Title: Names

By: Bleeding Destruction

Began: August 8, 2013

Summary: Then he spoke, "I look forward to beating you on the exam, Yagami-kun." This was new; this was interesting, and Raito loved every second of it. "And I look forward to beating you, Ryuuzaki-san." AU. Old Dialogue study revamped. LxLight.

Warnings: None

Author's Notes: This originally was a dialogue study on Light and L I wrote a couple years ago. When I found it again, I rewrote it so that there was more than solid dialogue. This was two pages, and now that I've rewrote it, it's thirteen pages. So I did a lot of editing. It's split into several short drabbles. Enjoy, and please leave a review if you like it or have any helpful advice. This is just the last little drabble. It wraps everything up and leaves the opportunity for me to create a sequel, if I desire. Of course, I will only be making a sequel if enough people request it, so please review and let me know if you want a sequel~


And they all lived happily ever after- or at least as happily as the world's greatest detective and his genius (and often quite egotistical) husband could live, anyways.

L solved hundreds of "unsolvable" cases with Raito's help.

Raito became the youngest chief of the NPA in history, and retired from that at the age of 27 when he became bored with the job, taking up forensic artistry and psychology for awhile in between solving cases with L.

At least, they lived happily ever after until Mello, Matt, and Near came into the picture, bringing with them the most difficult case L and Raito had solved to date, but that's another story.