Chapter 1: The Disappearance

Harry POV

I guess, you can say the whole story starts with the disappearance of my friend, Hermione Granger. I was fighting Voldemort and I remember Hermione and Ron hugging me tightly. I explained the elder wand to them and Hermione, in her own way, agreed with him while Ron gaped at his choice, trying to wheedle him to keep the wand. After that day, she disappeared.

Ron went frantic, running around, hollowing Hermione everywhere he went. I grimaced at the time when Ron yelled Hermione through the whole hall during lunch time.


"Hermione, where are you?!" I saw Ron fling open the doors, running through the hall, knocking over students. "Please come out! I'm sure you're here." He suddenly slipped on some pumpkin juice and landed face first in Ginny's mash potatoes. Ginny jumped back disgusted.

The whole hall burst into laughter. Ron's face turned the color of a ruby. He glared at them and ran out of the hall, his hair covered with peas.

I figured that Ron was not going to do that again.

"Where do you think Hermione went?"

I turned, expecting to see Ron, but it was Ginny.

"I'm not sure." I said looking puzzled.

"I hope she comes back. Ron is going berserk without her."

I nodded. Ron was having mood swings. First, he is crying, then he is cursing, then he is having a tantrum. Professor McGonagall had to place a silencing charm on him during class because he was moaning about Hermione very loudly. He got placed in a guest room last week.

I sighed and held Ginny tightly. Ginny smiled, leaning towards me. I closed my eyes and felt nothing.

Minerva McGonagall POV

I sat on my desk, thinking and worrying about Hermione. After all, she is the best student I've had for years. She sighed, thinking about places she might be.

Australia was one choice. She left her parents there because of the war. But why leave now? What is the hurry? I sighed. I decided to write Albus a letter to involve a search party for Hermione. We need to find her. In a time so full of trouble, we truly need her.


Where are you, Hermione? Please, I need you. Where have you gone?

I lay there on the bed, hope and hopelessness mingling together. I felt something wet run down my cheek. They were tears. These wet drops splattered the ground, wetting the blankets.

Why did you leave me? Did you love me?

I stood there, frozen in thought.

Third Person POV

The castle was silent.