didn't intend to drain and turn me!" Cordelia said, gasping.

"Don't plan on it. Didn't sayI wouldn't bite a little," Xander said, working his way back up to the hinge of her jaw.

"Oh!" Cordelia gasped again as Xander's teeth closed gently on her earlobe. He gently turned and twisted her left wrist behind her as well, capturing it in the hand that held her other one. "I'll never submit to you, you monster!"

"Beg to differ," Xander said. Slowly, Xander reached up and slid his hand along Cordelia's elegant throat until he grasped her chin and turned her face toward him. Leaning in until he was nose to nose with her, he stared deeply into her eyes and said, "Look into my eyes, Slayer. Deep into my eyes."

"Oh," Cordelia said again. She attempted briefly to turn her gaze from his, but he pulled her chin back around until he captured her eyes again.

"Look deep into my eyes," Xander said, "Your will to mine, Slayer. Your will is mine."

Cordelia glared into his eyes for a long moment, and then her gaze softened and she slumped under him, moaning slightly. Pulling his head back, Xander smirked at her again, and then released her wrists and took a long step backwards, and then another.

Folding his arms across his chest, Xander watched appreciatively as Cordelia shook her head, and then shook herself all over slightly, and straightened. She glared at him, and took a sudden step forward, raising the hand with the stake in it.

"Stop," Xander said, glaring at her, and she froze.

For a long moment, Cordelia visibly strained as if to move forward, and then slumped just slightly, standing there swaying and glaring at him.

'Damn,' Xander thought, 'She really is a pretty good actress. Wow.' Immediately on the heels of that, he thought, 'I wonder how far she's going to let me push this? All the way?' Xander gave a mental shrug, 'It's Cordelia. She's more than capable of telling me to stop and back the hell up whenever she wants to.'

Standing there glaring and panting, her breasts heaving under the open blouse, Cordelia wasn't showing any sign of wanting to, at the moment. Far from it – she was looking decidedly turned on, Xander decided after studying her for a moment.

"You bastard," Cordelia said, finally. "What now, monster?"

"Hey now, both of my parents were married," Xander said, sneering at her. Damn, but Hyena Boy's sneer was starting to feel entirely too comfortable. "Well, I'm not so sure about my vampire parent."

"Sooner or later, I'm going to break this thrall thing," Cordelia said, her eyes flashing, "And then we'll see who's on top."

"Hey – I'll let you be on top if that's what you want," Xander said, snickering. Cordelia's lips twitched again, and then her eyes glazed slightly for a moment as if her mind went to where Xander's just had...

Shaking her head briefly like she was shaking away unwanted mental images, Cordelia sneered back at him, and said, "Too bad this is the only way you can get laid, you lameoid undead sleazebag."

"Well, I wouldn't say it's the only way," Xander said, smirking back at her and waggling his eyebrows. "But it is a handy trick for picking up girls in bars."

Okay, now that was a definite, full blown lip twitch. Xander watched as Cordelia struggled for control against the grin that wanted to break out, and finally wrestle it under control. She was looking more than a bit flushed by the time she was done.

"So," Xander said, "Turn and toss the stake. Into the kitchen, please, where you can't get to it easily."

"You... " Cordelia once again visibly struggled against his order, before she finally, almost grudgingly it looked like, half turned and tossed the stake underhand into the kitchenette behind the breakfast bar. "What now," she said, turning back to face him.

"Hrmm," Xander said, studying her. Yup. Having a hot girl pretending to be under his complete control was definitely more exciting – and a lot less scary and dangerous – than the real thing had been last Valentine's Day. "Take off the cross necklace, and toss it aside."

Cordelia's eyes flashed at him as she apparently fought against having her arms rise, until she gasped and they went up and back to behind her neck and started working at the clasp of the chain. After a minute or so, she got it undone and took it off, closing the clasp again before hefting it in a palm for a moment, and tossing it over to one side.

"Next?" she said, arching her eyebrows again.

Letting a lopsided grin slide across his lips, Xander ran his gaze up Cordelia slowly from her eyes, down and lingering on her lips, and then all the way down along her body to her red painted toenails and slowly back up again until his eyes were locked onto hers once again. Licking his lips, he said, "Clasp your hands behind your head and stand there."

Cordelia licked her own lips slowly, hesitantly, before she began to slowly and jerkily raise her arms in fits and starts. After a few long moments, her hands went behind her head and she glared at him defiantly.

"Happy now?" Cordelia asked, her eyebrows quirking up at him.

"Ecstatic," Xander said, stepping forward until he was standing right in front of her, just over a foot away. "Completely and utterly."

"What are you going to do?" Cordelia asked, her eyes widening slightly.

Xander raised his hand and cupped her cheek, and then let his fingertips trail down the curve of her neck and throat, over her collarbone, and down her breastbone along the valley between her breasts. Cordelia's breath caught in her throat, and she shivered as he slowly traced along the inner curve of one breast.

"Whatever I want," Xander said, locking gazes with her. "Objections?"

"A- a- apparently," Cordelia said, licking her lips, "N- none that I can actually do anything about."

"Uh huh," Xander said, letting the sneer flow across his lips again. "Just the way I like it." Bringing up his other hand, he began to work at the knot holding her shirt tied below her breasts.

Getting the knot undone, he pulled the tails apart and let the shirt hang loose and open, exposing her bra encased breasts to full view. Sucking in a breath, he paused for a moment to appreciate the view...

Seriously, the best breasts he'd ever seen, and Xander was counting Playboy and Penthouse. All over tan, just a bare hint of a tan line, with large chocolate aureoles the size of silver dollars, and thick, long nipples that were currently standing out at attention like tiny soldiers against the sheer lacy material of her bra. He could see just a tiny slice of dark brown aureole peeking out from the inner edges of the skimpy bra cups.

Xander pictured Cordelia lying out and tanning nude by the pool here, and his mind briefly went into stutter step...

Giving her a cruel looking smile drawn from his best – or worst – hyena memories, Xander watched as a thin sheen of goose pimples appeared over the surface of those tits and the nipples stiffened even farther.

Pure Cordelia – while they hadn't had sex yet, at least by the Bill Clinton definition of the word, they'd done just about everything else that you could do in the front or back seat of a car or in a broom closet. After almost a year, he knew by now that Cordelia's nipples were a pretty accurate thermometer for how excited she was. Right about now, she was getting about as close to standing at full attention as he was.

Keeping the smile, Xander reached behind Cordelia's head slowly and grasped a handful of long chestnut hair just below her clasped hands and pulled her head back, arching her neck and throat. Bending his head slowly, he brought his lips to hers and kissed her deeply, working his tongue into her mouth and moulded her lips to his own. Using every trick he'd picked up from dozens of closet sessions, he kept the kiss going until Cordelia shuddered all over and moaned into his mouth.

Xander smiled against Cordelia's mouth as he felt her knees buckle slightly, and her right leg come up alongside his until she could reach her calf around and hook her heel behind his, just above his knee, and pull him in against her. Unlike in a normal make out session, while he did lower his right hand to cup her raised thigh and stroke along it with his palm, he resisted her attempt to pull his hips into hers.

A harsh whimper came from deep in Cordelia's throat at that, startling both of them. Her eyes half opened, only inches from his own, and he could see that they looked a bit glazed with very large pupils.

Xander pulled back from her lips, using his left hand in her hair to restrain her attempt to follow after them and capture his again, and said, keeping his voice low and husky, "Gee, Slayer. Someone would almost think you enjoyed having a vampire tongue rape your hot mouth."

Xander's smile broadened and threatened to turn into a grin as he saw Cordelia's lips move silently several times, mouthing the word "vampire" without sound, before she gave an all-over shudder and her eyes opened wider and almost focused...

"V- v-vampire... right," she whispered, "Filthy undead vampire."

"Yeah," Xander said, his voice a low, near growl, "Filthy undead vampire that's making the proud vampire Slayer practically cream in her leather pants without half doing anything to her."

"You – " Cordelia paused for a long moment, swallowing hard. She licked her lips, and finally managed to gasp out, "You're doing something to me, you fiend."

"Can't imagine what," Xander said.

Bending his lips to hers again, Xander sucked her lower lip in between his, and then bit down on it with his teeth, eliciting a harsh moan. Letting the full and now semi swollen lower lip slide out from between his, he began to kiss and nibble his way down and over Cordelia's chin and then down along the curve of her throat. Reaching her collarbone, he alternately licked, kissed, and lightly bit his way along it from the center V to one end, and back across to the other.

Cordelia made a harsh, almost guttural moaning sound in her throat as he reached the middle of her collarbone again and arched her back farther using the hand wrapped in her hair. He began to lick and kiss his way down her breastbone. Her body gave an allover quiver and her hips bucked once against him, her thigh moving under his palm, before he even reached the valley between her breasts.

Xander kissed and nipped his way along the inner curve of one breast to the material of her bra cup, and then back down to the valley and up and along the curve of the other one. Pulling back, he let go of her thigh with his right hand and released her hair with his other, stepping back.

Cordelia stood there swaying for a long minute, her swollen lips parted, her eyes closed almost to slits, and her face, throat, neck, shoulders and upper chest flushed all the way down to her cleavage. Xander lifted his hands, ready to step in hastily and catch her if it looked like the sway was going to become a boneless tumble...

She caught herself with her ass against the back of the couch, luckily. Shaking herself all over, Cordelia half opened her eyes and huskily said, "Wha- uh, what?" blinking at him.

"Undo the bra, Slayer," Xander said, his voice nearly as husky as hers. "I want to see those tits all the way."

"Guh," Cordelia said. It was apparently taking a moment for the words to percolate through and turn into meaning, or else she was having problems focusing for some reason.

After a long moment, her fingers unclasped from behind her head, and her hands came slowly down to the front of her bra, looking for all the world as if she really was mesmerized. She worked at the bra clasp for a few moments, fumbling several times, before the front clasp of the bra opened and the cups fell away, exposing her breasts fully.

Yup. Just as Xander had remembered from the handful of closet sessions where they'd left the lights on. Gorgeous, hint of tan line, large brown aureoles, and thick long nipples. Best breasts in California, he thought.

But he might be a bit biased at the moment...

Nah. He wasn't that biased. Seriously – the Battle of Troy was fought over lesser tits than those.

Cordelia stood there, her eyes half open and looking at him from under her lashes, with the ends of her bra clasps still held between her fingers for a moment.

"Nice," Xander said. "Cup them in your hands and play with them."

Both of Cordelia's perfect eyebrows arched up and if those hazel eyes had had laser beam implants, she'd have burned twin holes straight through him.

"You. Want. Me. To. What?"

Oh, wow. Xander was pretty sure they heard that last strangled 'What?' in Santa Barbara, thirty miles away. He was definitely going to pay for taking advantage of this later. And pay. And pay.

Then again, Cordelia could put on the brakes whenever she wanted...

Again, nothing ventured... Xander narrowed his eyes and let his lip curl in a sneer copied from somewhere between Hyena Xander and Young Elvis and said, "You heard me, Slayer. Play with your tits and nipples for me."

"Oohhh... " Cordelia's eyes smoked holes through him, "You think that just because you have some sort of lame-o vampire hypnotism, you can just make me act out whatever porno fantasy whatever you want? You seriously expect me to fondle myself while you watch?"

"Hey," Xander gave her what he hoped was a bored looking shrug, "If I didn't, I wouldn't have told you to. But suit yourself – I am getting a bit hungry..."

"Oooh... "

Yup. Seriously, if looks could kill, he'd be undead right now, not just pretending.

Then again... Xander did his level best to swallow and hide anything even remotely resembling a lip twitch or a grin – mostly out of a sense of sheer selfpreservation – as Cordelia gave him another smoking glare, tossed her hair at him, and, planting a matching sneer on her lips, slowly and jerkily brought her hands up to cup her breasts. Looking as though she was fighting it every inch of the way for real, not just pretend, but doing it.

Folding his arms across his chest, Xander watched and mock sneered as Cordelia slowly and sensuously caressed those perfect tits for him, first rolling and twisting her nipples between her fingertips, and then pulling on them.

After awhile – Xander wasn't wearing a watch and even if he had been, his teenage male eyes would have been too glued to the pornographic spectacle in front of him to glance at it – Cordelia's eyes closed halfway and she licked her lips slowly. Her breath started coming a bit faster and heavier, and then her eyes slowly closed all the way as a slow flush crept up from her breasts along her neck and throat.

'Damn. She's actually getting off on this,' Xander thought, 'Who would have thought it? And wow – this is better than Playboy Channel.'

Cordelia's breath began to come in short pants and a low soft moan slipped out from deep in her throat. She licked her lips again, pulling harder on her nipples and pushing her breasts together...

Clearing his throat loudly, Xander said, "Stop."

Cordelia shook herself with a visible start, her hands suddenly stopping. She made a noise that was somewhere between a gasp and a squeak and her eyes slitted open.

"Yuh." Cordelia cleared her own throat and tried again, licking her lips first. "You... did you get your jollies, vamp?"

Xander smirked and said, "Well, sure looked like you were getting yours."

Cordelia gave him a halfhearted looking glare him from beneath lowered eyelids and said, more than just a bit hoarsely. "Oh, you wish. Pervert."

"Arms behind your back, Slayer, and cross your wrists behind you."

"No! Monster... "

"Well, if you don't want to," Xander growled, "We can just quit and cut to the end now."

He wasn't sure for a moment if she'd do it, actually, but then her hands lowered slowly and she put her arms behind her, crossing them at the small of her back. Cordelia's eyes opened a bit farther and she half glared at him.

"You're enjoying every bit of this, aren't you, vamp," she said.

"Hey. Wouldn't you?" Xander said, licking his lips slowly.

"I- if- " Cordelia's breath caught in her throat, and she moistened her lips with her tongue, and tried again. "If it were up to me, you'd have been dust long before we got to this point."

"But- but that would take all the fun out of it," Xander said, snickering.

Cordelia's hazel eyes opened fully and flashed at him. "Oh, so this is fun for you, monster?" she said, her still husky voice going scornful. "Having a vampire Slayer half naked and at your complete whim?"

"Yeah, pretty much," Xander said, laughing.

"You!" Cordelia's eyes flashed again. "Sleazy undead pervert!"

"Yeah," Xander said, nodding. "But I'm the sleazy undead pervert that's going to make your knees quiver, your legs turn to jelly, and your eyes roll back into your head before we're done." He looked at her thoughtfully, "Oh- and wake up the nearest neighbors with your screaming."

"Screaming?" Cordelia's eyes widened and she glared at him. "From you torturing me?"

"In a manner of speaking."

"In a manner of speaking," Xander said, those dark eyes boring into hers, with the expression nearly matching the sneer on his lips.

Cordelia felt a ripple of something that was part involuntary fear, part excitement, and pure arousal ripple along her spine until it pooled somewhere below her belly button...

Okay. So... exactly when was it that she'd managed to lose control of this situation?

She wasn't precisely sure, but it had to have been somewhere right about the time that she'd let idiot boy Harris capture both of her hands and 'take' the cross away from her. Caught up a bit too much into the whole role playing thing, until it suddenly got up and ran away from her. Uh, with her.

Waving goodbye and singing a Loony Tune theme song all the way out the door.

But... day-um. That sudden change of posture and that prowling near stalk from the doorway over to her had damned near derailed her entire brain. Thehell had that come from?

Cordelia hadn't – somehow, luckily – ever met Xander on the day that he'd been hyena possessed along with Tor, Heidi, and the rest of their little gang. She'd sneered mentally at the idea of the lame-o zoo field trip and had her housekeeper call in sick for her that day, and then next one. She had heard about it from Xander though, in his usual selfdeprecating fashion, after they'd started dating and began trusting each other enough to actually talk in addition to groping.

Probably a good thing, too. If that near malevolent, sexy prowling thing had been anything close to what Xander had turned into, Cordelia wouldn't have even bothered with trying to clock him with a desk like Buffy had.

She'd have been too busy trying to rip his clothes off and mining for tonsils, most likely. They'd have started their whole secret closet groping not-quite-a-relationship thing right then and there.

Not that Cordelia Chase was really seriously into the whole Bad Boy mystique, or anything. No matter what TV and romance novels had to say on it, that whole business was seriously over rated. Sure, the bad boy look was great for the sexy, but the typical 'bad boy' type was a) usually a major jerk, b) generally abusive, and c) about as faithful and loyal as a tomcat in heat.

Aside from the socialite rich boy crowd, Cordelia preferred guys that had enough of an edge to them to be interesting, were decent to good looking, and were, well, for lack of a better word: hero types.

Kinda like Xander Harris, damn it.

Somehow, between helping to rescue her from the reptile cult, rescuing her from Daryl and the Franken-cheerleader makers and then blowing her off, and everything else, Xander had managed to somehow push nearly all of Cordelia's buttons.

The major reason why she'd dropped the flirting thing with Angel almost immediately once she'd learned that he really was a vampire was no surprise, at least to her. Sure, he had the hero thing going, as well as the salty good looks and style – but the whole brooding, mysterious, semi-shy, near bad boy thing lost the charm when it was coupled with 'undead demon possessed blood drinking corpse'. She'd leave dating the undead to Buffy, thanks.

No way that could end in anything other than pain and 'eww'.

Cordelia liked men with body temperature and a pulse.

Xander fit the bill on nearly all counts, including the body temperature thing. He was almost good looking, okay – scratch the 'almost' and substitute was, cute in a kind of a geeky sort of way, and definitely brave enough even if he wouldn't admit it. He had the dress sense of a hobo, no car, and zero cool, but Cordelia could work around that, obviously. He had that whole hero thing going too – Cordelia figured that most of the jocks and popular guys at SHS would pee their pants if they ever had to face any of the things that she and Xander had on a weekly basis. And he definitely had the edge thing. The fact that he was able to not only match but go toe to toe with her in their verbal sparring matches attested to that. and he could be mean when pushed hard enough. She'd known that going all the way back to when they were little kids...

Cordelia liked semi-tame wolves, not puppy dogs. That was a big reason why she'd never have given Jesse the time of day, ever. Xander had a streak of wolf buried in there when you dug for it.

But... wow. She never would have seen that sudden shift into the dark eyed, smirking, low growly voiced dark-Xander that he'd turned into all of a sudden coming, not in a million years. Where the hell had he been hiding that?

She'd actually planned a slightly different scenario, starting with them faking a vampire/slayer fight, and her ending up on top and then smirking and having her way with Xander. Completely in control all the way down the line.

Boy, had that gone to hell in a hurry.

With all of the research they'd done, Cordelia had read all or most of Giles' vampire lore books. She'd read about that whole enthrallment thing, even if she hadn't already seen it in dozens of Dracula movies. So when Xander bent her back and pulled that "look into my eyes" routine, she'd known exactly where he was going with it. She could have called things off then – almost had – and Xander had given her a chance to back down at a couple of points already. Instead, she'd run with it, almost without thinking about it.

Too caught up in the whole role playing thing, she guessed, and her own acting. And... more than just a little bit excited, too, if she was going to be honest.

Cordelia had mentioned that while the Bad Boy thing was lousy for relationships, it was seriously hot for the sexy, right?

Somehow, Xander had taken control of the situation, and Cordelia had let him run with it. Which was really okay. Seriously, she could hold up a hand and say stop and take back control any time she wanted to. And she did. In fact, she was going to.

Real soon now.

Any moment, in fact.

Uh huh.

Oh dear God, that sneer...

Xander stepped in and took hold of her just above the hips, his palms and fingers circling her waist and coming within a couple of inches of meeting at her spine, and his thumbs resting along the hollow between her sides and abs and the slight bulge of her soft stomach. He began slowly caressing her abdomen with the balls and sides of his thumbs, gently.

Then he bent forward slowly and took an almost painfully hard nipple between his lips and sucked on it. And then bit down, nearly too hard –

Cordelia arched back like a bow, and made a sound somewhere between a gasp, a moan, and an outraged squawk. Something clenched between her legs, then released, and her hips began bucking against Xander's jeans clad crotch as her entire lower body exploded into roiling sensation. Oh God oh God oh God oh ugnh

Oh God – she was gonna have to burn these leather pants when they were done. If she ever wore them in public after this, all soaked in female sex scent and arousal, she'd have every male in Sunnydale following her like a bitchin heat. Uh... well, maybe she could keep them to wear in private. With Xander. Yeah, that was the ticket.

Where the hell had that come from, anyway? Wow.


Gonna have to call this quits and take back control. Definitely. Uh huh.

Any minute now.



Teasing, nipping, and sucking at Cordelia's hard and probably painfully erect nipple, Xander was paying more attention to her tit in his mouth and what he was doing than what it was doing to Cordy, really. Finally, sucking hard on the erect nipple, he bit down on it a bit harder than he'd really intended to –

Cordelia suddenly arched back under his hands, made a sound like someone strangling a blue jay, and then said "Oh oh, oh Gunhng!"

And came completely unglued on him, her hips suddenly thrusting against him and grinding against his denim covered hard-on. Thank the gods for the denim – without some insulation there, he'd have exploded all over both of them. He'd never been so hard in his life up until now, and that was including during seriously heated makeout sessions with Cordy. She made another gasping squawk noise, ground herself against him one final time, said "G-g-gng oh Ghhhdd... " and slumped in his hands, breathing harshly and heavily.

Damn. Xander had already known from their various make out sessions that Cordelia's nipples were an erotic zone, erogenous zone, whatever the hell you called it. This wasn't the first time that a serious amount of attention and stimulation to one or both of them had caused her to cum... including one memorable – and loud – occasion that had had the Chess Club members snickering for weeks after.

But wow. She'd never actually detonated on him before.

Heh. He wondered if it was possible to get a double feature on that...

Sliding his right hand slowly and caressingly up along her side, he replaced his mouth on Cordelia's breast with his hand, and began to kiss, lick, and nip his way down the inner curve and up the side of the other one until he hit the left nipple. Cordelia made a gasping sound, and her panting grew harsher.

Gently stroking and squeezing her right breast with his palm and three fingers, he took that nipple between thumb and index fingertip and began playing with it while he sucked and nibbled her left nipple from hard to painfully erect feeling again. And kept going even as her abdomen began to roll and undulate under his other palm and she began making "G- gh- guh- guh- gnhggg" sounds deep in her throat.

Several minutes later, right about the time she was starting to alternate between blue jay noises and "Ungh ohh Guh – "

Xander grinned against her tit and bit down hard on the nipple between his teeth – not hard enough to break the skin, but probably hard enough to hurt –

This time, she ended up thrashing, bucking, and grinding against him with both legs wrapped around his waist and both hands clenched so hard in his hair that Xander wouldn't be surprised if she left bald patches. They probably heard that one in Monterrey, he figured. He seriously hoped her maid and housekeeper were gone already – they might think there was a torture session going on in here...

Well, in a way, there was.

When Cordelia finally stopped quivering and panting against him, and stopped murmuring "Oh God" over and over, Xander gently unwrapped her legs from around his hips and eased her down and back until her ass was resting against the back of the couch. He then reached up and gently pulled her hands away from his head and hair, before stepping back and looking at her.

Wow. A hot, sweaty, disheveled and seriously sexy looking mess. Cordelia's eyes were glazed and half closed, both hands were clenched on her leather clad thighs, her bare breasts were heaving and bobbing, and she was covered in a dark flush from her nipples up and wearing a faint sheen of sweat. Xander felt about like Cordelia looked right now, minus the orgasm part.

Speaking of which, if they didn't get around to doing something about that, Xander wasn't going to have to worry about taking his jeans off. He was just going to rip out straight through them. Either that or explode in his boxers before he got anywhere even close to actual Xander-sex.

Looking at the panting and disheveled Cordelia, Xander had a sudden, wicked thought...

Oh, God help him. He was probably so gonna go to hell for this.

Putting his best sneer back on, Xander snapped his fingers twice and said, harshly, "I didn't tell you you could move your hands from behind you, Slayer."

Cordelia jerked like she'd been shot, and then her head came up. Her eyes opened halfway, looking glazed over, and she swallowed hard and said, "W- wha- what... ?"

"Your hands, Slayer," Xander said, his voice still harsh. He snapped his fingers again, and said, "Behind you back, wrists crossed, now."

For a long moment, Xander thought Cordelia was going to go into meltdown from trying to process that. He could actually see her working her way, more or less, from orgasm brain melt back up to something resembling language and verbal comprehension. Slowly, almost as if she wasn't really conscious of doing it, her arms went back behind her back and she licked her lips.

Then she jerked again, her head came all the way up and her eyes widened and narrowed at him.

"You... "


"You – "

"Sounds like?"


"Slayer slut."

"Vampire... dickhead!"

"Vampire layer."

Her eyes widening, Cordelia growled, actually growled at him. She didn't, however, Xander noticed, move her arms from behind herself, so he figured they were still playing pretend. For now, at least.

Smirking to himself, he made several mental bets on just how long and how far he could continue pushing this before Cordelia exploded and killed him deader than hell.

Stepping forward, Xander reached up and gripped Cordelia by the chin and tilted her head back, ignoring the pissed off strangled growl she made. Bending slightly, he lowered his head and melded his lips to her, sliding his tongue into her mouth. What the hell – Cordy always kissed better when she was pissed off.

Hey – you could only die once. Well, unless you were in Sunnydale...

Gently slipping his other hand up to cup her breast, he began to caress and play with it again until Cordelia's tongue wrestling against his became frantic and she was gasping into his mouth. Breaking off the kiss slowly, he straightened and stepped back again, leaving Cordelia back to glazed and unfocused.

"I–" she licked her lips, swallowed, and started over. "I- I see now why the other Slayer went for vamps."

"Hey, once you go rigor mortis, you never go back," Xander said, smirking.

That startled a choked laugh out of her that she quickly covered, glaring at him. "Just what do you have in mind for me now, you monster?" Cordelia said, tossing her head and flipping strands of hair from her eyes. Mostly – a number of them were plastered to the side of her face from sweat.

"Figured we were getting about to the point of doing me for a change," Xander said.

"Oh, you did, did you?" Cordelia tossed her hair at him again, and said, "Is that all I am to you? Some Slayer sex toy to tease and work up, and then use for your foul needs?"

Shrugging, Xander said, "Yeah. Pretty much."


"What, you thought this was the Buffy and Angel story?" Xander snickered. "I'm just here for the hot, steamy, wild, animal slayer sex."

"Gnng... " Cordelia said, her eyes glazing momentarily, then, "Figures. You vamps are all alike."

"Hey – I always figured that the next best thing to draining a Slayer was screwing one's brains out." (Beat) "I should have picked a bigger challenge."

Cordelia's head snapped back and her eyes narrowed at him so suddenly he was afraid she'd get whiplash. "Ohh... " she said, "You think you're vamp enough?"

"I'm not sure you're Slayer enough."

"Oohh... you know that when I break this evil thrall – "

"Nah. That can only be done by someone with a strong will," Xander said smirking.

Oh, boy. He was seriously going to die here at some point. Cordelia actually went nonverbal for a long minute or two.

"You – "

Xander cut her off. "Stand up."

Cordelia did so, slowly and insolently, arching her back and thrusting her chest out at him when she was fully erect. "Yes?"

Reaching out, Xander gently peeled the sweat stuck hair away from her cheek and the side of her face, and then slowly ran his fingers along her lower lip, and then along her jawline. He slowly eased the blouse back and then off of her shoulders, letting it slide down her arms until it stopped at her crossed wrists. Pushing her hair back off of her shoulder, he bared her neck and bending his head, began kissing and nibbling his way down from her earlobe to her shoulder. Working his way back up, he stopped and bit down at the junction of her neck and trapezius muscle.

"Oh!" Cordelia's hips bucked once and she gasped. "I- I thought you weren't going to drain me... "

"Just a taste test," Xander said. Trailing his fingertips along her sides, he cupped her breasts while continuing to nibble along her neck and collarbone. With his thumb and forefingers on her nipples, he began to work her back up to where she was before, but not quite over the edge. Yet.

Slowly stroking the sides of her breasts with his fingers, Xander brought his head down and began to kiss at the upper curves of her tits. He then lowered his hands and began working at her belt, unbuckling it before starting on the snap of the leather slacks and her zipper.

Finishing, he pulled the zipper all the way down, hearing Cordelia's gasp as he ran his fingertips along the newly exposed skin, and then over the black lacy material of her panties.

Slowly, he raised his hand, trailing his fingertips over the curve of her abdomen, pausing to tease at her navel for a moment, and then slowly up until his hand and fingers were again cupping a full breast.

Lifting his head, Xander locked eyes with Cordelia, smiling as he ran the ball of his thumb across her nipple, smirking again as she gasped. He slid the fingers of the other hand into her crotch, forcing them between the right leather and the silken panties along the bulge and curve of her pussy. Cordelia's eyes went half lidded and her breath began to come in short pants after a minute or so of his slow stroking at both ends. He felt the nipple stiffen farther under his thumb, and he dropped his hand, stepping back and away as his other came away from her crotch.

"Oh – " Cordelia's breath caught in her throat, and she shook her head slightly, her eyes looking a bit glazed. "W-what... "

"Too easy," Xander said, sneering at her. "No challenge – I think I'll take my leave now."

Cordelia glared so hard at him her eyes nearly bugged out, and she made an inarticulate sound deep in her throat several times before she actually managed words. "You- what?"

The 'what' came out as a kind of a strangled noise, and Xander snickered.

"Just kidding," he said, prepared to step back hastily and duck if it was called for.

Cordelia's mouth worked silently for a moment and she practically shook all over. But – she apparently remembered that she was supposed to be helplessly enthralled, and she settled for just favoring him with a smoking glare that threatened to strip the meat and skin from his bones.

"You... " Cordelia made a strangled sound again, and said, "Fine. Just go. You were just going to take what you wanted and then drain and kill me, anyway."

Xander shook his head, and said, "Nah. Told you – killing you isn't on the menu. Yet." Smiling at her, he cocked his head, adding, "Maybe never, if you do a good enough job of pleasing me."

Another smoking glare hit him, and Xander decided that after this was over, Cordelia was going to seriously make him pay for all of this. And pay, and pay, and pay...

Damned if it wasn't going to be worth it, though.

"Oh, right," Cordelia said, her voice scornful. "Like I'd want to please a monster like you."

"Want has nothing to do with it," Xander said. He took his time, looking over every inch of Cordelia that was exposed to view, before finally settling his gaze upon her eyes again.

"What are– " Cordelia's words cut off as Xander interrupted her.

"Turn around," he said. "Now."

Her eyes narrowed, Cordelia slowly and insolently turned her back on him.

Xander moved up behind her. Pulling her blouse down until she uncrossed her wrists just enough for him to pull it free, he tossed it to one side. Reaching up along her now exposed sides, he slowly ran the palms of his hands down along her ribs from her armpits to her waist, pausing briefly along the way to cup both breasts. Reaching her waistline, Xander briefly ran his fingertips around to cup her abdomen just above her panty-line, and then knelt behind her as Cordelia shuddered under his touch and gasped.

Slowly, painstakingly, he began to work the snug leather slacks down from her waist and over the curve of her buttocks until they were down to the tops of her thighs, just below the curve of her ass cheeks, exposing all of her from there up to view.

'Damn,' Xander thought, 'That's an ass to launch fleets. Wow.'

Nice. Not a thong, but the silky black lace panties came up on her hips, and went down in a V in front, while narrowing in the back toward the bottoms. Red laces held them on at the sides with little bows tied in them. They'd apparently managed to creep up under the leather slacks until they form fit into the groove between her ass cheeks, exposing nearly her entire bare ass to view.

Getting as good a grip as he could on the tight slacks, he worked them down another couple of inches, and then began to kiss his way up the backs of Cordelia's thighs and up over the curve of her butt.

Planting a final kiss on the tattoo on her lower back – he remembered when she got that sun/moon thing one day early in the summer, while they were at the Palisades – Xander pulled his head back and ran his fingertips slowly up along the backs of Cordelia's thighs.

He slid an index finger slowly into the groove where the tops of her inner thighs came together at her crotch, and began to stroke slowly and gently along the fabric covering the mound of her pussy. Wow. Not wet – seriously drenched. That must've been one hell of an orgasm earlier.

He put a little bit more pressure into the slow stroking, and Cordelia gasped, arched her back, and both hands clenched into fists where they were crossed at the small of her back.

"Uh- a-are you just g-going to tease me all night long?" Cordelia said, the words coming out softly and between short gasps.

"Seriously thinking about it, yeah," Xander said. "You seem to be enjoying it, and I know I am."

Cordelia made a sound that was somewhere between a growl and a whimper. "Jerk! And I thought Angelus was cruel!"

"Hey. Angelus was an amateur." Xander snickered, lightly pressing his fingertip into the soft material over Cordelia's clit.

"Ugnh." Cordelia gasped, and said, "I never – God – knew vampires could be so- so... "


"I– I was going to say– " pressing his finger in hard, Xander drew it back and found and pushed his fingertip into the wet fabric over the entrance to Cordelia's pussy, and her hips rolled abruptly, her statement ending in: "- gnnng!" rather than whatever she had planned.

"Whatever gnnng is, we're definitely that."

Cordelia's head drooped, her breath coming in short harsh pants. "I hate you."

"Yeah," Xander said, "But you really like what I'm doing." He pressed his fingertip into her again:



He put a bit more pressure into the backstroke of his sliding finger, pressing the material of the panties into the wet groove between Cordelia's lower lips. he began to work the finger back and forth in short, slightly faster movements while pressing upward, fascinated by the way that her abdomen was starting to roll and her pelvis was beginning to twitch. The little moaning squeaky sounds were pretty fascinating too...

While he'd spent plenty of time learning how to work Cordelia up and into a frenzy over the course of their relationship, he'd never actually had a good chance to really watch the process before – they'd usually made out in the dark in their closet, or at night in her car. Or, when the lights were on, with him doing something like this while she was on top of or beside him and him looking into her eyes or her flushed and orgasmic expression.

Cordelia's back arched a bit more, and she started making whimpering sounds low in her throat...

Xander ran his finger all the way up between her legs as far as it would go from behind, and pressed it hard into the now slippery fabric, drawing it back along over her clit and between her lips in an abrupt motion. Cordelia's head went back and she made a guttural half squeal, half moan as he leaned in and kissed her tramp stamp again, dragging the finger slowly along the groove between her cheeks as he began to kiss his way up along her spine.

Grasping Cordelia by the hips, Xander slowly ran his palms along her waist and sides as he kissed his way up, his fingertips stroking the hollows of her abdomen and the silken sides of her chest, just brushing at the outsides of her breasts. He only pulled his left hand away to pull her hair back and push it forward and to one side to get it out of the way. His right palm slid around to cup her breast, her still rock hard nipple slipping between his index and middle fingertip as his hand slid up under her tit.

By the time his lips and teeth left the spine along the back of her neck and reached the join of her neck and shoulder, Cordelia had gone completely nonverbal. Her hips rolled and ground her ass back against his crotch as he pulled on her nipple with his two fingertips and bit down on the side of her throat. The only things coming from her throat were little, guttural, gasping "Hrrnng... hrnng... hrnng!" noises.

Reluctantly taking his right hand from her breast – and eliciting a small "nnnnn!" protest from Cordelia – Xander slowly slid his palm down over her lower chest and then her taut stomach until he reached the waistband of her panties. Pushing his fingertips past the waistband, Xander ran them down over the soft triangular V of hair pointing the way down, and then over the wet mound of her pussy as far as he could reach between her legs.

Cordelia made another harsh whimpering sound, her head arching back, and her hips began jerking, thrusting herself into Xander's fingers. Sliding the tip of his middle finger past the folds of her lips, he slid it inside her, eliciting a harsh gasp, and worked it in and out a few times as deeply as he could reach from behind.

Grasping a handful of Cordelia's hair with his left hand, Xander turned her head toward him so that he could lean forward slightly and tongue fuck her upper lips in time to his right hand finger fucking her lower ones. Cordelia melded her lips to his in a hot wet frenzy, her tongue frantically working against his in their locked together mouths. Xander worked his index fingertip in alongside his middle, and then began to slide them back and forth along between Cordelia's lower lips, each stroke going back to press down against her clit, and ending with the first two finger joints buried inside of her.

Pausing for a moment, Xander let his hand rest against her with his two fingers in the groove of her lower lips as she rolled her hips against them, panting. He used the hand in her hair to pull her head back and away from his mouth, getting a whimpering protest.

"I'll bet you wish now that you'd never caught my attention, Slayer," Xander said.

"Gnng! Oh gods, no," Cordelia said, nearly babbling. "I mean... unnnh... gods yes... my... Watcher should... never have... sent me after... a thing like... you... ungh!" She gasped and thrust against his hand. "Oh, gods... go back to what... nnnggg... you... were... doing!"

Smiling, Xander captured her lips and mouth again with his, and resumed his stroking motions. After several minutes of this, Cordelia abruptly jerked her head back, her now swollen lips breaking away from his and her eyes opening and going wide and startled looking.

"Oh! Oh... oh god oh god oh god... unnngh... please... "

The 'please' came out in a small voiced near whimper as Cordelia's entire body went rigid against his, and began trembling all over. Her thighs quivered as her hips began jerking in short, abrupt movements against his hand.

Xander licked his lips, and then, summoning all of his willpower, forced himself to smirk cruelly into Cordelia's wide eyed expression and –

– And abruptly pulled his fingers away from her twitching pussy and jerking hips, and completely out and away from her crotch.

Cordelia made an inarticulate sound that was almost a scream, her entire body arching back against him as her wide eyes glazed over. Her body stiffened all over, trembling in waves, and her hips gave one, two, and then another abortive jerks before she abruptly slumped against him, panting harshly.

"Wha- huh- wai- ungh- um- what?" Cordelia said, looking as though she was somewhere between deep in shock and complete mindless incomprehension.

Smiling cruelly, Xander leaned in and kissed her again, hard and deeply before pulling back and away. Cordelia moaned low in the throat and attempted to follow his lips with hers, but his hand in her hair kept her head back.

Xander let go of her, stepping back and away, both hands held up and out just in case she fell as she stood there swaying and blinking dazedly.

"Wait... wha?"

"Turn around," Xander said.

"Hnngh... wha?" Cordelia blinked at him over her shoulder, her breath coming in soft little gasps. Her hips continued making little twitching motions as her abdomen undulated slowly.

Taking Cordelia by the hips, Xander half turned her, and then raised his hands to her shoulders and pressed her back until her panty covered ass was resting against the back of the sofa. Leaning in and capturing her lips again, Xander kissed her gently and deeply while running his hands over her body until she began to pant harshly and hip jerk against him again.

He drew his head back just far enough to tease her lips with his tongue, and then said, "Just what I like – a Slayer that melts in your mouth and your hands."

"Uh huh... " looking as though she was barely aware of what was going on around her, much less what she was saying, Cordelia said, "Melting... go- ungh– good... " before she reached up for his lips again with her own.

Pulling slowly away from her lips, Xander began to kiss and caress his way down along Cordelia's throat to her breasts.

Slowly running his lips and tongue from Cordelia's aroused nipples down along the underside of her right breast, Xander began to kiss, lick, and nibble his way down to her panty line until he was kneeling in front of her and kissing and sucking at her through the material of her panties.

Pulling back, Xander looked up at her, taking hold of the waistband of the leather slacks.

"Let's get these pants off of you, Slayer," he said.

Looking as though she didn't even really register the words, Cordelia nodded, licking her lips. "Uh huhhh... "

Xander snickered quietly to himself at her expression. He was half tempted to add something like, "And then let's feed you to a werewolf," just to see if that would get an "Uh huh" also, but decided it'd be a waste of breath.

Then again, Xander wasn't in much better shape himself. Gods... if he got any harder, he figured he wouldn't come down for a week. He'd be spraying the ceiling every time he tried to take a piss from now on until Homecoming if they didn't do something about this soon.

He wondered briefly if you could die from lack of blood flow above the waist. Idly, he decided not – otherwise, no teenage male would ever make it past sixteen.

Slowly running his palms over Cordelia's hips, Xander slid them down over her waistband and down her leather encased legs until he reached her ankles. Leaning back slightly, he began to work at the straps and buckles holding on her right sandal. Finally getting them undone, he tossed it behind himself and off to one side. Working loose the left sandal after a bit, he sent it to join the first.

Sliding his hands up along her legs again to her waistband, Xander took hold of the material and began to slowly and carefully work the tight slacks down along her thighs – taking care to not overbalance her and send Cordelia tumbling over the back of the couch. Finally getting the waistband down to her knees, he slid his hands down again to take hold of the cuffs and begin working the legs off over her feet while Cordelia watched with half-lidded eyes and a blank expression, licking her lips.

Glancing up and seeing her expression, Xander felt an inner smirk take hold. 'Wow. Cordelia looks like she went to her happy place and never came out again. I hope I didn't break her... '

Getting the cuffs and calves down, Xander grabbed the waistband again and worked the pants completely down Cordelia's shins and off over her feet. The leather slacks went back over his shoulder somewhere in the loose general direction of the sandals. Leaning back against his heels for a moment on his knees, Xander ran his gaze up along Cordelia's long shapely legs and then leaned back a bit farther to take in the whole picture.

Wow. Leaning back with her rump half onto the upper back of the sofa, her eyes better than half closed, long chestnut hair all mussed and tousled, legs spread apart and her lips parted – and with an open black lacy bra dangling against the outsides of her full tits and a pair of drenched black lacy panties barely covering her crotch. Cordelia had uncrossed her wrists from behind her back and both hands were gripping onto the top of the sofa back for support, and she was swaying slightly.

Xander had seen girls in Playboy pictorials that were less erotic.

'Then again,' Xander thought, 'I've never had a model from one of those pictorials live and in the flesh right in front of me, undressed and half comatose from arousal.'

Picking up Cordelia's right foot with one hand, he cupped the underside of her ankle and heel with the other, pressing a kiss onto the upper arch of her foot. Then, bending her knee up as he went, he slowly began to lick, kiss, and nibble his way up along Cordelia's calf, the side and underside of her knee, and along the soft inside of her thigh. She began to tremble all over, her hips starting to roll and jerk again, long before he reached her crotch.

Releasing her foot, Xander spread Cordelia's thighs apart and slowly ran his tongue up along the seam where her high inner thigh met her crotch just at the outer edge of the black panties. Working his way back down again, Cordelia let out a guttural moan, and then a harsh whimper. Xander slowly kissed and nibbled his way over the mound of her silk and lace covered crotch...

Opening his mouth, Xander closed it over Cordelia's pubic mound, and then closed his teeth softly over her clit through the panties, biting down gently. Cordelia gave off a soft, harsh shriek, and thrust her crotch into his mouth hard and sharply until he pulled back, then she leaned back, panting and rolling her hips and making soft moaning sounds. He worked his way on across, and then repeated the process at the join of her other thigh along that panty line. Continuing on down, he worked his way along her thigh and leg to her left ankle, and then started back up.

By the time Xander reached her crotch again, Cordelia had her head thrown back, her mouth open, and her breath was coming in short hard gasps. Easing the crotch of her panties to one side, Xander slowly slipped the tip of his tongue between her lower lips, and then slid the tip of his index finger, followed by his middle fingertip into her opening.

The sound that came out of Cordelia's throat when Xander abruptly pushed both fingers all the way up into her to the back knuckles while running his tongue along between her wet lips up to her clit was phenomenal. So phenomenal that he repeated it, getting an even louder and harsher gasping moan. He continued to work his fingers in and out along with the motion of his tongue along her, timing it to the bucking of Cordelia's hips as she shoved her crotch against his face.

"I– oh- oh goddd- god- oh- I- I'm– " Cordelia gasped out, grinding herself against Xander's face and hand. Sliding his fingers back and practically all the way out, he slid them in again, this time working his ring finger up into her asshole – and she did.

Loudly and abruptly, bringing both long legs up and over his shoulders and shoving herself hard against his mouth and hand.

After what seemed like long minutes later, Cordelia relaxed, seeming to go almost boneless under his tongue, with her legs still resting on his shoulders. Her breath was harsh and broken sounding up above his head, and little whines kept coming from deep inside her throat.

"Oh... God... "

Xander pulled his head back to see Cordelia's head thrown forward, her mouth open and her eyes shut as her wild hair fell forward around her face, looking like she was completely and utterly gone somewhere else. Somewhere pretty nice, judging from the expression...

"Oh, God... what are... you... doing to me... " Cordelia gasped out.

Instead of answering, Xander worked his fingers into and out of her a few more times, causing Cordelia to arch her head back again and cry out harshly, and jerk her hips, and then pulled them free of her. Running his tongue up along her slit once more, he began to kiss and lick his way up across her lower abdomen, along her stomach – pausing to lick and tease at her belly button – and upward until he reached her breasts. Cordelia's ankles hooked over his shoulders her legs came back and up with him as he worked his way up. Nipping, lipping, and licking his way up and over her lower breast until he reached her nipple, Xander sucked it into his mouth and bit down gently, nearly sending Cordelia into orbit again. Licking and kissing his way across, he did the same to her other nipple, and then worked his way up along the valley between her breasts until he reached her lips.

Kissing her deeply, he pulled back and said, "I think I'm doing this."

Setting his hips against hers, he pulled her down a bit until the small of her back just above the dimple of her ass was braced against the couch back, pressed his jeans covered crotch into hers, along with the full length of his raging hard-on, and said, "And I'm doing this – "

"Oh. I– oh!" Cordelia said, arching her head back and half opening her eyes. "Oh... " She began to work her hips and crotch back against his.

Pushing hard against her, Xander began to press and slide the length of his zipper fold and denim clad cock against Cordelia's panty covered crotch, thrusting faster and faster against her as she gasped and shoved back into him –

– And, oh. Bad mistake.

"GNNNNGGG!" Xander threw his head back, his eyes squeezing shut as his hips bucked wildly.

He'd apparently misjudged just how aroused and how close to the edge he really was. He felt for a long moment like the top of his head was imploding and then flowing down into and shooting out through the head of his dick. Not even to mention feeling like the head of his dick was imploding and then exploding outward.

"Oh, GODDD... " Xander said, not even noticing that it came out in time with a similar outburst from Cordelia. "Glahhh... "

Continuing to spasm against her, Xander shoved his denim covered cock into Cordelia's crotch, dry humping her for all he was worth as it seemed like he exploded over and over again. He was barely aware of Cordelia screaming something into his ear and gripping his biceps with both hands, sinking her fingernails through his shirt...

Finally, after what seemed like hours, he slumped, his cock giving several last twitches as it jerked and drained a few final shots into his boxers.

"Oh. My. God." Xander gasped out, his eyes rolled all the way back into his skull. "Great Zeus and all of his children."

Cordelia gasped into his ear, and plastered her mouth to his, continuing to grind herself against his still sensitive crotch and making harsh guttural sounds into his mouth. After what seemed like another long several minutes, she finally subsided to just the occasional hip jerk and twitch, and her head fall back, eyes closed and her breath panting out harshly.

"Ohgods... " she said, gasping. "I- I don't... gods... I don't think... think we've ever... "

"No... " Xander agreed. Leaning forward, he captured her lips for a long moment, gasping for breath, and then pulled back.

Reaching up with first one hand and then the other – bracing with one at all times so he wouldn't collapse – he unhooked Cordelia's ankles from his shoulders and lowered her legs to the floor.

Breathing deeply several times, Xander paused for a long minute until his head stopped spinning. Then he slowly and carefully straightened until he was standing.

Cordelia twitched slightly and made a protesting sound as Xander's crotch pulled away from hers. Xander felt like making the same noise, but instead, he said, "I'll... be right back."

Cordelia nodded a bit absently, and said, "Guh."

Taking that as an acknowledgment, Xander stepped away and headed for the pool house's bathroom. Limped toward it, actually, feeling his boxers squish with every step.

Oh, God...

The hell? Where in the hell had that come from? And what the hell just happened?

Feeling light headed – and tingling all over – and still gasping for breath, Cordelia was barely aware that Xander had said something, she thought maybe, and had possibly left the room. Gods... her abdomen was still undulating spasmodically and her hips were still making little twitching motions. Not to mention little post orgasm tremors still shooting through her crotch and spreading outward through her body...

Leaning back, Cordelia released her death grip on the sofa back, and let herself fall, landing on her back on the buttery soft cushions of the leather couch. Her eyes closed, her head fell back over the edge of the cushions, and her legs trailed up along the back of the sofa until her knees bent and her calves hooked over the edge.

"Wow," Cordelia said.

Gods. She was still unable to even form coherent thoughts. Just lay here and twitch gently for a little while...

Damn. Even after that hellacious earthquake of an orgasm, her nipples were still so hard that they hurt. Idly bring a hand up to her chest, she began massaging her left breast and gently rubbing the nipple, sending little tremors all through herself again. Guh.

Just where in the hell did Xander Doofus Harris learn to do that?

Never mind. She knew where. She'd taught him, for God's sakes. Over the course of months of closet and car groping, she'd painstakingly and enthusiastically shown him all of the places where she was most sensitive, and all of the things that seriously turned her on or drove her over the edge. Sure... there was some natural talent there, apparently, but she'd pretty much handed the dork her body's operating manual along with a hands-on tutorial...

Cordelia had just never really expected Xander to use every single bit of it all at once to send her into low Earth orbit.

Good gods. She'd never even made herself cum like that in her room at night with a vibrator, for God's sake.

A bit absently, she slid a hand down into her lap and began slowly massaging the aches and tingles from between her legs...


Cordelia had a vague memory, now that she was becoming capable of thought again, of Xander making some serious grunting and choking sounds right along with her at the end. Huh. Did that mean that he went over the edge too? Hey – could guys even cum from dry humping like that?

Smiling like a lazy cat, Cordelia squirmed a bit as she found the aches going away, but the tingling sensations increasing... damn. She'd have to quit this, before Xander came back and found her masturbating herself on the sofa without him.

In a minute.

Or two.

Okay, seriously. When she'd thought up this little Vampire Slayer role playing bit, she hadn't even imagined it was going to get this far out of hand. She also hadn't imagined – or even dreamed – that it was going to turn into something so... hot.

Gods. Who the hell knew that deep down inside Cordelia Chase, bitch Queen of Sunnydale, there was a steamy Slayer slut that liked being given orders and made into a sex toy.

And who the hell would ever have guessed that Xander freaking Harris was the guy that she'd let sex-toy her?

After all of this was over, she was going to have to make damned sure that that was a secret that Xander took to his grave – even if she had to kill him herself.

In the meantime, wow.

As much as she hated to admit it even to herself, Cordelia couldn't wait to see where Harris was going to have the nerve to try and take this next, if she'd let him. Of course, she wasn't going to let him, right?

Was she?

Oh, ye gods...

Closing the bathroom door behind himself, Xander carefully unzipped his jeans, hissing as the friction sent new twitches and spams through his still sensitive cock. Damn.

And, damn. What a mess.

The heavy denim of the nearly new jeans had kept too much from soaking in enough to leave a visible stain, but the boxers? These boxers were toast. Xander wasn't even sure that a Chinese laundry and a steam clean would salvage them.

Squishy toast. Eww...

Toeing his running shoes off one after the other, Xander carefully pulled down his jeans – being careful not to set himself off again. Wow. That had been... intense. Yeah: intense. That was a good word.

Actually, that was pretty much the only word he could think of to describe it. Other than maybe, stupendous or incredible.

Pulling his jeans off, Xander carefully stripped off the sodden and sticky boxers, hissing again as the material came away from his still sensitive skin. Throwing them into the trashcan, he grabbed some paper towels and began to clean himself off.

And damn again. He still hadn't gone down completely, even after all of that.

Of course, he was still a seventeen-going-on-eighteen year old. Twenty-four hour walking hard on was pretty much the operating description there.

After washing and drying his hands, he pulled his jeans back on, carefully. Given a moment's thought, he peeled off his socks and stuffed them into the running shoes. And thank the Great Ghu that he'd grabbed a chance to take a fast shower and change clothes after dinner before heading back up to the library. He had the feeling that naked toe cheese was a definite turn off to girls during sex.

Definitely would be to Cordelia...

Okay. Cleaned up as much as possible, and ready to rejoin humanity. Or at least Cordelia, who on a good day could pass for human.

Oh crap.

Xander seriously hoped that Cordelia hadn't worked herself out of the mood yet, or decided to call it quits on the Vampire Layer role play. That would suck...

Watch for Chapter Two, coming soon to a fanfic site near you!