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Chapter 9

Harmony POV

Draco improved at a fast rate, his strokes with me steadier and more fluid as the days went by. I was proud of him, of course, my face did not show it, but I knew Draco was happy about it. He started to go on offensive a few days ago, but he has no idea how to disarm me yet. Of course, I would not expect that much progress from him.

I stood there, holding my sword, waiting for him to charge ahead. He swung his sword and I blocked it swiftly. He twisted his sword in his hand and using his strength, he tried to push me to the wall, hoping I would surrender when I was pressed to the wall. I smirked. It wasn't going to be that easy. Using my foot, I pressed his sword and flipped in midair, using the sword as a spring to loosen his grip on the sword. With that, I managed to unlock my sword from his blade.

Draco pouted. "That was cheating!"

"I didn't say that movement was not allowed."

"But it is still cheating!"

I sighed. I leaned against the wall and said: "You know, the opponent that you may be fighting with will play dirty if they have to. There is no fairness in society. I am only being fair, so I can teach you good morals, something I think needs to be reinforced in you. You should think of it as a blessing that I did not make it fair. You will thank me later for this."

"Hun, as if that will happen to me." Draco turned his nose into the air, haughtily. "That won't be happening soon because I can't beat you yet."

"You have made good process for a student. I was a bit surprised to say at the least. I am going to teach you something new."

I held up my sword. "Now focus on your core." Draco closed his eyes and I saw a blue glow shining at his chest. "Imagine this energy flowing into your sword." The blue light swirled up the sword. "Now hold." I saw Draco scrunching up his eyebrows and sweat began to trickle down his cheek. Before I could say a word, the bond broke and the blue light flew back into his chest and he gasped.

"That was hard. How do you do such a thing?"

"Do you want me to show you?"

"Yes, show me. I need an example to follow."

"Alright, but don't follow me exactly. There are some things that you may not be able to do. I'm just showing you the full process. So don't sweat about it."

"I'm not sweating about it!"

I smiled and swung my sword up. I concentrated deeply and a silvery-blue blue light appeared. It spiraled up the sword in my mental eyes and made the sword glow. I held it for as long as I could and I took a breath in. The light flowed back to my middle. I breathed out and opened my eyes to see Draco's stormy grey eyes staring me with awe. I sheathed my sword and snapped my finger over his eyes.

Draco's eyes flickered back to normal and he looked startled for a moment. "Now you have seen what I can do. I want you to try to hold it longer. You won't attempt it the first time."

I watched as Draco's energy moved in and out. He still could not control it. He could hold it, but when the control broke, it would rush back into his chest with a snapping sound. He would collapse onto the ground, tired.

"Harmony, I'm tired."

"Well, I certainly did not expect you to do it in one day. But surely you could have held it longer and let it return halfway before you panicked and let it slam into you." I scrunched my eyebrow. I examined his arm. His pale arms were covered in bruises. An idea popped into my head. It might be it, but I will have to test it to be sure. "Do this process again and I will watch you. You are obviously doing something wrong. I'm going to figure out where is the problem and fix it for you."

Draco repeated the process. I scanned my eyes over his body quickly. I looked deep into his core and found his energy. The energy being extracted was small and unmoving. I felt nervous spasms from the area and I figured that he was nervous. I scanned to where the pull was coming from and it was in his hand where he was pulling it along with his arm muscles. I saw his muscles pulsing and then I heard the snap. The muscles seemed to lose control and the ball of light was flying into the main source. I sighed and pulled out of the inner sight.

Draco looked at me expectedly. "The places that are drawing energy are not strong enough. Besides, you are nervous and feel like you can't succeed. If you believe you can't do it, you definitely won't be able to do it. But if you believe, you will have a chance, even if it is a small chance, that you will be able to do it. Understand?"

Draco nodded. "Okay, I will just have to believe in myself."

"Now, for the other problem…" I shot a look at his arms. He looked at me, then at his arms.

"My arms are not strong enough?"

"Yes, they are only able to take small amount and are not strong enough to hold the energy there. It is going to require some physical strength."

"How are we going to get that?"

"You will see when we get there." I grabbed Draco's arm and ran ahead to another empty room. He looked around. "What are you looking for?"

"A lever to show some mysterious thing I did not notice."

I laughed and said: "Oh no, this is a normal room. There are plenty of normal cave rooms. Not all have magic in them."

"Wait a moment, I remember that you said that room was the training room and it had many uses. What are we going to do here that we cannot do here?"

"Physical training is what we are going to do. You are lacking in that department."

"What did you just say?"

I whistled and Mina and Berry came over with a long pole. As they left the room, I picked up my sword and sliced through the pole two times. Taking the three parts, I made a long pull-up bar. I flicked the pole and the three parts, in their formation, molded together. I drew a line on the ground, so it would not mold into the ground as well. I gestured to Draco. He came over.

"What am I going to do?"

"You are going to hold onto this bar and hold onto it for a while. Before you do that, I want you to take off your robes and change into these." I held up a sleeveless shirt and cotton pants that end just below his knee.

Draco went off to change. When he was gone, using my finger, I drew a circle around the long pull-up bar. He came out in the attire. I gestured him to the equipment. He grabbed the bar. I tapped the bar and it rose up, with his hands on it, where he was dangling in the air.

"Now hold onto the bar. I will be going out for a while. If you let go and try to leave, there will be consequences." I seemly left the room and tapped on the wall once with my hand. I was going to observe him when he thinks I have left.

Draco POV

I held onto the bar as long as I could. My arms started to hurt and I thought about it. What type of punishment would she make? She is surely not that cruel. I felt myself getting blisters and I decided to let go. I landed on the ground and waited for something to happen. There was nothing. I saw a circle of chalk appear on the ground around me. I looked up at the bar. It had shrunk to the place where it was reachable with my hands, but I decided to not to reach it. I walked to the chalk and stared at it. Then I put my foot outside the circle.

A feeling of dread shook me and I looked around me. There was nothing. I stepped my other foot. Then I was forced back into the circle. The bar, like a magnet, sucked me up and my hands clamped over the bar again. It rose at the same time going higher than Harmony had placed it at. The force pulling me up died away and I had to use my own strength to keep me up again.

This happened a few times and then at the tenth time, Harmony came in. She inspected me and said: "You tried to escape, did you?"

I nodded and turned away. She looked disappointed in me.

She sighed and said: "I thought you would have more sense, but I guess not. Oh, well, I don't want to do this, but you leave me no choice."

"What are you going to do?" I felt chills down my spine. I never disobeyed her that much before, she won't hurt me that much right. But, what is that look on her face?

She snapped her finger and I collapsed from the bar. She snapped them again and I went right next to her. She walked away and I felt like something was dragging me along as she walked. I realized what the punishment was.

"Yes, you won't have your freedom that you desired." She answered.

She led me to a room. With a thrusting motion with her hand, I was slammed onto the bed. Then she shook her head and I was lifted from the bed and with the swift motion of her hand, everything went black.

Harmony POV

I really hated being cruel. But he needed to learn that even though I was nice and all, I was his teacher. I had given them a chance, but there were some things I just could not stand for. His laziness was one of my pet peeves. If he had let go of the bar and then tried again, I would be fine. If he tried to ask once, I might be more lenient with him. But ten times and him knowing that there would be consequences, I just could not leave what he did to be unpunished. It was too much for me to bear.

I let the glamor die away and long black chains were present on his wrists and legs. I grabbed the chains on his wrist and flung them up high. With my skill, I used one of my needles to pin it to the wall. His feet were dangling on the wall. I took the chains on his feet and locked them down to a chain link. Now he could not move an inch. With him unconscious, he won't be a problem.

I swung my rope and after lying down on it, I stared at him, his head drooping as if in apology for what he had done and wondered; what am I going to do with this guy?

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